A Tale of Two Pussies Ch. 02


Mary Ann and Lisa had been roommates for three years. She knew from the moment seen her that she had to have her. It was no doubt her mind that Lisa was going to inevitably be hers and after three years of wanting, it was going to happen one way or the other. Mary Ann knew Lisa’s last class was going to be getting out soon and she needed to get ready for what she had in store. Tonight was going to be the night, Lisa was going to be hers and that chocolate diva was going to be cumming under the pressure of her lips in less than 1 hour. She got hot every time she thought about their first meeting and how the seduction began.

3 Years Ago….

I walked into my apartment with my mom and two step-brothers on my heels. “You guys can just drop the boxes and leave.” I really wanted them gone, I was in college now and it was time for me to be unleashed. That and I was desperate to try out my new vibrating Dildo. I could tell from the pictures hanging in the living room that my new roommate had arrived. I knew a little about her. We had talked on the phone a couple of times and of course I had snooped around her Facebook page. I could tell that she was shy and obviously unaware of her body. She was bigger than most but had an air of sexuality that was waiting to be unleashed.

“Are you sure? We shouldn’t leave your boxes out in the open like this”, my mother chided in her thick Spanish accent. She went around my brothers who were still holding my boxes like idiots. “Its fine mom just put the boxes down.”

“You don’t have to be so rude,” my step-brother Mikhail spat. He had a thorn in his side because he didn’t get accepted to Granger and had to opt out for a local college. Oh well, I thought, it wasn’t my fault. My oldest step brother Emilio sat his box down and went straight to the kitchen. He was the oldest out of all of us with Mikhail just after him then me. Unlike his brother, he was more calm and serene but very sexual.

“Well, what do you expect Mik? She’s a bitch”, he playfully swatted my ass on his way to the kitchen. It stung at his touch and tingled. I knew my brother secretly adored my ass but he only went for touching when he was absolutely certain no one was looking. I had let this happen for years and figured it was only a matter of time before my sexy oldest step brother was going to get a taste of my pussy. My mother went about the living room arranging the boxes we had brought up and began taking things out before I could protest. I sighed and walked past her frantic shuffling in the living room to look into Lisa’s room. I walked in and observed the feminine touches of her room.

There was a picture of her and her family on her nightstand. You can certainly tell where she gets her figure from, I thought. Her mom looked like an Amazon goddess while her father and brother looked lighter with softer looks. I could hear my step brothers begin to argue about who should drive home while my mother continued to shuffle boxes. I went to her closet and noted that she hung her bras. The huge cups carried her scent. I touched a pink one with lace trim and felt the softness of the fabric. I held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I knew from our brief conversations and messages that Lisa was not comfortable in her sexuality or in her body. I found her body extremely sexy. I imagined her soft and sexy chocolate skin pressed against my caramel skin. I couldn’t wait feel her thighs moist with arousal wrapped around my waist as I pound her pussy with my newly purchased strap on. Things were going to change soon and I was going to make her feel beautiful.

“Snooping around in your roommates clothes?” my mother asked. Her curly chestnut hair flowed around her shoulders as she held up small black box, sealed with a lock. “What is this?” she asked innocently. I quickly snatched it out of her hand. I didn’t want to risk her shaking it too hard and starting one of my vibrators.

“Nothing!” I said quickly. “Are you preparing to leave?” I was hoping to get started on that fuck session and of course, seducing Lisa.

“Yes, we are. But, I wanted to talk to you first.” I began walking out of the room, desperate to hide my box of toys. “About what, “I said, crossing the living room and passing the kitchen to go into my room. I glanced at my two step brothers who were still in the process of arguing while snacking on a bag of chips and watching television. I entered my new room to find that pictures had been hung, my bed made and my clothes were put up in my closet. I was touched that my mother had gone through the process of setting me up. A feeling of guilt washed over me. If I could stop thinking with my hormones for once, maybe I could notice how hard this process was on my mother. She was losing me and my step brother Mikhail now while my step brother Emilio would be going away to get his masters in two months. My mother had always been close to us. She had no choice. My workaholic father never paid any of us attention and I could tell my mother was lonely.

My father was a fool. He tuzla bayan escortlar often cheated on

my mom with any woman that passed him. I was always confused by that; my mom was a beautiful woman. She was that ultimate M.I.L.F. Her breast stood proud and slightly low due to having a child and age. Her 34 D chest was only accentuated by her curvy Latina ass. Many people called us twins. You could hardly tell that she was in her mid forties. My father never pleased her the way she desperately wanted and her strict Catholic upbringing stopped her from divorcing him. She also thought that we would take it hard.

The truth was, I didn’t like my father and neither did my brothers. We all desperately wanted them to get a divorce but we knew our mother would feel like a failure. My step brother Emilio secretly wanted to be man of the house and kick my father out but he knew our mother would stop him despite her dislike of her husband.

My father’s first wife, Mikhail and Emilio’s mother, died during child birth and they only had a few pictures of her. Strangely enough his mother looked like my mother, Lucinda. They were curvy, exuded sexuality and had softness behind them. My father married my mother barely a year after his first wife died. However, my step brothers held no animosity towards me or my mother. Both of them loved my mother and treated me like a princess. But both were very angry at our father. They treated him with cordiality rather than the caring love you might expect from a father — son relationship. Both my brothers secretly wanted my mother. They thought I was unaware but I watched their eyes wander possessively when they thought no one was looking.

She entered my room behind me and shut the door. She sat on the bed and motioned for me to join her. I sat close to her and smiled. “Mary Ann”, she began. “I just want you to know that should anything go wrong. Please don’t hesitate to call me or your brothers.” I had no idea why she was telling me this.

“Ok, I know mom. You shouldn’t worry, I’ll be ok.” I patted her hand and gave my most sincere smile.

“I know. But…” she rose from the bed and began pacing slowly. “Mary Ann” she turned towards me, “I know.” I looked at her for a minute. Then squirmed slightly, unsure of her words or knowledge.

“Know what?” She stopped pacing and looked at me in my eyes. Our mutual stares looked like mirrors. Hers serious and direct, mine uneasy and nervous but our dark eyes matched.

“I know about you and Sara.” I blinked several times. Sara was my mother’s best friend. We had a long lasting love affair during my senior year. It started innocently before I set my eyes on her. I can still feel her red hair over my thighs with her green eyes glaring at me between my legs. Sara and my mom had been college roommates and were inseparable. Sara stood at 5’7 with soft ivory skin, nice C cup breast and a nice curvy little ass. Sara was not the first M.I.L.F I fucked but she definitely was the hottest M.I.L.F I ever fucked.

Our afternoon “study sessions” were often filled with my head between her legs feasting on her pussy. I enjoyed watching her face contort as my lips buried into her pussy searching for her clit and caressing it with my tongue. She would pinch and pull her pink nipples in delight as a shoved whatever tool available into her hungry snatch. Just thinking about her often got me hot and wanting to be fucked.

We had promised each other to keep it a secret. I could tell that the secret of our romance was beginning to bother Sara and I broke it off right before graduation. I knew that it hurt her, but it was the only way I could salvage our relationship without hurting my mother. It seemed the cat was out of the bag now. …Literally.

“Mom. I d- ”

“Save it. Look, I’m not angry but I think you are moving a little too fast.” My mother’s eyes boor into me. It was as if she could see my very soul. She stood over me, more dominant than I ever seen her in my 19 years. “I just wanted to remind you know to be careful.” She sat down next to me. “I don’t want you going around breaking people hearts and catching anything. So, like I said, if you need anything, call me.” She patted my hand. “Now, we’re leaving.”

She rose to leave and I stopped her with a hug. “I love you mom. But, how did you find out?”

She pet my hair lovingly. “I always knew but thought it was a phase. The point is, despite my ways, I accept you and I love you.”

My eyes were misting and I could barely breathe. She smiled again and went into the living room to gather my brothers while I got myself together. I hugged her and Mikhail before turning to Emilio. He told them he would catch up in a minute before turning back to me. His eyes looked at me as if accessing my every move. He moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist with his hands resting on my ass. I could feel his muscles contracting as he moved.

“I just wanted to wish my dear step sister off properly.” escort tuzla bayanlar He possessively took control of my mouth. Our tongues began to duel and his hands slipped under my shorts and grasped my ass. I could feel his cock begin to grow in his pants. He pulled down my shorts as he turned and closed the front door. His rough hand spanked it a few times and I moaned. I knew he wanted desperately to fuck me and I wouldn’t mind getting my pussy hammered either but he knew our time was running out. He quickly turned me around and forcibly bent me over the couch. His cock began to grind against my leaking pussy has he panted. He continuously spanked me until my skin turned pink.

“Fuck, I want to pound your pussy until you beg me to stop. I know what a dirty cock tease you are. You just need a good fuck.” He pulled my hair until was up again and whispered in my ear.

“The next time you see me, that pussy is mine. I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll never stop cumming. Mark my words you perfect little fuck toy that pussy is going to wrap around my cock and you’ll know what real man feels like.” He spanked me a few more times before softly kissing my neck and wishing me goodbye. I stood their panting a few more times before going to take a shower and relieving my ache.

I heard her when she came into the apartment. Though I had tirelessly fucked myself in the shower I still couldn’t get the images of Emilio and my roommate out of my mind. I couldn’t wait to meet the sexy woman I was going to share my living space with. I wondered if she was as sexy as she appeared. Well, it was time for me to go meet her. I dropped my towel and walked out. She was bent over peering into the refrigerator. Her sexy ass was full and looked like the moon. It was as if a video girl has presented herself in front of my eyes. It swayed softly and I desperately wanted to fuck it with my strap-on. I moved silently by the door and cleared my throat.

Lisa jumped back and dropped a glass of water. She eyes were a light brown and focused on my tits. I let the water drip from my hair gathering on my breast before quickly sliding down. I inhaled slowly and deliberately, trying to keep her focused on them for a little while longer. My chest slightly poked out, I stood proud. I loved the way her eyes darkened with lust and wanting. I needed her to want me as much as I wanted her, if not more, before I made her mine. I gave her my brightest smile, “Lisa, right? I’m sorry I scared you.”

I walked over the newly spilled puddle making sure my firm breast moved with my body. She was stuttering and it was utterly adorable. I reached into the drawer next to her and made sure our bodies brushed. I exhaled softly before moving back. “It’s fine. Sorry, I’ve made a mess. Let me help you.” She reached for a towel but only managed to brush past my skin. I looked up and smiled, “Nah, its’ fine.” She was looking at my body again. My pussy began dripping again. “I guess I should tell you. I’m a nudist. Is that ok?”

“S-s-s-sure. It’s fine, just a bit of a shock.” I laughed softly. ‘Not as big of a shock as you’re going to get’, I thought to myself. I bent over to wipe up the puddle of water. I stuck my ass out as far as it could go. I wanted her to see the pussy that she could have. I wanted her to watch my ass dance before her eyes. I made my ass clap slightly and smiled to myself. I desperately wanted her to spank me and made sure my ass moved with every swipe of the towel. My arousal was visible from this angle and I was more than happy to show it off. Her big tits moved as she began breathing heavily. I couldn’t wait to have my lips wrapped around those chocolate mounds and have her beg me to fuck her. I moved my sexy caramel ass a few more times before turning around.

Her light brown eyes had gone dark with her hands fisted at her sides. Her mouth was partially opened and a light mist had formed on her forehead. She was almost ready. “You might want to be careful where you look. I’m also bi-sexual and I don’t take kindly to people looking at me like you are without putting out in return.” It was challenge. I wanted her to know that I wanted her too but she was going to have to give in to her feelings.

“I’m so sorry! I don’t know what’s gotten into me! I may be tired” She had begun to take on a reddish shade. Yes, African-Americans can blush and it looked so sexy. She was flushed and I had just the right remedy. I stood again, with my tits out in all of their glory. “Come on, let’s have some wine.” I made sure to dress scarcely. I may be a nudist but I wanted her to imagine undressing me. She dressed in a tank and shorts.

I could tell she was nervous about the way her body filled out clothes. I found her curves sexy. I whistled softly when she came out and gave her a bright smile. We drank and laughed. I gave her explicit details about my past sexual encounters. I even told her about Sara and a friend of my fathers who had fucked me in my father’s car during a party. She gebze escort jokingly called me a slut. I told her I preferred “Connoisseur of the Erotic Arts”. I didn’t mind her calling me a slut; I actually liked it because deep down, that’s what I was. The wine was getting to her; “potato, potatoes, slut, connoisseur”, she responded.

When her laughter died down I moved closer to her and went in for the kiss. I gave her ample time to pull back but she didn’t. I smiled before placing my lips on her. Her lips were slightly larger than mine but were soft as ever. My tongue softly moved over her bottom lip before she tentatively opened her mouth. Her hands rested on my shoulders as I moved under her bra. When I found my prize, her hard, aroused nipples, I pinched them and caressed them. I wanted to pull of her shirt and take them into my mouth. Our kissing continued and I could tell by her breathing that she was just as aroused as I was. I made my move to remove her bra. She quickly pulled away, “I’m sorry, I- I- I-‘

I came closer to her, “its ok. We’re moving too fast. I understand”. I gave her a hug. I wanted my firm tits to press against her chocolate drops. I placed my hands on her luscious ass and pressed her into me, grinding slowly. Her breath hitched and her arms came around me. With our bodies pressed close I whispered, “Its fine, How about we get some sleep?” To my surprise she all but ran from the living room. She closed her door firmly. “Damn,” I murmured to myself. I pushed too hard. I went to my room and tried to calm my nerves.

It took me a couple of hours before my body seemingly calmed down. That was, until I hear of thump on the wall. Or, a series of thumps. It was very obvious that our neighbors decided to quick the semester off right but a very enthusiastic fuck session. I went to my little black box and pulled out my new black vibrator. I took off my clothes and lay across my bed. I am extremely flexible being able to pull my feet behind my head is my favorite position to get fucked. I was still moist from early and had plenty of lube to last. I turned on my vibrator and allowed the thick black cock to enter my anxious pussy. The large head clearing the way for the rest of the 8 inch shaft. It felt so good teasing my walls and making me wetter. I began to drift into a state of bliss. That’s when my idea came. I would make enough noise to bring her to my room. ‘After she sees me fucking myself, she wouldn’t want to leave, I’m sure of it’, I thought to myself. I began pounding my pussy faster.

With ever stroke of the dildo, an increased excitement began, I wanted her come to my room and I wanted her to witness me cum. After 15 minutes of moaning and an impending orgasm I was beginning to feel hopeless. The breeze from my window cooled my lightly perspiring body and I wasn’t sure I could hold out any longer. My pussy was begging for that sweet moment of release. I was about to give in when I heard her. Her breath caught and I knew it was her. I slammed the bulbous head of the dildo into my cervix and screamed, “Oh fuck yes! Fuck this pussy”. I continued, too pound my hungry snatch. I wanted to cum but I was going to make her wish she had a cock before I did. I could see her hand slipping into her shorts.

I suddenly flipped on my stomach and assumed the position of doggy style. I reached under me and fucked the dildo for all it was worth. If she wanted I show I was going to give her one. I was going to be the true slut she called me earlier. The dildo was slippery with my juices and I was beginning to lose it. When I heard her breath quick up a notch from my new position I reached back and slapped my ass. I stopped pounding for a moment to make my ass cheeks jiggle and shake. I loved doing this and having an audience only made it more pleasurable for me.

I felt like such a dirty slut fucking myself in front of my new roommate. My headboard banged against the wall and my pussy contracted with each thrust of the dildo. “My pussy is so wet for you. My pussy needs pussy. I need to be licked and fucked like the dirty slut I am.” I continued to push my ass back and force it farther into my cunt. I wanted my words to wash over her as if she was under my pussy and my juices were flowing over her beautiful face. “I’m a little fuck toy who needs to be taught a lesson. Fuck yes, Oh god, I’m going to squirt, I’m going to cum.”

I wanted her to know that I was talking about her and wanting her to come fuck me. When her orgasm took her, she couldn’t contain the moaning coming from that small crack in the door. I slammed the 8 inch black dildo in my pussy and my orgasm coursed through me. It exploded all over my body as I gasped for air. “Fuuuuuck! Oh fuck me!!” I couldn’t contain the shakes as my cum rushed out of me and over the dildo. I continued to shake and gasp for air even as leaned forward on my arms to rest. I couldn’t help myself. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Mmmm” I could only lay and shake as my orgasm began to subside.

I was so sated and happy I began to tear. I knew this was the beginning of something beautiful and if Lisa accepted me, then I would do anything for her. My ass continued to shake as well as my legs as I tried to get my body under control. I knew when she left, closing the door softly. This was going to become a tradition between us until she accepted our mutual attraction.

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