A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 04


It was a glorious development indeed. On the one hand, I was banging my younger adopted sister Vicky. Her petite, nubile frame had given me tons of delight and I was having a blast teaching her the ways of the fuck. At the same time however, my older adopted sister Bella was back from visiting colleges. Having explored the world, and her sexual desires, she was a lesbian who I’d recently “converted”.

My ultimate goal was to get the two of them together in a threesome, but I had to be careful about it. As much as Vicky loved taking my meat in every hole, I was pretty sure that Bella was a bit protective of her little sister and wouldn’t take to kindly to finding out that I was pounding her innocent twat night in and night out. Since Bella wasn’t working, and Vicky was, it’d been awhile since I’d felt Vicky’s little frame rocking back and forth on my body.

After our little session a few days ago, Bella told me that she was going to organize a little get-together with some of her friends. I figured they were all lesbians, but even if they were just going to play with each other I was game.

It was a thursday afternoon when Bella knocked on my door and poked her head in. “Hey stud,” I minimized the porn I was looking through on my computer, as if I was embarrassed. “My friends are coming over tonight. I thought it’d be good because Mom and Vicky are both working. Are you ready?”

“Sure I’m ready,” I eagerly replied, feeling my cock stiffen in agreement at the idea of meeting her friends. “I guess I won’t jerk off now then.”

“You’d better not be jerking off at all, mister!” She said coyly as she slowly walked towards my desk. She dropped to her knees and fished my cock out of my sweatpants. It’d grown almost completely stiff by the time she made it across the room. “After all, if you’re horny…” she trailed off seductively as she started feeding each inch of my cock into her throat, massaging the bottom of my cock with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Bellaaaaa,” I groaned as my sister deepthroated my cock. She cupped my balls and started stroking the base of it. She looked up at me and winked as she purred, making me even hornier. “Let me fuck you, Bella.”

Suddenly she dropped my cock from my mouth and stood up. Wiping her mouth on her sleeve, she grinned at me. “Later, bro. Save it for tonight!” What a tease.


What are you supposed to do when your sister starts sucking your cock and tells you to wait a mere 5 hours for a lesbian orgy? I wanted to save every ounce of strength, every drop of fluid, and every inch of cock for that night. I wanted to avoid any arousal or any sexual thoughts whatsoever, so that I wouldn’t be spent after a mere 15 minutes of the glorious orgy.

After watching hours of the Ellen Degeneres show, I realized that the sun had set and the house was empty. I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich, wondering what time Bella was going to bring her friends by. What was the protocol for this? Was I supposed to act surprised when they came by? Was I supposed to sit in the living room naked, with a fire in the fireplace? I had a silk robe if I wanted to pull a Hugh Hefner, but that seemed gauche.

My question was answered as I heard the door unlock, and in walked Bella. My mouth full of sandwich, I looked behind her to see her entourage: a bevy of girls, almost out of some super-diverse TV commercial.

Next to Bella’s tan frame I recognized a latina girl, who would later introduce herself as Lisa. Lisa was a hefty girl, with thick thighs and a stereotypical big ass. She had a full rack to match though, as I was used to seeing on bigger girls. Her tits were practically spilling out of her tanktop, and accented her huge red lips. She had a pretty face, and while I wasn’t sure if she was a lesbian or not, I knew that she’d probably been chased by guys her entire life.

Behind Lisa was a very plain-looking Marie. Without her almost-red, auburn hair Marie would’ve been so ordinary that I would’ve missed her entirely in the lineup. Her 5’5″ frame didn’t seem particularly curvy, and was neither overweight nor pencil-thin. Her modest B-cup breasts were probably borderline A-cups, bakırköy escort but it was tough to tell under her cardigan.

Towering over the 3 girls was an enormous blonde beauty. Standing behind them like a norse goddess of fertility, this was Valena, a german exchange student. Valena had long, slender legs that looked toned enough to snap a man in half. Her voluptuous rack was held on a pedestal of a push-up bra, and I suddenly felt the urge to kneel as I gazed upon her beautiful features. Her blonde hair and striking blue eyes made me feel as though I was 7 inches tall.

Speaking of which, I was finding a certain something starting to grow in my pants, and Bella broke the ice. “Girls, this is my brother Jim.” They offered their share of waves, nods, and seductive smiles as I waved speechless, bologna sandwich still in my mouth. “I hope you guys are ready to have a party, why don’t y’all head into the TV room and Jim and I will get some drinks ready.” The girls shuffled off into the TV room and I looked at Bella with eyes that screamed how grateful I was. “Now Jim,” she suddenly warned, “not all of these girls are straight. I don’t think Valena or Marie are ready for a cock yet.” I nodded, admittedly upset that I wouldn’t get a chance to plow the maneater Valena.

“I understand…do they just want to touch each other or what?”

“Well,” she started pouring a few glasses of wine, “I think Marie wants to watch.” I felt no bit of remorse at that, as there were plenty of holes I would put my dick in before plain Jane’s. “Valena might want some oral play or something, I don’t know. She’s german, they’re into all sorts of weird shit over there.” I shuddered at the idea of some kind of fecal or piss play going on in our living room, wondering how I would clean that up.

“And Lisa?” I asked, shaking myself from mundane cleaning thoughts.

“Lisa seemed really excited when I told her about our little meeting. You can probably fuck her brains out.” I grinned as Bella topped off the final wine glass. “I’ll help you carry these out, and we can get started!”

I nearly dropped the wineglasses when I walked into the TV room. There was Marie bent over the arm of our couch with Lisa’s face buried in her ass from behind. Valena was on the recliner, fingering herself and tweaking her nipples while she watched Lisa lap up Marie’s crotch like she spilled something.

“Anyone want wine?” The question seemed a bit odd as everyone was already naked except Bella and me. Everyone was too occupied to answer, so I looked at Bella for a cue. I sure got one, as she’d already stripped down and started towards Valena. Putting down my wineglasses, I dropped my pants and let my boner fly. “Who’s ready for some meat?”

The girls all stopped and turned around at my declaration and started giggling. I wasn’t sure if it was at my cheesy line, or at my cock, and suddenly found myself feeling very vulnerable. My cock started going limp as the action slowed down and I felt 4 pairs of eyes focusing on me.

“That’s it?” Lisa asked as she glared at my continually shrinking cock.

“Well, it’s not fully hard…” I mumbled.

“It’s nowhere near as big as our strap-ons and stuff,” Marie said with derision. What a bitch.

“Hey, be nice!” Bella came to my aid. “It’s not as big as our strap-ons, but it’s REAL. And it feels REALLY different. Imagine being filled with a dildo that wasn’t made of cold silicone or rubber.”

Suddenly Lisa’s eyes lit up and she gestured me to come over to her. “Come here loverboy, I want to give this a try. She bent Marie back over the couch and pulled me behind her. “Is it ok if I eat out Marie while you fuck me with that thing?” I nodded as my cock started growing back to full force again, being positioned behind Lisa and watching her start to eat out Marie’s average-looking ass.

Suddenly the awkward discomfort was behind us as everyone went back to their activities. Lisa started licking away at Marie, who was moaning into a pillow. Valena was on the floor with her head in the recliner, under a reclined Bella who was being worn like a hockey mask. I liked what I was seeing, and was beşiktaş escort ready to make Lisa a believer.

I grabbed Lisa’s hips and basked in the beauty of her round, latina bubble butt. It was so shapely and big, I wondered what it would feel like to have her bouncing on top of me. I shoved my face into it, feeling the cool skin of her beautiful ass around my face. I flicked my tongue around her wet slit, tasting her juices. She was clearly turned on, and let out a slight moan into Marie as I probed further with my tongue. Feeling adventurous, I worked my tongue back to her asshole. I was never really into rimjobs, but in the heat of the moment my curiosity got the best of me. It wasn’t great, but Lisa cooed as I ran my tongue back and forth, getting her nice and wet for the impending pounding.

I slid under her so that she could straddle me and held my cock up for her to slide onto. She took a break from lapping up Marie to focus, allowing Marie to turn around and face us. As she watched me on my back, I felt even more turned on. I suddenly realized that the other 3 girls were watching Lisa as she eased herself onto my cock. “Oooooh,” she let out as her tight lips gave way and I felt myself enter the heat of her loins. She lowered herself onto me, filling her opening with the entirety of my dick. As she finished lowering herself onto me, I felt her big ass against my hips and was extremely turned on at the sight of her cheeks spreading. I’d always liked reverse-cowgirl, but it was even better with a big-assed latina chick. As if awaiting her judgment, everyone grew quiet as Lisa wiggled around on my cock to get comfortable. “Wowwwwww, this feels GOOD!”

The girls let out a cheerful giggle and started getting back to work. Bella continued to ride Valena’s face and Marie played with herself as Lisa started to work up a rhythm on my cock. I grabbed her hips while she used her legs to bounce up and down, a light moan escaping her lips. “Ohhhhhh Jimmmmmm,” she let out in a low-pitched drone. I started pumping up and down, using my hips to power my thrusts into her tight, lesbian cunt. I saw Marie lick her lips and pictured Lisa’s tits bouncing up and down as she rode my cock like an angry bull. Lisa reached a hand down to her crotch to start playing with her clit, and I found myself getting hornier and hornier as my cock worked its way in and out of her. “JESUS JIMMMM, IM GONNA CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!”

As if by some telepathic command, Marie dropped down from the couch and started sucking on Lisa’s tits, heightening her ecstasy. Lisa’s gorgeous body started to spasm and I felt her pussy grip down on me like a vice. Her breath grew sharp as the orgasm built up, and her moans turned into sharp squeals as Marie started working her clit. With a final shout, Lisa collapsed backwards onto me and smiled. Feeling her dead weight on me, I realized she’d need a few seconds to cool off. I reached my arms around her torso to cup her tits, feeling their soft, massive form in my hands. I pinched a nipple to find it was soft; this girl was clearly done.

“Well, how was it?” asked Marie, standing in front of us.

“AMAZING!” Lisa let out with a breath. After a few seconds she added, “it’s like, not as painful, in a bad way.” I frowned, until she added, “but instead of going for pain it’s more about feeling the other PERSON. Holy crap, we’ve been missing out!” Lisa rolled off of me and my cock slipped out of her snatch, dripping her juices but still erect because I miraculously hadn’t cum yet.

“It was good for me too,” I said with a wink to Lisa, who was collecting herself and sitting down with a glass of wine. “But I’m afraid I didn’t finish. Will you suck me off?” I was eager to have her wrap those huge red lips around the head of my cock, so that I could shoot rope after rope of my cum into her throat.

“Oh Jim, I’ll need a few minutes,” she said panting. “I’m always like this after I get off.”

“Do you mind if I work on someone else?” I asked. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I didn’t want her being done to throw off the rhythm of the orgy.

“Not at all, stud. Go get em!”

“Ok, who’s next? How about beylikdüzü escort you, Valena?” I’d already fucked Bella, and was more interested in this woman who towered over me. I also had very little interest in Marie, who seemed mutually unattracted to me.

“I am not sure,” she said in a thick German accent. “I have not ever been weeth a man.” Her supple breasts were heaving as she caught her breath after eating out my sister.

“Awww, c’mon Val!” I added playfully. “Lisa seemed to enjoy it! Besides, I think you have such a beautiful body.” She seemed unphased as I approached her, my cock swinging inches from her face. “You can at least suck on me, right?” She looked away in protest. “Come on, do it!” I shoved my cock at her mouth, smacking it across her lips.

Valena roared and leaped up at me, knocking me over. She clearly didn’t like me sticking my dick in her face. Pinning me to the ground with her 6’4″ frame, I found myself underwhelmed by this woman. Every inch of her limbs was toned with muscle, and while she was gorgeous, buxom, and shaved in all the right areas, she was downright masculine in her strength. “I SAID NO, IT MEANS NO!”

She spun around and squatted above my face, keeping my arms and legs pinned down. Now I was worried, because I’d heard what German girls like to do. “PLEASE NO!” I screamed, closing my eyes and conflicted over whether opening my mouth to scream was a good idea. “I’M SORRY, PLEASE JUST DON’T –“

And there it was. A wet sensation on my mouth. But it wasn’t piss, or anything gross. I opened my eyes to find her asshole right above me, as she was lowering her pussy onto my mouth. “EAT ME, AMERICAN BOY!” she yelled as she forcefully ground her cunt against my face. I was in heaven, having this valkyrie of a woman ride my face like a saddle. She rocked back and forth, keeping full control of my limbs. I fully submitted to her every gesture. As she rocked back and forth on my face, I eagerly met it with my tongue, swabbing her delicious cunt and breathing in as much of her musk as I could. “Yes, you like pussy don’t you?” she asked.

“Mhm,” I moaned into her cunt. She reached her arm behind her and grabbed my hair, pulling it against her wet underside as she sat as hard as she could on my face. While she wasn’t moaning or breathing different, I could tell she was about to cum. I fought for breath as stream after stream of a hot, metallic fluid shot out all over my face and her pussy squirted all over me. She got every last bit of cum out as she flexed her thighs and raised herself from my face. “That was good,” she said in broken english as she wiped her hands. “I like your face.”

I was in love. This delightfully sized woman was allowed to ride my face any time, and now I wanted to fuck her brains out. “Are you ready to fuck?” I gestured towards my cock, but she still looked nervous.

“It might not feel good.” I didn’t care, as I just wanted to cup her enormous breasts and feel her big frame under me as I pounded her from behind.

“Oh, don’t worry Valena, it feels great!” Bella said as she got up from the recliner. “Here, I’ll show you!” Bella helped me up off the floor and walked over to the ottoman. She bent over it and spread her ass cheeks apart, inviting me. “Come on bro, let’s show them how it’s done.”

I eagerly jumped up at the chance to punish my sister’s cunt, and plunged my cock into her snatch. It felt looser than Lisa’s, but I loved the feeling of her skin against mine as I bent over her on the ottoman and started reaming her. “Goddd Bella I forgot how good your cunt feels.”

“Not so hard, Jim!” she yelped, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t here to seduce her or please her. I needed to cum, and badly. I closed my eyes and didn’t care about the rest of the girls in the room. I grabbed her huge, dangling tits and started entering her with big, powerful thrusts. “JIMMM,” she squealed as I ravaged her cunt, “SLOW DOWNNNNNNN!”

“Sorry…sis…I’m gonna…cum…” I squeezed my eyes shut as the familiar sensation built up in my balls and I realized I was about to fill my sister’s cunt with hot, milky semen.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?!” I opened my eyes to see Barbara, my mom, standing in the front door with a bag of groceries. The shocked look on her face might have been at the group of naked women sitting in her living room, but my money was on her seeing me balls-deep and shooting my load into Bella’s pussy from behind.

“Oh, shit.”

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