A surprise at a wedding

A surprise at a weddingMe and my friend attended the wedding of one of his old mates and I was pretty much invited along just to keep him company, and it was beautiful, a big fancy wedding, delicious food, and lots, I repeat, lots of great looking women.It seemed pointless me being there because it wasn’t long before my friend hooked up with one of the bridesmaids and just left me alone at the bar, sipping on my drink, until low and behold, I caught a cute, petite woman staring at me with a smile on her face, I decided to make a move.We got to chatting and I quickly realised that this girl had an amazing personality as well as being beautiful. She had medium length brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, a rather small body frame, and was slender too, not to mention a fantastic sense of humour, she was just great, and I liked her from the start.A few drinks later things got very deep and she even asked me to dance, I of course agreed and started to make our way to the dance floor, I immediately noticed the height difference between us, me being six foot four, and her being about five foot seven, it was cute. Just as we arrived on the floor the song ended and a slow song came on, the great thing was neither of us minded, and we had a lovely slow dance, I was very happy right now, but also a little confused güvenilir bahis şirketleri as to why some people were giving me strange looks, but I didn’t care.After a few dances we sat back down and talked again, and after a few more drinks she whispered to me, “I have a room here at this hotel, would you like to come up there with me?”, she didn’t have to ask me twice.We got up to the room and sat on the bed, and just as I was about to speak she leaped in and started kissing me, and trust me, I didn’t put up a fight! I was happy just kissing, but then she started unzipping the back of her dress, and then I knew things were getting really good, I also started undressing as quick as I could.As I focused on taking off my shoes and trousers, out of curiosity I asked her, “So how do you know the bride exactly?”, in the heat of the moment I could not hear her answer, so I said, “Sorry I didn’t get that, say it again please”, and as I turned to look at her she said, “I’m the bride’s brother”, my jaw dropped, because all I could see standing next to me was a girl, with what I can only described as a rather large semi-erect cock between her legs, this came as a huge shock to me.This was a big surprise, and I could see by her face that she was worried that I’d not like it and said sheepishly “I..I youwin güvenilir mi thought you knew.. if this is a problem I can..”, but on the contrary, I explained to her that this had been a fantasy of mine for a long time, and I think she knew I was telling the truth when my albeit much smaller member turned fully erect.She gently pushed me down onto the bed and then clambered up so her knees were either side of my waist, and now her cock was staring me right in the face. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated, after all, it’s not every day you meet a girl with a cock this large. I couldn’t resist, her big balls and big thick cock were so alluring, I couldn’t wait any longer.I started to suck the end of it, it was so big and thick it was a struggle to fit it in to my mouth, but I certainly gave it my best shot, slowly she started pushing more into my mouth until three inches had disappeared, and then four, and when we eventually got to about the fifth inch she let out a little moan, grabbed the back of my head and thrusted the rest of cock into my mouth and down into my throat, filling my mouth and gagging me.The oral went on for about five more minutes until she slowly pulled her throbbing member out of my mouth, then she just slowly got off the bed, proceeded perabet to rub it around my mouth a slap me on the cheek a few times. Then she gave me a look, a look of complete lust, and in that moment I knew exactly what to do, I got up, and bent over the bed so I was now lying on my front. She put a condom on and then walked towards me, put one hand on my back, and with the other she guided her cock towards me and presses it against my bare flesh, in this instant my cock became fully erect and started to throb, and just like that she had the tip in me. She keeps on edging it in slowly, bit by bit, inch by inch. She keeps pushing and then retracting, gradually picking up the pace, until now she was balls deep.So here I am, being pounded by a petite girl whose cock is almost twice as long as mine, and almost twice as thick, she was relentless, pounding me until I could no longer moan, her heavy balls smashing into mine causing a fair amount of pain, but I didn’t care, I was too excited by the fact that she showed no signs of slowing down, I could have done this for ever.Some time later, she lets out an orgasmic moans, and proceeds to unleash what seems like a never ending supply of hot come inside me, had she not been wearing a condom it would have been very messy. She then slips her still semi erect cock out of me, it felt so amazing.We kissed and cuddled all night, and wouldn’t you know it, she still had enough energy for me to blow her again in the morning. This story also had a happy ending, because that woman who’s wedding I went to? She later became my sister in law.

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