A Stormy Night


It was a dark night, and I was all alone. My husband, Ted, was out of town on business, or so he said. I knew damn good and well that he was in Memphis with his Internet lover. He had met her 5 months ago online. I began to get suspicious when Ted started spending all night online, so, being the computer savvy female that I am, I enabled the “Append Chat to Log” command so I could see what they were talking about. I was utterly shocked when I read it. Their conversations always turned hot and heavy, and I even found myself squirming a little in my chair. I found out through this surveillance that she lived in Memphis, had 1 child, and was single. At first I was really upset, and prepared to divorce Ted, I mean, I was an attractive 5’7 female and weighed 111 lbs, but something just wouldn’t let me get to that point. It was almost as if this excited me, the thought of Ted fucking some other woman. I would lay awake at night, while he was gone, and think about it, think about watching it from a closet or a window. I always found myself slipping my hand under my panties and getting myself off when I thought about this.

Lightning cracked outside, and I was brought back to the present. Me sitting here on my couch, wearing my usual night clothes, Large T-shirt, ankle socks, and a pair of panties. My thoughts waved back to Ted, and the pleasures he must be experiencing right now, and I found myself getting aroused. I ran my finger down over my panties on my slit and a shock of pleasure arched through me. I was very wet, so I decided to please myself. I scooted down into my favorite position, and took my panties down to my ankles. My pussy throbbed as the room air hit it, and I spread my lips with my fingers…. then the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said somewhat annoyed. “Hi Angie! It’s Cris! I didn’t interrupt anything did I?” Said the person on the phone. I immediately recognized the voice as my co-worker Cris. She was the same age as I, single, and someone I could always talk to. “No, you didn’t interrupt much.” I said, which basically meant that she did. “Well I was calling because I remembered that Ted the dickhead was out of town, and was wondering if you’d like some company for the night, with the storm and all, I know how it is to be alone. You interested? We could rent some movies, eat some popcorn, and just trash the hell out of Ted and the other dorks from work.” It sounded like a great idea; I figured I could finish my self-pleasuring after I went to bed. “Sure come on over, bring some movies too.”

“What kind of movies girl? What ya in the mood for?” She asked. I told her, sarcastically; “I don’t think you have any of the type of movies that I’m in the mood for.” And I laughed with this. “Oh? Missing Ted are we?”

“Yeah, I guess, hurry on over girl, I’ll get some hot cocoa ready”. “Okay hon. See ya soon.” And with that we both hung up. In my subconscious, I was hoping that maybe she canlı bahis şirketleri would bring over a sex movie, so I would have something to watch later while I was alone. I put on some sweat pants and a bra, at 34d I didn’t want to flop around in front of company.

The doorbell rang about 35 minutes later, and I opened it up. Cris was standing there with an armful of bags and a suitcase. She was an attractive woman, about 5 feet 6, weighed 110 lbs, with shoulder length brown hair. I helped her by taking her suitcase and we went into the living room. We exchanged a hug, and I thanked her for coming over. “No problem girl, I had nothing better to do.”

“Cool. So what movies did ya bring?”

“Well, first off I stopped at the Kwik Mart and got some snackos for us, and some drinks. Then I went to the Pandora Video and picked up some movies.”

“Wow, you didn’t have to do all that, I have plenty of food.” I said to her. It then donned on me that Pandora was a largely adult video store. “Pandora eh? You didn’t?” I asker her with a shocked look on my face. “Well, you said you were missing Ted, so I figured we could watch some porno to remind you of him, and so we could make fun of them, you know how bad the plots and acting are in these things.” We both laughed and I agreed with her. Deep down I was really excited. “Mind if I go change into my jammies?” Cris asked me. “No go ahead, I’ll get the snacks and drinks ready.”

“Great! Pick out a good movie for us too!” With that she left and went to the bedroom with her suitcase. I poured the snacks, which consisted of pretzels, Chex mix, and chips into separate bowls, and poured us each a cup of hot cocoa. I then checked out the movies that she had gotten, and was very pleased. She had gotten 5 movies, 3 were professional, and 2 were amateur.

“Well, good choices?” She asked me as she entered the living room. She was dressed in a pink nightgown that went down to her knees, and was very sheer. I could clearly see that she was wearing some bikini style panties underneath and her nipples were quite visible. It was weird, but I was a bit turned on, I think it was the thought of having someone here who was almost naked. “Well you look pretty! You always go to bed dressed like that?” I asked her. “Yep, this is my favorite. What about you?”

“Usually just a T-Shirt and my underwear.” I responded. “Well go change into that, did you pick a movie?”

“Yes, lets watch an amateur one!”

“Sounds like fun!” She said to me. I went into the bedroom and after a moment’s hesitation, slipped off my sweat pants. I walked back in, and she had already started the movie. There was a phone sex add on that featured a buxom blonde who just had a large cock in her mouth and it was cumming on her face. “Mmm yummy!” Cris said, and kind of flushed. I just laughed, and said “Nice shot”. “Are you wearing a bra?” She asked me rather sternly. “Well canlı kaçak iddaa yes, don’t you?”

“Not to bed girl, take that thing off, its just us girls, were here to relax!” With her insistence, I did what she said and took it off, and flung it behind the couch. She laughed.

For the next hour we watched as women got fucked, gave blowjobs and saw several cum shots. At this point I was totally soaked and incredibly horny. I missed Ted so much, and would have given anything for his cock. I could tell Cris was aroused too. She was lying on the couch opposite of me watching, and had become very quiet. She had one of her legs propped up, and was running a finger over the area right above her left breast. She noticed that I was looking at her, and moved her leg back down and flushed. “Sorry girl, these movies have got me all hot and bothered.”

“Don’t worry about it Cris, they have the same effect on me.” We both laughed. After another 5 minutes I couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “I need to run to the bathroom.” She laughed and said “Have fun, I will” knowing why I was going. The last part of her comment excited me even more, and I rushed to the bathroom, closed the door, and shot my hand right down to my crotch. I immediately entered my pussy and rubbed my clit, and within 3 minutes was cumming harder than I have in ages. I realized that my intensity was due to the fact that Cris knew why I was going into the bathroom and I knew what she was doing out there. I composed myself and went back out to the living room. As I walked in I was shocked at what I saw. Cris was lying on the couch, with her eyes closed breathing really heavy. Her nightgown was pulled up over her breasts and her nipples were erect. Her panties were off centered, and it was obvious what she had been doing.

The mere sight of this got me so wet and hot, but I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, so I tried to sneak out. “Oh, im so sorry! I thought you would be longer” she said, and pulled her nightgown down, and stood up. “Don’t worry about it Cris, we both knew what we were doing. How was it?” I ask her, somewhat shocked at my own un-modesty. “Oh my God, I came so hard, I was…well never mind hehe,” She said to me, and I was curious as to what she wanted to say. “You were what? You can tell me”. “Well I was thinking about what if you really were going to use the bathroom and would have walked out on me. I guess the thrill of it was exciting.” I was so aroused by this comment and said “Wow, that would have been interesting.”

“So how was it for you?” She asked me. “Girl, I was done in 3 minutes.” And we both laughed. “Wanna watch something else now?” Cris asked, and I responded with “Nope, lets get our monies worth”.

We continued to watch, and after another hour, was again incredibly horny. “Having fun over there?” She asked me, and I then noticed that I had subconsciously been circling my nipples canlı kaçak bahis with my fingers over my Tshirt. I flushed beet red and apologized. “For what? Don’t think I haven’t been over here wanting to do that, would you mind? ” She asked. “Go for it girl, I have a feeling ill be in the bathroom again.” And laughed. She began to run her fingers over her nipples, and I got even more aroused, but I didn’t want to go to the bathroom. I began to run my hands over my upper thighs, and out of the corner of my eye noticed that she was watching me now, more than the video.

With this, she slipped her hand inside the armhole of her gown, and I could see that she moved it down to her pussy. She leaned her head back, and I could see her fingers doing their work down below. I couldn’t hold back any longer, and pulled my shirt up, and ran my fingers down the front of my panties and began to rub my clit. Neither of us was watching the movie now and we began to moan. “Oh yes, cum for me Ang, please cum for me!” She screamed out loud, and with this, I moaned and had the most intense orgasm of my life. I continued to rub, and moved a finger down to inside of my pussy. Cris had sat up and was facing me now. She pulled her nightgown off and slipped her panties down. The sight of her neatly trimmed, glistening pussy brought me to another orgasm, and I moaned out loud. She spread her legs and began to thrust her fingers in and out, and I could tell she was cumming.

She screamed out loud “Oh Yes!” and with this, I came again. ” I want to come again so bad” she said as she rubbed her clit. Not knowing what I was doing, I stood up and went over to her, and knelt down in between her legs. “Oh gawd yes Ang, eat me, eat my pussy!!” She screamed. I had never been with another woman, never even thought about it, but this seemed right. And with that thought I lowered my face into her crotch, and flicked my tongue up and down, like in the movies that we had just watched. She put her hand on my head, and pushed my face into her wet pussy. In minutes, I had her cumming so hard. I had slipped my hand down to my own pussy, and was going to get myself off, when she stood up, and said lay down and spread your legs. She laid down with her legs facing me, and scooted up so that our pussies were touching, she then began to thrust me, and the feel of her wet cunt upon mine made me buck into her, and with that I came over and over until I passed out on the rug.

When I awoke, I looked at the clock. It was 8 AM. I looked down at myself, and saw that I had a blanket on me. Cris was nowhere to be seen, and everything had been cleaned up. I got up, and put on my t-shirt, and went to the bedroom to see if she was asleep there, but she wasn’t. I put on some sweats and went to the kitchen. There was a note. It read: “Hi Ang, I don’t know what happened last night. I think it was a matter of 2 close friends who were incredibly lonely and needed to let off some steam. I don’t want this to affect our friendship. I’ll be home all day, please call me.” I didn’t know exactly what to think of the note, but I did know that I had enjoyed the night, and felt so alive this morning.

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