A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 11


Kristi stretched out on the bow of the boat and took in the fresh air that surrounded her. The gentle movement of the waves rocked the boat and caused her to doze off in the warm sun. She could hear the laughter of Darlene and Tim as they swam and played off the stern. She smiled and thought just how great this summer had been.

The boat belonged to Tim’s friend Jeff’s family and they were allowing Tim to use it today. It was Jeff’s dad who helped Tim get his boating license and had allowed him to pilot this boat before. It was a Sea Ray Sundance that had a place to cook and could sleep 4. Kristi didn’t know much about boats but really like this one. It was her first time on it and thought she could get used to it. Tim drove it well and seemed to know his way around the lake. He found a nice secluded cove and dropped anchor there. Since it was mid-week, there wasn’t much activity on the lake so it was quiet where they were. Quiet and relaxing.

Things were really going well for Kristi in all parts of her life, personal and professional. Just the beginning of this week she was called into the Vice President’s office for a meeting. She was nervous, not knowing what to expect, as she never had been to his office before. They always met with others in the conference room. Amy told her not to worry but she couldn’t help it. She spent extra time getting ready that morning, just trying to look her best. She wore a plain but stylish blue dress. It was understated but flattering to her figure.

She was right on time and walked into Mr. Robinson’s office. He was older than Kristi, about mid 50’s and though graying had a nice head of hair. He stood about 6 feet tall and looked to take care of himself. He smiled at Kristi and immediately put her at ease.

“Let’s sit over here,” he said and he directed her to the two comfortable chairs by the window.

Kristi followed. “Yes, sir.”

“Please, call me Bill,” he said quickly. As they sat, he began. “Look, I’ll get right to the point. Myself and the people above me have been very impressed with you.”

“Well, thank you.” Kristi replied. She blushed a little.

“Yes, you have come a long way in this company. Your work and presentations to the Board have been top notch. You run a tough but fair department which has had some great results.”

Kristi spoke up, “I have some very good people, you know, working in the department.”

Bill waved his hand. “I know that but there is more than just having good people. Its good leadership, confidence in one’s self. We think you have it. People seem to pay attention to you and respect you. It is very refreshing.”

Kristi wasn’t sure where this was going. It sounded good but.

“I’ll get right to the point,” Bill continued. “We want to promote you to director of Research and Development. It will mean more responsibility, more people under you and possible travel. It also means a bigger office and more money. What do you think?”

“I don’t know, sir,” she answered nervously, “There are plenty of people who know a lot more about research than I do. Some really good people.”

Bill leaned forward. “We know that but this isn’t why we are offering this to you. It is those other skills you possess. You’re smart, hard working and we feel right for this.” He leaned back. “Look, think it over. Take some time off and get back to me by, say, Monday. Okay?”

They both stood up. “I will,” she said, “I’ll think it over and thank you.”

Bill smiled at her. “Please do and I really did mean what I said.”

Darlene and Tim were laughing and splashing each other as they swam near the stern. The water was a bit cool but refreshing none the less. Of course both were naked. Why not? Even if someone were around who would know? Besides it felt so good. It was like a release, a bit of freedom from every day plus it felt naughty. That’s the way Darlene felt right now.

She swam over to Tim with a glint in her eye. “What’s this I’ve heard about shrinkage?” She reached down and grabbed his cock. It was limp and a little smaller than usual. “Maybe this will help.” She wrapped her legs around his waist and holding on to his shoulders began to rub her pussy against his cock.

Tim’s cock began to respond and grow stiff. Darlene slid her pussy along it until the tip lined up with her opening. She slowly moved up and down, capturing his cock with her pussy. As it grew it entered deeper into her. She loved how it felt. It spread her lips and then filled her up. She looked him in the face. “I love the feel of your big cock in my pussy,” she said and kissed him.

The kiss had the desired effect on Tim. His cock grew to it full length inside Darlene.

“Yes, baby,” she moaned.

With that she grabbed his elbows with her hands and leaned back. By doing this it changed how much of Tim’s cock stayed in her. It also changed how it felt. She leaned forward and again the feeling changed. Darlene knew she couldn’t get off this way but she didn’t care. It felt good bursa escort and was fun. She wrapped her legs from his waist and spread her legs wide. Tim held her arms tight. Since the water made her feel weightless, she seemed to be floated suspended on his cock. Back and forth she rock, in total bliss from the feeling.

“Hey kids, whatcha doing?” Kristi shouted from the back of the boat.

“Oh hi mom. Just enjoying the water,” Tim yelled back.

“Yeah, Mrs. C, come on in.”

Kristi stood on the diving platform and looked at the water. It looked cold.

“Hey mom,” Tim yelled, “Aren’t you overdressed?”

Kristi had been lying on the desk topless, wearing only her thong. She was all for going naked in her backyard but something still left over from her past balked at it in public. Yes this really wasn’t public being on a boat in a secluded cove on a quiet lake but someone could boat by. She laughed at herself. All she has done this summer and now she is feeling shy.

“Mrs. C, don’t be shy,” Darlene shouted, “Come on!”

Kristi looked around nervously as she removed her thong. Standing on the platform, she tossed it on the deck. With one last look, she dove in. The water was colder than she expected and when she broke the surface, all she could say was “Wow!”

She swam over to the two. She loved the feel of the water on her naked body. It helped remove any nervousness she had about being naked in public. She approached Darlene from behind and put her hands around her cupping her breasts. The water had made Darlene’s nipples firm and erect or that’s what Kristi thought. Kristi then wrapped her legs around Darlene’s waist and tightened them. It was only after Darlene moaned that Kristi realized what was going on. “So, just enjoying the water?” Kristi leaned over Darlene’s shoulder and as Tim did the same, they kissed.

Darlene was now struck between the two and she was wrong. She could feel the sensations building and she was going to cum doing this. Kristi and Tim has developed a smooth rhythm between them and Kristi’s pushing from behind and Tim’s thrusting was moving his big cock in and out of her pussy. They broke their kiss and now Kristi was nibbling on Darlene’s ear while pinching her nipples.

This felt so different, so new and so totally great. Darlene felt weightless, supported by Kristi’s legs and Tim’s cock. “Oh baby, I’m goin’ cum,” she moaned and when she did, it was smooth, almost soft. She easily rode it to its conclusion.

Kristi and Tim stopped their movements after Darlene came. Tim grinned at his mom. “We make a pretty team, mom. Don’t we, Darlene?”

Darlene twisted her body so she could put her arms on the two. “I should say so. Let’s get out so we can continue.”

Kristi floated away on her back. “No, you two go ahead. I think I want to just float around for a few minutes.”

She watched Darlene and Tim climb into the boat and disappear. She noticed Tim was sporting a huge hard-on so she was pretty sure what they would be doing. “Good for them,” she thought as she continued to float on her back. It was so relaxing and she closed her eyes.

Kristi heard the sound of a motor approaching and she didn’t care. “It doesn’t matter if they see me naked,” she thought. “I want to do this and I can.” The boat was obviously closer but not slowing down. As it past she heard a shout come from it. She lazily raised her hand and waved as the boat continued on.

She swam over to their boat and climbed aboard. She wasn’t surprised as what she saw. Tim was seated, Darlene was kneeing front of him, her mouth on his cock and her head bobbing up and down. Kristi knelt down next to her and began to massage Tim’s balls in her hand. Darlene moved a little and Kristi put her mouth on Tim’s cock. The two mouths slid along his erection as if playing a flute. Their tongues touched as they licked the underside along its length. As they reached the tip, their tongues meet again. Darlene put the tip in her mouth as Kristi moved down towards his balls.

Kristi felt Darlene’s hand between her legs, searching for her clit. She shifted her knees and groaned around Tim’s cock when she found it. Darlene’s mouth had left the tip and was moving along Tim’s cock. Kristi moved to his head and took into her mouth. He was big but she took it all in. Tim began to rock his hips as she sucked him. She tried to keep sucking it but Darlene’s fingers were strumming harder on her clit. She moaned around the cock in her mouth.

Darlene had stopped licking Tim’s cock and had her hand wrapped tightly around it, pumping it rapidly. Her fingers on Kristi’s clit moved faster. “That’s it, baby, cum in your mommy’s mouth. Fill it up!”

Tim put his hand on his mother’s head and held it there. He grunted as he spurted into her mouth. “Oh fuck!”

When his hot cum hit the back of Kristi’s mouth, she came on Darlene’s hand. She tried to swallow Tim’s cum but there was too much. It ran out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her breasts. Finally bursa escort bayan she took her mouth off his cock and murmured, “Oh God, fuck!”

Before she could say another word, Darlene kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into Kristi’s mouth. She tasted Tim’s cum and swirled her tongue around to get what she could. Then she removed her tongue from Kristi’s mouth and licked the cum off her chin.

Kristi closed her eyes and shook her head, clearing the cobwebs.

“You ok, mom?” Tim asked.

She looked at both of them and smiled. “Never felt better.”

Kristi looked up and did a double take. “Wow, I almost didn’t recognize you. You look, look great.”

“Why, thank you,” Susan said sitting down, “and I feel great too. Thanks to you.” She reached out and stroked Kristi’s arm.

Susan certainly had changed. She cut her hair and put some highlights in it. She was wearing some make-up and it was just the right color and amount. Her lipstick matched her nail color. Even her walk showed a new Susan.

“What did I do?” Kristi asked.

“I think you know very well.” Susan smiled as she sipped her wine cooler. “You rocked my world and it made me look at it and me very differently. I’m a new person, inside and out.” She lifted the hem of her sundress up past her thigh. “Victoria Secret.”

Darlene had told Kristi that her mother had changed but she had to see it to believe it. It was a whole new woman seated next to her.

The two decided to meet for lunch and Kristi picked out her favorite restaurant on the harbor. Even though it was busy at lunch she always found a table. It was a place that was public but still quiet enough to talk. Besides the view and food were outstanding.

The conversation covered a lot of topics, Darlene and Tim, work, etc when Susan asked, “Don’t be offended but where is Mr. Clark?”

“He’s long gone. He was a big college football man and I was a naïve high schooler. We married right after he graduated and I got pregnant right away with Tim. He thought he’d play pro ball but he blew out his knee and he was done. Two years later he left me for a college grad his own age and that was it. He hasn’t seen Tim or I since then.” Kristi took a sip of her wine.

“So you were a virgin when you got married?” Susan looked around before she asked.

“Not exactly, if you know what I mean,” Kristi smile, “but he was my first.”

Susan looked down at her plate. “Me too. My husband’s been my only one. So you have had others?”

“Not that many. There have been a few but it was hard being a single mom, going to college and working.”

“Are you a lesbian?” Susan whispered.

Kristi laughed. “Why do you asked?”

“Because, you know, you were so good!”

“Really,” Kristi giggled, ” What’s that make you? You were pretty good yourself.”

At that Susan blushed then laughed. “Ok, you got me there.”

Kristi continued, “I guess I’m bi. I like women but I enjoy a stiff one once and a while.”

The girls laughed and Susan continued to ask questions. She was very curious and asked if Kristi ever had a threesome with two men, or two women, anal sex, etc. Her final question made Kristi think. “My husband hasn’t touch me in over 4 months. We sleep in separate rooms. I don’t love him any more so I asked him to leave. Guess what? He did. He left Wednesday.”

Kristi reached out and put her hands on Susan’s. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Susan said, “It should have been done long ago. I needed you to kick me in the butt. My question is how do find a man? I want a man to, you know. How do I find one?”

Kristi rocked back and thought. “Well you need to be careful. It just can’t be a pick-up. Anybody in particular that you know? Can’t just fuck the lawn boy.”

Susan replied. “I know that but I’ve been out of the game so long. Perhaps you could me?”

“Hey once we find you one maybe we can find one for me!” They raised the glasses. “To us!”

Susan sat on her bed and thought about the day she had just had, a day shopping and lunch with Kristi. Eating, drinking, shopping the day was fun. Conversation seemed to flow naturally. They sat by the edge of the water with their dresses pulled up to the top of their thighs, so they got some sun to their legs. “I bet people could see our pretty panties,” she thought with a smile. She had been in a state of arousal for most of the day. She wasn’t sure if it was being with Kristi and memories of that time in the pool or their conversation. She loved the way Kristi was so open about it and willing to talk. Susan realized that she had missed a lot and it was time to move on. A time to live.

Susan had decided that it was time that she find a man. More to her thinking was a young man who she could have fun with. Nothing serious. Kristi and she talked about this at length during the day and Susan had decided she was going to do it. The only problem was who. Like Kristi said you just can be going around fucking the anyone like the lawn boy.

Susan escort bursa knew she needed to masturbate, to get rid of the sexual tension that had built up inside her during the day. She also knew that it needed to be a quality masturbation session, rather that a quick fumble inside her pants. She hadn’t done it in a while before she met Kristi. Now she had a couple of times since always having different fantasies

She stripped off her clothes and headed for the shower. She walked along the hallway naked. She entered the bathroom, turned on the shower and waited for the water to get to the right temperature. While she waited, she looked at herself in the mirror. She studied her breasts first, noticing how erect her nipples were and then her eyes drifted down to her pussy. Her clit and lips were already swollen. They protruded from between pussy hairs and glistening with her juices, that had been flowing for most of the day.

Susan stepped into the shower and rubbed soap all over her body concentrating on making sure she got between her butt and thighs. She was very careful to avoid touching her clit, as she didn’t want to cum just yet. She stepped out of the shower, dried, threw the towel over her shoulder and headed for her bedroom.

She closed her bedroom door behind her and removed her towel. She took a bottle of body lotion from her dressing table, poured some into her hand and began to apply it to her body. She started with her stomach, and then worked up to her breasts. She lingered on her breasts for a minute or two, rubbing the lotion on them. She pulled and pinched her hard nipples sending a tingle straight to her pussy before moving down to her legs. She sat on the bed and put some lotion on the top of her thighs and then began rubbing it in, going from her upper leg to her lower leg and then back again. As she rubbed lotion into the top of her thigh she brushed against her pussy, noticing how wet she was.

Susan had planned, in her mind, a lengthy masturbation session so she didn’t bother with her pajamas. She started sleeping naked and loved the feel of the cool sheets on her body. She turned off the light, plunging the room into darkness. She knew however, that to heighten her senses she needed to close her eyes and relax.

Once in her own little world, her touch and hearing were at their most acute.

She started by fondling her breasts and pulling gently on her nipples. She then moved her right hand onto her belly, while still leaving her left han d to massage her breasts. Her belly felt soft and sensitive to her touch. Eventually she

stroked down passing over her belly button and touching the top of her pubic mound. She noticed how soft and downy her pubic hair felt, rather than the coarse texture of the pubic hair of her husband. Then she remembered the smoothness of Kristi’s bald pussy and she softly moaned.

Her finger slowly drifted through her pubic hair and eventually touched the top of her slit. She slowly moved her right knee to the side thus parting her thighs enough to allow her fingers to work their way to her clit. On reaching her clit she gently touched it, absorbing the sensations that spread up through her body. She massaged her clit in tiny circles and eventually felt her first orgasm starting. As her orgasm increased in intensity she arched her back and savored every tingling sensation, letting out a very audible moan as her orgasm reached its peak.

“Oh yes, oh fuck, yes!” she moaned as she came.

As her orgasm subsided, her back dropped back towards the bed and she lay there for a moment in a state of satisfaction, but knew she needed more.

On regaining her senses her right hand returned to her pussy, this time she bypassed her clit and slid a finger between her lips. When she reached the opening to her pussy, she let one finger slip just inside. She then withdrew her finger and slid it back up between her lips brushing her clit and then back down to the opening. She must have repeated this a dozen times.

By now her legs were as wide apart as she could physically manage. This meant that her ass cheeks had also parted and she could sense her asshole was now exposed. As she fingered her pussy she reached her second orgasm, which was different to the first but equally satisfying.

“I’m cumming, oh yes, yes!” she moaned louder than with the first one.

As she came her juices trickled out of her pussy and down her crack.

As her juices flowed over her asshole, she felt a slight tickle that she had to touch. She noticed how soft and sensitive her asshole was and ran her finger slowly around it. After a few circles, she paused at the entrance, for a moment, before letting her fingertip gently push its way in. The feeling was amazing and it brought her to third orgasm, which took her by surprise, as this had never happened before.

“Oh my God, oh fuck, oh dear God!” she screamed out as she came.

She had never had anal sex. She thought it was dirty, perverse and perhaps painful but this was different, much different.

On recovering from her third orgasm she calmed herself down and lay quietly on her bed, allowing her time to take in the sensations that were making her body tingle.

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