A Shower of Discoveries


Elizabeth woke up that morning groggy eyed and horny. Goddamnit, she thought. I know I’m not getting any on a Tuesday either. She rolled her eyes and swung her feet off the bed and gathered her towel, shampoo and other shower necessities and headed towards the dorm bathroom. She was the first one awake, as evidenced by the empty bathroom. Score, she said to herself as thoughts of masturbating without having to worry about anyone hearing her flooded her mind. She whipped off her sexy little black nightgown over her head and turned on the faucet. She brushed her teeth and washed her face while the water was heating up, and when she was finished she jumped in the shower.

She ran her hands over her body, getting it wet, lingering longer around her tits. She rubbed her little, dark pink nipples and squeezed them with her fingertips. She could feel her pussy getting wet, and it wasn’t from the water, either. She slowly slid her hands down her flat stomach and opened her pussy lips with one hand while the other one rubbed her slit slowly up and down. She took juices from her dripping hole and massaged her clit in slow circles. She moaned just loud enough that she didn’t hear the door opening. Jane stopped mid-stride as she heard what sounded like an orgasm. She turned the corner and stood face to face with a masturbating woman. Her jaw dropped.

Elizabeth opened her eyes and took in what might have been the sharpest intake of breath in history. She stood silent – no words could escape her surprised lips. Jane slowly came to her senses and realized her pussy was getting wet. She had been bi-curious for quite some time and thought this was as good a time as any to figure herself out. Without canlı bahis şirketleri taking her eyes off of Elizabeth, she dropped her towel and pulled her dark chestnut hair out of her ponytail. Elizabeth’s eyes widened but she said nothing. She wanted this girl in the shower with her worse than she’d wanted anything before. Jane stepped slowly into the shower. Elizabeth stepped aside so Jane could stand under the faucet and wet her hair and body – not that she wasn’t wet already. Jane turned her body towards Elizabeth’s and reached out to touch her waist. She slowly pulled the beautiful blonde towards her until their bodies were pressed hard up against each other.

Both their breaths noticeably shallowed as their faces grew closer and closer together. When their lips met, all of the hesitancy disappeared and they began to French kiss passionately while feeling up and down each other’s bodies. Elizabeth grabbed Jane’s ass and pulled her up against the wall with her and pressed their pelvises together. Jane’s hands found their way to Elizabeth’s rock hard nipples and pinched them hard. She squeezed Elizabeth’s tits with her palms and then slid her hands down her body until she reached the girl’s shaven pussy. The water dripped all over both of them and Jane kissed from Elizabeth’s lips to her neck, her tits to her stomach, all the way down until she reached the small mound above her slick pussy. She had never licked a woman before.

She reached to Elizabeth’s ankles and pulled them slightly farther than shoulder-width apart. She knelt on the cold, wet tile and began to eat her first pussy. She lapped up the shower water that sat in beads on Elizabeth’s outer lips and then slowly parted canlı kaçak iddaa her pussy with her eager tongue. The angle was difficult so she motioned for Elizabeth to turn around so she was facing the shower wall. She stuck her ass out so it was easier for Jane to lick. She buried her face between her legs and sucked on Elizabeth’s pussy. She licked a wet line from her clit to her pussy hole, and then to her ass, which she licked a small circle around. She began to finger her new lover’s pussy while she slowly lapped at her asshole. She had never done that before either. She rolled her tongue back down to her pussy and began to suck Elizabeth’s clit while her fingers dipped in and out her pussy hole. Elizabeth was wetter than she ever had been. Her muscles began to tense, and her pussy gripped Jane’s fingers tightly. She screamed as she began to orgasm while Jane pounded her fingers into her contracting pussy harder and harder. Jane continued sucking on her clit but pulled her fingers out of her pussy and found Elizabeth’s asshole and slowly began to push one finger into it. She began to gently fuck Elizabeth’s ass with her finger, which only served to perpetuate her orgasm – not that she minded. She had never had anyone play with her ass before, and she loved it.

Jane slowly stood up while Elizabeth leaned on the tiled wall, panting. She wrapped her arms around Elizabeth’s impossibly little waist (which was in sharp contrast to her curvaceous breasts and womanly hips and thighs), and held her close until she began breathing normally. Jane looked up at Elizabeth’s 5 feet, 8 inches from her 5’2″ frame and stood on her tip toes to slowly kiss her again. Their mouths met and the same familiar shock canlı kaçak bahis of electricity rocketed through their bodies. Elizabeth broke from Jane’s mouth just long enough to grab her shower gel and squeeze some into her hand.

“Forget the goddamn loofah,” she told Jane. Jane just smiled in return. Elizabeth lathered the gel between her hands and began slowly rubbing them all over Jane’s body. She began at her collarbones and neck, and slowly slid her way downward to her breasts, but much to Jane’s dismay she swept right past them to her stomach. She walked around Jane’s body and began washing her back and her perfect, round ass and hips. She knelt behind her body and began washing her legs – first her calves and then her outer thighs. She gradually found Jane’s inner thighs and began rubbing them with the soap, closer and closer to her pussy every damn time. After 5 minutes, Jane’s tiny, pink pussy was dripping juices down her legs. Elizabeth sensed that Jane could take almost no more, so she washed her body of the shower gel and told Jane to spread her legs and lean her back against the wall.

Jane complied and as soon as she was settled, Elizabeth’s fingers dove right into her pussy. She finger fucked her new lover until Jane was so aroused that her clit was poking out from its hood and was sensitive to her every touch.

“Fuck me!” she screamed down at Elizabeth. “Harder!”

Elizabeth rammed her fingers into Jane’s pussy with more force than she knew she had. When she saw Jane’s body begin to tense up she pulled her clit into her mouth and pulsed it between her lips, sucking in and out, until Jane was cumming all over her face. She never once stopped finger fucking her all throughout her orgasm and didn’t until her arm was too tired to keep going.

Jane slid down the wall until she was sitting next to Elizabeth on the wet floor.

“You know,” she said, “we really need to do this more often.”

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