A Stuffy Doctors’ Conference Ch. 02


The first day should have been stimulating, but I was only thinking about other types of stimulation. I sat up attentively, but didn’t really hear anything my colleagues presented. I told myself I would be a good girl tonight and get a good night’s sleep. Plus, I could feel the bites and bruises coming up.

I got through the day, acting interested, and slipped away as mingling doctors made dinner plans. Back in my room I thought I’d take in some relaxation. I slipped into the plush hotel robe and plodded down to the sauna. An hour or so of hard core sweating would get my muscles relaxed.

I slipped into the empty sauna and took a deep breath. It was foggy with steam, and practically boiling. I love a hot sweat, and 200 degrees is just delicious. I slipped my robe off my shoulders, and leaned back. Time rolled on, sweat rolled down my neck and arms and legs, pooling between my thighs and on my pussy lips. My robe had a mind of its own. I could feel it slipping down my arms, and falling open in front. I slipped into a light sleep. I came to when the door opened and a cool breeze rushed in. The cool air brought my swelled melon breasts to attention as the nipples hardened. It was the women’s sauna so I didn’t feel a need to cover up.

In slipped a gorgeous blond I had seen in one of the morning lectures. She had caught my eye a couple of times and smiled seeming friendly enough. She climbed above me to the bench near my shoulders. We made small talk for a few minutes, and introduced ourselves. Victoria practices about halfway between home and the conference site. She had driven up as well. She spends at least one weekend a month in our fair city. As we talked, I suggested we exchange contact information, and that she should give me a call when she is in town.

Victoria was perched above me, and my robe kept slipping slowly down my arms. She leaned forward and started to massage my shoulders. At first I jumped,” just some sore muscles.” She apologized, but left her fingers lingering on my clavicles. I explained I’d had a late night, and the massage was wonderful. She returned to her kneading, working my shoulders, then neck, and down my arms. My robe was tangled at my elbows now, and my breasts güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri were fully exposed. With the next stroke upward, she brought her hands over my bare breasts, then on up toward my throat. Down her hands went again, but this time, she cupped my breasts and started massaging them. My head tilted backward and I let out a moan. I was looking at her upside down, Victoria’s breasts dangling right above my head. She bent forward, and there they were in my face. Victoria had ample breasts, not as large as my DDD, but firm and round. I stuck my tongue out, and licked a nipple. It hardened nicely. I moved a bit toward her and had her nipple pinned nicely in my teeth when the door opened again. Luckily there was plenty of steam as more of our colleagues shuffled in.

I cinched up my robe, took Victoria by the hand, and pulled her along out of the sauna. No one was in the locker room, so we slipped into the shower stall. Even though our rooms were nearby, I was suddenly hungry for her. I turned on the water full blast as cold as it would come. We splashed in, goose bumps rising, nipples hardening, hands groping each other. We gave each other quite a soaping up, fingers exploring bodies, entering orifices, until we couldn’t stand much more. I’d already cum from her fingering my pussy, and I had her moaning with two fingers up her ass when the sauna crowd came tumbling out. We turned off the shower, slipped on our robes, and headed out the door.

Back in my room I asked if she was hungry. She said she could eat, with a wink. I ordered room service: wine, cheese, and fruit, as well as chocolate mousse, crème brulee, and a side of whipped cream. Food always tastes better when someone else is serving it whether with fork, fingers, or as the plate. We fell onto the bed in a tangle of 69. Victoria’s pussy was as sweet as honey, and she was very responsive. She moaned and bucked and ground down onto my mouth and nose. In the meantime, I was pleasantly nibbled and licked into ecstasy. Victoria seemed to be a back door kind of girl, and I spent a good long time tonguing that sweet puckered asshole of hers. She really liked pushing her asshole onto the tip of my nose while I tongue güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fucked her cunt. This went on for a good long sweet time until we heard a knock at the door.

Room service never times things well, but then when you need room service, there is no such thing as good timing. I wrapped up in a sheet and called for our waiter to enter. In clanged the cart. Victoria hovered under the covers with most of her breasts hanging out, and her legs spread wide with the spread jammed between. Our waiter looked like he had never seen such a site, and kept chattering on about what great choices we had made, all the while trying to look at anything but us. Victoria giggled on wickedly as I signed the check and tipped him triple what was expected. He scurried out thanking us profusely, and letting us know if we needed anything else, he was our man.

I had built up an appetite from all the frolicking, and we took a pause to eat. At first we nibbled on fruit and cheese, but pretty soon we were pouring wine on each other’s breasts and lapping it off, and slathering mousse and whipped cream on each other’s pussies. So much for an early evening! Part way into dinner I wish I had ordered a banana as Victoria seemed like she was open to being penetrated by just about anything. I thought I’d tuck that away for a future visit.

Eventually we fell asleep tangled in each other’s extremities. Around 545 Victoria popped up awake. She asked if we could do this the next night, kissed me deeply, slipped into her robe, and down the hall. My room must look like a Greyhound bus station with all the traffic.

I slept in a bit as I had to present on Thursday afternoon. Usually I like to present early in the morning and slip out later in the afternoon, but I really needed the rest. Around 10 I rolled into the conference. I glanced at the sign in sheets and saw Victoria and Joshua were not going to the presentations I was. I sat up looking attentive, but again my mind was not in the room. I thought about the luxurious evening I’d had with Victoria exploring her curves and crevices. I thought about how much I love the smell of a woman, and the feel of her hair on my face. I went through güvenilir bahis şirketleri the motions the rest of the morning. At lunch time I was asked to sit with some of the other afternoon presenters so I didn’t run into Victoria or Joshua.

At lunch I was seated next to Raj, who had presented the year before. Last year, you had had the time slot before Raj, and had run over and into Raj’s time. I remember being there and feeling badly for Raj, since you could have wrapped up much earlier, but were enjoying the spotlight and wouldn’t get off the podium. I had almost wanted to apologize for you, but knew that wouldn’t have been helpful or appropriate. Also, you and I had just been in the beginnings of our flirtations, so I didn’t feel like it was my place.

Raj had flown in from England and was staying on for another week on the coast traveling a bit. There is nothing quite like a dark and dashing man with an English accent. Raj had travelled extensively, and his stories were interesting and charming. He was sexy in an exotic way. He would be presenting on Friday, and made a point of saying this year he would take the podium even if the preceding lecturer was not finished when the time was up. I asked him what he meant, and he went on to explain how the presenter, Jake Williams, had run into his time last year, and made it quite impossible to present his research adequately. He was saved only by having had adequate funding already. I didn’t share that I had been at that lecture last year, and offered only support and reassurances that I didn’t think the asshole who had used up Raj’s time would be here this year. Raj asked me if I knew that for sure, and I just said it would be too crazy to have such a thing happen two years in a row.

Around 2 pm I had to present. I glanced out into the audience to see Raj, Victoria, and Joshua all seated in my talk. While I had been asked to present, there was a much more interesting topic occurring at the same time, and if I hadn’t been presenting I would have been in that lecture. I had to guess they were all there for personal rather than professional reasons.

The presentation went well, especially considering I had slept less in the last two nights than I usually did in one. Each of them came up to thank me after the lecture. They were all professional and no one observing would have known any differently. There were enough people present that it didn’t look like the “Marla has fucked these people” lecture, and other colleagues greeted me after as well.

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