A Slave’s First Day (repost)


Pulling up into the gravel driveway, I felt my insides quiver. The steering wheel felt slick as my palms sweated with eagerness and nerves. Even though no one touched me, I felt my skin tingle at the thought of the man inside the house.
Over a year ago, I had begun to speak to him over the Internet. Through exchanged pictures, and text messages, he had become my master. Now, I was here to meet him. He had requested that, upon seeing him the first time, I be wearing nothing but a long jacket. Underneath it, I was completely bare. I felt my nipples harden, rubbing against the smooth fabric inside the jacket.
The house was unremarkable; a wooden house painted a nice blue with two windows in the front. It was not overly large or small, but seemed to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood perfectly. My thighs were wet with my juices because I could not rid myself of the excitement I was feeling.
Climbing carefully out of my car, so as not to give any neighbors an accidental flash, I closed the door and locked it behind me. The walk up to the door was only about five steps but it felt like miles to me. I could not wait to reach that step. My breasts bounced gently as I reached the door and pressed the bell with shaky hands.
A man opened the door and at the sight of him, my pulse quickened. He was not overly attractive, and he was much older than me, however it was not his image that appealed to me but the knowledge of what he could do to me. With a friendly smile, he took my hand and pulled me inside. The moment I was inside the door, he let go of my hand, and turned to stare meaningfully at me. I knew what he wanted. The coat slid from my arms and dropped to the floor.
Raising my hands to meet behind my head, and pushing my left foot out, I assumed the position in which I had taken so many pictures for him. Inspection seemed to be one of his favorite positions for me. It allowed him to see my body perfectly. 36C breasts dangling flawlessly from my chest, I felt my cunt begin to drip. He circled me, being very careful not to touch me the first time around. I felt his eyes roaming up and down my perfect, eighteen-year-old body, and I loved it. I did not feel nervous because he had already seen my naked body from plenty of angles. Then, he bent to a table next to the door, and picked something up. At first I didn?t know what it was, but then I felt the rubber butt plug being inserted into my still very tight anus. A small moan escaped my lips, which caused him to glance up and smile.
“Very nice, I am glad to see you, dear,” he greeted me.
Immediately, I responded, “I am glad to see you as well, sir.”
With a small gesture, he allowed me to get out of inspection position, and motioned for me to follow him. The hallway leading from the front room had three doors. The first was a bathroom, the second clearly his bedroom, and the third a guest room that he had transformed. The bed had a head- and footboard with two thick ropes attached to both. On a table next to the bed laid the largest array of bondage materials I had ever seen in my short experience. An incredibly long rope drew my attention first. It looked smooth, but very thick. Next to it sat a shorter, but still rather long rope with knots tied every inch or so. Occupying the rest of the table were handcuffs, chains, gags, leather cuffs, and every kind of dildo, vibrator and toy I could imagine. Automatically, I felt my cunt tighten, and my ass tightened around the butt plug. It was a little larger than I was used to, but he knew that. He wanted it to be bigger because he knew I would feel it more.
As we entered the room, he turned, locked the door behind us, and then motioned for me to stand in front of him.
“Inspection,” he uttered simply, and my body immediately complied. Now, in the safety of this locked room, he took the time to inspect my body more thoroughly. His rough hands roamed all over my breasts first, tugging gently at the nipples, and twisting them around 180 degrees. When a sound of pleasure escaped my lips, he glanced up, looking confused.
“Ah, right” he mumbled, seemingly to himself.
Leaving me standing in my position, he strode over to the table and picked something up. When he returned, I felt something shoved into my mouth and a strap being buckled behind my head. It was a ball gag, which I had never used before. My lips closed around it, and I felt my tongue automatically testing the thing that had been inserted into my mouth. It forced my mouth open at an awkward angle, and I could already feel the muscles cramping. Yet it served its purpose because when he went back to kneading my breasts between his fingertips, nothing but a soft sound escaped the gag.
After a bit more tweaking and pulling, he reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be nipple clamps. My breathing sped up, and my heart began to race. I had never used nipple clamps before, only clothespins which I was sure were much more gentle. I started to lift my arms to protest, but a sharp slap against my breasts stopped me. I was not to move from Inspection until instructed to do so.
With a snap, he attached a clamp to my right nipple. Immediately, I felt the pain emanating from that sensitive area of my body. But, as with the clothespins, it was a pain that I rather enjoyed. When he snapped the second one on, I didn?t even flinch. Now, with these devices attached securely to my body, he glanced up and smiled at me. I watched him, unable to smile with the gag in my mouth. Slowly, he reached up and flicked first the left clamp and then the right. Each time, a small squeak escaped the gag. Goosebumps, from anticipation, pain and pleasure, covered my body.
Once again leaving me, my master walked away and then returned with the long rope. I felt it being wrapped around my neck once, and then being pulled against the skin Ankara bayan escort of my breasts. After only a few seconds I realized he was tying a breast harness around me, and succumbed to the amazing feeling of being used as his toy. He loved seeing me in any kind of harness, but the breast harness was his favorite. He tied it artfully, a bit tighter than I was used to, but I trusted him to know what I could withstand. When he finished, he tugged the end of the rope out, pulling the ropes as tight as he could. As they bit into my skin, I couldn?t help but love the feeling of my tender flesh pressing against the thick rope.
Now he pulled me by my forearm over toward the bed, and I was instructed to lie down on my back. I complied willingly, knowing my already wet cunt would now be soaked in my juices. The nipple clamps and butt plug were sending wonderful sensations to my pussy.
My master pulled one arm up, and tied it to one of the ropes attached to the headboard. Then he did the same with the other arm, tying them both at the wrist. Next he tied both my ankles, rather far apart. I was surprised when he put a spreader bar between them and closed the cold metal cuffs around both my ankles right below the rope. With my ankles spread this far apart, my ass and cunt were perfectly accessible. Next he took a long length of rope from beneath the bed and passed it through the harness on one side of my chest, threw it underneath the bed and then pulled it up to tie it around the other side of the harness. My upper half was now fairly secure against the bed. He smiled and flicked the nipple clamps again, winning another high-pitched moan from me. With a deviant smile across his lips, Master ran his fingertips from my shoulder all the way around my breasts and down to my cunt. His fingers traced the lips tantalizingly and I silently begged him to touch me. But he knew that this was what I wanted, and refused.
With a smile, he pulled a chair up next to me, sat, and reached around my head to unfasten the ball gag.
“Well, my lovely little slave, how are you feeling?”
I was very horny at this point, and it took all my will not to beg him to fuck me, “I am good, Master.
“Good?” he replied, seeming to mull the word over, “Let’s see if we can change that.”
I felt my face contort in confusion as he refastened the gag and stood up. Picking up a thinner rope, he attached it to both of the nipple clamps and threw the remaining length up over a support beam in the ceiling. My nipples burned with pain as he tugged on the rope until it pulled my breasts up taught. Then he tied the end around the headboard of the bed and pulled it a little bit tighter. I could feel heat coming from my nipples as the clamps bit into them and pulled my breasts painfully. It was all I could do to keep from screaming with the pain. But now I knew what game he was playing. Although it had never become this intense, he had often tested me to see how much pain I could take. The longer I managed to hold out, the better chance I would not be punished for asking him to stop.
This time, however, he did not sit down again and ask how I was. He pulled an item from the table, and yanked the butt plug out. A sense of emptiness filled my lower regions. Under his guidance, I had grown so used to having my holes filled with toys that whenever I took them out, I almost felt I was missing something. The sensation was gone in a moment though as I felt something cold and soft being rubbed against my asshole. He inserted one finger in, turning it in a small circle inside my ass. Then he pulled it out, and I knew what he was doing. My Master was lubing up my asshole. I began to prepare myself for whatever he was going to do to me next.
But nothing could have prepared me for the huge dildo he shoved into my ass next. It must have been at least three inches in diameter, which was much more than I was used to. Unable to hold it in, I moaned loudly against the ball gag. He smirked and pushed the dildo in as far as the ring at the end where my anus would tighten to hold it in place. I could feel my ass throbbing against the hard dildo inside it, and for the first time so far, my wrists strained against the ropes that bound them. Before I met him, this feeling would have disgusted me and I would have felt the urge to rip the dildo out. Now, being filled like this made me tremble with the need to rub or touch myself somehow. A sharp slap against my cunt forced me to stop straining against the ropes, as Master came and sat beside me again. Still, he did not remove the ball gag. From under the table, he pulled a small can of clothespins. My body tensed as I began to comprehend what he was going to do. The already searing pain in my breasts worsened as he fastened clothespin after clothespin on the tender skin of my tits. I squirmed and moaned, not even trying to keep quiet now. Finally, he was done, and I counted ten clothespins on each breast. That, combined with the nipple clamps, and the breast harness, made me feel as if my breasts were hugely swollen. The lightest touch sent me into spasms of pleasure. He continued to smirk at me, and every now and then reached over and tweaked a clothespin with his fingers. If he had taken the ball gag out, I would have begged for him to stop.
But instead, he just sat there, for a full ten minutes. I knew how long it was because there was a clock on the far wall right within my view. He laughed at me, and tortured me with his small, light touches. After ten minutes, he grinned evilly and opened a drawer on the table. In his hand was a thick black permanent marker. He set it on the table and then set to the task of removing the clothespins. Each time he released one from my skin, a sharp burning sensation made me gasp in pain. The sensation of the blood rushing back into the skin was nearly unbearable; I bit Escort bayan Ankara my tongue to keep from making noise. When all the clothespins were removed, I lay stunned for several minutes before I noticed what he was doing.
The marker glided across the skin of my tummy. A glance down told me that my tits were already covered in his markings. I couldn?t read what he wrote, but that was alright; I knew he must plan to show me. It would be no fun if I did not see the humiliating things he wrote on me. After finishing my stomach, he continued on to my thighs. It took him barely five minutes to finish whatever he was writing. Then he pulled out a camera, snapped a picture of my body, and showed me the screen.
Across my tits, he had written “Master’s playthings”. All over my belly were the words, “Whore”, “slut”, “skank”, and “slave”. Then, he had drawn an arrow pointing down to my cunt and written, “Master’s cunt”. On both of my thighs he had written, “Master’s fucktoy”.
I should have been insulted by these words, but instead, I felt my pussy dripping fluid out onto the bed. There was a growing pool of my juice underneath my thighs. I tightened my muscles, trying to keep from showing Master how turned on I was. But he knew. Of course he knew. He slid one finger into my throbbing cunt, causing me to shudder and moan, and brought it up to my cheek. With an evil smile, he slid the fluid all over my left cheek. Then he repeated the process with my right. Master continued this until my entire face and breasts were wet and sticky with my juices. I watched him with glazed eyes as he reached back to the table.
Being covered in my juices also severely turned me on. I felt so used, and it only worsened the dripping sensation between my spread thighs. I wondered why he refused to touch my cunt. Couldn?t he at least just finger me for a moment? I long for the feeling of having something inside that wet, throbbing hole. As he turned back, I hoped that he would have something to put in me.
But instead, he held a pair of leather cuffs. After untying my wrists, he fastened the cuffs around them and laid them on my stomach. Then he took of the spreader bar, and unclamped my nipples. The feeling of blood returning to them stung, and I couldn?t help but whimper at the sensation. Next he untied the rope secured to my breast harness. Finally, he untied my ankles from the bedposts, and pulled me into a sitting position. When he stood me up and began to fasten the coat around my naked body, I listened fervently to his words.
“Alright, now a very good friend of mine lives two doors down at house number 328. You are to walk down the sidewalk, to his house, and ring the doorbell. When you go into the house, he will do whatever he likes with you. Do you nderstand what I want from you?”
My head spun as he finished his instructions. Since the ball gag prevented me from speaking, I simply nodded my head. I had not known he was going to do this. Although we had spoken of it before, and I had made it known to him that I had no objection to his allowing his friends to use me, he had not told me he would be doing it this time. Of course, he didn’t have to; he was allowed to do what he wanted with me.
So when he pushed me toward the open front door with a huge dildo in my ass, and a ball gag protruding from my mouth, I walked through it without fighting. I heard the lock click behind me. Now, humiliation swept over me. He had made no move to cover the gag, and now anyone who looked at me could see it. There was already a woman one house over, staring unashamed at my strange clothing, bare feet, and gag. However, she must have been used to it because she simply shook her head, and went back to her garden. Steeling myself against the embarrassment, I made my way down the steps and to the sidewalk. I knew that I was leaving a trail of my juices as they ran down my legs.
Walking up the steps to house 328, I forced myself to breathe deeply. Whoever this man was, I would allow him to do whatever he wanted to me. With trembling, cuffed hands, I rang the bell.
The man who answered the door wore nothing but a pair of plaid shorts. He appeared to be in his early-thirties, was about five foot ten inches tall, and very well muscled. I met his eyes timidly.
A large smile broke across his face.
“Well, well, well, I should have known he would deliver on his promise. You are absolutely gorgeous. Come in, slut.”
His casual use of the word did not affect me. I had grown used to my master using it. When he closed the door behind me, I turned and faced him obediently. His fingers flew to the buttons of my coat, unfastening them hastily. I saw his eyes roam across my face and then he chuckled. As he leaned in towards me, and sniffed, the chuckling grew louder.
“Well, someone made a mess of you, didn’t they, whore?”
I nodded, feeling his fingers roam across the skin underneath the coat. When he finally undid the last button, he threw the coat off, and stared at me. A growing smirk pulled his lips up slowly, as his eyes traveled over the words written across my tits, and above my aching dripping cunt. Without another word, he yanked me by the cuffs down the hall and into a bedroom. Throwing me down onto the bed, he put his hands on the clasp of the ball gag.
“I like to hear my sluts moan when I take them,” he explained to me as he unfastened the gag and threw it to the side.
Just as the gag was ripped from my mouth, I felt his hand go down to my thighs, and rub in between them. From my lips came a sound, a desperate, hungry, animal sound. I needed something, and badly.
Bringing his other hand down, he forced my thighs open wide, and positioned himself between them. When his fingers reached my asshole, he paused, confused, and felt the thing in it. Then understanding crossed his face, and the smile returned. Bayan escort Ankara Withdrawing his hand from between my thighs, he pulled his shorts down, and then the boxers underneath. A shudder went through me at the sight of his huge cock. It was at least nine inches long, and wider than the dildo in my ass. I forced my hands to lie obediently on my tummy and not reach for that huge instrument of pleasure. Longing for it to be inside me sent waves of desperation down into my cunt. His fingers traced the words on my tits, my stomach and surrounding my sopping hole. The grin on his lips seemed permanent now.
“Slut, skank, Master’s fucktoy,” he read, “Well, Master gave you to me for a while honey, and I can do whatever I want. Any requests?”
In my clouded, foggy, overly stimulated mind, only one thing repeated itself over and over again. With trembling gasps, I answered, “Please, fuck me, sir.”
The grin grew wider, and then he pulled his fingers from between my aching lips, wet with my juice and spread it all across my belly. Then he pulled my knees up, positioned his cock at the entrance of my cunt and slammed into me.
My entire world exploded with pleasure. I clutched at the skin of my tummy as his huge monster rammed into me and filled every inch of my hole. I felt him hit the cervix, and cried out with intense pleasure as he pushed against it again and again. My cunt felt swollen, stretched to its limit, and still I wanted more. Screaming and squirming against his bed, I yelled out, “Oh, please harder sir!”
He continued to smile, but now I noticed his labored breathing, as he quickened his pace, and abused my cunt. Gasping, and clenching my fists, I felt my climax approaching, and knew he was nowhere near his. When that wonderful feeling enveloped me, I cried out, begging him to stop, but he did not listen. Of course not, I hadn’t expected him to. Instead he thrust into me with all his strength time and time again. I had never been with a man who had such amazing stamina. It must have been at least half an hour before he started grunting, and I knew he was close. My muscles clenched involuntarily, pulling him further inside me as he thrust once, twice, three times, harder than he had before. Something wet, and warm shot into my pussy as I moaned beneath his hands. After another exhausted thrust, he pulled his huge cock from between my cunt lips, and threw himself on the bed beside me. I could feel his cum dripping from my hole, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. For the first time, I noticed another man, standing off to the side, stroking his cock. It was not as long as the first man?s but was at least an inch thicker. I wondered how a man could be born with such a huge cock.
I vaguely remembered him entering the room about ten minutes earlier, and made no move to fight him as he climbed between my legs, and thrust his thick, huge head into my throbbing pussy. Unlike the other man, he spoke while he fucked me, muttering things like, “yeah, you dirty slut, oh yeah”. I tried to ignore how much I enjoyed all this, but it was impossible. I felt fluids begin to leak from my cunt again.
But I didn’t get to cum again because he didn’t have near as much stamina as the first man. After only about five minutes, I heard him begin to pant and groan. Instead of filling me with his liquids, he pulled out, and the stuff sprayed into a puddle on my tummy. With a sick smile, he reached up, and spread it all over my stomach and tits. I lay there, trembling, and exhausted by all this. But it was not over.
Before I was allowed to leave, two more men showed themselves. They both came inside me, and I thanked God I was on the pill. Before it had time to ooze out, one of them pulled out a small egg vibrator, turned it on, and shoved it in to hold in their cum. As they taped the controller to the inside of my thigh, I felt myself already starting to shake with the vibrations in my cunt. One of the men, I was so dazed by all the fucking, I didn?t even remember which one, stood me up and buttoned the coat around me. When they fastened the ball gag around my head, I knew it must be time for me to return to Master.
They pushed me out the door, and at least this time, it was darker outside. I couldn?t walk fast because my legs were trembling, and felt like Jell-O. The egg inside my cunt only intensified the feeling. I made my way slowly to Master’s door and rang the bell.
When he answered it, I felt relief, of all things. I knew that, whatever Master may do to me, he would take care of me too. As he pulled me inside, and took the coat off, I allowed myself to relax a little bit. The first thing he did was remove the ball gag. Letting my mouth hang open, I allowed the sore muscles to relax. Then, his gentle fingers untied the breast harness, which I had nearly forgotten, and pulled it off of me. He pulled me to a bathroom, sat me on the toilet, and wiped down my face and chest with a cool washcloth. Then I was returned to the bed, where he did not remove the leather cuff, but tied it to the bedpost. My ankles were once again tied to the footboard. With a deviant smile, he switched off the egg and pulled it from inside me. Immediately, a rush of the men?s cum flooded from my cunt. I saw him smile as he watched it. When it seemed that the worst of it had come out, he pulled a dildo, as thick as the one in my ass, from the drawer on the table. I moaned quietly as he pushed it into my abused pussy. Then he stood and smiled kindly at me.
“You have done well for your first day,” he murmured to me. I felt a blanket being pulled over me. Already I felt my eyelids drooping.
“Master,” I whispered, my voice slurring with sleep, “Are you going to take the dildo out of my ass?”
He shook his head, and responded, “No, slave I will not. It will be removed tomorrow, for some more play. Sleep now. In the morning, we start again.”
With that wonderful prospect on my mind, two dildos shoved deep inside me, and my wrists and ankles tied to the bed, I drifted off to exhausted, satisfied sleep.

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