A Shepherd Afield Pt. 01

Double Penetration

Author’s Notes:

‘A Shepherd Afield’ is a continuation of ‘A Shepherd in France’ which continued the story of ‘The Shepherd of Ashburn Court’. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backstory so please read the other stories first.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


Chapter 1

There was something about working with your hands, taking raw materials and building something new, seeing a need go from conceptual design to physical reality that satisfied the soul like nothing else. Well, it was certainly the second most spiritually satisfying activity Ben could think of at the moment.

He sat in Trish’s kitchen taking in his handy work. He’d spent the better part of September installing a beautiful new bay window over the kitchen sink, new cabinetry with granite countertops, and French doors leading out of the kitchen to a brand new deck complete with a built in barbeque grill and a large built in hot tub. The deck hadn’t been part of his original plan but he’d discovered the old one had some rotted decking.

If he was completely honest with himself, and he was compelled to be, he could have left the existing deck but he wouldn’t have been able to add the hot tub and cooking center… and he needed the distraction of the renovation work.

The press hadn’t left him alone since they’d tracked him down to his neighborhood. His daring rescue of the five young women from the slavers in Cannes, France followed by the televised unveiling of the four foot tall brass sculpture of him, in all its anatomically correct, naked glory caused such a firestorm in the media that the public hadn’t lost interest yet.

Worst yet were the constant references to him as a hero.

Ben ground his teeth and surged up to his feet once more. He glanced around to see what was left to do but the job was done. His agitation was making his nerves buzz. He had to keep his mind from going down that path. Something he’d learned in his sessions with Dr. Granger.

He’d cancelled his appointments with the good doctor when he’d had… a difference of opinion over her method of treatment. She claimed she was making progress with the hypnotherapy but all he knew was he was becoming miserable to live with at home. After the sessions he’d have terrible mood swings and his temper was almost violent. He couldn’t put his family through that. He’d had… words with the woman and hadn’t returned to see her since that blowout. Hanna was terribly disappointed in him and refused to talk to him until he came to his senses. That hurt more than he thought possible. He realized his mood was beginning to swing down. Gotta keep busy! He considered going downstairs to at least spec out the next reno the house needed.

He heard the front door open and a voice called out.

“Ben? Are you still here?”

“In the kitchen Trish,” he replied, a feeling of relief washing over him as he was no longer alone with his thoughts.

The red head bounced into the room loaded down with grocery bags. Her strong, hard muscles stood out on her arms and he let his eyes roam over her fit body. Trish was a serious exercise junkie with energy to spare.

He caught the glitter of diamonds and the flash of the large ruby on the ring he’d presented her with when he returned from Paris. It was her constant companion and a reminder of how much she meant to him.

She set the bags down on the new island and grinned as she took in the new work surfaces once more.

“Holy fuck this is one gorgeous kitchen Ben!” she gushed.

He returned the smile. “Glad you like it!”

She looked around and suddenly realized his tools were all packed away. “You’re done?” she said with an odd tone in her voice.

“Yes, all done,” he returned as he watched her expression.

She bit her lower lip as she nodded taking in the sparkling new fixtures and appliances. She racked her brain to think of something else he could fix but it all looked so good! She just wasn’t ready for him to not be around every day. Then she recalled something Ben said earlier and she smiled. “You mentioned you had ideas for the basement?”

Ben smiled as he realized what Trish was up to. “Yes, I did but that’s going to have to wait. The contractors are finally going to be available to help me with Barry Walker’s house next week.”

Trish pouted looking up at the big man. She’d managed to distract him from the renovations a number of times over the past few weeks and the sex was so damn good! She started to get that tingly feeling once more. She began to put away the groceries distractedly.

Ben washed his hands in the sink then moved to help her. Unable to resist Trish occasionally brushed up against him with her hip, ass, or breasts. He caught her grinning as she turned away after a very blatant grope. He saw the perishable foods were stored away so he decided the rest of the groceries could wait and he knew what she was after. As she walked tuzla bayan escort past the island he stepped up behind her and pinned her to the cabinet, his hard bulge pressed tight against her ass. She gasped as he ground against her and squeezed her tits in his hands.

“OH FUCK!” she gasped.

He gave her no time to prepare as he reached down to yank her running tights and panties down. He pushed her over onto her stomach on the granite work surface and her feet left the ground. He gave the taught muscles of her ass a quick slap to ignite her pleasure then squeezed the muscular orbs in his hands as she moaned. As that sensation poured through her he dipped down to stroke her pussy roughly with his tongue again and again.

“GEEZUS! FUCK! FUCK!” Trish jolted and her legs shot outwards but she had no purchase. When Ben drove two fingers deep into her pussy her mouth shot open in a silent scream and her body shook.

Ben undid his pants with his free hand and stood up quickly. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed her juices over the thick head of his cock. She tried to look back but he was already pressing forward forcing her wide open with his hot flesh.

“OH GOD YES!!!” she groaned as she tried to push back. He had her pinned to the island and she shivered at the feeling of complete submission.

He’d slid in a third of his length when he reversed direction. She whimpered with need and once more tried to pull him inside with her legs as she wrapped them around him. This also had the benefit of opening her wider. Ben pulled out to the tip, feeling her hot wetness trying to suck him back inside. Her pussy was dripping wet from her excitement and her legs trembled. He dipped the head in and out of her opening and she squealed.

“FUCKING TEASE! GIVE ME THAT- AAAAAAAAA FFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKK!!” she screamed as he slammed forward, driving his cock deep inside and slapping her ass with his pelvis. He drew back and began to drive himself into her pussy, hard. He knew Trish liked it rough and fast. And with her, he did too.

“Mother-fucker-so-good-Uhhh!-FUCK!-Ooo!-Fuck!-Fuck!-Fuck!” she chanted with each stroke of his cock. Her ass was beginning to turn pink from the repeated slaps as she pinched and tugged her nipples roughly.

Ben slid his hands up her back under her tight spandex top, forcing her down on the granite surface. He felt her tremble at his touch and she reached back to pull at his arms to direct his hands to her big fake tits. With her constant exercise she’d burned off most of the body fat so her late husband gifted her with some rather large implants. She enjoyed teasing Ben with her abundant cleavage but she really enjoyed his hands on them. He knew what she liked so he gave it to her. He roughly rolled and tugged on her thick nipples and her gasps told him she was almost there. That was good because so was he.

Trish shoved a hand down under herself and rubbed her clit in circles as she moaned. Ben had bounced her mound against the hard surface of the island but she needed this extra stimulation to really set off the nuke this orgasm was becoming.


He sped up his thrusts and pounded Trish’s pussy with his thick cock which swelled in preparation of his release.

“FUCK! OH FUCK! YES! THAT’S IT! YES! AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!” her screams got louder and higher in pitch as the blast wave rolled over her body.

Ben slammed himself deep one more time and felt himself jetting stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her. He held her tight against his body and basked in the glow. He wasn’t worried about her getting pregnant. His sperm count was extremely low, for all intents and purposes zero, and Trish was on the pill. She had been ever since Tina’s return from France with the news of her miracle pregnancy.

He released her nipples and massaged her back muscles and she shuddered and shook through her orgasm. He was surprised how long this one was lasting for her. It brought a smile to his lips. She was so in touch with her body and it responded for her like a finely tuned sports car. The flip side to that was its frequent need to be… fueled with aggressive sex. When her husband died in the plane crash she’d found relief from her long drought with Ben and had turned to him ever since. He grinned as he thought of how often recently she’d managed to distract him from his work. He was a little concerned that she might try to maintain that frequency. With the other demands on his time that really wasn’t going to be possible. He would always make time for her when he could as she had his heart but his time wasn’t infinite.

Ben mischievously rubbed his thumb over her puckered asshole and Trish’s body clenched as it spiked through a second series of releases.

“Ben! No more… I’m done… Shit! That was… fucking awesome!” she gasped out.

He grinned at her coarse language. She was an intense woman and her language was often peppered with curses, tuzla olgun escort shouts and growls. He pulled his semi-hard cock from her and gave her ass a playful spank causing her to shudder through one more aftershock.

“AH! You dirty fucker,” she whimpered as she sagged against the stone countertop. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder and he saw the love in her eyes which took his breath away. He suddenly scooped her off the counter into his arms and kissed her deeply. She squealed then purred as the kiss went on.

Finally he pulled back and Trish’s eyes had a dreamy look in them.

“You aren’t really mad at me, are you?” he teased.

She quirked a crooked smile at him. “Livid. Your only chance at redemption is to do it again.”

He grinned, kicked his pants off and hoisted her over his shoulder as she screamed. He grabbed his pants from the floor and headed for the stairs up to the bedrooms as she squealed and giggled in protest.

As Ben walked down the hall to the base of the stairs Lily entered the front door and froze at the sight of Ben’s and Trish’s naked… parts. Ben moved his pants in front of himself and blushed at the young woman’s shocked expression. He turned to hustle up the stairs and Trish squeaked when she saw Lily standing there staring at them.

“What are you doing home so early!” Trish called out.

“The prof called in sick so the lecture was cancelled,” Lily called out as they disappeared down the hall.

Ben headed directly for Trish’s bedroom and pulled the door closed behind them. He walked into the bathroom and set Trish down on her feet. She gently pummeled his chest as she playfully scowled at his deeply blushing face.

“Lily got a good look did she?” she quipped as she kicked off her pants and panties.

He nodded with a frown. Trish pulled his shirt up and off and dropped it on the counter on top of his pants. Ben helped her off with her own top and followed her into the shower. She got the spray going on the surround heads.

“Ben, I haven’t told you enough how much I love this shower!” she purred as the hot water massaged her skin.

He grinned and worked the soapy lather over her body.

“God! I love your hands on my body more,” Trish sighed.

“That’s good because I love touching you,” he said, voice rumbling with his need.

Trish’s eyes flashed up to his as she heard his desire. Her smile got just a little wider as she turned to face him and tilted her face up to accept his kiss.

Ben brushed her soft lips with his and felt her tremble in reaction. He sucked her lush lower lip between his and caressed it with the tip of his tongue. Trish gasped and thrust her tongue into his mouth as her arms went around his neck. He grabbed her ass with his hands and lifted her up against his chest causing her to squeak into his mouth. His cock was already hard as iron and rested against his stomach squeezed between their bodies. She moaned feeling the heat from him pressing against her clit. Trish pulled back from the kiss to look into his eyes, her own need consuming her.

“Ben! Fuck me!”

He lifted her slowly, dragging her clit up his cock, feeling her twitch and shake until he was positioned with the fat head being kissed by the puffy lips of her dripping pussy. She struggled to force herself down on him but he held her ass in his iron grip and gently bobbed her on the tip.

“You’re such a fucking TEASE! FUCK ME!” she growled.

Ben slowly lowered Trish over his cock, loving how her inner walls caressed his flesh and how they trembled as they squeezed him tight. He took his time while she desperately tried to rush the process. Finally his cock was fully inside her and he pulled her tight against him, rocking against her clit.

Trish’s legs jolted as her pleasure spiked and she cried out.

“Motherfucker! Oh geezus that feels so good!” she moaned and gasped.

He began a slow withdrawal but this time he kept her tight against his body to maintain the pressure on her clit as she rose up.

“OH SHIT! OH SHIT! MOTHERF- OH GOD!” Bolts of pleasure were stabbing through her and she couldn’t think straight. She felt like she was approaching her release but it just wouldn’t tip over the edge.

When the tip of his cock was once again being kissed by her pussy lips he surprised her by slamming her down on his cock. Her release was immediate and intense. She gurgled incoherently as wave after wave of almost violent bliss screamed through her nerves.

Then he began to lift and drop her on his cock which still had the rigidity of an iron rod.

Trish was unable to speak. Nor could she participate in the movements as her muscle tone was lost in her body’s explosive release.

Ten more strokes and Ben’s orgasm crested. He held the panting woman against his chest and rode the waves of his pleasure until they ebbed and calmed.

Trish rested her cheek against his shoulder and shivered gently tuzla otele gelen escort as his softening cock slipped free of her.

“Oh fuck… that…was almost… too much,” she sighed as she tried to catch her breath.

“I’ve managed to satisfy the insatiable?” Ben chuckled.

“Mmmm… don’t get cocky. HAHaha- Ohhhhh!” Trish’s laughter turned into a moan as her body protested her jolting by sending sharp spikes of sensation through her sensitive bits.

Ben rinsed them both off under the spray then turned the water off. He set Trish on her feet and held her until her legs would support her. Then they dried off.

“I have to apologize to Lily,” Ben said with a frown.

“I’m sure she wasn’t too upset to see your big cock swinging free,” Trish grinned.

“I shouldn’t have been walking around in your house without my pants on,” he grumbled. “What if your son had come home early? It was damn irresponsible of me!”

Trish reached up and took his face between her hands.

“Ben! Stop being so hard on yourself! We were just having a little fun. No one got hurt! Relax,” she finished with a smile.

He nodded then kissed her palms.

“No! No more… tonight! You are too damn sexy and you’ll get me all fired up again!” Trish protested as she pulled her hands away from Ben.

He grinned and put his clothes back on. Trish walked out into her bedroom and slipped her robe on. She looked back at Ben with a pout. “So, I’m not going to have you all to myself during the day anymore.”

“Not for a little while at least. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the Walker place. That doesn’t mean I can’t stop by occasionally to enjoy that awesome new hot tub I installed,” Ben responded with a smile. That got a grin from the red head.

They went downstairs and back into the kitchen where Lily was sitting doing her homework. The remaining groceries had been put away as well.

“Lily, I am so sorry you had to see that. I wasn’t thinking and I got a little carried away…” Ben said contritely.

“It’s OK, Mr. Shepherd.” Lily was the only neighbor who continued to call him that no matter how much he protested.

“No, I promise to be more careful in the future.”

“We have company again in the court. Thought you should know,” Lily said, changing to a more comfortable subject.

Ben rolled his eyes. “Someone we know or someone new.”

“I haven’t seen this car before. Sporty little red coupe. I think there’s a woman inside based on what I could see of her rather large hair. She’s parked outside of your place.”

Ben sighed and nodded to the young woman. Likely another reporter. He’d refused each and every request for an interview and he’d been called by guest coordinators from all of the major night talk shows and morning news shows. Unfortunately his silence didn’t have the effect he’d hoped for. As there was a definite lull in titillating gossip and rumor at the moment the media was keeping the story alive of the ‘mysterious hero’. He’d been photographed and videoed while going about his business and almost came to blows with a news camera crew who blocked his car in a parking lot of a renovation supply store. Luckily the customer parked in front of him left allowing Ben to drive forward and away from the reporters.

He needed to talk to someone about it as he was quickly losing his patience with their invasive behavior.

Ben picked up his tool box and with a final kiss for Trish at her front door he pulled on his jacket and headed out to walk home. Sure enough there was the red sports car. As he got closer the driver’s side door opened and a long shapely leg stepped out followed by its twin. The woman getting out of the car was tall and curvy and wore a stylish red jacket over a crisp white blouse showing a daring amount of cleavage, and a tight black pencil skirt. Lily was spot on with her observation of the woman’s hair. It was a rather large hairdo but not unattractive. It certainly drew the eyes up to her face. She walked up to him on the sidewalk. Dark chocolate color skin, lovely brown eyes, deep red lipstick on full lips which were smiling now, revealing her brilliant white teeth with just a slight part between her front teeth.

“Mr. Shepherd? I’m Naomi Klassen, Culture Couture Critic.”

Ben set his tool box down and shook her offered hand. He noticed the softness of her skin, the firmness of her grip, the expensive manicure, and the sizeable wedding rings on her left hand. Her outfit was designer and her car was a classic so there was some serious money invested here.

“How can I help you?” he said hesitantly, glancing at his home which was only steps away.

“I think the question is how we might help each other. You’ve been the center of attention for quite a few weeks. Based on your continued reluctance to speak to the media I can only assume you’d prefer to be left alone. I apologize for seeming to be one more intrusion in your life,” she said calmly and smoothly. She had a very soothing voice but Ben’s nerves kept him on high alert. It was no surprise to him that he was reluctant to just blow past her as just another nosy reporter. Here facing him was his Achilles heel and maybe the media had finally caught on to that fact.

“Seeming to be. How will your pitch be different?” he asked.

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