A short Fuck, Chinese style.


A short Fuck, Chinese style.I lay on the bed, my t-shirt pushed, up exposing my tits and erect nipples. As I kneaded them, first one then the other, simulating a man having a good feel, I would alternate by tugging each nipple, before taking the whole breast and giving it a good squeeze, while feverishly stroking my pussy with my other hand, in short I was having a midday horny session in my room, relieving myself by masturbating.I was naked except for the t-shirt, having stripped of my denims and panties, discarding them to the foot of the bed, I liked to have my legs apart when I masturbated, and to the casual observer, I was one of those girls that could appear disjointed when my legs were apart, and today was one of those days.I was too far gone to notice him standing in the doorway, mouth open and in a state of shock, as I writhed in ecstasy, approaching my orgasm, he was witnessing a very personal moment not meant to be seen by a casual onlooker, but it was too late, as I exploded and my naked torso was at that moment, helpless and exposed as man has never witnessed.I was wet with sweat from the exertion, beads of perspiration running down my temple, soaking my pillow, and small rivulets forming a small pool in isveçbahis yeni giriş my belly button as little rivers were running down my feminine six-pack flat tummy from between my breasts, I looked as if I had been doused by a fine misting in a greenhouse, indeed I looked ready to be taken and fertilized, ripe and plump, like tomatoes on the vine, as I flopped with both arms thrown open, legs akimbo, everything exposed, that was when I saw him, and I froze.My heart was pounding and my lips were dry, but I lay in a pool of sweat, sheets soaked, my pussy still twitching from my orgasm. I could feel the blood coursing back into my nipples as they sprung to life again and stuck out like twin peaks, in the knowledge they were being observed.I made no effort to cover up, close my legs or shield my breasts by crossing an arm across them, no I lay in total submission, strangely compliant and willing, he would need relieving and I was in the right position, ‘Close the fucking door and take your clothes off’, I ordered, suddenly feeling in the accendency, ‘You want a fuck’?This was Lee, a mainland Chinese student, a loner I had befriended and someone who never thought of simple western ideals, like knocking isveçbahis giriş before entering, never been out on a date or had sex, to the best of all our knowledge, either due to shyness or just did not know how, well I was his only friend, so I might as well teach him about white girls and their sexual habits.He stood before me naked as the day he was born, only his mother would never have seen him like this, erect and proud, smallish but rock hard, and sticking out from a sparsely pubic haired crotch, and as I finally turned to face him I reached out and guided him straight in my open mouth, clenching his small buttocks and pulling him in deep, my tongue slipping under his tight ball-sack as he shot his hot sperm down my throat.Three convulsions wracked his body, as he heaved thrusting his hips into my mouth. I held him as if retching cock in deep tongue still under his balls as his sperm disappeared down my throat and as he withdrew he buckled as his cock-head came into contact with the slight pressure from my lips, I held him there, clenching my teeth around his mons-glans, using my tongue as a whipping toy, feeling him wince as I applied pressure and poked his small slit of an opening.Finally isveçbahis güvenilirmi releasing him, I sat up and told him to get dressed, ‘Not a fucking word to anyone’, I said, somehow confident no one would believe him anyhow if he boasted I had swallowed his load.He nodded in acquiesce, but somehow I felt I needed more, ‘You ever lick pussy’, I asked him, suddenly feeling warm and wet, ‘No’, he replied, looking as if he wanted out, ‘Get on the bed’, I ordered him, and sat on his face before he could comfortably settle.I masturbated sitting there, working my clitoris into a lather, feeling his hot breath on my crotch, stretching my Labia and placing the exposed pink flesh onto his mouth, ‘Stick your fucking tongue inside’, I ordered him, reaching behind and gripping his balls with force, squeezing them and feeling them disappear back up into the small orifices from whence they dropped, I was cumming and inflicting pain was having a wondrous effect in my achieving orgasm.I rose sufficiently of his face and ordered him to look at me, opening my pussy so he could look inside, ordering him to smell me and taste my secretions, ‘Sweetish’, he said, ‘Right’, I agreed, ‘Thats what white girls are like, next time you fuck us there are no excuses for you not to know’, and I laughed letting him rise and get dressed.’Get to fuck out of my room, and next time knock, or I wont fuck you’, he laughed and left, as went for a glass of water to take the acrid taste from my tongue, the taste of Chinese cum.

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