a surprise for Geraldine


a surprise for Geraldine”You are WHAT?” she jelled, because she was getting really angry.“I am going Hong Kong for one or two, max three weeks, because the company needs me there, you know how it works, Geraldine..”Geraldine was breathing so hard that her nostrils were visibly moving a bit. But Paul was cool as ever.“But don´t worry, Hun ,I took the time to arrange something…special for you…”He said it casually. It worked. As it usually did, in situations like this. His wife lowered her shoulders a bit. Her mouth formed a big O.“What…is it..this time?…“A surprise” he said and kissed her on the forehead. He was holding both her arms, gentle. They were in the hall of their luxurious house in one of the most expensive suburbs. She adjusted her rimless glasses a little.“What is it, is it the….new car?” she asked, slowly relaxing, “my Mini is almost 3 years old now…”“No, not…really..”He was turning them both a little. She found this a bit odd, but didn´t really think about it. She could feel the post holding the handrail of the staircase against her spine now. “Close your eyes now…”She did. There was a number of quick, metallic clicks as he chained her left hand to the staircase.“I´ve hired an instructor for you, you keep talking about how we need new impulses…”“What?…No, honey, i´ve not…”“No, that is too late now…Ohh, that must be my Taxi…He kissed her lips quickly, threw the keys to the handcuff and dropped them on the floor, well out of her reach, before he left the house. Geraldine was 34 that autumn. A tall, slender brunette with a university degree in Archaeology that she didn´t use, and too much time to kill. There was no k**s in the marriage and they had hired help for both house and garden. They had been married for almost 10 years, so, yes, they had been experimenting, but never anything remotely like this!This was absurd!She heard the taxi drive off. The cleaning-lady was not due until the next day, and she had left her phone in the kitchen. Trying to break the hand-rail was out of the question, it was the original art-deco and irreplaceable. She kind of like the idea of being taken out of her comfort-zone, but not like this!Bondage was fine, so was doing it with a stranger, but combined was a bit…much. Especially when she had no control at all. Geraldine liked samsun escort control. Then she heard the step from the basement stairs. Her pulse began to race. “Hello, my new pupil.”It was the voice of a mature man, about 40 or so. Soft and dark. She cleared her throat several times.“I…I am afraid that there has been some misunderstanding…Can you please set me free?”“No, i´m afraid that that is not possible at the moment!”“But…but you have too!”“Both your husband and your ther****t thinks that this will be good for you, Geraldine”“Doctor Klumpf?”“Yes, you see, this has all been carefully planned, just for you..”“It can´t…I don´t…”“But you will need to cooperate a little, Geraldine, can you do that?”“I do not want to be the slave of some….of some…”“You are not a slave, you are my student, but a little…correction can come into play…”She made a sound like a cartoon-a****l. She could hear that the stranger took another few steps on the staircase. “But, Sir, I don´t really…”“Please open your pants now” he interrupted. She made the same sound again. She was thinking hard. Could Doctor Klumpf really be involved in this?Well, he had on many occasions been talking about all her limitations and how she would benefit from loosing at least some of them. She placed her free hand on her belt. “But…”“No, just open your pants, like I told you, Geraldine”She sighed and undid the belt, trying to gain time. She had to move closer to the post in order to use both hands as she opened the two top buttons of her black slacks. “Very good, you need to take them off…”She made that sound again, but she opened the remaining 3-4 buttons. Stepped out of her pumps and began to wiggle out of the pants. She could feel that he was standing right behind her now, but turning around never really occurred to her. That would not be correct. The pants fell to her feet. After a few seconds she bent down to remove them completely. She caught a glimpse of the man. He was wearing an elegant, black suit and he was wearing a black mask that covered most of his face. There was holes for his eyes and his mouth, but the rest was covered. Her free hand was clutching the railing. He put both his hands on her hips. She made another sound. More throaty. “I think you know what antalya escort we will work on…”“NO!”“Oh, yes, we will!”He pulled her panties about halfway down. “But…it is just a fantasy I have!”“Yes, but it seems to be an important one, according to the good Doctor.”When the panties fell to the floor, she stepped out of them and kicked them a bit away.“I…I will need to be in chains, sir”“Yes, of cause. The first time, anyway..”“The first times?!?”“Your husband has paid for 24 hours, Geraldine..”She made the cartoon a****l sound. Her knees felt weak. The man went over and picked the keys up. “But…but it was supposed to be a fantasy and just…a fantasy”“Yes, but not any more!”He unlocked her hand from the handrail. “But…But..”She held both her hands towards him. He quickly chained them together. He had the chain that connected the cuffs in his fist. Their eyes met, but she had to look down. Then he opened the door that let to the basement stairs. “Come, Geraldine…”She made the cartoon-sound, but began, leading the way. Slow, careful steps, down the steep steps, falling in her current state would be impossible to explain. The house was large, but she knew where he would lead her to. To the left, down the corridor, past the rooms where the staff would have stayed, in a previous age. Into what they had been talking about converting into a spa bath, but they hadn´t gotten down to that yet. There was black and while tiles on the floor, white on the walls, but the stranger had turned the electric light out and replaced it with a large number of candles. Her heart skipped a handful of beats. Another set of handcuff hung from a faucet. “Nooooo,” she moaned and held her hand forwards, to make it easier for him to lock her to the faucet as well. She sunk down on her knees. Some-one had been scrubbing both floor and walls recently. When she turned towards him, he had his fly open and his penis was out. “We both know that you want this..”She nodded. The man put a hand around the back of her head. She looked up at him. Her eyes were a dark shade of blue. “Tell me, then I do it, Geraldine…”“Nooo…”“You must!”“But, sir..”“Tell, me!!“P….p…p….Piii, sir…”She was making her sound as his ray began to flow. A warm jet hit her chin. Her eyes sought his ankara escort and she leaned forwards a little. The stream hit her on her lower lip. A bit further. Her mouth was filling up. She coughed. Her shirt was getting wet too and clinging to her body now. There was stains on her glasses too, blurring her vision a little. She leaned as close as possible toward his. “You must lean to ask for this” he said as the stream began to dry out. She closed her mouth, held it closed for 2 or 3 seconds, then spat its contend out over her chest. Then she nodded. “I will, sir” she said and then, not until then, did she lower her eyes. He was still holding his cock. It was starting to get hard. “Tell me what you are, Geraldine..”“I think that you want me to say that I am a dirty whore…And I would like to be, but I really am a frustrated house-wife…And we have just ruined a very expensive shirt…i can´t tell my dry-cleaner how it got stained like thi….”He made he stop talking by putting his cock in her mouth. She began sucking it, could feel how it became harder.“Are you sure that you are not a pro?..You sure know how to blow a guy…”She looked up at him, quickly. The man took his smart-phone out. Checked something. It took her a while, then it dawned on her; he was watching porn on his phone!“He is lucky to be married to a skilful whore like you, Geraldine…”Maybe, but Paul never did anything close to this. A bit of blind-folding on a few, select occasion, a few blow-jobs and some bland lights-out sex. Never what she really needed and wanted, never taking control over her. “You will suck a lot of cock before this is over…”Well, at the moment, she didn´t really have any options, did she?She wished that she could she what he was watching. Because it was having an effect on him. His breathing was getting heavy. His cock, down her throat, almost making her choke. He was making her work!She could hear moaning from his phone. She was wondering if he was going to fuck her at all, but she couldn´t really ask him at the moment. That would be the ultimate humiliation, a golden shower and then a blow-job, while he was watching porno…Never touching her, never given her freshly shaven pussy a second glance.“Yeah, bitch”He was holding her head with both hands now. She could hardly keep up, he was fucking her mouth. His moaning was heavy now. His eyes were closed. It was so annoying that she could not use her hands. She really was his toy. “Yeah, bitch..”His cock was out of her, and she was gasping for air. He was wanking, and for the second time in less than 10 minutes, he sprayed her face.

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