A story written to me :)

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A story written to me :)This one is a fantasy about fucking me 😉 from u/dollfriendsI am finishing my shower as you walk in to get ready for a bath. You drop your pants and put them with the dirty clothes, then stand at the vanity brushing your hair. You have on those sexy panties I like so much. They complement your lovely ASS in all the right places, and leave exposed those firm round cheeks.As I stand with my back to the shower, rinsing the last of the soap, I can feel my Dick getting hard just from looking at you. I notice that you are looking in the mirror at me, and you are getting a grin as you see my COCK get hard; you know it is because I am looking at your ASS. You begin to sway it just a little, and you are rubbing your crotch against the vanity top.But it’s not as innocent as you want it to seem. You are watching me to make sure that I am noticing, and then you spread your legs a little. You know how horny that makes me when you give just a little. You are still trying to act like you are brushing your hair, but every now and then I canlı bahis see you shudder from the counter rubbing your clitYou are watching me intently and see my Rock Hard Cock as I turn off the shower, and walk up behind you still dripping wet. My Hard Cock slides between your slightly open legs and my hands grab your hips and pull you tight to me.You close your legs tight on my Cock, pressing it against your Pussy, and you put down the hairbrush and your fingers are pressing the head of my Dick against your clit. My hands move up and cup your breasts, and as I pull you back against my wet body, pressing on your breasts and pinching your nipples, you moan softly.I grab your top and as I lift it up, you raise your arms; I drop it to the floor and reach for your bare breasts. You are thrusting your hips back and forth at me; I pull you back just a bit as you lean forward and put your hands on the counter to brace yourself. Your face is so close to your mirror face, but you are watching my face. 15:04I pull my Dick from between your legs as my hands bahis siteleri push your panties over that fine ASS, and they land on the floor. As I push my Dick back between your legs, it is as though a flood of your juices cover me, and I am sliding back and forth with ease.You put one hand between your legs and shove my Dick into your steamy wet Pussy, and push back against me. My hands grab your hips and I am stroking in and out of you as I look into your face in the mirror. I tell you to kiss that lovely face of yours in the mirror for me. I ease up just a bit so I don’t smash your face against the mirror. You look so incredibly Hot kissing that sexy girl in the mirror, that it makes me almost CUM. I pull you back so I can keep FUCKING you. I tell you to put your hand between your legs, and rub your clit. You reach your fingers back to where my Dick is plunging in and out of your now dripping pussy, and get your finger drenched as you begin rubbing your clit vigorously as you were told.You quickly bring yourself to a shuddering orgasm, and bahis şirketleri collapse on the counter. Your Pussy is squeezing me so tightly; I stop to enjoy the contractions. I gently rub your back as your orgasm fades. Keeping you pressed down on the counter, I begin FUCKKING you in earnest. You have both hands braced against the backsplash to push back against my thrusts. Your soft ASS is so Good as I slam against it; I grab your hips and am pounding you hard. I can feel my DICK swelling and know I am going to CUM. I tell you I want you to CUM for me, and you begin thrusting back at me, and soon the room seems to fade, I pull on your hips and push harder than I know I should, my legs are weak, and as I begin to shoot my HOT Cum inside you, you explode with your Orgasm. You are shaking and squeezing, my Cum is squirting inside you, I fall forward on your back, trapping you against the counter. My hands have moved to your shoulders where I can hold myself deep inside you as I drain my CUM.As we both are trying to catch our breath, I realize that Fucking your ASS was so much better than I had even imaginedEventually I pull out, and start your tube water. After I get the temperature adjusted, I help you into the tub where you lie back, close your eyes, and smile.

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