A Special Business Trip Ch. 04


Special Business Trip:


A 25 year old straight male is lead to believe the he is going on an out of country business trip with his 50 year old male manager who also is the CEO of the company they work at. Little does he know that his manager has different plans for their “business” trip. By the end of this trip this young guy will have been stripped of his clothes, his passport, his freedom and will be thrown into a world of sex slavery.

Chapter 4 – Prologue:

Betrayed and setup, Mike Hernandez has found himself captured and bound by his new Master, Ted Wilson. Ted has systematically erased Mike’s identity at home. From the first day Ted saw Mike he wanted him. He used his money and power to trick Mike into traveling with him. Mike had no choice but to submit to Ted’s will if he ever hopes to taste freedom again. After Ted forced Mike to strip naked, he cuffed his hands and feet together and tagged him with a GPS to keep track of him. The two are now continuing their hike to meet up with Ted’s friends. Mike will have a lot to learn about being a slave boy.

Chapter 4: Training Day

The two men returned to the main hiking trail, Ted was leading Mike along with his leash. Mike was finding it difficult to walk, the cuffs on his legs restricted his movement to only a foot in either direction, his arms were bound behind his back making it hard for him to balance and his bare feet were sensitive to the cold dirt and gravel beneath him. Every so often Ted had to given an extra tug on the leash, as Mike was falling behind trying to avoid stepping on stones and twigs.

Mike could feel his balls swinging freely in the air as he continued to walk down the path; even though he was completely naked he was sweating from their vigorous pace. He kept looking around in every direction wondering if any other people would come across them. He wondered what they would say or think, would they help him if he asked? He remembered watching a pornography in which a women was bound much like him, she was being led by a Dominatrix down a busy street. People stopped, pointed fingers and took pictures, but nobody asked if she needed helped. They just assumed that they were making a porn movie. He imagined people might think the same about them; and he thought to himself that he had an idea about how the slave in the movie felt.

Forty five minutes later their path came to a split; a sign indicated camp grounds to the left and the trail continued to the right. Mike was momentarily relieved when Ted choose the left path.

Ted came to a stop and took his backpack off without saying a word, he reached into the bag and pulled out a red ball-gag with leather straps and a padlock. “Open your mouth, Slave.! Open it wide.”

As much as Mike wanted to resist he feared the consequences of what would happen if he didn’t obey, so he opened his mouth as wide as he could. He felt the rubber ball insert into his mouth forcing it open wider, his tongue was forced down and he could taste rubber in his mouth. Ted tightened the straps and locked them into place, he picked up his bag and the leash and with a strong tug of the leash he started to walk. Mike attempted to adjust his mouth to make the gag more comfortable but it only slipped deeper into his mouth.

As the two continued along their path Mike could see various tents and camp fires; he saw what he dreaded most, other people. A man and his wife turned to watch as the men walked by, Mike heard the women giggle. Another man noticed; he glanced casually at them then did a double take but he appeared to be offended by their presence and turned away. Mike saw yet another man with a camera taking pictures of them.

They eventually came up upon a very large tent. Two men came out of the tent. The first was man in his 40’s, he had short brown hair in a military cut style. He was wearing black boots, tan pants and a white tank. He was very built and looked very strong. He had a leash in his hand that was connected to the other guy.

The other guy was young, he appeared to be in his early 20’s. He was very pale white, very tall and slim. He was wearing a pink extra-short skirt with a matching pink halter top that exposed his stomach and he was wearing pink high heels. He wore a black shoulder length wig and had makeup up, his finger and toe nails were also painted pink. His neck collar had the words slut written on it. The older man said something to the young guy in German, the young guy replied back in German then kneeled to the ground and lowered his head.

“Ah, there you are Ted! I was beginning to think you weren’t coming!” said he older man.

Ted smiled and shook hands with the older man. “It’s good to see you Jim. I am sorry I am late, my new slave was slowing me down.”

Jim nodded and approached Mike. “Spread your legs, Slave.” Jim ordered.

Mike obeyed and opened his legs as much as the cuffs on his ankles would allow. Jim grabbed Mike by his scrotum and squeezed hard. Mike screamed, but the noise was muffled illegal bahis by his gag. Mike stood on his toes and closed his eyes and wiggled in discomfort.

Showing no sign of letting go; Jim turned to Ted, “You of course remember my little German slut?” Jim asked.

Ted laughed. “Yes, of course.” Ted turned to the slave, “Goedendag, Otto. Wie geht es Ihnen?” Ted said in German.

“Ich bin guter Herr, ich danke Ihnen.” Otto replied.

“Ich mag dein neues Kleid.” Ted contiuned speaking to Otto.

Otto smiled and said, “Vielen Dank Meister Ted, mein Meister Jim es für mich zu wählen.”

Mike had no idea what the two were saying, but he managed to guess that the other slave’s name was Otto.

Jim continued to hold on tight to Mike’s balls; his hands were so large that Mike’s balls fit completely in his palm. Mike was still squirming in discomfort, but Jim only squeezed tighter.

“This slut is trying to escape my grip, Ted…”. Jim said disapprovingly.

“He hasn’t been trained yet. Let’s take him inside and give him an introductory lesson.” Ted replied

The four men headed inside the tent. The tent was large enough for them to stand, it had four rooms. The main room of the tent was completely empty. The other three rooms were zipped shut and Mike could not see inside of them.

As the walked into the main room, Otto got on the floor and walked on his hands and knees to the back of the tent were he sat on his knees. Mike stood in the center of the tent; he’s mouth was sore from the ball-gag, his balls were still throbbing, his heart was beating. Not knowing were to look he turned his head the the floor and kept his eyes down. Jim and Ted stood between Mike.

As Jim circled Mike he grabbed Mike’s ass with his left hand and then with his right hand he gave Mike a swift slap “This slut has one mighty fine plump ass. Is it virgin?” asked Jim as Mike jumped to the reaction of being slapped on the ass.

“Indeed it is. Do you want the honors?” Ted offered.

“Surely you want pop this virgin ass first, Ted…?” Jim asked.

“I know you’re an ass man, besides I’d rather have my cum the first he ever tastes. Popping his ass will be a great way to break him in. Please, I insist, take him.” Ted offered again.

“Thank you Ted. I like my slaves restrained, let me get some equipment.” Jim said heading towards a smaller room in the tent.

He returned with black metallic leg separator, Ted unlocked Mike’s leg cuffs and Jim forced Mike’s legs apart and then put on the separator, Ted then forced Mike to bend over and held is back down.

Mike’s arms will still locked behind is back, and his legs were now forced open. Mike was not able to move at all, his head was forced down so he could see his own feet and Jim’s legs behind him, he then saw Jim’s pants fall down to his ankles.

“You should probably go easy on his for his first time and lube him up, Jim” Ted suggested.

“I suppose your right, we don’t want to break him on his first usage now.” Jim said in sadistic tone.

Ted reached into his pocket and threw Jim a small bottle of lubricant.

Jim squeezed a small amount of lubricant on his index finger and then slowly began to finger Mike’s ass hole, Jim was being gentle circling his finger along the rim allowing his finger to go in deeper with each swirl. Mike was having a hard time focusing, and he started to try to squeeze Jim’s finger out. Jim angrily slapped Mike on the ass with his free hand. Had Mike not been held in place by Ted he would have fallen. Mike let out another muffled scream.

Jim scolded Mike. “You will accept my finger bitch!”

Mike concentrated really hard and allowed his ass to loosen up. Jim began to stroke his finger in and out this time forcing his finger as deep as he could. Once Mike’s ass was accepting the entire length of his finger, he then started to slide another finger inside. Mike moaned and his body shook. He never felt his ass stretched that much; however he allowed the second finger to insert competently in without resistance. The sensation was confusing for Mike. It actually felt good, just like when he would finger himself. But the humiliation of being being used like an object by another man made him feel ashamed. Mike could feel his balls twitching each time Jim’s fingers went deep inside of him.

Satisfied that Mike’s ass was lubricated and properly prepared he pulled his fingers out and extended his arm.

“Slut, get over here and clean my finger” Jim ordered Otto.

Otto crawled on all fours to the three men. Jim lowered his hands to Otto’s mouth and Otto took his finger and sucked one at a time.

“Good, go back to the corner.” Jim ordered as he pulled his finger out of Otto’s mouth and put both is hands on Mike’s hips.

Jim then positioned his cock and aimed for Mike’s ass hole. Jim did not hold back and thrust himself with full force into Mike’s ass.

The muffled scream Mike gave out was the loudest yet. He bit down hard on the gag and his illegal bahis siteleri eyes rolled behind his head as he struggled to get away. But Ted’s and Jim’s hold was too strong and Mike could not get away. The two men chuckled at Mike’s feeble attempt to escape. Tears were falling from Mike’s face and he was screaming so much that saliva was dripping off his mouth from the gag. Mike closed his eyes; he was trying to mentally escape; but with each forceful thrust Jim gave brought Mike back to reality. Mike’s rim was stretched far beyond what he ever experienced; Jim’s dick felt so long that it seemed like an eternity to fully insert. With each thrust Mike’s balls tinkled and twitched and the shaft began to grow erect. Jim was ridding Mike so hard that they were making a slapping noise as the made contact, he could also hear the squishy noises that their juices mixing together. Mike felt Jim’s massive cock penetrate deeper and deeper sending tickling sensations across Mike’s spine.

Jim was grunting loud. Mike was moaning and crying at the same time, his entire body covered in sweat, he become fully erect and his penis was throbbing. Otto noticed and pointed this out to his master.

Jim grunted and laughed at the same time, “How about that, it looks like this little slut likes being fucked, Ted!” At the same time Jim released his load into Mike’s ass.

Jim’s thrusting became slower as he jerked in and out a few more times before finally pulling out. Mike’s legs were shaking with fatigue, he could barely stand. Ted lowered Mike to the ground face first. Mike could fell Jim’s warm cum leaking between his legs and onto his still stiff cock.

“Sklavenjunge Otto!” [Slave Boy Otto!] Jim commanded. “Ich will dich zu lecken Sklavenjunge Mike’s ass sauber und saugen meine cum!” [I want you to lick Slave boy Mike’s ass clean and suck up my cum!]

Otto looked up towards his master with admiration and smiled. “Ja Herr, Vielen Dank!” [Yes Master, Thank you!] replied Otto.

Mike didn’t have long to imagine what the two were saying as Otto climbed over on all fours and positioned his face into Mike’s ass. The second Otto’s tongue touched the rim of Mike’s ass hole Mike began to laugh. The sensation tickled like nothing ever before. Otto kept probing the rim rapidly only allowing his tongue to barely enter, then he’d stroke across Mike’s entire crack then return to the rim and circle it in a clock wise pattern. Mike was wiggling and laughing and moving uncontrollably, the ball gag was muffling his laugh and causing him to slobber. Otto’s tongue was relentless and showed no signs of mercy as he continued to lick. Mike felt Otto spread his butt checks further apart as he planted his face deep down. Otto’s tongue then slipped deep inside Mike’s ass and began to slurp. Mike was breathing very hard he felt dizzy and wanted to pass out, this tickle torture was the worst thing in the world.

Otto finished cleaning Mike free of all cum, and looked towards his master and wiped his mouth.

“Ich bin Herr getan, war Ihr cum sehr schmackhaft. Danke.” [I am done master, your cum was very tasty. Thank you.] Otto said as he smiled and blushed.

“Gute Sklave, jetzt komm her und saugen meinen Schwanz sauber!” [Good slave, now come over here and suck my cock clean!]. Jim commanded to Otto.

Otto crawled over to Jim on all fours. Mike glanced over and noticed that Otto was not wearing underwear under his skirt. He also noticed that Otto was completely shaving. Otto came up face level to Jim’s crotch, he had a very large smile has be took his penis into his mouth and cleaned away the reaming cum. Otto was enjoying himself and moaning in pleasure has he sucked and licked Jim’s cock clean.

Ted smiled as he looked down at Mike and said, “I think it’s time for you to learn to eat cock too.”

Ted removed the leg separator and helped Mike to his knees, he then took of the ball-gag. Mike opened and closed his jaw, it felt good to have the gag removed. Ted stood in front of Mike and pulled down his pants and his black satin boxers and allowed them to fall to the ground, he did not take his shoes off as he let his clothes rest at his ankles. Ted was trimmed and his cock pointed directly into Mike’s face. Mike turned his face away, Ted’s scent was strong and amplified from sweating while hiking. Mike thought that Ted’s dick was even larger then Jim’s. It was erect and it was pointing at Mike as if it was commanding him.

Ted put both hands on Mike’s head and turned his face back to face him, “Start sucking, slave!” he commanded.

Mike shook his head no and tried to pull away. He could not bring himself to this, he did not want to. He would not do it.

“Slave, I said fucking suck my cock, now!!!!” Ted yelled.

“nnNO! I wont!” Mike yelled back.

Ted pulled a small remote control from his shirt pocket.

“That little black box attached to your collar, it’s not just a GPS. It also contains a high capacity capacitor, meaning its a neck taser.” Ted explained. “It has canlı bahis siteleri four settings. This is setting 1.”

Ted pushed a button and within an instant Mike’s body went stiff and he fell to the ground. Every muscle in his body went tight as he screamed out loud and shook uncontrollably. Ted pushed the button again and the pain stopped.

“That was only setting 1. The taser has a 3 hour battery life at setting 4. I really hope that I don’t have to use it…” Ted said solemnly.

Mike lay on the ground dazed and confused. Mike began to cry out loud. “I don’t want too, please … “

Ted shook his it annoyance “Very well then, setting 2 … “

“No Master– Please!” Mike interrupted.

“Then, suck my fucking dick slave! I won’t ask again!” Ted said in a very angry voice.

Mike attempted to get back on his knees and Ted assisted. Mike found himself again facing Ted’s dick.

Mike closed his eyes and sighed as he opened his mouth and took the tip of Ted’s penis in his mouth but didn’t suck on it..

“Suck my dick like you’d expect someone to suck yours, if I am not happy with what you are doing I will punish you again!” Ted ordered.

Mike closed his mouth around Ted’s penis and circled his tongue around the shaft and tip in a counterclockwise motion and then flicked his tongue up and down across the very tip, he heard no objection from Ted and continued in his pattern. The taste of Ted’s penis filled Mike’s entire mouth, he was musty and salty. Mike only had less then half of Ted’s penis in his mouth when he felt it slipping in deeper and deeper until the tip of Ted’s penis it the back of this throat. He began to gag and he tried to pull away but Ted held his head in place.

Ted was thrusting his dick slowly back and forth as Mike sucked and licked. Each time Ted inserted deeper Mike couldn’t help but gag. After what seemed like minutes Ted started to moan and thrust a little harder until he cummed into Mike’s mouth but Mike could not swallow Ted’s sperm, he was gagging and spat the sperm to the ground.

Ted slapped Mike across the face hard enough to knock him on the ground.

“How dare you spit up my load, slave! Crawl over there and lick it up.”

Mike inched his way over to the sperm and planted his face right in front of the sperm. The canvas of the tent smelt like dirty feet. Mike lifted his head and started to lick up the sperm. Mike wanted to gag but he feared what would happen if he did and he forced himself to lick up the sperm. He wondered to himself what other body fluids, and sweats that he was licking up off the floor. He tried to push the thought out of his head as he finished cleaning the floor.

“Good boy, see that wasn’t so hard, was it?” asked Ted.

“No Master.” Mike replied weakly.

Mike had lost track of Jim and Otto who were sitting behind them. Jim was sitting cross legged while Otto lay on the floor, resting his head in Jim’s lap. Jim was petting Otto on the head.

Ted looked at his wrist watch. “Wow, time went by fast. I thought we had more time.”

Ted pulled his pants up and fastened his belt. He leaned over Mike who was still laying on his stomach with his face on the ground. “Get up, Slave!” Ted ordered as he helped pull Mike up to his feet. He then turned Mike around and removed the cuffs keeping his arms in place. Mike rubbed his own shoulders in relief.

“Your two are welcome to stay the night.” Jim offered.

“Well, I’d like to get home before dark. I more plans for this slave. But your welcome to visit us tomorrow.” Ted replied.

Ted picked up the leash and attached it back to Mike’s collar. He then picked up the ball-gag but rather then putting it back on Mike’s face, he put it away.

“We’ll take you up on that offer, Ted.” Jim said. He then stood up. “Ass in der Luft.”, [Ass in the air.] Jim commanded to Otto.

As Otto got on his knees he arched his ass in the air, Jim bent over and ran his finger between Otto’s butt checks. He then walked over to Mike and ran the same finger along Mike’s upper lip directly below his noise transferring Otto’s sweat to Mike’s lip.

“I am sure Otto is dying to sit on your face, Slave. Something for you to look forward to.” Jim smiled and turned to Ted. “We’ll see you tomorrow!”.

Ted left the tent with Mike in tow. It was getting darker, most of the people that had saw them arrive were now in their tents. Mike’s legs were weak, his arms were in pain, the taste and smell of all three men covered his face, he was still covered and dirt. He didn’t care anymore if anyone saw him, he just wanted to crawl away in a dark corner somewhere and sleep. The two arrived on the other side of the camp site, the car was already waiting for them.

“You’re too dirty to sit on my seats, Slave. You will lay on the floor.” Ted ordered as they entered the car.

As Mike lay fetal position on the floor of the limousine he felt himself drifting off to sleep. His last conciseness thought was about to slip his head he felt something warm and fuzzy rest on his face. He opened his eyes and his view was blocked by Ted’s socked right foot.

“My feet are aching, and sweaty, they need to be cleaned and massaged slave. You’re going to do this with your tongue.” Ted explained.

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