A Sinner and A Novice


A Sinner and A Novice

“Who the hell is calling at this hour,” her husband asked once he realized what the clatter was that pulled the sleep from his eyes. Her husband had no idea what the hour but with draperies pulled back the night looked complete through the ice-glazed window panes that looked out on the snow covered yard and the back forty and the scent of their late night romp into the perverse drifted out strong as the bedcovers settled back following his wife’s hasty flight to answer the house phone.

His wife ghosted silently across the oriental carpet on the tips of her long pink toes. Her footfalls on the hardwood in the hallway faded as the distance between husband and wife grew.

Cassie was gone for a time during which her husband refused to let sleep intervene. He waited out the fear that came with needing to know the worst that might befall and demand the need for such a late night intrusion.

Back-lit by the lights streaming down the long hall from the kitchen his wife stood shapely and long in the doorway and announced, “It’s Jimmy

“He’s too drunk to drive…again…

“Truth is he can’t find his car.”

“Where is he?” Chris asked.

“He’s at the Peirce Arrow Pub in the village. He’s still on the phone. What should I tell him?”

“Tell him to stay put. One of us will be there in forty minutes. It’ll take that long with the snow and all…”

His wife stepped her bare feet into the Sorel snow boots just as Chris stepped into the kitchen.

“Must be your turn to collect the holy man,” her husband said as he helped her into her down parka.

In the first five weeks of the new year, Jimmy Parker had called under similar circumstances on three occasions. His bout with depression followed his expulsion from the seminary just a semester away from ordination. Parker refused to divulge the reason for his expulsion. Having been on the receiving end of her cousin’s confusion since puberty Cassie assumed Parker’s aversion to celibacy the reason for his dismissal.

Cassie turned sharply on her husband and put her hands on his shoulders.

“He asked again, Chris. Like he did the last time…”

The last time since was just three weeks since. On that Thursday night in question Parker professed the belief that while he was too drunk to drive or think clearly he was sober enough to provide for either of them a good time if they helped him out of his cloths and worked his member to its full measure. With the dawn the following day, a Friday, came the realization that drink had won and made him incapable doing either of them as promised. Parker’s failure to achieve proved a major disappointment. Cassie and her husband almanbahis had worked themselves into a frenzy in anticipation. Both were ready to comply with any suggestion offered.

“Bring him back here,” her husband said.

“You’re okay with it?”

“Yes, Cassie, whatever,” her husband answered and rushed her down the stairs.

In her rush to collect her cousin Cassie failed to reset the security system from the front seat of her VW bug. Chris managed to reset the system and silence the beeping within the thirty second window allowed by the security company. Green lights showed across the board on the control panel hidden out of sight in the pantry off of the kitchen.

The drive from the pub to home was uneventful but for a swipe of Cassie’s lips to Parker’s at the start. The hesitation came once Cassie pulled into the snow covered driveway and set the parking brake. She hoped to secure her cousin’s participation in the festivities she and her husband had discussed she asked “Take your dick out Jimmy.”

The horizon stretched out wide before her once Jimmy opened his fly and brought the full eight inches to bear on Cassie’s senses. She sighed and reached out. The organ was swollen rock-hard and hot in her hands. She undid her seatbelt and the pushed the driver’s seat back against the stop. Her cousin did the same and gave her room to maneuver. She leaned over and took the bright pink knob to her lips. Jimmy was quick to take advantage of the situation. He pressed a palm to the back of her head and held her where he wanted her to be at the moment, providing the full measure of his manhood to her kiss. Without warning but for the placement of his hand on her head and the slight tremor she felt against her uvula Jimmy drove 500 milliliters of his love into her throat.

“I am sorry, Cassie. I shouldn’t have done that,” Parker said as he helped her back into the driver’s seat.

Cassie reasoned Parker was lying and made it clear “Sorry is unnecessary, Jimmy.

“You didn’t force me…

“I’ve wanted to taste your semen again…

“Not since Angie’s wedding…

“Tell me you remember…”

Before Parker answered, his cousin asked “Do you realize it’s been nearly ten years since I last had your dick in my mouth?

“Such a terrible waste of all that time…”

“I’ve wanted for much more than your mouth for all those years.” Parker said.

Sleet pelted the windshield and a harsh wind battered the VW.

After a quick think she reminded her cousin “I asked you to fuck me that evening you and Johnny Taber I undressed on the patio…remember… We were naked and so close and you refused…”

“I remember things clearly. You said and I quote, almanbahis yeni giriş ‘I’ve never’, I thought you were telling us you were still a virgin, Cassie,” Parker said. “That you had never been penetrated…”

“Be serious Jimmy…

“It was the sixties…

“I was eighteen…

“Chris and I had been together more than two years…

“Our wedding less three months away…

“What I’d ‘never’ was enjoyed the favors of two men simultaneously. I would have let both of you use me, Jimmy. I was so aroused watching the two of you sucking one another…

“You guys went on forever…”

“Teenage staying power,” Jimmy said. Salacious thoughts filled the empty spaces and his erection stiffened sufficiently. He thought to ask if you could make up for all those lost years right then and there but his cousin suggested, “Let’s get out of the weather. Chris has already agreed so you’re bound to get lucky and have you way with the two of us…”

“The two of you…? Parker questioned with a smile on his mouth.

“If we play our cards right,” his cousin answered. “You get to play with the two of us… And if Chris has no objection and I’m sure he won’t I’m going to ride you bare back…”

Once indoors she had an easy time of it preparing for what was to be. She stepped out of her Sorel’s and let the down parka fall from her shoulders. She pulled the blue nightshirt over her head. She heard her cousin sigh when she bared from head to toes the most beautiful human form Parker had ever seen in the flesh. Her belly was washboard flat between narrow hips many referred to as boyish. Her breasts were on the heavy side for one so slightly built but her nipples stood high and beckoned. Her privates moistened slowly to the ready as she watched her cousin strip lazily out of his clothing. He added his scapular to the pile of clothing and ceremonially freed himself of the celibacy is had been forced to endure.

His cousin held her desire in check for a heartbeat or two before she closed the distance and took matters and her cousin’s privates in hand. She cradled his testicles just hard enough to let Parker understand she was taking charge of the festivities. With his pulse pounding his cousin pulled him by the sack down the three stairs to the family room. His cousin let go once they stood beside the sofa against the far wall opposite the stairs. The little red eyes glowed as they kissed feverously and she knew she and Parker were centered in the view of one or more of the security cameras.

Something to look back on she said silently to herself…

Cassie fell into the sofa cushions and beckoned with her knees opened wide. The flower bloomed full a fiery pink. almanbahis giriş The four petals were distended and framed the narrow entryway. Her clitoris stood out erect from its cocoon. Though only their upper torsos were framed in the lens of the security cameras by the placement of Parker’s face in her lap and the strained look on her face it was apparent Parker was sucking her clit to her satisfaction.

Hers was slightly more than a small scream when it happened; loud enough to let Chris know his time was near.

The cousins untangled themselves. They took their passions down the hall to the master bedroom where Chris waited patiently for what was to be before the sun rose and a new day dawned. With a sack in each fist Cassie had their full attention. She brought the two, husband and cousin within arm’s length. Cassie understood words would have sufficed to put her husband and her cousin in the appropriate positions but she wanted to grip her husband cruelly and guide him to submission; a demand; to put him in his place so to speak.

“Jimmy will do you now Chris,” Cassie said softly. “We owe you…I’ve refused you that pleasure so often all those many times…”

Parker’s knees were against the foot-board when his cousin let go of his sack. With her husband still in hand she brought Chris to his knees on the mattress directly in front of Parker. Cassie widened the placement of her husband’s knees and parted his buttocks. The tight tan pucker winked back at Parker. After slathering the crease with the ointment from the tube her husband had laid out on the night stand Cassie said “Please wait until I tell you, Jimmy.”

Cassie stepped back and took a seat in the arm chair on the wall across the bedroom.

She lit a cigarette and saw her husband trembling in anticipation. She added to his worry for a full minute before she directed her cousin; “Now Jimmy. Hurt him as he’s asked.”

By the finish of that first cigarette, Cassie had heard too much;

The squishy sound as her cousin slid deep into her husband’s body…

The gnashing of teeth when her cousin lengthened his stroke and fell heavily into the void…

The growling and the groaning and the grunting would have been enough but there was sufficient star-light streaming in through the frosted glass. Cassie watched the two shadowy forms respond to the primal desires surging. The physical contact went on and on for nearly thirty minutes during which time Cassie got herself off a time or two.

And finally it was Parker’s turn to ante up. Cassie masturbated successfully while she watched the shadowy images continue their struggle. She heard her cousin gasp and gag and gurgle as her husband drove his dick deep into Parker’s mouth and she came again.

For another forty-three minutes her husband and her cousin granted Cassie but a view to the celebration close at hand before they decided there was sufficient low-hanging fruit for all to enjoy.


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