A Suburban Shift Pt. 02


This is the second installment of this story. If you haven’t already, I suggest reading “A Suburban Shift” first, before reading this one. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


Madelyn Prescott was in a rush. But, being busy and on the move was nothing strange for the 42 year old mother of two. Today had all the usual chores- the gym, getting her husband and kids ready for school and out the door, cleaning up after breakfast. She also had a Home-School Association meeting at 3:15, in which she was the chairwoman. On top of that, it was mid- December and Maddie, as her friends called her, was going to finish up her Christmas shopping with plenty of time to spare before the holiday. That was typical of Maddie, organized and ahead of time for all the different aspects of her life.

Today was going to be a little different, but Maddie didn’t know that yet. As she was leaving the entrance to Nordstrom’s at 2:30, Maddie checked her watch and thought that she had plenty of time to make it from the local mall and get to her son’s school on time for her meeting. Just then, her cell phone indicated that she had a text. It was from her friend Alex and stated, “Head to Samantha’s, the lingerie shop at the end of the Mall.”

Maddie thought this request was odd and texted back to her friend. “Why? I have the association meeting in 45 minutes and you said you would be there.”

“Just do it…you have plenty of time…” was the reply that Maddie received from her friend.

Begrudgedly, Maddie shook her head, but began walking towards the lingerie shop as she was told. Three minutes later she arrived at the entrance to Samantha’s just as her cell phone buzzed again.

“Browse around the section that has the teddies and await further instruction,” the next text from Alex read.

“What?!” Maddie said out loud to herself. She looked around the mall and peaked inside the store but saw no sign of Alex. She shook her head, but again, followed her orders, picked up her shopping items, and entered the lingerie shop. It took her 30 seconds to find the section that had the teddies. Maddie looked over the intimate apparel, a kind she had never worn before, and was startled when a sales representative approached.

“Good afternoon, and welcome to Samantha’s. My name is Emma, is there anything I can help you with today?” said the sales rep.

Maddie looked up to see an 18 or 19 year old blonde in a white blouse that was unbuttoned enough for her pink bra to clearly be visible. The blouse was untucked and draped a flannel skirt that barely covered her ass. She also had toned legs that seemed to go on forever. Maddie immediately thought the beach blonde looked like Brittney Spears in her first video. She also had a smile on her face that was cute and sweet, but had a hint of “I’m trouble” to it.

“No thank you, I’m just…browsing,” said Maddie, even though she wasn’t really sure what she was doing in the store at that moment.

“Well, if there is anything I can do for you, please just let me know,” said the leggy blonde.

“Thank you,” said Maddie to Emma as the sales rep let her smile linger and slowly turned away.

At that moment, Maddie’s phone buzzed again. She looked down at it and was again shocked at what the message from Alex read- “Wait for the sales girl to answer the store phone, and then walk into the dressing area, go to the furthest dressing room at the end, go in, shut the door, but don’t lock it.”

This time Maddie was finished with the texting games that Alex was playing and decided to call her friend with an annoyed look on her face. The call went right to voice mail, which made Maddie even more annoyed. She looked up just in time to see Emma the sales rep pick up the store phone which had just begun to ring. Maddie closed her eyes and shook her head for the third time in less than 5 minutes. But also for the first time in less than 5 minutes, she obeyed her instructions and proceeded to the changing area with her bags. She went unnoticed because Emma looked very nervous and pre-occupied by whoever she was on the phone with.

Maddie reached the changing area and went to the room she was told to go into. She closed the door and looked around, nervously. “She better have a good reason for her little game,” Maddie said to herself.

45 seconds later, the door swung open and in walked Alex. The tall brunette with blonde highlights quickly locked the door behind her and pushed Maddie up against the back wall.

“What are you doi…” was all Maddie could get out before Alex pressed her red lipstick adorned lips up against Maddie’s. Maddie put up some resistance but the kiss was ravenous in its passion. Maddie responded to the kiss for a moment, but finally pushed the taller woman away.

“Fuck, I’ve needed you all day,” Alex blurted out before Maddie could get out any attempt at a complaint.

Maddie had a few complaints that immediately came to mind; A) They were in a public place, B) They were both married women in a public place, C) What about the sales girl?, canlı bahis şirketleri and last but not least D) They both had a meeting to attend in 38 minutes that could not start until Maddie got there to start it. All of these things Maddie WAS going to verbalize until she looked into Alex’s eyes, smelled her perfume, and had tasted her lips. This made Maddie forget all those complaints and kiss Alex back with just as much passion that Alex had delivered.

“You set all this up for me?” Maddie asked as she broke the second kiss.

Alex grabbed both of Maddie’s breasts and gave her a brief peck on the lips before saying, “I knew you were going to the mall before the meeting and I knew I needed to taste you before you got up on that dais. And, it was fun stalking my beautiful prey and fooling that hottie sales girl out there. She has no idea we are in here.”

With that, Alex pushed Maddie back up against the wall and planted her lips on Maddie’s neck. Maddie let out a groan of pure lust, but breathlessly stated, “We don’t have much time.”

“Oh, so it’s a quickie you want, Mrs. Prescott?” said Alex while she pinched Maddie’s nipples through her blouse. “Well then, it’s a quickie you’re gonna get.”

With that, Alex dropped to her knees, lifted Maddie’s skirt and yanked her panties to her ankles in one fell swoop. Before Maddie could realize it, she felt Alex’s lips on her vulva just as her womanly nectar began to flow. It felt so incredible to feel Alex’s tongue on her pussy in such a quick and urgent fashion. Maddie let out a moan of passion before remembering what her surroundings were. In a more hushed tone she said to the dressing room wall, “Oh fuck this feels good.”

Alex, knowing that time was of the essence, took one more long lick of Maddie’s pussy, tasting as much of the married blonde’s juices as possible. Then, she began to concentrate on making Maddie cum. First, she inserted her middle finger into Maddie’s pussy and briefly rubbed the blonde’s G-Spot. This caused Maddie to let out a soft squeal. Alex then quickly took her juice covered finger out of her lover and rubbed it in between Maddie’s ass. When she found Maddie’s anus, she quickly put her lips around her lover’s clitoral hood, sucking on it. With just the lightest of flicks, Alex began to tongue Maddie’s exposed clit. The combined stimulations of her rosebud, and her clit sent Maddie quickly over the edge. She grabbed her beautiful lover by her hair and held on as a massive orgasm overtook her. She made guttural sounds, but did her best not to scream out in pleasure and alert the girl behind the store’s counter.

As Maddie caught her breath and regained some semblance of composure, Alex rose from her knees and the couple engaged in a passionate French kiss. Maddie reluctantly pulled away, “We have to get out of here to get to the meeting,” Maddie said, “I can’t be late.” She then whispered to Alex, “How are we gonna get past the sales girl?”

“You walk out first like nothing happened. If she asks if you want to buy anything, just say ‘no thanks’ and keep moving. I’ll wait here 5 minutes and casually leave myself. Go-I’ll see you at the meeting,” Said Alex right before giving Maddie a quick peck on the lips.

“You’re unbelievable,” Whispered Maddie, “I can’t believe we just did this!”

“Go, we’ll talk about it later,” Said Alex with a wry smile as she pushed Maddie out of the changing room.

Maddie tried her best not to be noticed by Emma the sales girl, but just as she thought she might be in the clear and out of the store, she heard a voice from behind say, “Oh Miss, I didn’t know you were still here, can I assist you with any purchases?” it was Emma wearing an equally wry smile to that of Alex’s.

“Oh, no, not today, thanks,” said Maddie.

Emma lightly chuckled, “Ok, maybe next time,” as she watched the beautiful older woman leave the store.

Maddie rushed out of the store to the Mall exit and to her car with two packages in hand. She was flushed and slightly out of breath as she put the car in drive and started out for her son’s school and the Home-School Association meeting.

Many thoughts raced through her mind as Maddie drove to the meeting. First and foremost was that the sales girl totally knew what had happened in the changing area. The thought that this could expose her secret tryst with Alex scared the life out of her. She thought about Mike, her husband, and how he would react if he found out his wife was having a lesbian affair. She also knew she had 14 minutes to get to the school which was usually twenty minutes away. She told herself to calm down, drive responsibly, but assertively, and to breathe.

Maddie did all these things, and with the help of making it through all the traffic lights on green, made it to the school with two minutes to spare. Before she got out of her car Maddie realized she was not wearing any panties. This made her more flustered, but also gave her a slight thrill as she walked/ran into the school to see her best friend Marci Simms up on the canlı kaçak iddaa dais, and thirty or so people in the audience. There were more people than usual at this meeting because the annual holiday tea party was to take place after the meeting.

As she climbed the stairs to the dais, Marci gave her a curious look and whispered to her, “Are you OK? I’ve been texting you. I got worried because you didn’t answer. You look kinda flush.”

“Oh, I’m all right. I just kinda lost track of time at the Mall and had to rush here,” said Maddie.

Just as Maddie was calling the meeting to order, Alex sauntered in to the cafeteria where the meeting was taking place. Maddie barely kept her composure as she watched the languid brunette take a seat at a back table. If anyone had the slightest idea what the two of them had been doing just twenty minutes prior to the meeting, it would be the scandal of all scandals in their small suburban town.

Maddie was able to put this thought out of her mind and go through the agenda with no problems. Luckily, the agenda was brief because of the upcoming holidays and there were no controversial issues raised at the meeting. Twenty five minutes after it started, Maddie adjourned the meeting and everyone met at the back tables for Tea, coffee and cookies.

Marci immediately asked Maddie if everything was OK and Maddie reassured her that it was. Marci gave her a strange look, but dropped the issue. Just then, School Principle Janet Hollingsworth approached Maddie and Marci. She offered the two mothers holiday greetings before Marci announced she was going to use the restroom. Maddie knew that Marci was not a huge fan of the principle and used the bathroom as an excuse to get away from her.

“Maddie, shall we get a cup of coffee? I have a small favor to ask you,” said the fifty something principle. Maddie agreed, and the two women poured themselves a cup each and had a seat at a nearby table. Maddie had her cell phone out in her free hand when the principle came up to her, so she placed it on the table in front of her. They both took a polite sip of coffee as the principle went on to describe the small favor she had to ask of Maddie. Just then, her cell phone on the table lit up with a text message that Maddie ignored. As Maddie looked up, over the principle’s left shoulder, she could see Alex typing on her own phone. Then another text arrived, and another. They read:

“Yes, I have your panties”

“Fuck, you taste so good”

“I think principle Hollingsworth wants you too”

They were all from Alex, and after the third one, Principle Hollingsworth stated, “My, Maddie, you are very popular, aren’t you?”

Maddie responded by saying, “I’m sorry for the interruption, let me just make sure there is no emergency.”

“Of course, dear,” responded the principle.

Maddie read the text messages and turned three shades of red. She then looked over the principle’s shoulder to see Alex staring at her. Alex gave her a quick wink and Maddie turned her attention back to Principle Hollingsworth.

“Is everything all right, Maddie?” The principle asked with concern in her voice.

“I’m fine, just the kids wondering when I will be home,” Maddie replied. She then decided that she needed to get home soon so she could have some time to sort through all the events of this crazy day. She politely let the principle know she would help her in any way she could before telling her she needed to get home. Maddie made quick rounds through the gathering without seeing Marci or Alex and then made her way to her car. Not the grandest of exits, but at least she was now on her way home. As she parked her car in the drive, a text beeped on her cell from Marci.

“Where I come from, we call your exit the ‘Irish goodbye’. Are you sure everything is all right? Sorry for leaving you with Hollingsworth, but you know my feelings about that woman- she creeps me out! Are we still on for coffee tomorrow,” said the text from Maddie’s best friend.

Maddie texted back, “I’m fine, just a crazy, busy day. Yes, we are still on for coffee and I invited the principle as well…JK…see you tomorrow.”

Inside, Maddie busied herself with preparing dinner and making sure her son had his homework finished. Mike arrived at 5:30, followed quickly by her daughter, who had just finished her swim team practice. The family of four had a nice dinner with pleasant conversation and talk about the upcoming holidays.

It wasn’t until later, while Mike watched TV downstairs on the couch that Maddie announced she was going to turn in a little early. Lying on her bed, she began to reflect on the day and the last three weeks of her life.

Since her first sexual encounter with Alex, they had become pretty much inseparable. They texted or spoke on the phone every day. There were four incredible sexual encounters where Alex and Maddie shared a bed, a shower or a bathtub. Each time left Maddie amazed at how natural and fulfilling having sex with another woman actually was. Then of course, there canlı kaçak bahis was today’s surprise encounter, different in that it happened in a public place, but still very thrilling.

One thing didn’t change after every time Maddie made love to Alex- the feelings she would have in the hours afterward. The guilt of cheating on Mike- and how she would eventually have to confront that- was always the first thing she thought about. This was usually followed by her thoughts of Alex…was this purely a sexual relationship? Were they “friends with benefits?”, and what did that phrase even mean? Would a day ever come where Maddie would consider leaving her family for another woman? Was she a lesbian? These were the questions that swirled around the married 42 year old mother of two’s head the last three weeks, and they dominated the pragmatic side of Maddie’s brain.

The other side of Maddie’s brain, the fun side, she liked to call it, was euphoric after every meeting with Alex. Each time, Alex would teach Maddie a new technique or provide her with passion she didn’t know existed before their first time together. Maddie became more comfortable and bolder each time she was with Alex. She did things with Alex she would never consider doing with Mike and this excited her fun side all the more.

This reached its apex when the two women were having a post sex bath at Alex’s house. The couple had just had a “sixty-nine” on Alex’s bed for the first time and both had had multiple orgasms. But while they were in the bath, Alex suggested/ordered Maddie to put her knees on the side of the tub and raise her ass in the air. With trepidation, Maddie agreed. Alex began with light kisses from behind on Maddie’s thighs and ass cheeks. She then stuck her tongue out and slowly licked Maddie’s pussy lips before continuing on to Maddie’s ass. She licked the puckered rosebud first before putting her tongue at the entrance to Maddie’s backside and gently pushing inward. Alex would explain later that she called this “tongue darting.”

And darting her tongue into Maddie’s ass is what she did. Ironically, this was something Mike had performed on Maddie not that long ago. This, however, was much different. Maddie had never felt these sensations before and she surprised herself when she called out, “OH fuck that feels good- stick it in deeper!” Alex obliged, while also using her right hand to rub Maddie’s clit. This loosened Maddie’s entrance and allowed Alex’s tongue further access to her lover’s ass.

Then Alex took it one step further and slowly inserted her left middle finger into Maddie’s anus. Maddie let out a squeal that was part pain/part ecstasy. The continued rubbing of Maddie’s clit loosened up her ass enough for Alex to work her finger deeper into Maddie’s ass. Building from a slow rhythm, Alex worked her finger in and out of Maddie’s back entrance and finally to her third massive orgasm of the afternoon.

Her recollections of that afternoon, as well as the adrenaline rush she got each time she knew that she and Alex would be meeting for a sex romp, brought the fun side of her brain into a 50/50 tie with the pragmatic side of her brain. This was the struggle that Maddie was having.

As if on cue, Maddie got a text from Alex. “Hey Mads, how are you?” the text read.

“You’re in trouble!” Maddie immediately replied. “That girl could have been someone’s daughter we know. Someone could have walked into that store!”

“But she’s not, and no one did…are you mad at me??” Alex texted back.

Maddie rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and finally typed, “No,” and hit send on her phone. She then typed, “But, Principle Hollingsworth wants to know what you intend to do with my panties.”

“OMG ROTFLMAO,” was Alex’s reply. She then typed and sent, “I know, we are respected women with families we have to think about…but it was naughty, wasn’t it?”

“Yes and Very much, yes.” was Maddie’s reply.

“Can we do coffee tomorrow?” texted Alex, “I have a bit of news.”

This made Maddie curious, so she replied, “Sure, come on over around 9:30.”

“Ok, sexy,” Alex texted back.

The following morning after Maddie got Mike out the door, she ran upstairs to get ready for Alex’s arrival. A quick shower after her gym workout and then it was time for her to figure out what to wear. The beautiful blonde thought jeans and a blouse, but then thought that to be too dressed up for just coffee with Alex. After all, they were just friends, or good friends, or friends with benefits… or were they something more? Maddie was determined to bring the subject up right after Alex presented her with the news she texted about last night. She settled on a cute, but comfortable, sweat suit and Uggs.

As she was preparing coffee, the doorbell rang and Maddie walked quickly to the door to let Alex in. She could feel that jolt of adrenaline return, just like every time she was in Alex’s presence, and this morning was no different. She opened the door to see Alex similarly attired and greeted the tall brunette with a wide smile. “Good morning! Come on in,” Maddie said brightly. Alex followed Maddie inside towards the kitchen area. Maddie turned to Alex not knowing if the two women would greet each other with a romantic kiss or not. The guidelines for this had not really been set.

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