A Tale of Two Dreams


A Tale of Two DreamsDream a little Dream You might have thought it was only a dreamyet when you woke upyou felt a little soreYou might recall last night when you saidleave me aloneI’m not a whoreyet I think you knowI’ve wanted you, since I saw youstalking you everyday, even yesterdaybut I guess I’m just not good enough for youyou stuck-up bitchI saw you look my wayI know you felt a little achewhen you woke up this morningsomewhere down south and even your mouthbecause you see my dearyou’ve already shared yourself with meas I get into your dreamyour pussy, your ass, and your mouthso dream a little dream my dearas I share with you my cream la cream.- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sugar Like Daddy Bright yellow short sundress yellow and white striped knee highsLittle white and pendik escort yellow panties.trying to look grown up for you daddyYounger than 19heheSitting on your lapfeeling daddy’s hardness through my pantiesI think I’m a little wetwrapping my arms around youCovering your face with butterfly kissessoft at firstMy lips on yours daddyyour tongue pushing into my mouthMy tiny nipples hard under my dress my tight little panties almost wet nowNaughty, naughty little girlmy sexy hard, older daddyWhispering in my earplease babygirl Your breath so warmusing the naughty words you say to mommyPlease babygirl, my cock is so hard please, please my daughter, will you fuck your daddyEmbarrassed to use big-people language. daddy, daddy, what are you doingPlease honey, you’ve got me so hardreaching and lifting your dress right escort pendik up over your assDaddy, do you like my new panties mommy bought mesee my white smooth legsDaddy, can you see my fresh little wetnessunzipping your pants, and pull them downDaddy’s cockanother naughty word daddy taught me Springs free and stands stiff and so hardmy little babyslut can’t waitI slide her wet young panties down over her feettake them in my hand and into her mouth Watch as she inhales her young teen aromas.daddy’s hard cock seems to get even biggerI look into her eyeshers so wide, loving, watchingThen I see you nodAs I accept your permission, placing your cuntbad, bad word for my little girl’s earsAbove my hard older cockfeeling it just on the tipOh godI can’t hold back and push you slowly down my cockyour little pussy so warm, pendik escort bayan so wetDaddy filling youbabygirl wimpering as I begin to fuck youLeaning forwardsucking on your nipplesBiting them lightly like daddy does mommyfeeling daddy’s cock twitch inside me Sliding up and down your my daddy’s big cocklittle pussy squeezingSo young and tighthard DaddyFucking and moaninghappy, happyJoy, joyriding daddyOh my god, so goodfeeling my orgasm approachGonna squirt on Daddy’s cockfeeling daddy tenseFelling Daddy squirtdaddy, daddy, cum in my cuntDaddy’s sperm in my virgin vaginalifting my body upOhh, the wonderful feelingssliding down his bodyDaddy cock in my mouthdaddy’s still cummingWarm white creamy stuff in my mouthcoating my tiny tongueWith my juices from your cocksucking your cumSwallowing, swallowinglicking and tastingGulp, gulpdaddy’s delicious cumLittle gentle tears sliding down my cheeks Daddy’s little girl in heavendaddy’s new favoriteHis pretend grown-up loveradoring meBecause you love it when I call you Daddy.-Aminordarker

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