A Surprising First Pt. 03


This is part 3 of the story. If you haven’t read the other two I would suggest doing so to get the background. This part of the story will make more sense that way.


After David went into his room I fell into a deep sleep. I guess I was pretty tired from the activities and the endorphins that had been generated by the intense sexual excitement. Anyway – I woke up at daylight the next morning feeling good but covered with dried cum, front and back. I decided to get up and get cleaned up.

I walked naked from the bedroom to the bathroom but saw no signs of David. His bedroom door was closed. I closed the bathroom door, sat on the toilet and relieved my bladder and tried to expel any remaining cum that might be in my ass. I started the shower then brushed my teeth. By the time I put my toothbrush down the water in the shower was warm. I stepped in and closed the curtain, letting the warm water wash from my head to my toes.

I picked up the soap and began scrubbing the cum from my abdomen and rectal areas. As I did my thoughts wandered to how I got cum-covered in the first place. I thought of my fall into the icy stream and the frigid, almost unbearable trip back to the cabin. I remembered David lighting a fire, telling me to get undressed and get into bed. I remembered him coming into the room after initiating as many heat generating methods as possible, getting naked and getting into bed with me to warm me up with skin to skin contact.

I remembered him rubbing as much of my body as he could and that embarrassing moment when we both realized my cock was hard. And I remembered suddenly realizing that his cock was hard as well and lodged between the cleavage of my ass.

My right hand was holding the soap and as I began to wash my cock and balls my cock began responding to my thoughts. I was getting hard remembering what had happened last evening. I reached a soapy hand around behind me and lightly fingered my anus. It didn’t hurt at all and I slipped my soapy finger inside for a moment. My cock throbbed at the invasion.

With my back to the water spray I pulled the finger out and soaped up my hand really well, then began slowly stroking my hard cock. A bead of pre-cum had already formed on the tip and I wondered if güvenilir bahis I had the energy to make myself cum in the shower. I failed to hear the bathroom door open. The next thing I knew David had pulled the shower curtain back and was standing there watching me jerk off, holding his erect cock in his right hand. He had a smile on his face.

“Started without me, huh?” he said with a smirk.

“Was thinking about last night. Couldn’t help it,” I replied. I moved the shower head down a little and stepped back, allowing him to get in. He faced me and our cocks touched as we continued slowly stroking ourselves. I watched him as he watched me.

After several minutes David said “Turn the shower head to the side,” as he dropped to his knees in front of me. He removed my hand from my cock and wrapped his own around it. Then he leaned forward and sucked the head of my now dripping cock into his mouth. He bobbed down and up on it like a pro, even though I knew he’d never done it before. I guess it’s true what they say – if you’ve never sucked a cock just do it like you’d want it done to you.

I let him slobber and suck for several minutes and wondered if I should simply let go in his mouth. But I remembered what I had said last night. “The first time I cum in you it’s going to be in your ass.” So I pushed him away and helped him stand up. Then I dropped to my knees. But I had a plan.

I tried to do the same thing to him that he’d done to me. I grasped his cock with my left hand and pulled him to me, opening my mouth and taking him in. I wrapped my lips around his rock hard cock and began moving my head forward and back, allowing him to gently fuck my mouth. I felt him push slightly forward and his cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged a little and backed off.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Just let me do it,” I replied. I began moving back and forth again and stroking him at the same time. This drew a low moan from David.

I still had the soap in my left hand and I pushed that hand between David’s legs, pushing on his legs to get him to spread them apart a little. He complied and I gently pushed the soap up into the crack of his ass. I soaped him up, particularly his anus, and then rubbed the soap around in my hand to get as slippery türkçe bahis as possible. I dropped the soap and reached up with my middle finger to find his opening. I slid my finger in slowly, all the way to the knuckle. David moaned again.

I remembered what he told me – that Lori had been fucking him in the ass with a strap-on, so I knew I didn’t have much work to do to get him ready. I fucked that finger in and out a couple of times then added my ring finger. I wanted his ass and I wanted it soon.

I began finger fucking his ass with my two fingers as I slowed down on the cock sucking. I didn’t want him to blow his load until my cock was slamming home in his ass. I added my index finger and stretched him for another minute or so. Then I released his cock, withdrew my fingers and stood up.

“Turn toward the wall and bend over,” I said. He squeezed my cock one more time and did what I asked. I got behind him and he spread his ass cheeks for me. I could see his well stretched hole waiting for me and I lined up my cock. I spread my pre-cum around his pucker then pushed into him slowly. Unlike how he had treated me yesterday, being a virgin, I slid all the way in very easily. Once in I paused and waited.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“It’s good. No, it’s great. You feel better than any rubber cock. Fuck me. I want to cum and I want you to be the first person to ever actually pump cum in my ass.”

I needed no more encouragement. I backed out nearly all the way and pushed into him again. Then I grabbed his hips and began fucking him in a steady rhythm. David put his hands on the shower wall and bent over a little farther, making it easy for me to go even deeper into him.

I must have fucked him for five minutes or so when his left hand left the wall and I could tell he was masturbating. That was OK with me because I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was slamming him now, pulling back and then bouncing his head off the wall with my thrusts.

“I’m going to cum,” David announced. “Fuck me fast and hard.”

I complied. Getting a new grip on his hips I began thrusting in and out in a fast paced rhythm. It was working on me. I could feel my orgasm beginning in the my balls and moving toward the pit of my stomach. The güvenilir bahis siteleri more it grew the faster I moved.

David moaned. “Ahhhhh. Cumming. Fuck me…,” he said.

“I’m going to cum,” I replied. “Here it comes. Your ass is so good. I’m going to fill it up. Oh, yeah… here it comes. Aaagghhh…”

My cock spasmed as the first roap of cum flew into David’s rectum. There was a second, and a third. I pushed into that ass hard and held it as one more spasm hit. I stayed there for a minute, trying not to let my knees buckle. Then, as my cock began to soften, I eased out and turned the shower head toward me/us.

David washed his hands and his cock and I soaped up my cock and cleaned it off. A long drop of cum fell onto the shower floor and went down the drain. I had just fucked a man, my best friend, in the ass. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did he.

“I’ve got to get Dee to buy a strap-on for me,” I said. “That’s too good not to do it on a regular basis.”

“I know what you mean,” David responded. “I love when Lori does my ass. Perhaps somehow we can get Dee interested and you can get her a present – that’s really for you. In the meantime I’m sure we can figure out how we can get together and do each other some more.”

“Definitely,” I said. “I’m hoping we can get the girls involved and before long be fucking each other all the time. I’d love to take Dee’s ass – just as much as I’d like her to take mine.”

“I’m pretty sure Lori will let you fuck her ass if Dee won’t. But let’s wait and see what Lori can accomplish with Dee. I’m guessing by the time we get home Dee’s anal cherry, as well as her lesbian cherry, will be popped. Lori has the same desires we do – the four of us in a permanent foursome.”

“That would be awesome,” I said. “Let’s get cleaned up and get out of here. I’m ready to get home for some pussy. I enjoyed what we did and want it some more but there’s no substitute for a blow job and some pussy from my wife.”

“Agreed,” David replied. “I’ve always loved Dee’s blowjobs and pussy…”

“Asshole,” I said as we both laughed. “If I have my way you’ll get to experience them both. And maybe even her ass. And I’m looking forward to fucking the shit out of Lori right in front of you.”

“Better let her be on top,” David said. “Otherwise you might find my dick in your ass while you do it.”

I thought about that.

“Hmmmm,” was all I could say.

To be continued. Coming next – the girls back at home…

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