a slimey surprise


a slimey surpriseStranger: Its about 6 pm on a Tuesday and im driving out of town to this home that a lady I talked over the phone with said she was trying to sell.Stranger: figured id go take a look at it and today seemed like a good dayStranger: ive been driving for about 40 minutes and its starting to get cramped in the car when I see the sign the lady told me to klook for. its a yellow sign with a cowgirl pointing right on it. so I take the next right I see finally pulling up infront of the beautiful country home with a barn in the back and a big front yardStranger: i drive up the driveway and stop next to the other cars and get out stretchingYou: im waiting by the front door when you pull up. i have an hour glass figure which is hugged tight by a formal business suite i have 36 dd breasts and shoulder length blonde hair with green eyes as i watch you walk up the drive wayStranger: im a slim fit young lady about 5’2”. a long straight light brunette with hazelnut eyes and soft skin all around. I am a gymnast and I am flexible. I have 34 D sized breasts. I have thick long thighs that show my ass and crotch beautifully when I where my leotard. I keep a little patch of hair unshaved over my vag in the shape of a small arrow type shape for some flare haha. I am wearing some tightly fitting light blue jeans and a blue tshirt with a brown open over coat on and a matching small cowgirl hat for style back in town-Stranger: -i look ur way as i walk- “hello ma’am!”You: hello miss welcome this is the home i will be showing you today. -i gesture towards the door- come inYou: im wearing a red blazer the splits open right at my braests revealing a tight white blouse. i am also wearing a short red skirt that hugs my thighs together it stops just centimeters after my panties. i have 3 inch high heel stilettos on red like the rest of my outfit with black pantyhouseStranger: -i observe ur tall elegant figure as i pass u and walk inside slowing down and standing by a chair i find-You: ah i see you seem to like it so far. i walk you through the house explaining everything thats happned there- it used to be a farm house and now it has been renovated into a horse riding stable. i believe youll love it here ma’am- we stop inside one of the bedroomsStranger: “these rooms are very large. is it hard to live here alone or do u have many visitors?”You: i dont get many visitors there are a lot of rumors about me…-i sit down on the bedStranger: “rumors?” -i keep standing-You: yes ever since i moved here every time someone goes missing they think its because of me… which is why i want to move so badly….-i begin to sobStranger: “goes missing? why missing?”You: i dont know they think its me. its because shortly after i moved here it started to happen.-i wipe my eyes outStranger: “do you know why?”You: no… which is why i think if i move out theyll know it wasnt me and they may forgive me- i stand up – im canlı bahis sorry you didnt need me to tell you this…Stranger: “hmmm….” -i stand at ur side. ur way taller than me- “its ok. i don’t mind at all”You: really? you believe me?- i stare at you in disbeliefStranger: “i hav no reason to think its ur fault…”You: oh my god thank you!-i hug you tightly- at least i can live knowing that someone believed the truthStranger: -i awkwardly hug u back- “lets continue on the tour”You: -i break away looking a little embarrased- oh of coourse yes i apologize where would you like to go next?Stranger: “maybe outside around the property”Stranger: “u may want to switch shoes tho”You: ok that sounds great! -i walk down the stairs with you behind me and walk out the back doorStranger: -i glance at ur waist swinging in a funky way for a lady like u-You: i turn and catch you watching me-is something wrong ma’am?Stranger: -my eyes dart to ur face- “oh oh…. uh urm no not at all”You: i begin to blush a little-please tell me i want to try and better myself and if theres something youre noticing please tell me ok?-i pleadStranger: “better urself how?”You: like with my posture… some people around town say i look and walk strangely… im not sure what they meanStranger: “just out of what i saw ur hips…. they dnt quite sway along with ur thighs when u walk…”Stranger: “idk how tho”You: oh? hmm that doesnt seem right i may need to go to a doctor then…- i look at my hips nervouslyStranger: “?” -i dnt say anything as u turn back around-You: well ma’am how about we check out the barn?-i call over my shoulder as i turn towards the barnStranger: “ok lets go for it”Stranger: -i follow u-You: -i walk over to the door and crack it open just big enough for us and shut it after we are in.- well what do you think?Stranger: “dark…….”Stranger: “damp too”You: i know dear i know you hear a dripping noise as a light gets turned onYou: * “i know dear i know”Stranger: -where is the light-Stranger: -i look over at you curious of what we are doing in here-You: well dear now what do you think of it?-you look around and there is nothing but hayStranger: “there is a lot of room for sure. and all the hay makes a nice soft bed for the a****ls”You: yes it does my dear-i start laughing and you hear the dripping againStranger: “what is that sound tho? some sort of leak”You: no dear its me…Stranger: “are you umm…. having an accident?”You: no-you turn and all you see is a mass of writhing green slime tentacles and my torso. the dripping noise was the slime dripping off of meYou: -yes- there are numerous tentacles some thin but most thick all are dripping with a green slime which drains back towards me all the tentacles are attached to where my legs used to be but from the waist up i look as i did before except my closeare gone and a green slimy film covers my body. my breasts are covered in slime as tentacles keep bahis siteleri rubbing them. and my mouth is a very attractive shade of red my green eyes lock onto yours mesmorising youStranger: -my eyes shadow green and i almost start at you-You: -my breasts are about as big as watermelons they droop slightly but are still a bit firm-my tentacles begin to caress your body as my eyes entice you to move closerYou: my tentacles begin to wrap around your waist arms and legs. as they pull you ever closer my breasts begin to excrete a warm white liquid that reaches your nose you find the smell irrisistableYou: its a creamy thick liquid that runs down my breasts and flows to the ground the tentacles begin to disrobe youStranger: -im down to my underwear and im so small and innocent. slim and fit yet muscular figure on thighs and stomach-You: i bring yoou level to me and admire your body- my you have such a beautiful body.supple yet firm legs large breasts your perfect.- i bring you inches from my face our breasts touching.You: the tentacles finish taking your clothes off (ok)- my my dear your body IS perfect- the tentacles wrap you up as the begin to caress and massage your breasts and clitoris- youll make the perfect incubatorStranger: -im freaking out in my mind but my body wants the juices so bad so i dnt do anything but let u use me-Stranger: -i moan outloud at ur soft creamy tentacles touch on my lower body-You: one of the tentacles finds your ass and begins to play with it-theres a reason they arent using your mouth my dear. would you like to know why?- the tentacles bring us eye to eyeStranger: -i squik out- “why”You: because- i laugh- how else am i supposed to impregnate you? my milk needs to be drank my dear and while it may burn going down after will be nothing but pleasure-i laugh more as the tentacles enter deep within you using both of our juices as lubrication but it still stretches you out. (our breasts are smoshed together and your not really resisting so theyre holding you up but with your hands mostly at your sides your legs however are spread wide)Stranger: “ahhhh” -natural screams come out of my mouth and pussy as u push ur way inside my warm body-You: oh yes dear i love it when they scream in pleasure and pain at once. it makes it all the more exciting!-your breasts are becoming slick with the green slime and lactation. the feeling makes you just want it more.Stranger: -the sweet slime makes my nipples almost feel like they are secreting a fluid like a transformation-You: i bring your mouth to mine and kiss you passionately. you feel something long and slimey in your throat.Stranger: -i begin to gag on ur mouth.You: i stop kissing you passionatleyYou:- i laugh and kiss you even harder my alien tongue trvels down your throat you begin gaging again.Stranger: -i feel ur tongue in my mouth again and i begin to gag-You: -i reel my tongue back a bit and wrap it around canlı bahis siteleri your tongue forcing it into my mouth.Stranger: -my tongue slips into ur mouth and i begin tasting ur slimy mouth-You: i close my mouth around your tongue and release it but keep sucking on itStranger: -i about start to choke again and gag a bitYou: i suck a little harder trying to choke you a bit more. my hands grope the side of your breasts leaving slime on them as they go. the tentacles begin pumping into you even faster.Stranger: -my body throbs from my toes upYou: i look into your eyes and draw my mouth close again. this time it is a normal passionate kiss thee tentacles calm a little bit.- are you ready dear?-i ask still massaging your breastsStranger: “yes”You:”ok dear here we go”- the tentacles drag you down to my breasts and push your face against them. they are firm yet soft and squishy at the same time. the smell is impossible to resist you look at them and they are lactating more than everStranger: -i stare into them-Stranger: -i pick one boob and my mouth gapes open to grope the nipple firmly hard as it can-You: oh my you are eager arent you?-i cradle you head with my hands the tentacles picking up tempo again the slime begins to ooze out of your pussy and ass. the white substance going down seems to burn your throat but to also intensify the pleasure you feel from the tentacles. the smell becomes overwhelmingStranger: -im forced to keep drinking-Stranger: -i drink so much my stomach begins to swell-You: the tentacles begin to produce the same substance you begin to be filled with it the burning sensation turns to sweet pleasure and it begins to taste sweet. your stomach extends to near double in sizeStranger: -i look 7 months prego-Stranger: -drinking from ur tit-You: oh my dear i knew you would be perfect for incubating my offspring i may keep you. and yet so beautiful-the tentacles begin to pump faster and the lactation from my breasts increase as i begin to moanStranger: -yes keep going!-You:the tentacles begin to pump in and out of you so hard you are pressed against my breasts. you can just barley breathe but the taste of the milk is too much. the tentacles that were free wrap around your brests and massage your nipples steadily squeezing and releasing your breasts. my milk flows even harder it begins to get thicker. i begin to moan from pleasure my tongue leaves my mouth and joins the tentacles at your breasts i lick them and wrap my tongue around them pulling tight.You:the tentacles begin to convulse tightening around your body and spasming the tentacles inside you burst out their remaining juices which spray out of your ass and pussy my brests release gobs and gobs off milk till youre choking on them before it finally calms down. i remove you from my breast and look into your eyes. -well my dear you were wonderful. i think i will keep you here with me. that should throw the humans off right?- i ask knowing you would agree. i begin to passionatley kiss you as the tentacles begin to transform back into my old shapley female legs. i lay you in the hay and lay next to you kissing you and licking off the remaining milk.

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