A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 01


It had been a truly crap day. Just about everything had gone wrong, from the moment she had over slept to her desktop crashing and wiping out an hours work, meaning she had to work later than normal. That meant she had missed her normal train and was delayed further.

She finally arrived at her usual Friday evening treat of stopping at a small restaurant around half way between her gym and her apartment. Normally she would have been home by 9pm, but tonight it was nearly that time when she arrived and annoyingly most of the tables were occupied.

The head waiter smiled at her as she entered. “Hi Alex, I thought you had found somewhere else to eat on a Friday.”

She returned the smile pleasantly. She had eaten here every Friday for the last six months. It wasn’t because the food was good or the service outstanding. It was because of the fascinating dark haired woman that frequented the establishment at the same time every week. Alex was mesmerised by her and had always wanted to actually speak to her, but never really built up the courage. This week, because of the delays, she would have missed the opportunity to watch her enter the restaurant. There was something about the way she walked in to the room, her tall black boots clicked beautifully on the tiled floor, and the long black leather coat she always wore parted slightly at the front with every stride to show a hint of bare flesh that rose tantalisingly up her thigh. Just picturing it made Alex’s mouth water and her body begin to react in a sensuous way. There had been more than several nights Alex had walked home fantasising about spending a torrid night entwined in those smooth booted legs.

“Hello Peter.” Alex answered bringing her mind back to the here and now. “Yes I got delayed at work and I’m running late. Any chance of a table?”

The waiter glanced around the packed eatery. “I can maybe seat you with someone else if you don’t mind sharing.”

Alex nodded. She was far too hungry and too tired to care and the real reason for her being her had been missed, so food was priority.

Peter led Alex past where she would normally sit to a side area that was partially screened off by a smoked glass partition.

Alex heard him cough politely. “Excuse me Miss Vitelli.” He asked the customer seated behind the smoked glass. “I have a regular customer in need of a setting. Would you mind accommodating?”

The breath caught in Alex’s chest as the more than familiar crest of raven black hair appeared around the screen. She tried to smile courteously as the woman she had longed to speak to looked her up and down then nodded.

The floor tilted under Alex’s feet like her board used to when she surfed as the waiter ushered her in to the seat opposite the object of her fantasy.

Feeling the need for some Dutch courage she ordered a wine and soda then pretended to read the menu while glancing at the women seated across the table from her and engrossed in a book. Alex estimated her age to be somewhere around the late twenties or early thirties. The glossy black hair was shaved close to the skin on each side of her head leaving a slightly spiked Mohawk running in to a pony tail that disappeared down her back. Both of the woman’s ears were punctuated with tiny silver rings from the lobe to the tip and a steel bar pierced the perfectly arched left eyebrow which in turn blended smoothly with tanned olive skin and eyes of golden hazel.

The blossom of a black rose tattooed on her neck peeked over the collar of the black leather coat she always wore. Alex sipped her drink as she let her gaze follow the curve of the woman’s neck as it disappeared in to the shadows created by the folds of the coat.

“Do you have a good enough view? Or do you want me to stand up?” The dark hair woman asked without raising her eyes. Her voice was like velvet with a slight trace of an accent.

Alex coughed as she hastily swallowed a mouthful of her drink.

“Sorry.” She managed to say. “I was admiring your tattoo.”

The book closed and golden eyes pinned Alex to her chair. Her expression neither friendly nor hostile.

“Any why does my tattoo interest you so much when you can walk down Venice Boulevard and see hundreds just like it?”

Alex felt her stomach begin to do handsprings as her inner voice prodded her in to speaking her mind.

“I think you’re really pretty.” mobilbahis güvenilir mi She managed to blurt out. Then mentally kicked herself for saying something so lame.

To her surprise the woman curled her dark painted lips in to a half-smile.

“Is that why you sit by the door every Friday and watch me until it is time for you to leave?”

Heat rose quickly as Alex turned bright red in embarrassment.

The half-smile turned in to a light childish laugh.

“Forgive me. I was teasing. Honestly I am quiet flattered, and it isn’t as though you are unattractive yourself.”

Although she didn’t think it possible, Alex blushed deeper. She certainly didn’t think she was that attractive. The fact was she looked exactly like what she was, a plain tomboy. Yes she had an athletic body as she spent a lot of time exercising to keep her fitness levels up. A throwback to when she used to surf every morning. She would have liked it if her breasts were slightly bigger, but at least they were firm and well formed. She didn’t have the patience to let her hair grow long so it remained in a short tousled mess most of the time. The one thing she did have that she was really content with were her emerald green eyes, which the few men and women she had been with had said were beautiful.

“Sorry.” Alex said again. Feeling quiet brave suddenly she added. “I didn’t mean to stare, but you are the most stunning person I have ever seen.”

The golden eyes looked deeply at her for a long minute.

“Zabina Vitelli.” She said suddenly proffering her well-manicured hand. “But my friends call me Zabi.”

Alex broke in to a shy smile as she shook hands. “Alexandria Rowe. But everyone calls me Alex.”

Zabi took a swallow of deep red wine from a large glass. “So Alex, when you watch me do you fantasise about sleeping with me?”

For the second time that evening Alex choked on her drink.

Another silky peel of laughter tumbled out of Zabi’s lips stirring the emotions inside of Alex.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist the tease. You are quiet an attractive woman Alex you if you dressed a little more to suit your body, you would have any man or woman eating out of your hands.”

A slight shrug was all Alex could offer. The magic of finding the right outfit was an ability she never really accomplished.

“I tend to spend most of my time in the gym or in work garb.” She replied plucking at the plain grey suit she was wearing.

“I will make you a deal.” Zabi said after a few seconds thought. “If I can make you look as sexy as hell inside ten minutes, you must come with me to the club I go to on a Friday.”

Once again Alex looked at her plain suit. She honestly didn’t think it was possible, but on the other hand she would love to spend more time getting to know Zabi. There was something about her that excited.

“Deal.” She said grinning.

“Come.” Zabi said holding out a hand.

Alex felt like a teenager again as she took the woman’s hand. Butterflies fluttered through her insides sending a warm flush through her stomach and in to her loins.

Zabi led her towards the rear of the restaurant and through a door marked for staff only. Nonchalantly her guide waved to several members of the kitchen staff as they walked through.

“Don’t worry, I own this place.” Zabi dropped in casually. “I used to have an apartment upstairs but just use it to store stuff now.”

As they climbed the stairs to the next floor, Alex’s gaze was drawn to the supple black boots worn by Zabi and how they were tightly laced at the rear. Her breath quickened as the thought of the soft leather caressing her bare skin entered her head once more.

Zabi opened a door and led Alex in to a small room packed with crowded clothes rails.

“Now let’s take a good look at you.” Zabi said. “Why don’t you start with taking that rather drab suit off?”

Hesitantly Alex unbuttoned her jacket. She hadn’t undressed in front of someone for a long time and was more than a little self-conscious about doing it now. Taking a deep breath she removed her jacket and hung it on the back of a chair then followed suit with her crumpled white blouse. Again she hesitated for a moment then kicked off her shoes and removed her suit trousers.

Holding her gaze, Zabi stepped up close and ran her hands down Alex’s body igniting mobilbahis flames that had only smouldered in dreams and fantasies for quite a while.

“I would guess a size twelve, but I think you will squeeze in to a ten.” The dark haired woman rustled through a rail of clothing covered in plastic bags.

“Try this.” She said holding out a hanger with a black dress.

Alex look at the short dress warily unable to bring herself to take it.

“I don’t tend to wear dresses.” She said quietly.

The steel bar attached to Zabi’s eyebrow jumped upwards as she raised her brow in question.

“It there a reason for that? If I had legs like yours I would have them on show all the time.”

With a nervous swallow Alex turned side on to reveal a long scar that curled from her upper thigh down to her knee.

“I wiped out on a particularly bad wave and got pounded in to a rock. Fractured my femur in three places.”

“And you’re ashamed of your scar.” This was a statement not a question.

Alex nodded.

“Look at me Alex.” Zabi’s commanded more than asked. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact I quiet like it.”

“How on earth could you find that attractive?” Alex replied, her fear and shame turning to anger.

This time both eyebrows raised in understanding. “Ah, someone you cared for greatly found it unattractive. And that cut you deeply, hence the downward spiral in to low self-esteem.”

Alex stood open mouthed at the statement. She hadn’t told anyone about her inner doubts. This woman had just read her like an open book.

Zabi moved closer to her and knelt down in front of her.

“Do you really think its unattractive Alex?” She asked as she placed her hand on the scar just above the knee and slowly ran her fingertips along the length of it.

The gentle caress sent tremors running from the sensitive skin around her scar up her thigh and lower back. She gasped in surprise.

“What about now?” Zabi asked as the placed the tip of her tongue on the same spot and slowly followed it higher as her fingers lightly brushed Alex’s inner thigh.

It was as if someone had attached electrodes to her skin. Alex moaned softly as her body began to heat up in response to the stroking.

“Still think your scar isn’t sexy?” Zabi asked as she stopped and returned to her feet.

“Is it hot in here?” Alex asked breathlessly.

“No Alex I just woke up your inner fires. Are you ready to burn with me?”

With a nod Alex picked up the dress and shrugged it over her shoulders.

The black material was semi sheer and slightly stretchy so it clung to her figure perfectly.

“No that won’t do at all.” Zabi said shaking her head. “The underwear just ruins the look and that is one thing I don’t have here. You will have to go without.”

Already flushed from the physical contact Alex thought she would indeed burn as the thought of going out wearing just the flimsy dress threw gas on her inner fires.

“Close your eyes.” Zabi said as she moved to stand behind her.

As she obeyed, gentle hands slid under the black material raising it up to her waist then eased her panties down past her hips to pool at her feet. Fingers stroked the skin at the back of her thighs then slowly worked their way upwards, brushing the tense cheeks of her bottom.

Alex’s breath began to come in short pants as she fell deeper in to the well of desire that Zabina was building with her light touch.

Delicate finger tips drew lines over her hips to the rigid muscle of her stomach then dropped slightly to teasingly brush the wet skin between her thighs.

“Beautiful and smooth.” The voice of her tormentor whispered.

Somewhere inside the quivering shell that Alex was rapidly becoming her voice squeaked. “Better to be hairless when you spend time near sand and water.”

The hands then pushed the dress upwards and over her head. Her bra was unclasped then let to fall. Smooth fingernails ran down the length of her spine to annoyingly stop as they touched the now very sensitive buttock area.

Alex panted and moaned louder. She could feel the wetness edging further down her inner thighs as Zabina lifter her higher and higher.

“It has been a long time since anyone did this to you isn’t it.” Zabi’s voice whispered in her ear her warm breath raising mobilbahis giriş goose bumps.

Alex no longer cared. She had reached a point where anything the sensuous woman wanted of her she would willingly give.

A finger delicately rubbed one of the pert nipples then traced a line under a firm breast while the other hand stroked her flat stomach. It would maddeningly drop a few inches only to return to the lazy patterns on her stomach. A soft tongue touched the nape of her neck then ran around to gently brush her left ear. The cool touch of leather brushed against the skin of her bare bottom and a tiny squeal flew out of Alex’s mouth.

“Oh you like the feel of the leather against your skin. I wonder what this will do to you.”

The hand that toyed with her breast moved across to stroke the other as a surprisingly strong arm pulled Alex’s naked body close against the smooth leather coat.

An explosion of sheer gratification detonated within Alex’s soul and a roaring wave of heat rose deep inside her threatening to engulf her conscious mind. Desperate for the incredible moment to last as long as possible, Alex hit the wave as if she was back on a board. Relaxing she let it lift her skywards and slowly picking up speed as it crested.

She let a deep breath out as the free hand ran down her flank and once again brush against her very sensitive clitoris.

The power of the wave had her now and she surrendered to it, letting it carry her towards the shore. Her legs trembled as the tension built and she lent heavily against the firm body pressing against her flesh.

The roaring wave broke, and she realised that the roaring was her loud cry of ecstasy as she nearly passed out from the climax.

A kiss touched her neck softly. “I think that must be the first time I have made someone cum without any penetration.” Zabi told her. “You must be bursting with sexual frustration.”

Alex sighed, still breathing hard. She was sure that nothing had made her feel that way before. Every selfless touch had brought pleasure. Slowly she moved hand backwards wanting to express her pleasure in return. Her hand brushed the leather of the coat and the feel began to excite her again. She raised her hand up the thigh then connected with something that felt like a belt around Zabi’s waist. Her exploring hand followed it around and felt it extend below and between her legs.

“What…?” Alex started to ask.

“That’s my dirty secret.” The other woman said as she broke away and stepped back in front of Alex.

The black leather of the coat parted and Alex followed the perfect curve of the golden skinned neck down to the well-proportioned smooth breasts that were now displayed. Dark proud nipples were pierced with silvery steel bars. The coat parted the rest of the way and her gaze ran down to a ruby navel stud and finally down to a black leather and steel chastity belt that looked stark against the golden skin that continued down the silky smooth thighs to the top of the beautifully crafted leather boots.

Alex gasped at the sight. Unsure if she was more excited at the fact the Zabi had been practically naked all evening or the body that was on display before her. The belt on the other hand fired her curiosity. Something inside her stirred and she felt an overwhelming need to touch the item and the skin that surrounded it. The fires that had dropped down to a warm glow began to flicker back to life.

“Oh my.” She began after a long moment. “I have to ask why?”

The coat closed again, hiding away the object of Alex’s desires.

“Get dressed and I will tell you all about it over a drink.” Zabi said with a contented smile on her face. “Unless you plan on walking back in to the restaurant like that.”

Alex felt her sex begin to dampen once more as the thought of the two of them walking in to the crowed eatery, one wearing just the belt and the long boots and the other completely naked entered her mind. She wasn’t that sure if Zabi had asked her to do it she would refuse.

“Gods..” She muttered. “I need a cold shower.”

A glittery peel of laughter escaped Zabi’s lips and the golden eyes flashed with inner flame. “I always knew there was something different about you Alex. From the very first time I saw you downstairs eating that awfully bland pasta salad, in your awfully bland suit. I knew that you had hidden depths and it would just take me to show you the door.”

Zabi stepped close again and gentle ran a hand across Alex’s cheek then down her neck and across one of the very erect nipples.

“I’ve waited six months for you to approach me Alex. Now we need to make up for lost time.”

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