A Silver Lining


Kevin Morris walked slowly through the airport, shoulders slumped, a defeated expression permanently etched on his face. It had NOT been a very good year for Kevin. A divorce, lost job and lost friends all came one right after the other in a very short period of time.

He had been married for three years, and he was just glad that he and his now ex-wife never had children. He was not sure how his wife found out about his secret, but the reality was that she did find out and she was rather upset. Apparently a lot of women do not like knowing their husbands are bisexual and like to be with other men. Kevin felt he had been careful, making and meeting friends as discreetly as possible. But in the end, she knew and that was the end of the marriage.

During the divorce proceedings, she used his secret against him, claiming she would reveal his “gay” side to his coworkers and his friends if he did not give her what she wanted out of the divorce. And so he did, giving her the house where she still lived while he moved into a studio apartment downtown. She kept all the furnishings she wanted and left him with next to nothing. And then, despite what she had said, she told his boss about his indiscretions. Mr. Doss was a devout man, who always said family was important and that since I had destroyed my family, I was no longer welcome at my position. Word seemed to spread as well and Kevin found it impossible to find a job in Indianapolis.

He tried to turn to his friends for help and support, until he realized that all of his friends were actually husband’s to his ex-wife’s friends and they quickly deserted him too, leaving him truly alone. This was the last straw, he knew he just had to leave and look to start a new life somewhere else, someplace where nobody knew him.

He had looked at job placements for IT Managers around the country, not really caring where he went as long as it was not where he had been. He found three possibilities that he was interested in pursuing; large companies in Houston and Miami and a smaller company in Springfield. The Houston opportunity just did not feel right to him and so he had declined their good offer.

He found the baggage claim at the Hartford airport as he prepared to wait for the bags to finally arrive on the belt. He wondered how bad traffic would be at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. He just wanted to get his bags and get to the hotel. Once there, he had no idea what he would since his appointment was not until Monday morning, but he just wanted to get away and spend a weekend in a new city.

“The last time I came through here it took almost an hour to get my bag,” said a male voice next to him.

It took a second for Kevin to realize that the man had been talking to him since nobody else was near the two of them. Kevin knew his bag would likely be the last off the plane as usual as he replied, “Great, just what I need.”

The man laughed softly at the reply. “Sorry, I was kidding, it doesn’t usually take THAT long.”

Kevin shook his head and smiled as should have known the guy was kidding. Shaking his head and smiling, Kevin decided it couldn’t hurt to at least be cordial to the guy. He turned and put out his hand. “Hi, Kevin Morris.”

“Jack Turner,” the man said with a smile on his lips.

Kevin was exceedingly shy when meeting new people, and yet he was unable to turn away from Jack. The eyes were a soft blue, almost grey color, with a thin face and well defined lips. Kevin turned back but not before he noticed the tailored suit and fashionable tie the man was wearing.

Inside, Kevin berated himself and the depressive mood returned quickly. He knew there was little he could have done about the divorce, losing his job and losing his friends, but there was something else that had crept into his thoughts this past year, a thought that he did not want to accept. Throughout his bi experiences, it was strictly about sex, oral and anal, but just sex. He had never wanted a relationship, never wanted to kiss, cuddle, snuggle a guy. Hell, he had never even been attracted to men, until recently. He was never sure how or when it happened, but some time during his divorce he knew he was changing.

It internet casino began with his ex-wife. Sex with her was never exciting and near the end of the marriage, he found it hard to even be aroused by her. But it wasn’t just her, it was most women. He could still see a beautiful woman and know they were beautiful, but he found it hard to be aroused by them. And to him, the worst part was that he was having just the opposite reactions when it came to men.

He had tried to once again deny these feelings but he had to admit to himself that Jack was a very good looking man. Over the next few minutes, Kevin found himself stealing glances at Jack and wondering what would happen if he was caught looking. Shaking his head, Kevin mumbled something about going to the bathroom before nearly sprinting away from the baggage claim area.

He moved up to an open urinal and tried to calm himself down. His breathing had almost returned to normal when Jack stepped towards the urinal next to Kevin. Kevin looked into those captivating eyes again and managed a manly nod of his head. As he looked away from Jack’s eyes, his eyes traveled down until he saw that Jack was standing well away from the urinal which meant that Kevin had a good view of Jack’s cock. Kevin sucked in his breath and his mouth began to water as he quickly turned his head back and finished his business.

Kevin took extra time washing his hands as he tried to collect his thoughts. Jack washed his hands and left Kevin alone with his turbulent emotions. He knew he was unhappy, he knew his hated his life and he hated himself. But he also knew he had reached a crossroads in his life. He could continue to deny what he wanted or he could relax, and actually try to live his life. He could not keep Jack’s eyes out of his thoughts and he wondered if Jack had been coming on to him. He had initiated the conversation, but that did not mean anything special. But what about when he was going to the bathroom, most guys did not stand that far away from the urinal, I think he wanted me to see.

Kevin agonized over what to do. He looked at himself in the mirror and he saw the dark circles under his hazel eyes. He had always considered himself average looking at best with a nose that was slightly too big, and a few extra pounds that he could never seem to lose. Kevin stared at himself until another guy came into the bathroom. Kevin made his decision and one last look at the mirror showed him that his features had already softened, maybe it was the right decision.

With more confidence than he felt, Kevin walked from the restroom towards baggage claim . He saw Jack and headed straight towards him. Unfortunately, as he worked out what to say, the baggage belt came alive and the first bags began to tumble down. He was steps away from Jack when he saw that his bag was one of the first onto the belt. Shocked at his good fortune, he forgot about Jack as he grabbed his bag and turned towards the ground transportation exit.

He had only taken a couple of steps when he heard that voice again, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Kevin’s breath caught again and he forced himself to calm down as he turned towards Jack. “No, not bad at all,” he replied with a genuine smile on his lips. He noticed that Jack had his bag as well, “I see you were lucky as well.”

“You have to love it when that happens,” he quipped. “I know this might seem an unusual request, but I’m staying in Springfield and the cab fare gets a bit high. If you are heading that way, I was wondering if you would like to share a cab.”

Offering up his best smile, Kevin said, “Springfield Hilton and I would love to share the cab.”

As the two men approached the taxi loading area the next available vehicle pulled up. The driver got out and took the bags from the two men and placed them in the trunk. “Where to?” he asked as he got into the driver’s seat.

“Springfield Hilton,” said Jack.

Kevin laughed, “I didn’t realize you were staying there too.”

Jack looked at Kevin with those soft eyes and Kevin melted, “I am now,” he said as he placed a hand on Kevin’s knee.

The driver seemed oblivious as Jack began to squeeze Kevin’s canlı poker oyna knee, never looking away. Neither of them said anything as they continued to look into each other’s eyes. Then Kevin shocked both Jack and himself as he leaned towards Jack until their lips met. The lips brushed against each other softly and Kevin closed his eyes as he pressed his lips tighter against Jack’s firm lips. Kevin felt one of Jack’s hands reach behind and caress his neck as he pulled him closer. Kevin had never kissed another man, and until 10 minutes ago he had never wanted to kiss another man, but now he was content.

Kevin felt a tongue against his lips and he knew that Jack had opened his lips. Without a second thought, Kevin opened his mouth and welcomed Jack’s persistent tongue into his mouth. It was the warmest, most passionate kiss that Kevin had ever experienced and it caused his body to react like it never had before. He did not want the kiss to end and he felt his cock get hard just from kissing Jack.

The two men continued to kiss and caress each other for the next 20 minutes as the cab driver enjoyed the view and drove them to the hotel. Jack paid the driver and the two entered the lobby. “Come with me,” he said and led Kevin toward the men’s restroom. Jack smiled and said, “I just couldn’t wait to kiss you again,” as their lips met again with Jack pressed up against the sinks. Again, hands roamed feeling each other’s excitement.

Kevin remembered that he was a new man, and that he was going to be more assertive and aggressive. He knew he wanted Jack, more than he had ever wanted anyone before. Kissing Jack was like nothing he had ever experienced and he was determined to see what other pleasure he could explore with his new friend.

Never breaking the kiss, Kevin pulled Jack way from the sink and slowly walked backwards towards one of the stalls. He felt Jack moan into his mouth as they squeezed into one of the stalls and Kevin began undo Jack’s pants. When the button was undone and the zipper was down, Kevin finally broke the kiss as he sat down, pulling Jack’s pants and boxers down in the process.

Kevin now had his second view of Jack’s gorgeous cock, this time from only a few inches away as it bobbed up and down. He licked his lips as he moved forward, taking just the head into his mouth. The feel of the warm cock in his mouth made Kevin sigh in contentment as his tongue began to swirl in circles around the head of Jack’s 7″ cock. Kevin’s hand moved up and began to softly play with Jack’s balls as he began to suck softly on the head of the cock.

The sensation of the warm mouth on his cock made Jack moan softly as he placed his hands on Kevin’s head. Without realizing he was doing it, Jack began to slowly push forward and pull back into Kevin’s willing mouth.

When Jack placed his hands on his head, Kevin became even more excited. He loved the feeling of Jack holding his head and fucking his mouth. He let Jack control the pace as he locked his lips tightly around the cock. During his bi experiences, Kevin had always enjoyed giving head, but he could never take more than a couple of inches into his mouth. That was why he was so amazed as Jack continued to slowly push himself in and out of his mouth that he had taken more than half of Jack’s cock into his mouth without gagging. Excitement continued to build for Kevin as he relaxed and more and more of Jack’s wonderful cock disappeared into his mouth. Before he knew it, his lips were brushing against Jack’s balls, he had taken the entire length into his mouth.

Jack began to pull back and then push forward again, making sure that Kevin had no trouble taking all of his cock. He loved the feel of Kevin’s mouth and the soft suction that he added. He held onto Kevin’s head tighter and he began to push in and out of his mouth faster and harder, feeling his balls hit Kevin’s chin. He felt Kevin’s hands grab his cheeks and pull him even deeper into his mouth. Jack just about came when he had pushed all the way into Kevin’s mouth and he felt Kevin’s tongue caress the underside of his balls. He had to quickly pull back because he wasn’t ready to cum yet.

Kevin looked up and into those poker oyna unbelievable eyes. He had never looked at a guy when he was sucking them because that was too personal. But he couldn’t help but look at Jack and he was thrilled by the look of sheer pleasure that was on Jack’s face.

Jack tried to hold back his orgasm, but the erotic situation, the setting and the wonderful cocksucking he was receiving proved to be too much. He gave up fighting his impending orgasm and instead he embraced the feelings. He gripped Kevin’s head tighter and began to slam his cock in and out of Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin knew that Jack was close and he loved the feeling of his new lover fucking his mouth with his cock. He continued to massage below Jack’s balls as they bounced against his chin over and over again. He heard Jack breathing heavier and he felt the cock in his mouth expand slightly as Jack buried his cock deep into his mouth one last time. Kevin was ready and more than willing when the first spurt of cum shot from Jack’s cock. The cock was pushed so far into his mouth that the cum slide directly down his throat. A second spurt quickly followed the first before Kevin was able to pull back slightly and the last few bursts of cum landed on his tongue.

Kevin held still as Jack emptied his cock into his mouth. When the orgasm subsided, Kevin used his tongue to slide around the head of the cock and collect all of the cum. Jack sighed as he pulled his softening cock out of Kevin’s mouth. Kevin smiled up at Jack as he finally swallowed the rest of the delicious cum. He noticed a drop of cum still clinging to Jack’s cock and he quickly moved forward and sucked the head of the cock back into his mouth to get the last drop.

When Kevin stood, Jack immediately moved forward and pressed his lips against Kevin’s, tongue pushing into his waiting mouth. Kevin knew that Jack could taste his own cum, but it did not seem to bother Jack in the least. While they kissed, this time it was Jack undoing Kevin’s pants and pushing them down around his knees. He pulled Kevin around until it was now Kevin with his back to the door of the stall. Kevin had never wanted anyone to suck on his cock more than he did Jack at that moment.

Instead of sitting down, Jack turned around and bent over, offering Kevin a view of his lean, ass cheeks. “Fuck me, please!” he urged. Kevin did not need to be asked twice as he moved up behind Jack and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Jack’s ass. Grabbing Jack’s hips, Kevin pushed ahead slightly feeling the head of his cock slip inside of Jack’s welcoming ass. Kevin realized he should have asked about lube until he pushed forward and his entire cock disappeared into Jack’s ass. Guess there was no need to worry, he thought as he savored the heat of Jack’s ass.

Kevin began his own pace, fucking in and out with long, slow strokes, the moans from Jack letting him know that he was not the only one experiencing pleasure. He knew with all the excitement that had happened since the airport and the intense feelings he had for Jack that he would not be able to last very long. He grabbed Jack’s hips and began to fuck his friend harder. He slammed his cock forward, burying it deep into Jack’s ass before pulling nearly all the way out and pushing in again. Each thrust caused Jack to grunt, but the moans that followed let Kevin know he was loving it.

The pace quickened again and Kevin knew he could not hold back anymore. Once again Jack surprised him as he must have sensed the approaching orgasm as well. Kevin only had time to push into Jack two more times before Jack moved, causing Kevin’s cock to pop free. Kevin was about to cry out in frustration until he saw Jack turn and sit and suck Kevin’s cock deep into his mouth. Kevin was lost in the impending orgasm as he grabbed Jack’s head and fucked his mouth like he had been fucking his ass. He grunted loudly and then he felt an incredible release. His body trembled, his knees went week as he shot his cum into Jack’s mouth.

Jack held him tight, keeping his cock all the way in his mouth until Kevin was able to finally relax. “I’ve never,” Kevin tried to say as he pulled his cock out of Jack’s mouth. “I mean, that was incredible,” he was able to say between deep breaths as he tried to get his breathing back under control.

“That WAS amazing,” Jack agreed. “Let’s go see about checking in. Want to share a room?” He asked with another devastating smile.

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