Subject: A Special Shower Ch. 1 by Karter Cain I may be contacted back at this email address. The following story is based on a true event that took place during my undergraduate college years: A Special Shower It took about 20 minutes of ruffling through my belongings to find my shampoo. Two suitcases and a duffle bag, much more than most guys my age would need for a two-week trip home, but it was my first time being home since august and I needed to swap out my fall wardrobe for my winter one. In looking for my shampoo I had thrown all of my clothes out of the luggage and onto the floor essentially turning my closet-size single dorm room into a disaster zone but that was a problem for another day. It’s always hard getting back into the swing of things for spring semester. There’s still a full sixteen weeks of school left, but you don’t have the motivation you had going into the fall semester. Shoving the shampoo into the shower caddy, I grabbed my key card and headed out the door. I walked down the hallway to the bathroom with the sound of my shower flip-flops echoing through the hallway. I didn’t worry though, everybody would be fast asleep by now. The perk of being such a night owl is that you’re up way later than everybody else and you never have to worry about the best shower being taken. I was five feet from the shower door when it swung open and a familiar face stepped through with that same half-smile I had gotten used to seeing at the end of last semester. “Hey, Rylie,” he beamed, “How was your break?” “Hey, how’s it going,” I sheepishly replied, suddenly painfully aware that I was only wearing a towel and my shower shoes. “My break was good, not too eventful. I was happy to be home where we can actually get some snow for christmas.” “Yeah, you won’t get much of that in California,” he mused, looking me up and down. “All those late night runs seem to be doing you pretty good.” I blushed, feeling suddenly self-conscious about my body despite his compliment. I grew accustomed to Jace’s flirting over the eight weeks that we got to know each other in passing. He was handsome enough that I took notice of him, but I would never dare be bold enough to return the light flirting because we were, after all, at a catholic university and Jace was the kind of guy that would flirt with a cactus if he was bored enough. And after seeing a myriad of cute college girls enter and leave his dorm in the late hours of the night, I was convinced he wasn’t really into me. He stared at me unblinking as if he was expecting a response. Oh fuck, I must’ve zoned out staring at his chest. He, unlike me, was fully clothed but I could see the slight flexing of his pecs through his flimsy tank top as he moved and talked. He hit the gym pretty regularly and I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t noticed his muscle growth throughout our first semester as dorm neighbors. Shit, I’m doing it again. “Hah, you really are always in your own world, Ry. Anyway, I’ll see you around. Don’t have too much fun in there,” he winked and strode past me. “You too,” God, I’m such an idiot. I can’t even stay gaziantep travesti out of my head enough to carry a conversation when he’s around, luckily he’s just fine doing all the talking. He walked with a little extra swagger like he knew I’d be watching. Was he always this tall? Was his hair a lighter blond than it had been in December? I pried my eyes away and scurried into the bathroom making note not to let the door slam behind me. I hung my belongings up in the handicap shower. I know it’s a bit of a dick move but it was 3 in the morning and there were no handicap students on the fourth floor. Closing the curtain behind me, I threw my towel over the rail and turned the water on hot. In seconds, the stall was already beginning to steam up and I wasted no time getting right under the water. There is no heating in the dorm buildings cuz it rarely gets cold in southern California, but in the middle of January you won’t wanna wait around naked in the shower stall for too long before getting under the hot water. Muscles in my shoulder began to relax and I took a sigh of relief as the warm water trailed down my stomach, along my cock shaft, and off the tip of my dick. My cock twitched at the sensation and I realized it had been a few days since I had jerked off. I thought your sex drive was supposed to slow down once you got out of your teen years, but I was almost 21 and getting hornier by the month. After taking the shampoo out and squirting a generous amount of the green slime onto my hands I began massaging it into my scalp practically moaning at the sensation of my fingertips gliding through my dark brown hair that hadn’t been cut since last August. Once my head was sufficiently lathethered, I gathered some of the excess suds in my hand and used them to shampoo my pubes. I kept them pretty short for aesthetic purposes but I liked how the shampoo kept them extra soft. At this point my cock was beginning to wake up going quickly from half to full mast in under 30 seconds. Deciding not to waste a perfectly good boner, I gripped the base of my cock with my slick, shampoo covered hand and slowly moved along the shaft and up to the tip, quivering as my thumb and forefinger passed over my mushroom head. The nice thing about being circumcised is that it really showed off how thick my cock head was. My left hand began slowly moving up and down my shaft and at a rhythmic pace. Slow and steady my hand massaged my cock and I could begin to feel it pulsing between my fingers. Fuck I needed this. It was late, but I wasn’t in a hurry to go to bed as my first class wasn’t until noon. My right hand moved down to my balls gently massaging my sac while I tugged on my cock, squeezing and stretching the skin and tugging my nuts as far from my body as I could before it hurt. That always got me extra wet. An extra throaty moan escaped past my lips as I heard the door to the bathroom slam shut. Shit. “Ry, is that you in there,” I heard Jace say, “I forgot my toothbrush. I thought I told you not to have too much fun in here… at least, without gaziantep masaj salonları me.” “Hah,” I faked a laugh to hide my embarrassment. He clearly heard me moan and knew I was jerking my cock. “You need any help in there? College has been a bit lonely for you?” he laughed. “Oh definitely,” I joked back. At least I knew he wouldn’t hold it against me. Without a second to think the curtain of my shower swung open and there he was with a devilish look on my face. I stood there shunned trying to conceal my hard cock, my face a bright red, “what the fuck,” is all I could mutter. “I told you I was coming in,” he winked, “there’s no need to be shy, nothing weird about helping out a friend.” I relaxed my shoulder and moved my hand away from covering my cock and let it spring forward pointing directly at him. “Woah you really were busy in here. You never told me you were hiding such a nice cock in those pants,” he took one hand to squeeze the middle of my shaft while the other gently caressed my balls. A small moan escaped from my mouth. He pulled me away from the water stream and pressed me up against the steamed tile wall. As he pushed into me I became painfully aware that my eyes were level to his Adam’s apple. He was taller than I ever noticed, at least 6’2″. It moved as he spoke. “Let’s get you nice and relaxed,” he said, squeezing my balls a bit tighter and stroking my cock at a faster pace than I had been. Still nice and lubed up, his calloused hands felt amazing stroking from tip to base of my penis. He was close enough that I could feel the heat of my breath on his neck but not so close that my wet body pressed up against his, seemingly in an attempt to keep his clothes relatively dry. Taking his hand off my balls and moving it to my chin he guided my lips to his and wasted no time sticking his tongue in my mouth. I eagerly sucked on it as our lips mashed together, I wanted as much of him inside of me as I could get. He started jerking me faster and faster and my muscles began to tense up. I separated my lips from him just to barely gasp the words “I’m getting close.” “Give it to me baby boy he said,” moving one hand back to my balls while the other furiously jerked my cock. Every muscle in my body began to tense when, once again, the door to the bathroom slammed shut. “Who’s showering this late,” Ethan the RA asked innocently walking over to the sinks on the other side of the bathroom. “Shhhh,” Jace mouthed without taking his hands away from my cock and balls, “It’s me Jace,” he replied to Ethan. Jace sank down to his knees and began jerking my cock with serious intent. He wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and started to suck the life from my cock while massaging my tip with his lips, probing the opening with his tongue. “You’re in here awfully late, no morning classes?” Ethan called. Jace removed his lips from my cock with a very audible pop, he winked at me. What a cocky son of a bitch. “I’ll be fine, I got one class in the morning but then I can come back and take a nap,” he dove gaziantep escort bayan back down on my cock with reckless abandon. “Whatever you say. Did you have a good break?’ Ethan asked. “It didn’t suck,” Jace responded in between his attempts to swallow my cock. The joke wasn’t lost on me like it would be Ethan. I felt my tip slip into his throat and my knees buckled. My eyes shot down to Jace with a pleading look that he instantly knew meant I was about to cum. “Fuck yeah, I want you to squirt for me,” Jace growled a little too loudly. “What did you say?” Ethan asked. Jace said something in response, but I was already gone. The last thing I could make out was the humming of Ethan’s electric toothbrush not 10 feet away from me. My whole body spasmed and my eyes rolled back. My balls clenched into Jace’s hand and ropes of cum began shooting out from my cock. I could tell it was more than Jace was expecting as he had to jerk his head back but he was quick enough that by the time the second rope of cum came he was in the perfect position for it to shoot right onto his tongue. Then came the third rope. Then the fourth. Then the fifth. And by the sixth rope it had slowed down enough that Jace put his lips back around my shaft to suck the rest of the cum from my balls while milking my dick with his hand. With a final squeeze of my balls, he stood up opening his mouth. It was so full of thick cum that you couldn’t even see his tongue, and he made a show of closing his mouth with an exaggerated gulp to prove that he swallowed it all. I was fixated on the movement of his Adam’s apple. Ethan spat into the sink and shut off the faucet. “Night Jace, hope the beginning of the semester isn’t too bad for yah.” “I think this is gonna be a fun semester,” Jace said to Ethan while making direct eye contact with me. And then the door slammed behind him. Now alone together in the shower, Jace rinsed his hands off under the water, “Next time we’ll shower in the evening when there’s more people in the bathroom. I like watching you hold back your moans.” “Next time?” I asked. “Yeah next time. Cuz now you owe me for helping you out like this. And I plan to collect,” He made a kissing sound with his lips and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. “I mean we’re already here, I could just help you out right now.” “No it’s WAY past my bedtime and I have class in the morning. Plus this way I get to sit in class tomorrow thinking of all the ways you can pay me back.” He leaned over and smacked my ass, echoing loudly through the bathroom. He turned and exited the shower closing the curtain behind him without looking back. “Goodnight sexy,” he called just before the bathroom door slammed behind him. I was lost for words. The water was now running cold, so I quickly rinsed off not bothering with my usual elaborate shower routine. I wrapped the towel around my lower waist, grabbed my things and hurried back to my dorm room worried that if anybody saw me they would be able to tell what had just happened. I keyed the passcode to enter my room and dropped all my shower products haphazardly onto the floor. I toweled off quickly, realizing how late it was, and flopped onto the bed feeling utterly satisfied with the knowledge that I was going to have to pay Jace back in the near future. Vivid thoughts slowly faded as I fell into a deep sleep, and I spent the night dreaming of all the things I hoped Jace would do to me in the near future.

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