A Small Caravan


A Small CaravanMy parents broke up during my first year of university. I think without me there, they just didn’t have anything in common anymore.Before that, every summer my parents would save coupons from newspapers and go on the cheap holidays they offered, as it was all we could afford.On the phone with my mother one night, she lamented that we wouldn’t be going on our little holidays any more. She sounded so sad and lonely, it was painful, I just wanted to cheer her up.”Why don’t just me and you go?” I suggested.”Really?” she asked, seeming to brighten up.”Sure! I have some time off coming up in a month or so, get saving the coupons and we’ll go away, just the two of us.”I was actually excited about the idea myself.I had always been very close to my mother. My dad had always been a manly-man type who liked football and beer and never understood his sensitive son who preferred reading books and playing geeky games with his friends. Me and my mother liked all the same movies and played some of those geeky games together. She was a teaching assistant at the local primary school and was very artistic and sensitive herself.After that conversation, the holiday was all we talked about. A few weeks later when we had both bought enough newspapers to get all the coupons, we discussed our options.We didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend, and the best options we could afford were in a holiday park, with either three nights in a large static caravan with a bedroom each, or six nights in a small caravan with only a double bed.”Shall I book the static caravan then?” my mother suggested. “I think we should go for the smaller one myself, we get a whole week then.” I offered. “I doubt there’s a sofa to sleep on, and the floor space will be tiny?” my mother said, confused. “I mean we’ll just have to share the bed silly.” I said. “You’d want to share a bed together?” she asked, a little shocked. “Don’t you want to?” I asked. “Sure, I wanted to suggest it, I just assumed you’d find it weird!” she said, sounding happy.So my mother booked the holiday, and we got planning.It was strange, I did really miss my mother while I was living in the halls at my university, and whenever I thought about sharing a bed with her, I got a raging hard on, and my heart would start pounding. I’d always been kind of flirty with my mother, as she was exactly the kind of woman I found attractive.Dark chestnut hair that fell below her shoulders, blue eyes almost too big for her face, thick swollen lips and perky cheekbones on a thick, chubby body with a broad backside and full, 38F breasts.That night as I masturbated I kept imagining my mother. I tried to push her out but I couldn’t, and I climaxed whilst picturing my mother in one of the silk nighties she used to wear during our movie nights. It felt really strange but it was one of the best masturbation sessions I’d ever had.A couple of days later, while in the university library I got a text message from my mother.”Eep! I don’t know which swimming costume to get!”Without thinking I replied “Take pics in the mirror, I’ll help pick.” I panicked when I realised I had sent it. Worried I had freaked her out, my panic soon faded when I recieved a photo of my mother, holding her phone up to the full length mirror in the changing cubicle. My mother was wearing a dark purple tankini, her full breasts swelling beneath the tight material and the thick thighs bare. My heart just about burst. I had always had a thing for swimsuits, they are just as, if not more sexy than lingerie.Barely managing to keep my trembling fingers still enough to type, I replied “Very nice! Maybe you want to wear something a bit more revealing, though, turn some heads ;)”. I was certain I had overstepped the boundary here, but I couldn’t help myself.Trying to control my rapid breathing, an eternity later, I got another picture.”You mean like this? ;)” she had written, with a picture of her in a tiny yellow bikini, obviously too small for her. She was a size 22 in UK sizing, and she was clearly wearing a 16 or an 18. Her large breasts were spilling out, and the bottoms were tiny, like porn stars wear, with a tiny triangle covering her pubic hair.”That was a joke by the way :p” she added beneath the picture.I quickly replied back “Much better! Get that one! I’d definitely want to shag you if I saw you in that by the pool ;)” I was certain I had gone too far, but that I could just add “If I was some random guy” if she got weirded out.She replied back “Would you now? You’re making your mother blush young man! I’d better go easy on the wine while we’re there then, I’m an easy drunk ;)”Wow. That was too much for me. I collected my books, went straight back to my room and masturbated furiously while looking at the pictures my mother had sent me. “What am I doing masturbating over my mother?” I asked myself. Was she reciprocating? Was she flirting back? We had always been very intimate, affectionate and close, I couldn’t tell if she was just being my mother.Later, I got a text. “Thank for helping me choose, I got the purple tankini and the yellow bikini, as per your suggestion :p””Any time! Pity I already have some swimshorts. I could always send you a pic of me in some tiny speedos if you wanted ;)” I replied.”Don’t tease your mother, I haven’t seen a 19 year-old man half naked since before you were born!” she replied.The following week, my mother picked me up from my halls in her little hatchback and we set off on our holiday.I gave her a big cuddle and kissed her cheek as I got into the car.She was wearing a low cut strappy top and shorts, with sunglasses on as there was currently a heatwave going on.It dawned on me I would be sharing a bed with this woman for six nights, I didn’t know how the hell I was going to cope.We chatted excitedly all the way, an eventually she said “I just want you to know that even though you’re with me, don’t let me stop you if you meet some k**s your own age. Just no bringing girls back to the caravan.” she said all this sounding a little sad.”Don’t be daft, I’m on holiday with you, we’re going to have a great time! I’m worried you’ll meet some bloke and I’ll have to sit alone in the caravan while you’re off somewhere else.”My mother scoffed. “Don’t worry, that won’t happen.”I shrugged. “Well, any fella seeing you in your purple swimsuit is gonna have other ideas!”She laughed. “Well, let’s make a pact not to leave each other then, hm?” she suggested.”Deal.” canlı bahis I agreed. “Unless you feel cheeky?” I suggested, feeling the roots of trepidation at was I wanted to suggest.”Oh yes?” she asked.”What if we pretended I was your toyboy?” I suggested. My mother burst out laughing. “Are you serious?””Sure! We’re going somewhere no-one knows us, it’ll put other people off trying it on so we won’t be tempted, and it’ll be funny winding people up. I want to give you an ego boost after the divorce, and other women seeing you with a guy half your age while they are all there with their beer-bellied old farts will make them really jealous.”My mother grinned. “Deal.”The caravan was tiny. The left was a lounge area with opposing seating with a collapsible table in the middle which folded away to turn the seating into the bed, which was evidently not a double, more like a one and a half. The right had a small cooking area and a closet with a chemical toilet in it.Despite the size, I liked the idea that me and my mother would always be so close to each other, though the bed would certainly have us squeezed together, which excited me in a way I knew shouldn’t.We unpacked our stuff and packed them away in the various cubbies and discussed what to do next.”After that drive, I’m ready to hit the pool” my mother suggested, mopping her brow.”Sounds good to me” I agreed.”Last chance to back out of our deal” my mother said. “You can’t go changing your mind when you see all those 18 year old girls at the pool in their bikinis.”I laughed. “I told you, I’m here with you, I’m not going to throw away a fun time with my mother that I rarely getto see any more just because some girl catches my eye. Anyway, I can’t stand teenage girls, I prefer them a bit more mature.””Just as well then, because I’m very mature.” my mother teased. I shrugged.”Exactly the way I like ’em. Come on, enough gassing, take your new toy boyfriend to the pool so he can show you off.”My mother laughed. “I’ll be doing plenty of my own showing off too.”We wrapped our swimming costumes up in our towels. I was disappointed to see the purple tankini.”Hey, where’s the yellow bikini?” I demanded playfully.”I’m not wearing that in a public pool!” she said. “I got that for sunbathing, where I won’t be jiggling around and popping out everywhere.”Now that was a mental image.”Pity, I was looking forward to putting you back in when you popped out. I am your boyfriend now after all.” I said, hoping it came across as cheeky and that my nerves didn’t betray my voice.She raised her eyebrow. “Well, I suppose that’s what boyfriends do, we want to be convincing after all.” she said.When we got to the pool, the changing cubicles were unisex. We agreed a couple would share one, not take one each, so we found a double cubicle and entered, sliding the bolt to lock us in.I couldn’t stop myself watching my mother undressing. I tried to do it discretely but women know when they are being watched, there’s nothing you can do about it. Plus I was so distracted I was fumbling dumbly with my own clothing.She took off her strappy top to reveal a white strapless bra, her huge breasts spilling over the top. She slid off her shorts showing me a matching pair of white panties, her broad backside round and perfect.It was at this point she turned to me.”Well, aren’t you all grown up.” she said.I was confused for a second before I looked down and realised I had undressed to my boxers and I had a full erection straining to escape them. I flushed bright red and instinctively moved my hand to cover it. She laughed and said “Relax, I know boys your age, you get hard over a shapely table leg.”I smiled. “I suppose the little guy just reacts to any gorgeous woman, no matter who she is.” I said.”I still have another layer of clothing to go, do I need to fear for my eyes?” she joked. “Maybe you should turn sideways when you take your boxers off, don’t want you prodding my eyes out.”She remained looking into my eyes as she unclipped her bra and slid it down over her arms, revealing her huge 38F breasts. She must have heard me gasp. “Your fat old mother really that nice to look at?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips, the action pushing her chest out, her breasts swaying slightly.”I won’t lie” I said “If we were the couple we’re pretending to be, there would be some very mischievous goings-on in this cubicle right now.””What a shame. I haven’t had any mischief in a long time.” she said.I smiled and slid off my boxers, my 7 inch thick erection springing up as the waistband went over it. It was my mother’s turn to gasp. “To think, if you weren’t my son we’d have very satisfied expressions on our faces when we finally got into that pool.”She slid off her panties. How I didn’t shoot my load there and then I don’t know. After hearing her say that then drop her panties, exposing her broad hips and triangle of dark fluff, I could feel my erection twitching, my balls pulsing. A tiny drop of precum glistened as it oozed out of the end. We just kind of stood staring at each other for a while.Had being apart for months at a time really done this to us? Made us see each other as individuals, not family? Or did we have separation anxiety, where upon reuniting our feelings are distorted and amplified into sexual tension?”Can I hug you?” I asked.”You want to hug me? Like this” she asked, looking down at her naked body.I nodded. “I’ve missed you so much and I just realised we haven’t had a proper hug yet.”She smiled. “You’re right, we haven’t.”She opened her arms and stepped forward. “Just… be careful with that.” she added, nodding downwards at my erection.I stepped into her arms and wrapped mine around her, squeezing her naked body against mine. Her breasts squashed against my chest and she wrapped her arms round my shoulders. It felt amazing. I felt some of the tension dissolve, but my erection still strained between us, hanging in the air as I kept my hips away from hers. She surprised me by lowering her arms to my lower back and pulling my hips against hers. “It’s okay, you can hug me properly, we shouldn’t feel awkward just cos your mother’s fat old body gave you a hard-on.”My erection nestled into her pubic hair, and a raging heat was burning down there.We stood in that embrace for a long time, stroking each other’s backs, squeezing each other. Her breasts were driving me crazy, and my erection was twitching wildly as it was squeezed bahis siteleri between us.I could feel something. It was almost imperceptible, but her hips could have been moving.We eventually released the hug and put on our swimwear.We swam together and playfought in the pool, and I’m certain people believed we were a couple. We certainly acted like it.Hours later, we returned to the caravan, heated up some beans and toasted some bread and had our dinner watching a DVD on the portable DVD player we had brought.As evening drew on, we decided to head out to the campsite club to see what nightlife there was. Neither me or my mother were nightlife people but on holiday we liked a drink and a dance.We found a table and I ordered us a couple of drinks, showing my driving licence to the barmaid to prove I was old enough.We chatted at our table as the night went on, and every now and then a song would come on that we would get up and dance to. We were certainly getting looks from other people, most of whom were older couples or families with c***dren in their early teens. forty and fifty-something women were indeed giving my mother jealous glances, and girls my own age were looking at us with evident “What’s he doing with her?” expressions on their faces.We loved it, and muttered in each other’s ear’s whenever we saw someone looking, and to others it probably looked like we were discussing what we were going to do to each other once we got back to our caravan.I wished we were.The night wound down, and the DJ put on the obligatory slowdance. We were sat at our table when it began and we looked at each other.”Come on, let’s not disappoint our audience.” I joked and stood, holding out my hand for her to take.She smiled and took it, and I led her onto the dance floor where we embraced each other, pressed our hips against one another’s and swayed to the soppy love song, gazing into each other’s eyes.Into the first chorus I trailed my hands down her back and rested them on her backside, squeezing gently. She grinned and bit her lip, though I don’t know if she was genuinely enjoying it or was maintaining the act.I left my hands there the whole song, massaging her gorgeous ass cheeks, until finally, the last chorus began to close and all the couples on the dance floor began kissing.We saw them all and looked at each other. I wasn’t sure if my mother wanted to maintain the illusion this far, but to my surprise she leant forward and whispered in my ear “We’ve come this far…” and looked into my eyes.We leant in simultaneously, tilting our heads, closing our eyes and opening our mouths.They found each other.I had kissed my mother plenty of times, but this wasn’t an affectionate peck. This was a kiss.It felt more natural that it had any right to, and we both sighed as the kiss deepened and we melted into each other, the kiss drowning out everything around us. We were no longer dancing, just standing in the middle of the dance floor, me devouring each other’s mouths until we realised the song had ended and everyone was leaving the dance floor. We smiled bashfully at each other and I took her hand.”Come on, it’s bed time.” I said.We strolled through the park leisurely, hand in hand, not talking. We didn’t need to.When we got back to the caravan, we stripped down to our underwear, and climbed into the not-quite-double bed, still remaining silent. We had intended to use separate covers, but we both got under hers. She slid in first and turned to face me as I slid in beside her.”It’s too warm for pyjamas, is that okay?” she asked me.I nodded and nestled up against her. “Not too warm to snuggle are you?” I asked.”Never” she smiled.I slid my arm under her head which she rested upon and she surprised me by hooking her leg over mine. Her breasts squashed up against my chest through her bra. She shifted restlessly then unhooked her bra, sighing as the tight garment released its grip on her, though the cups stayed in place.”It’s scratchy.” I muttered, and she lifted slightly, and I took hold of the fabric between the cups and pulled her bra off, sliding it off her arms and tossing it on the floor. When we nestled back together her bare breasts pressed against my chest.We kept inching our heads closer together until finally our mouths were nearly touching.She parted her lips in invitation and I kissed her again. She froze in brief self-awareness then sank into the kiss.We kissed for an eternity, caressing each other’s backs, and our hips instinctively pushed together, and began grinding.She eventually released the kiss and whispered “This is crazy.”We looked into each other’s eyes. I swallowed hard and whispered. “Perhaps we should keep behaving like a couple, even when we are alone.”She fixed me a hard stare and pushed me away. Before I had chance to try make an excuse or feel hurt, she reached down and slid her panties off, tossing them onto the floor. I slid my own boxers off with trembling hands and we nervously shifted back together, my unbridled erection pressing against her thigh.We were both trembling, and her breathing grew as erratic as mine, though we continued kissing and caressing each other.I slid my hand around her body and cupped her breast in my hand, kneading gently. She moaned into my mouth and began grinding her hips against mine.I found her nipple and rolled it between my fingers, making her gasp with intermittent pinches.I felt her trying to shift, pulling against me. I couldn’t believe this was happening.Without releasing our kiss, I rolled on top of her and her legs fell open, her thick thighs either side of mine.The heat from her was almost unbearable, and my straining erection twitched against her thigh. I pushed my hips forward, and felt the tip of my erection prod the flesh beside her vagina. She moaned nervously and neither of us dared release the kiss. Had we opened our eyes at that moment we both knew we would lose our nerve and stop.I steered the head of my erection toward the heat, thinking over and over this is it.The head of my erection found her hole. It was dripping wet, and burning with passion. I shook as I pushed, feeling her vagina envelop the head of my erection. She gripped me tightly and whimpered, and I slowly sank the entire length of my erection into my mother’s willing vagina. Her fleshy tunnel pulsed and quivered around my length, massaging my erection in a way I had never felt before.We then released our kiss and opened güvenilir bahis our eyes, our stare meeting and we gazed, wide-eyed at each other, both in utter disbelief that this was happening, that I was balls-deep inside my own mother.It was too much. My entire body quivered uncontrollably and I felt my balls tense up. She felt my orgasm begin and she gripped me tightly, parting her legs wider to give me greater depth, gazing into my eyes as my hips instinctively jerked forwards and I climaxed, my balls tightening forcing a welt of my semen deep inside my mother. I gripped her shoulders and jerked my hips as wave after wave of ecstacy rocked my body and my semen flooded my mothers vagina, the walls gripping and massaging my swollen erection, teasing out every welt of burning semen.When my orgasm finally subsided, I lifted my head and gazed into my mother’s eyes. She gazed back, stroking my hair tenderly.”I came inside you…” I muttered.She smiled lovingly. “I didn’t really expect I’d be needing condoms for a holiday with my son.” she said warmly”Are you not on the pill or anything?” I asked, somewhat panicked. She shook her head. “It’s been a long time since I’ve needed to.” she replied.”What if I’ve got you pregnant?” I asked. She shook her head.”There’s a town a couple of miles from the site, I’m sure there’ll be a chemist I can get the morning after pill from.” she assured me.”Should we get some condoms?” I suggested. She looked at me. “I don’t know if we should do this again…” she muttered. “You’re my son. No matter how much we pretend to be a couple, we know we are mother and son, and we just had sex.””Didn’t you want to do it?” I asked.”It doesn’t matter what I wanted, my emotions made me take things too far. I miss you so much while you’re away and we over compensated.” she said. “I’m your mother, I shouldn’t have let things go this far.”I kissed her, and she resisted slightly. My quickly-recovering erection began probing at her vagina again. She broke off the kiss and whimpered “we can’t, it’s not right, I want to so badly but you’re my son.”I found her entrance and once again sank my erection into her. She moaned and tensed up, gripping me tightly and her legs writhing on the bed. I threw the cover off us so I could look at our naked bodies as we made love again.Her resistance ceased and we began writhing together. Me lunging my hips, sinking my erection into my mother over and over, and her bucking underneath me, her huge breasts bouncing beneath me. She began moaning not with the love of before, but with lust. It was lower and sluttier, and her hands pawed at my body. My first orgasm over, I knew I would have the stamina to fuck my mother properly this time, before I unloaded my balls inside her again.We knew the caravan must have been rocking like a broken washing machine, but we didn’t care.We were lost to everything but each other as we lunged at each other, our hips pounding together, my mouth alternating between her breasts and her mouth. I felt her tense beneath me and she squealed “You’re making me cum!” before her mouth fell open in a soundless scream and she jerked beneath me like an electric current was surging through her.”Cum with me, cum inside me again!” she moaned, and I pinned her to the bed and thrust furiously, clapping against her hips in a way that must have hurt her, but I found my limit and latched my mouth onto hers as again my balls emptied, throwing even more of my young semen up into my mother’s still-fertile womb. Her legs locked around mine this time, holding me in place with a strength I never knew was in her, and her vagina squeezed and milked my cock furiously, pulling every drop of my cum out of my length and into her waiting cervix.Our orgasms subsided and we breathlessly kissed, our tongues finally coming into play and they wrestled sloppily as our sweaty bodies swelled and deflated with laboured respiration.”Fuck me that was so good.” my mother gasped. I nodded in agreement, frustrated that my cock was slackening. I felt it slip out of my mother with a squelching noise and a glob of my sperm leaked out after it.”Fuck it, you’re my toyboy for this holiday.” my mother said. “And I may have to come visit you at your halls whenever I’m missing you.” she said.I grinned. “As long as we can keep it quiet there, they all know you’re my mother, if you start begging me to cum inside you again, we’ll be getting some very strange looks.”My mother laughed. She was so beautiful.”I’ve never had a serious girlfriend because I’ve been waiting for a woman like you.” I said. I had felt that for a long time, and I felt that now was the time to tell her.She smiled up at me. “I wanted you to fuck me in the pool cubicle today” she declared. “I nearly shot cum all over your belly when we had that hug.” I admitted. She giggled. “What a waste that would have been!””So shall we get some condoms tomorrow?” I asked. My mother shook her head.”I want you inside me. I want to feel your cum pumping into me whenever you finish, and I want to walk around knowing my son’s swimmers are inside my body.I felt my most complete when I was pregnant with you, and feeling you inside me again, it makes me feel as complete as I did then.”I grinned. I hated using condoms, and the thought that my mother had my cum inside her was too exciting to give up.We fell asleep cuddling, kissing and whispering like lovers, before waking up halfway through the night and making love again.We spent most of the morning having sex again before we finally made our way to the pool. I was back inside my mother within seconds of locking the cubicle, and my mother struggled to stay quiet as I pounded her against the cubicle door.Our antics became infamous in that campsite, as my mother’s moans and the rocking of the caravan were evident to anyone who came within a stone’s throw of it.We even snuck around the back of the club a couple of nights for a quickie, and were almost discovered by staff. The slow dances were so sexy, knowing my mother had my cum leaking out of her vagina as we danced, and that night I would be shooting more up inside her as soon as we got back into the caravan.When the holiday ended, my mother came to my room for few hours before she left for home. I struggled to keep her quiet but I managed to fill her twice before she left.It was painful when we separated, but she had work the next day. We see each other most weekends and spend all week texting and sending each other pictures and having phone sex. It’ll be the summer vacation soon, and I know exactly where I’ll be spending it. I just hope our neigbours don’t hear my mother begging me to fill her with my cum.

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