A Shocking Piece of News and a New Friend

Double Penetration

A Shocking Piece of News and a New FriendI was enjoying a week in a big rented house on the beach in East Hampton. As a baby gift, I had given my former room mate and his wife a room in the house with their baby, from Sunday til Friday, which was when the rest of the shareholders would arrive to fill the house. This story is not about my friend’s mousy wifelet. I got a call from my mother. Cousin Janice had died the previous day, cause uncertain, while her older husband was out of town with the c***dren. A dilemma. Janice and I had fucked each other’s brains out the prior summer. Before she had some corrective procedure and conceived her own c***d. No, it was two summers earlier. I couldn’t just abandon my friend and head off to the funeral — that would mean Dave and Ashley would have to leave too. House rules. I called mom to say I just couldn’t make the funeral, to give excuses for me.This was before cell phones. Several hours after receiving the call about Janice, I routinely checked my answering service. There was a message to call Louisa. Louisa? Oh no. After Janice had told me it was the last time she would have my cock in her mouth, because she was going to be a good wife and get pregs (first c***d had been adopted), she suggested I call their nanny, Louisa. I never did, though she was a fine looking Asian nurse of indefinite nationality, about my age, and unmarried. I remembered her coming in with her hair up, low heels, a pencil skirt in tan, an off white man tailored blouse clinging to her breasts, the almost golden skin, bright eyes.Louisa answered. I said it was Jay, Janice’s cousin. Oh, she said, thanks for calling. It is terrible. We were alone over the weekend, I was staying over. Janice was running a high fever. I wanted to get her to the ER but she refused. Dr. Gerry is blaming me. He fired me and took the k–ds to his old mother’s. I can probably go back to nursing up at Columbia, but I feel like it might be really my fault. I don’t know what to do.She sounded so sincere and vulnerable on the phone I was sorry I hadn’t returned to the city.Look Louisa, it wasn’t your fault. Janice was delicate. I almost said she wasn’t delicate sucking cock and fucking, but I said, look, she had a history of hospitalization for mysterious ailments. I said, where are you. She said, I am home in Washington Heights, near Columbia hospital, illegal bahis where my mom works and I used to work. I said, I think you can handle this. Just try to get something there. I will call you when I get back to the city next Monday, I have been entertaining guests, am several hours away.I found myself up in the Heights having a drink w/ Louisa in a bar frequented by doctors, nurses, interns from the great hospital complex. She was nervous but pretty composed given that her employer had fired her and the mistress of the house had died suddenly (turns out it was sepsis from internal inflammation). She looked so good. We talked about light stuff at first. The summer, the city. She had a chance to return to the hospital, thanks to her mom’s influence. Louisa volunteered that she was half Filipino, half Japanese as a result of the War. I knew that many Filipino women went to nursing schools there and would come to the US easily. I would learn more about that later, but in the meantime, I paid the check with my new American Express Card (member since 1970!). No, that is wrong, the bar only took cash. I walked Louisa back to her apartment located in a red brick building on Fort Washington Avenue. No doorman as at Janice’s East Side doctor ghetto. She wanted to know if I had a girlfriend over the summer. I confessed the summer had gone by without one. She turned her face to me and touched mine. She invited me up for coffee as she unlocked the front door to the lobby. I used to think that meant actually drinking coffee at midnight, but I had learned something since I had gotten down from the big University upstate. I found myself getting aroused. We rode the elevator up to the top floor. I guess it was seven. Louisa was close to me and I tilted my head into her gleaming black hair, tied in a pony tail. She looked up. We started a hesitant kiss as the elevator stopped. I put my arm around her. We walked to her apartment door, one of about four on the floor. I remember the door, so like NY apartment doors in those days. It was dark green, had a gold A decal, and a round view port of glass circled in brass. The brass door plate had a key hole, plus there was another lock just above it. Louisa put her hand on my face again. She quietly unlocked both locks. She said, we have to be quiet, mother will be asleep. I was taken aback, illegal bahis siteleri this grown up, beautiful professional still lived with her mother!Louisa turned as we stepped into the foyer. She initiated a long passionate kiss, out mouths locked together and tongues probing. My hand slid down her back to her round behind and pulled her to me. Look, she said quietly, I know about you and Janice. It was pretty obvious when I came back from being out w/ little Jake that you two had been fucking all over the sofa. I found her wet panties tucked in there.I could barely get a word out. This shy woman, so tender, was suddenly dropping an F bomb. Never mind that she had figured out why I had been at Janice’s while Louisa was out at the park.Louisa said, it is ok, it’s past. Janice spoke to me about you, she said, but I didn’t feature the hand-off. I replied, neither did I, though I liked you. It was last year wasn’t it. No, the year before. Yes, she said., I thought about you. I was regretting not having Louisa out for summer weekends.Louisa said, ok, we got that out of the way, now come to my room quietly. We walked past a living room with a dining area and kitchen behind it, down a short hallway. Louisa led me through one of two facing doors in the hall to a small room. There was a dresser, a chair, a TV on a table, a nightstand and a standard double bed. It was covered in an Indian spread, sort of a hippie touch of those days. We stripped, got on her bed. She threw the cover aside. We just fell into each other. Her mouth was like a dynamo, her breasts against me seemed to grow as the nipples hardened, Looking down, I couldn’t believe how reddish brown and beautiful they were. As I sucked them, the nipples became like large, discs and she moaned as they grew. She had her hand on my cock. It felt so exciting and natural. (Good thing as the thing wasn’t impressive at all in its normal soft state. Grow, not show.) Unexpectedly she turned, taking the cock into her mouth. Her mouth encircled the shaft as her tongue went around the head of it. Ah, I said, be careful, control is not great and this is sensational. Louisa the nurse said, I get it, it must have been a while for you, as she stopped sucking and lay beside me. She really was a gorgeous site. One leg was outstretched, the other bent at the knee and pointed away. I put my canlı bahis siteleri hand over her mons, finger along her clit, gently moving her ass she drew closer, her mouth again on mine. Now, she said, put it inside me. Just a minute nurse, I said, as i moved down with my head above her slit, putting a finger in her and a hand around her hips to her cheeks, I began to lick and kiss her delicate clit and slowly moved my fingers in and out of the wet warmth. She began to move her whole body in rhythm. I sucked her clit, probing for the spot behind it, inside her with my fingers.Louisa said, Jay, this will be right, Janice convinced me to go on the pill, so be inside me. More quietly: fuck me. I moved her toward me and she took my cock in her hand as we guided it into her. As we moved we looked straight at each other. I knelt before her with my cock in her and her legs d****d over mine. Her pussy began to thrust toward me and it was flooded with lady juices. Go on top I whispered, it will last longer. No, she moaned, and fucked harder. She said, let it go, I want to feel it now. After a few more times of going into her until I felt her dark, healthy hair against my pubes, I felt my self pumping love into her and felt her tremble with it, seizing me with her insides and raising her arms up to bring me down fully on her. We just rolled on our sides to hold each other for a long time.Then Louisa said this: Jay, Janice told me you didn’t touch any Vietnamese women when you were there for a year. I was afraid you didn’t think Asian women were attractive, sexy or…maybe good enough for you.No, I said, do you know the story of Cho Cho San? Yes. Well, I wasn’t going to be Lt Pinkerton. Where I was all the women were peasant girls, many very lovely. They worked at US bases as maids, and waitresses. They swept the officers quarters and did laundry. Much of the population had been displaced from villages due to the war. I didn’t get to meet the nurses and pharmacists, the educated girls in Saigon, I would see sometimes driving their Honda scooters, and I certainly wasn’t going to go to the bars on Tu Dzo Street or the steambaths.Steambaths! she started, like in the Village? No, no, they were brothels run by civilians with local women. I just didn’t want to have that experience w/ girls who were in a bad situation.So, she said, now you can satisfy your curiosity about women you saw in Southeast Asia?No, my long curiosity about one Asian woman who happens to be right here.She drew closer and we kissed as if we had been together for a long time, not just an evening.In the morning….

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