A Sunday Bet


The weekend was approaching fast, and Sean couldn’t wait for Sunday. Sunday meant football all day and night, and that was a slice of heaven. The thought made Sean smile because this weekend was the start of the NFL season. Finally! It felt like it took forever to come around.

Sean Adams was content to watch to watch the games at home, but the best times were had in the company of like-minded football junkies like himself. Only problem is, all of the like-minded friends Sean could think of seem to be out of town this weekend.

One name came to Sean’s mind, but the name made him hesitate—Tony Ryan. Tony was as big a football fanatic as he was. Both of them were in a fantasy football league together and he was sure Tony played in a flag football league, too. Tony would certainly burn an entire Sunday watching the games. But Tony long had an admiring eye for Sean and although respectful in his advances, he wasn’t shy about letting Sean know his interest.

Tony’s gay. Sean was straight. With just the two of them watching football all day, Sean was worried he would be the target of Tony’s sly, yet persistent flirtations. Not the best way to experience the opening weekend of the NFL season, Sean thought. Maybe he’d order just order a pizza and enjoy the games by himself on Sunday. Not his preferred option, but it would do. Sean picked up his tablet to check his e-mail and take a quick look at his fantasy football team—now that it was on his mind. Sean went to fantasy football league website first, curious to find out who his first week opponent would be. Oddly enough, it was Tony’s team. What an Interesting coincidence.

He flipped over to his e-mail. First message up was from…Tony Ryan:

From: Tony Ryan

To: Football Peeps

09/06/2012 8:32 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Subject: Sunday Funday

To one and all—

If you’re ready and willing, I’m hosting at my place in honor of the NFL season. Come one, come all and satiate your football hunger. Let’s celebrate the return of the great game by watching it all day and night this Sunday : )

The flat-screen is big enough to make us feel like we’re in the stadiums, the food will be tasty, and there will be plenty of adult beverages to force you to call in sick from work on Monday.

Let me know if you’re interested. All you need to bring is yourself. I have everything else.


Hmm. He was playing against Tony week one, and now this e-mail. Two signs in quick succession. Maybe Tony’s place is the place to be on Sunday. And with other people there to share the experience, it may even deflect some of the usual attention Tony would show him. Yeah, Sean decided. He would go to Tony’s on Sunday and enjoy the games there.

It was a quick two days to Sunday, but they couldn’t have been fast enough for Sean. He was itching to watch the pre-game shows building up to the 1pm games. Several of Tony’s friends responded to his invitation and we’re coming. Sean was relieved for the company. The more, the merrier in his mind. Tony invited his guests to come early. He sure understands the minds of football fans, doesn’t he! So by 10:30, Sean was out the door on his way to Tony’s place across town. It was Sunday and Sean always dressed causal on Sundays, but he was extra cautious because of Tony’s wandering eye. Tony often commented Sean’s muscular legs and his “tight hockey butt”, as Tony called it. Thankfully, the fall weather made sweats and sneakers a perfect outfit today. He could cover his assets in Tony’s presence without looking odd.

Sean was the first guest to arrive. Tony’s pleasantly surprised smile upon opening the door told him that much. Tony was barefoot in just gym shorts and a muscle tee. Truth be told, Tony earned the right to show off the results of his conditioning. He was canlı bahis well-toned physical specimen with a barrel chest and formidable biceps. He looked every bit the part of the Tight End position he played in his flag-football league.

“You’re the first one here, but I have the pregame shows up,” Tony said as he greeted Sean inside. He headed back to the kitchen. A delicious blend of French toast and Bacon perfumed the air, enticing his taste buds and reminding his stomach he was indeed hungry.

“You want some brunch?” Tony asked from the kitchen. The guy’s a mind-reader.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sean took a seat on the long sofa, right in front of the huge flat-screen TV. Tony came into the living room–plate and two beers in hand–just as Sean took notice of Tony’s open MacBook with the fantasy football website set on the game tracker page for their matchup.

“You gonna to lose to me today,” Tony quipped, pointing at the laptop, confidence in his wide smile. “My team’s too tough for you!” Sean took the plate and nodded sarcastically at his declaration.

“I guess we’ll see about that, buddy!” Sean responded with a laugh, taking a bite of bacon.

With the subject of football to talk about, Tony and Sean got along like best friends. The expected awkwardness of being alone with Tony in his apartment wasn’t a concern. He didn’t flirt with him at all. Tony was simply a football fan enjoying the first week of games with a like-minded bud. A few people cancelled last minute and a few more called Tony to say they would be late. He seemed to have no worries about the no-shows and latecomers. The 1pm games started and Sean was still his only guest. So engrossed in the games and all things football, it wasn’t until halftime that either Sean or Tony wondered where the other guests were. All the same, neither guy seemed to care. Both of them downed several bottles of beer and were feeling pretty good. Sean was starting to think he had found a weekly football buddy for the season in Tony. He was also starting to feel a slight buzz from the beer. Tony was well on his way to inebriation as well.

As the second half of the games began, it was still just Sean and Tony viewing the games. And out of the corner of his eye, Sean began to notice Tony’s body show what he thought was frustration over his expected guests standing him up. After all, he footed the food and booze bill. Bailing on Tony was a shit thing for his friends to do last minute, Sean thought. He was definitely the good guy for showing up, but he felt bad for the host nevertheless. Sean and Tony continued to enjoy the games together—flipping through channels to witness as much as they could while checking the fantasy stats on the laptop. Their fantasy teams were in a tight battle.

Tony’s leg was shaking nervously, his toes planted into plush carpet; his right bare heel lifting rapidly off the floor. His eyes were on the game same as Sean, but he was twisting his hands together slowly and pressing his lips inward like someone plotting revenge. The no-shows had to be getting to him and he was having trouble containing his anger. Suddenly, Tony turned to Sean.

“Are you a betting man, Sean?” Sean coolly turned to face Tony.

“It depends on the bet.”

“4pm game between San Fran and Green Bay. Who do you like?”

“What’s the bet?”

“Depends,” Tony came back with a coy smile and naughty twinkle in his eye as he turned Sean’s words around on him. Is he flirting with me? Damn he flipped the switch on that fast.

“How about $50”, Tony offered, taking a bill from his pocket, placing it on the table. Sean looked at the money, considered his options and took the bait.

“Green Bay’s gonna win at home. San Fran can’t stop their offense and don’t have an offense of their own. Their QB can’t do more than bahis siteleri manage a game. I got Green Bay and I look forward to your $50!”

Tony just nodded, smirking at Sean; his eyes hungrily scanning Sean’s body—up, down and back up again. What the hell does this guy have up his sleeve looking at me like that?

“Okay. You have Green Bay. I have San Francisco. You win the $50 is yours. If I win, what do I get, Sean?”

Shit. Sean should have seen this coming. He jumped at what he thought was an easy-money bet. A straight money bet, but the tone in Tony’s teasing question made it clear he wanted something else if he won. Tony’s chocolate eyes danced as they bore into Sean, waiting for Sean to respond. Sean was hesitant to ask, but he had to man up to the bet.

“What do you want if you win?”

“I want to make that big cock of yours come right in my hands, Sean—plain and simple.”

There it was. The Tony Ryan Sean worried would emerge did so and upped the ante. Sean knew it was too late to renege. Tony bit his bottom lip nervously…eagerly waiting for the answer he wanted. The commentary on the screen was the only sound in the apartment.

“C’mon Sean. It’s just you and me here, and I don’t kiss and tell.” Tony’s body seemed to quake with a lust he obviously held inside him from the moment Sean walked into his apartment (maybe even from the moment Sean agreed to join him on Thursday). His movements were fluid, more expressive; his gestures–flirtatious and erotic.

“Alright,” Sean said in a meek, private voice Tony faintly heard. “But if I win, I want the money and no funny business, man!”

“A bet is a bet,” Tony acquiesced. They shook on it to make it official—Sean’s hand wrapped inside Tony’s confident grip.

The marquee game of week one was an epic clash of football titans from the beginning, but San Francisco on the road, showed poise and maintain a slight hold on the lead. Sean’s stomach was in knots as he watched his horse trail in the game. Tony had a wide, knowing smile on his face since kickoff. Every so often, he’d glance at Sean with dark passion in his eyes. Sean kept his eyes on the flat-screen as much as he could. Hope as he might, it was clear that this year’s team had an offense to go with that famous defense—and Green Bay had lost a step. Tony didn’t rub the score in Sean’s face, but by the end of the third quarter, it was a dominating and shocking 23-7 lead for San Francisco. Sean thought about asking for hard alcohol to prepare for what was likely going to be his first intimate encounter with another man. Instead inside, he became the biggest fan outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. To his surprise, the Packers mounted a comeback to make the game interesting. At this point, he desperately wanted to avoid Tony touching him a lot more than the fifty dollars. However, the comeback felt short as San Fran scored again and stopped Green Bay’s vaunted offense from scoring again. San Francisco won the game 30-22 and Tony won his pound of flesh. Sean glanced at the laptop. He was losing there as well. Jesus!

The host said nothing as he cleared the table and went into the kitchen. Sean’s mind raced how this situation would play out. He liked women and only women! How could he get himself into such as a bind? Damn Tony! As the internal curse crossed his mind, Tony silently came back to the sofa beside Sean, smiling slightly. To Sean, Tony’s whole demeanor eerily reminded him of an old Vampire taking in the sight and scent of human prey before draining them of their blood. His breathing was shallow. His eyes bore holes into Sean’s sweatpants at the crotch. Tony rubbed the back of his own head as if to contemplate his next move. It was then that Sean saw the rising and growing bulge between Tony’s legs. It was a meaty rope that indented Tony’s bahis şirketleri gym shorts like hard, immovable steel pressed against malleable metal. Tony’s large right hand descended on Sean’s left knee. He began to rub his thigh sensually with a hint of reassurance in his touch. Sean refused to acknowledge the electric surge of sensation that traveled from his knee, up his thigh and straight to his balls.

“You know…you may have lost the bet. But if you relax and just go with this, your body won’t know you lost a thing.” Tony stared at his own hand make wider massaging circles on the long muscles of Sean’s thigh—working ever closer. “The body doesn’t know gender when there’s pleasure to be had, Sean.”

Maybe it was the deep muscle presses into his thigh so close to his genitals or the phrase Tony just said to relax him, but Sean’s body tingled deliciously beneath Tony’s exploring hand at that moment. His pupils constricted and his smooth, masculine face flushed red. The way it does when the anticipation of sex with a desired woman is just about to turn into reality. It was fleeting, but the sensation exploded inside him stronger than ever. It was enough for his penis to pulse with blood pumping through the veins; for it to rise–newly aroused and wanting to be touched. Sean’s body betrayed the fears of his mind. Sean, the heterosexual, was slowly beginning to relent to the pleasure to be had from Tony.

Tony’s instincts read the shift in Sean’s body. More to the point, his hand felt the movement of Sean’s long member come to life just above his hand. A quick glance into Sean’s eyes confirmed it was more than okay to caress his cock, and he did. Tony ran his hand the length of it, feeling it respond to his touch and harden. Again and again, he stroked it–tugging it and pressing it with his fingers on the way back down Sean’s thigh. God, did he love this guy’s legs! Hand up on his Sean’s stone-hard cock once more, and Tony’s hand reached for the waistband of Sean’s sweatpants. Sean’s face was drunk with surprise and sexual hunger, his mouth open and his eyes watching another man’s hand on his hard cock. Pulling his pants down, Sean was eager to help Tony get them off of him now—shifting his weight on the sofa to facilitate its removal.

In no time, Sean’s naked, free-standing, throbbing tool was in Tony’s surprisingly soft hands. With confidence in their complete privacy growing, Sean began to moan from Tony’s capable hands. He was falling deeper and deeper into the jungle of sexual indulgence. Sean was getting delightfully lost in that jungle with every manual polish of his sleek shaft. Tony was an expert at this, Sean found. Sean couldn’t have touched himself this good. Sweatpants and boxer shorts down by his ankles, Tony worked skillfully over his cock with his right hand, and his balls with the left. Sean could feel the pressure building for release as his precum and crotch sweat made the motions of Tony Ryan’s hands run smoother and faster over his member. He was going to cum all over Tony’s sofa—in Tony Ryan’s hand! Shit, he was fucking his hand like a pussy! Damn, this was so good!

The manipulation of his loins would have pushed Sean over the edge eventually, but it was the way Tony looked at him—his deep brown eyes staring into Sean’s muted blue—that made his muscles twitch and quake and erupt in climax. Sean wailed as he came, gobs of semen shooting up like a geyser. Tony milked him for all he had and relished the result that coated his hands as well as Sean’s bare thighs. In the moment that followed his orgasm, Sean felt a twinge of shame. A man touched him sexually, and popped him harder and better than anyone before today. He wasn’t gay, but he quickly understood what Tony said. The body only wants to know pleasure. And his didn’t care about the gender of the person giving me such pleasure. In this private and secret moment, Sean didn’t give a damn about semantics. When he removed his thoughts from the equation and let his body guide him, he had to admit that he felt satisfaction like never before.

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