A surprising evening


A surprising eveningI recently went down to my local dogging spot, it’s a place thats mainly frequented by men, so I pretty much expected so male action and I was hungry to suck some cock. It had been a while (Must have been 3 months or so).It was quiet when I arrived and I didn’t have long. I hung around for 20/30 minutes and a car pulled up. I walked along the row of bushes and realised that a guy had gotten out of his car and was following me. I stepped in the bushes to see what would happen and my new friend followed me, stroking his cock through his pants as he came towards me. I lowered my hand down to his cock and started to caress him through his pants. His cock started to harder under my touch.My new friend didn’t have the largest of cocks but it didn’t matter in the slightest – I opened up his pants to see it standing to attention, lit up by the moonlight. By this point my own cock was out and being wanked off, this guys technique was amazing and I could feel myself closed to cumming – I wasn’t ready to blow yet though, it wasn’t time. There was only one was I was stopping myself from coming – I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.I started to lick the tip of his cock, tasting him,saviouring his taste. It had been too long since the last one. Eager to please I took all of his cock deep in my throat and let him fuck my face, his cock deep in my throat. It felt so fucking good my cock was still throbbing. My friend was getting into fucking my throat harder 1xbet yeni giriş and harder, my eyes watering as I gagged. I took his cock from my mouth and wanked it off inches from my face, his cock covered in my spit and saliva. I stood up and he started to wank me off again, long hard strokes. He lowered his head and took me into his mouth, sucking me off with short fast strokes. It felt amazing, so good. He dropped down and started to really take me deep. I felt his hand reach around my arse and part my cheeks. He pulled my arse closer to him and I felt a finger slip into my arse.It felt so good – he slid his finger in and out, massaging my prostate as he sucked me faster and deeper. It was like heaven. This continued and I said I was close to cumming, and didn’t want to yet. My friend didn’t want any of this and took me out of his mouth and bent over in front of me. He asked me to cum on his arse to shoot all over him. He pulled his cheeks apart, so good, so fuckable. He reached back and stroked my ball sack as I pulled myself off looking at his puckered ring. His caressing got too much and I shot my load all over his arse, cum dripping down his crack. I leaned over and licked some of my own cum off him, keeping it in my mouth as I turned him around.With my own cum in my mouth I took him back into my mouth. His cock was now covered in both my spit and warm cum.I let him fuck my face hard and fast until he came in my mouth, swallowing it all down. We parted ways and 1xbet giriş I started to make my back to the foot path to the other end of the site. As I got the corner there was a car parked up, with a tall guy face fucking someone in the passenger seat. I coudn’t see who this was as they had a hood up. The guy beckoned me over and asked if I liked what I saw. What other answer could I give? Of course I did. He took his cock out of his friends mouth, hood still up and so mysterious. he asked did I want to taste it, oh god yes. It was so much bigger and thicker, I took as much as I could in my mouth, he took it out and rammed it back in. His friend then reached across and took my pants down, pulling my still wet cock out and started to wank me off, they certainly knew what they were doing. He then asked did I want to go to somewhere more private.We started to walk down the other end of the site, again still no idea of what one of them looked like, which just added to the excitement. We walked down maybe fifty yards and we all stopped. I was told to take down my pants and the guy whose cock I’d been sucking dropped his. He grabbed my cock and wanked it off against his, something I love. His friend then dropped down and took their hoody off to reveal a gorgeous mid 20 year old blonde. Jackpot! She had both of us in her hands, wanking one of us off while sucking the other deep. Next thing I know I’m clamped on her right breast whilst my new friends is on her left, wanking each 1xbet güvenilirmi other off. She asked did we want to fuck her – of course!! He dragged her by the hair and put his cock into his mouth, fucking her face roughly like he had to me. I positioned my self behind her and slid into her tight wet pussy, balls to the hilt. I reached around and stroked her clit as I fucked her deep and hard watching his hard cock disappearing into her mouth. I pulled out of her and we switched for a while, I not had my cock sucked like that for a long time, she was an expert!! Her fella pulled back out of her and stood infront of us. we both dropped to our knees and sucked his cock in turn, and I was licking the underside of his cock whilst she was sucking him off. We were kissing each other whilst sucking him off. After a few minutes of this I went back to fucking her while he fingered my arse. I couldn’t believe it, I’d always wanted a cock up my arse whilst I fucked someone. I felt the head of his penis against my ring, gently pushing in. It felt wonderful, filled up at one end whilst deep in a wonderful warm pussy. He started to fuck me harder while I fucked her. It was to much for me and I could feel myself cumming. She came off my cock and took the condom off my penis, starting to suck me fast as her fella fucked me harder.I got the point of no return and started to shoot – all over her wonderful tits. My arsehole was clamping down around his prick and I knew he was going to come too, He pulled out and I dropped to my knees along side his girl. He then came over both of us spraying cum everywhere. It was the best experience I’ve ever had down there. We all cleaned up, swapped details and promised to meet up again in the future.

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