A Surprise Stretching

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A short story about a man’s decision to have his girlfriend’s anus stretched by an agent of the Secular Church of Acceptance.

Set in the world of my novel, Rise of the Church: Zadie’s Journey.

A Surprise Stretching

‘How many times do I have to say no?’

‘I really wish you’d try it. Just once!’

‘No!’ she said, forcefully, though she couldn’t help but smile at his persistence. ‘It must be so painful; there’s just no chance I’ll ever let you put anything in there.’

‘I’ve read that loads of women actually orgasm from anal. Maybe you—’

She laughed. ‘Let it go, Max!’

‘Annie. What can I do to—’

‘Nothing! You could buy me a yacht and I still wouldn’t do it.’

‘Don’t you get bored of having it in the same old hole?’

‘It’s not old.’

Max sighed, defeated once again. After half a year of pleading and begging, he had made no progress. He had been toying with the idea of getting the church involved, but he was sure that she’d dump him if he did.

She returned her attention to the TV. ‘Can we continue watching this now?’

‘You’re actually watching this shit?’


‘I might sit upstairs and do my own thing.’

‘Aww, can’t we snuggle?’

‘No anal, no snuggle.’

‘Are you serious?’

‘No,’ he laughed, ‘I just have some work to catch up on.’

‘Oh. Enjoy.’

Retiring to the study, Max guiltily reflected on the fact that he did indeed desire to punish her for her annoying lack of compliance. He wondered how willing he was to risk their relationship. If she left him, he would at least have the exciting prospect of finding someone more obliging. After all, they had not been together for so long, so they weren’t too inextricably tied to each other.

He stared at his phone, amazed that he was actually considering it. He came to his decision. Accessing the website of the Secular Church of Acceptance, he found the relevant number. He listened to the TV downstairs and was satisfied that the daytime drivel would provide sufficient cover. His heart pounded as he quietly eased the door shut and returned to his phone. He called the number.

‘Good afternoon, I’m Lilly, and you have reached the anal stretching service of the SCoA. How can I help you?’

‘Hi, I was wondering if I could book an appointment,’ said Max, his voice hushed. The pretty voice on the other end of the line added to his nerves; he had heard that the convent girls themselves operated the phones, so the voice probably belonged to a gorgeous young woman in a sexy little church uniform.

‘Of course, sir. Would you like to visit your local anal stretching centre, or would you prefer that we send someone to you?’

‘Yeah, if you could send someone to me, that’d be great.’

‘That’ll be no problem, sir. Can I ask who you’re calling on behalf of?’

‘My girlfriend.’

‘Okay, so as you’re not married, we do need to know that she consents to the procedure.’

Max hesitated. ‘Yeah, she’s actually the one who suggested it.’

‘That’s great, we love to hear of willing volunteers outside the church!’ There was a pause. ‘Can I just confirm that she’s over eighteen?’


‘And could you briefly tell me why she requires the service?’

‘She, uh, she’s too tight to, you know…’

‘Enjoy anal sex?’

He imagined she was smiling. ‘Yeah.’

After taking his address and some other details, Lilly confirmed that an agent would visit his home the next day. She wished him well and left him to dwell on what he had just done. He felt a little queasy as he weighed his options: he could tell her now or he could let it be a surprise. He knew the latter was the surest path to a turbulent breakup, but his cowardice won the argument, and he resigned himself to the fallout that was to come.


Another tedious game show was on the television. Max checked his watch frequently, paying no attention to the barrage of trivial questions and answers.

‘You okay?’ asked Annie, obviously irritated by the repetitive movement.

‘Just bored of this,’ he replied, wishing he could better control the edge in his voice.

‘You’ve seemed distracted all day. Are you up to something?’

‘What do you mean? That’s a weird question,’ he said, acutely aware of how defensive he sounded.

‘Are you still annoyed at me for not doing anal?’

‘Of course not!’

‘You were acting funny last night, too.’

‘You always do this. Why—’

‘Well, if you’ve got nothing to hide, then I’m sorry.’

He paused. ‘It’s fine.’

They sat in silence for a long while, and Max resisted the urge to glance at his watch. The tension between them remained, and he cursed himself for allowing the mood to sour at such a critical moment.

‘Annie, I need to tell you something.’

‘Oh, God. What’s this gonna be?’

‘I know you’re going to be pissed off, but just—’ He jumped when the doorbell rang.

‘Are you gonna get that?’

Max felt paralysed. He couldn’t bring himself to get up.

‘I’ll get it then,’ said Annie, izmir escort bayan rising from the sofa.

‘Wait, I—’

Annie opened the door. ‘Can I help you?’

‘Hello, I’m Stefan, and you must be Annie?’

‘Uh, yeah.’

There was a pause. ‘Shall I come in?’

‘Why would you come in?’

‘Oh… would you prefer to have your procedure out here?’

‘What procedure?’

‘Sorry, do I have the right address? I’m supposed to—’

‘Yes, you’re at the right place,’ said Max, approaching the door. ‘Come in.’

‘Ah, thank you.’

Annie glared at Max as the stranger began unpacking his briefcase. ‘What’s going on, Max?’

‘He’s from the SCoA,’ he said, bracing for her inevitable fury. ‘He’s just going to help you—’

‘What, help me satisfy your stupid need to put your cock in my arse?’

‘Calm down, this is getting embarrassing.’

Annie let out a short laugh. ‘Are you kidding me? You’re embarrassed?’

Max gave their visitor an apologetic look. ‘Sorry about this.’

Stefan offered a tight-lipped smile, apparently content to wait for Annie to acquiesce. He was holding some sort of restraints, and he had a variety of objects ready to put inside her.

Annie was beginning to look frightened. ‘Max, seriously, this is—’

‘Just give it a go,’ Max insisted, attempting a soothing voice. ‘He can stop if you don’t like it.’

‘I know I won’t like it!’

‘Would Annie like to sit on the sofa?’ Stefan prompted, detecting a softening of her demeanour.

Max took her arm and gently but firmly sat her down. She made little effort to resist, but she was obviously not happy to be manhandled. Stefan grabbed her leg, making her jump, and lifted it until her knee was touching her chest, exposing her shaven vulva under the hem of the tiny dress that Max had asked her to wear.

‘Would you mind holding her other leg?’ asked Stefan as he fastened a cuff around her leg.

With some trepidation, Max took his girlfriend’s slender leg and folded it against her body. He was surprised to encounter no resistance and wondered if she might secretly harbour some desire after all.

‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ Annie whined, as though reading his thoughts.

Ignoring her complaints, Stefan wrapped the bonds behind her back, holding her legs in place, and began to apply a cuff to her free leg. He bound her wrists either side of her head, seemingly just for the enjoyment of it.

‘Is this necessary?’ said Annie as the man completed her bondage with a collar, securely linking her neck and her limbs.

Her anxiety enhanced Max’s guilt as his penis twitched in his trousers. Tightly fettered, she looked so vulnerable and helpless, and it disturbed him how much that turned him on. He simultaneously wanted to comfort her and ram his eager cock inside her.

‘We have a policy of restraining the less compliant clients,’ said Stefan. ‘It ensures your safety and mine.’

‘If I promise to be compliant, can I be untied?’ asked Annie, attempting a placating smile.

‘It’ll be best for you to remain restrained,’ he said, dismissively. ‘Sir, you might like to stimulate her vagina to help put her at ease.’

‘Oh, sure,’ said Max, hesitating for a moment before placing his hand on her naked pussy.

‘I could do that myself if you—’

‘I’m afraid you will remain as you are,’ Stefan interrupted, casually shifting her little dress so that it bunched up under her chin, exposing her lovely chest.

Annie looked incredulous. ‘What are you—’

‘I will begin very small,’ said Stefan. ‘Just a finger.’

Absently rubbing his girlfriend’s clit, Max watched the agent of the church insert a digit into her puckered anus. She squirmed and grimaced, but he was sure that it was merely for show — a protestation.

‘Feel free to enjoy her breasts,’ Stefan suggested as his finger slid in and out.

‘Oh, would you mind?’

Annie gave a derisive laugh. ‘What, do I have a choice?’

‘I guess not,’ said Max, taking a good handful of her soft flesh.

‘I think there’s room for two,’ said Stefan.

Annie hissed theatrically as the second digit entered her, and Max watched with fascination as her tight orifice enveloped the intruders. His urge to be inside those forbidden depths was stronger than ever, and he desperately hoped that, by some miracle, she would stay with him and allow him the pleasure.

‘Don’t stop pleasuring her,’ Stefan reminded him.

‘Sorry, just got distracted,’ Max replied, recommencing his lazy hand motion.

‘Hmm. She’s a bit dry,’ Stefan observed, poking a fingertip into the unoccupied pussy. ‘Use some of this.’

‘Thanks,’ said Max, taking the proffered lube and squeezing it onto Annie’s genitals.

Stefan allowed himself a grope of a breast as he worked her anus, and Max slipped a finger inside her freshly lubricated cunt. He marvelled at how easily he could feel the stranger’s digits sliding around on the other side; the separation between the two passages felt diminutive and delicate. Annie was breathing slightly erratically, escort izmir and she had closed her eyes as though attempting to inwardly retreat from her torment while surrendering her body to the whims of the two men.

‘I’ll just put her in a better position for the more invasive part of the procedure,’ said Stefan, grabbing Annie’s compacted form and rearranging her like an inanimate toy until her head was resting against the seat.

‘Invasive?’ Annie inquired, looking up at the agent through her now dishevelled hair.

‘It’s nothing too scary,’ Stefan assured her, selecting a metal object from his briefcase.

‘What is that?’ She demanded, the fear seeping back into her voice.

‘It’s only a speculum. Just relax.’ He said, lightly tracing a finger around the clenched sphincter, encouraging it to let him back inside.

‘What’s it for? Why do you need to—oh!’

The cold, unyielding shaft sunk inside, gliding into her rectum before she could object. Max watched as the man operated the device, slowly opening her anus and presenting a gape sufficient enough to peer inside her virgin bowel.

‘Oh, that’s horrible!’ Annie whimpered as her sphincter wrapped increasingly taut around the unforgiving prongs.

‘You’re doing very well,’ said Stefan, unaffected by her plight.

‘Can’t you use something else?’ she begged, obviously embarrassed by the unwelcome sounds escaping from deep within her belly as she was opened up.

‘We’ll get to that,’ said Stefan, rubbing her empty pussy with his free hand as though to soothe her.

‘Sorry, I keep forgetting to do that,’ said Max, sheepishly.

‘How much wider does it have to be?’ asked Annie.

‘Just until it can fit an erect penis inside,’ Stefan informed her.

‘What, it isn’t that wide already?’

‘Not quite. It needs to be the circumference of your boyfriend’s—’

‘You measured your cock for them?’ Annie interrupted, directing more ire at Max.

‘Well, yeah, that’s what this is for,’ Max replied. ‘Is that unreasonable? You should be thankful that I didn’t give them the measurements of my fist!’

‘Oh my God, are you—’

‘That’s about it,’ said Stefan. ‘Would you like to look inside, sir?’

Max hesitated. His curiosity was piqued, but he would have liked to avoid further conflict.

‘I’ll remove it now, if—’

‘No, I’ll have a look,’ said Max, ignoring his girlfriend’s derisive laugh.

‘Feel free to explore inside there with your fingers,’ said Stefan.

‘Oh, okay,’ said Max, glancing nervously at Annie before venturing a tentative finger.

‘Yeah, sure, I don’t mind,’ said Annie, glaring at him.

‘Sorry,’ he said, delving deeper into her yawning passage and enjoying the surreal sensation of reaching inside and caressing her rectum.

‘Yeah, you look it.’

‘Will I be able to try her out when you’re done?’ asked Max, turning to the visitor. ‘I mean, can you leave her tied up for a bit before you go?’

Stefan smiled. ‘I assume you mean to have sex with—’

‘Shouldn’t this be a question for me?’ said Annie, astounded.

‘Yeah, just a quick one,’ Max said, ignoring the girl.

‘Of course, that’s a standard part of the service!’ said Stefan. ‘In fact, I’ll remove the speculum now and progress to the next step. You’ll be inside her in no time.’

‘I’m right here, you know!’ said Annie, increasingly irate.

Stefan slowly extracted the tool. He didn’t bother to return it to its original size, so her beleaguered orifice remained tightly stretched around the prongs until they finally slipped out of her, and it sprang back to its normal shape, denying entry once again.

‘I think your woman would prefer to get this over with,’ said Stefan, ‘so I’ll skip straight to the dildo with a girth similar to yours. It might be a struggle, but it’ll squeeze in.’

‘Sounds good to—’

‘Yeah, sounds good to me, thanks,’ said Annie, belligerently.

‘Okay,’ Stefan laughed, picking an anatomically accurate silicone phallus from his collection, ‘relax again for me.’

‘Have I been relaxed?’ she retorted as the tip of the imposing toy pressed against her reluctant orifice.

‘More so than you might think,’ he said, returning his free hand to her neglected pussy.

Absently fondling the bound girl’s breasts, Max watched as the man applied more and more pressure against the stubborn sphincter, unwilling to look away for fear of missing the moment that it would slip inside. She had closed her eyes again, and a slight frown creased her brow. Despite her lack of cooperation, Max suddenly felt a surge of affection, and he leaned over her to tenderly kiss her pert nipples before hastily returning to his observation.

‘It can’t fit,’ Annie moaned, her face expressing her suffering.

Stefan smiled soothingly. ‘Don’t worry, it’ll—’

Annie yelped when the bulbous head of the synthetic cock abruptly popped inside, and she was again stretched beyond what she had thought possible. Her afflicted anus enveloped the object as it was pushed deeper to occupy her rectum, and she groaned with discomfort, izmir escort entirely unable to resist the onslaught.

Driving the shaft all the way to the base, Stefan grinned victoriously. ‘I’ll hold it there for a couple of minutes for your anus to adjust.’

‘Oh God, it hurts!’

‘The worst is over.’

Annie whimpered as the man massaged her vacant pussy while the dildo protruded obscenely from her bottom. Max returned to her nipples, sucking them into his mouth and delighting in the way they yielded to his will.

‘I’ll go nice and easy,’ Stefan reassured her as he began to gently slide the toy back and forth.

‘I can’t do this!’ she replied, weakly.

‘You are already doing it!’

Max stared hungrily as the shaft withdrew and plunged back inside over and over, probing his beautiful girlfriend’s innards with an unempathetic determination. His throbbing dick was ready for action, and he was quickly growing impatient to satisfy his long-suppressed fantasy. He thought her disregarded pussy looked like it might be yearning for some attention, but he took a twisted pleasure in denying it.

‘Would you like to take over, sir?’ asked Stefan.

‘Yes! Yes please,’ Max replied, taking the sex toy and continuing the motion.

Annie seemed to have become less unreceptive, and her frown had been replaced with an almost calm look of concentration. Her breathing was more even but still quite heavy, and the silicone penis glided easily inside her.

‘She’s taken to it like a natural,’ Stefan observed.

‘Hear that, Annie?’ Max teased. ‘Turns out this was your calling all along!’

She rolled her eyes. ‘Oh, shut up.’

Max glanced at the agent. ‘Can I go ahead and, uh—’

‘Yes, she’s ready for you,’ said Stefan.

Annie’s frown returned. ‘Am I?’

Max let the dildo flip out of the freshly trained passage and unzipped his trousers, letting his eager cock spring forth and applying some lube. Poking the puckered orifice with his glans, he found it to be defiantly clenched again.

‘Annie, I know you can take this,’ he chided.

‘How would you know? Do you want to try it?’

‘Just let me in, or do you want to stay tied up?’

Annie sighed, defeated, and Max watched with glee as the head of his penis disappeared inside, her bottom readily swallowing it. She groaned again as his solid shaft embedded itself in her bowel, but he thought he detected pleasure in her noises this time. He leaned his weight onto her and scooped up her delightful breasts, pressing them together as he established a steady rhythm.

‘I’m just going to take some pictures for the website if you don’t mind?’ said Stefan, producing a camera.

‘Sure, go ahead!’ said Max, revelling in the moment.

‘Oh God, please don’t show my face on the website,’ Annie said, turning her head to hide as the camera was pointed at her. ‘I’ve got a job—’

‘You needn’t worry,’ said Stefan, standing over her and snapping shots. ‘Lots of women with very respectable jobs feature on the site these days.’

Max watched with amusement as his girl strained her arms, ineffectually attempting to shield her face. He upped his tempo, her display of helplessness only intensifying his lust.

‘I’ve got all I need, thank you,’ said Stefan, stepping away to review his pictures.

Annie relaxed a little, and Max watched the look of concentration return to her face. He was sure there was even a hint of bliss among her pretty features as he thrust deep into her rectum. He pumped her relentlessly, increasing his vigour as his urge to come became overpowering. She was apparently enjoying the more energetic pummelling of her innards, and she became as raptured as him.

It was still a surprise, though, when she convulsed and squirted, crying out and drenching his trousers. Her anus contracted, squeezing his aching cock and setting him off, filling her bowel with his seed as her pussy gushed more and more, soaking the furniture and the carpet. He continued his zestful pounding for a few moments, wanting to live in that euphoric moment forever, but his softening penis thwarted him.

‘Holy shit, that was incredible!’ he said.

Annie was still recovering and only managed a confused smile.

‘Congratulations, I think you’ll be enjoying a lot more of that,’ said Stefan, taking a picture of Annie’s serene face.

‘Maybe just in the shower,’ Max laughed, sliding his satisfied penis out of the semen-filled passage

‘Oh God, I’m sorry,’ said Annie, noticing his saturated trousers.

‘No, that was awesome! I’ve never seen you come like that,’ he said, appreciating the sight of his white fluid dribbling from her used orifice.

Stefan evidently appreciated that, too, as he snapped yet another shot before finally releasing her from the restraints. She stretched her limbs, ignoring Stefan’s lingering hand fondling her chest, and taking joy in the simple ability to move. She looked up at her boyfriend with a smile that seemed to admit he had been right all along.


They sat watching some dull daytime TV.

Max stroked her bare leg, appreciating the soft skin of her inner thigh. She was wearing one of her tiny dresses without him having requested her to, and his hand slid, uninterrupted, all the way to her shaven vulva. She smiled at him.

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