A True Slut’s Tales Ch. 02


A True Slut’s Tales: II After The Honeymoon

A Simple Recapping:

There are certain times in a woman’s life, like when she is down on all fours naked, or knocked up, that we feel like nothing more than a trophy cow at an auction. I’m referring to those times when our breasts are just hanging from our chest, (with our asses hanging up there in the wind,) or filled with milk for our unborn child. It’s times like that when we want a man to understand our feelings of exposed vulnerability the most, but they rarely, if ever, do. There is only one position that we actually feel some small bit of control when dealing with men, and that is when we are the ones on top. And even then if two men are involved, that means we are only on top of one of them at any given time while the other is literally shafting us in the ass. For a feminist this is an impossible situation to live with, but for a slut like me, it’s simply heaven here on Earth.

I’d fucked, or sucked close to 35 black men most of whom I made wear condoms on our honeymoon to Arthur’s visual, and video delight, but the best sex had been with Dell, and his heirs that owned, and worked at our hotel. Which is probably why it was only 35 black men instead of 50 or more. Having those four men, of three generations of the same family fucking, and cuming in me in every hole I owned at the same time was absolute bliss as far as I was concerned. And I vowed to return to them next year if I wasn’t knocked up. I can still remember the feeling of vulnerability, as if I were a Holstein cow being bred by four prized Black Angus bulls, whenever they took me while I was down on all fours. You know what I’m talking about? It’s that feeling of being used like you were no better than a side of beef. I love that feeling. That is if I’m with the right man.

My husband Arthur will never be that kind of man, and I never assumed he would be. Arthur is a born cuckold, a man who loves nothing better than taking sloppy seconds from his wife after any other man has had her. And I love that about Arthur, it puts me on top in our relationship, no matter how many men are involved at any given time. I guess you could say that’s why I’m a true slut, and now a married one at that. I’d fucked both Arthur’s dad, George, and his grandfather Arthur II before marrying Arthur. I’ve even fucked my own brother when we were in our teens. So you can believe me when I say that I really am a true slut. But it wasn’t until shortly after our honeymoon that I began to feel like a real dirty low down whore as well.

I started getting the feeling about a month after George had my porno pay site online…

Chapter Two:

“I’m afraid I don’t completely understand, George,” I said after looking at the figures my father-in-law had shown me.

“It’s pretty simple, dear. You’re site is very near to being number one on the internet, but you personally are very near to becoming over exposed. We need some fresh blood on the site if you expect to hang onto your members. Not to mention acquire new ones.”

“And where am I going to find fresh meat for this grinder of ours, George?”

“Well, Arthur was telling me about your güvenilir bahis friend Trina, and a few other college buddies that you hung around with in school. Maybe they could use some extra cash?”

“My friends may be sluts, George, but they’re far from becoming whores. Especially for a pimp like you.”

“How can you be so sure until you ask them? Besides, we aren’t talking about them fucking anyone other than their husbands, boyfriends, or whatever here. We are asking them if they’d care to do it in front of a camera for some extra cash. And they’d continue to make money as long as people click on their home movies on your site. We’re only talking about a small percentage here, it is your site after all, but with more faces on the site we’re sure to keep growing, instead of becoming stagnant. My best analysts say that we really only need a core group of about seven raunchy sluts to make this work, and with you that means we only need six more.”

“Okay, I’ll ask, but no promises,” I replied after thinking about it for a week. The worst that could happen is that I’d get to fly first class all around the country, stay in the best hotels, treat my friends to the best restaurants, and get to talk to all of my college sorority friends even if they all said no. Strangely enough, it was my first stop, at Trina’s that made everything that followed a lot easier. Even if it didn’t start out that way.

Trina is one of those long legged, tight assed, medium breasted women that cause men to be put in a neck brace, or traction after the first look. Her striking figure is often overwhelmed by the shimmering waterfall of fiery red hair that cascades wildly down from her head to near her waist, and that wrapped around a nearly angelic face of uncommon innocence. As my roommate in college she had been a fresh breath of healthy bi-sexuality in my sea of wanton mongrel men.

“You mean to tell me that after a year of not hearing from you at all, that you want me to turn tricks for you in front of a camera for a few extra bucks?”

“You do get down to the nitty gritty, don’t you,” I sighed as the waiter brought our salads, and then left us to eat. “Besides, it hasn’t been a whole year, and you were at my wedding, remember.”

“Yeah, where I got to say two whole words to you,” she grouched, then stabbed a cherry tomato on her plate. “Honestly Jill, sometimes you can be so… so… damned self centered when it comes to your sex life. You know how I hate being photographed.”

“You never seemed to mind when it was you in my bed,” I grinned, trying like hell to down play her wrath towards me.

“You were more available back then,” she shot back, but this time a smile crept over her lips.

“Boyfriend problems?”

“No, actually. More like girlfriend problems to be precise. As in I’m between them right now while my dorky boyfriend/fiancé is out of town on business.”

“Sounds like you need a mini vacation,” I suggested, and reached out my hand to take and squeeze hers gently. “I know I could use some help during this trip, and what with the use of the Hillcrest’s company jet, and you can share my hotel suites, and rental cars it türkçe bahis probably wouldn’t cost any more than it would just for me.”

The sparkle in her eyes lit up our table, and the squeeze back had my clit tingling, and my nipples sparking in response. Her smile saying more than words ever could we finished the rest of the meal catching up, and preparing for our sojourn together. A phone call on her cell to her boyfriend as we packed her things, and we were out of her place an hour later, and heading for my hotel suite together in my rented car.

“What’s all this?” Trina inquired gesturing at the three tripods with the latest video equipment surrounding the master bed. “You weren’t by any chance expecting me, were you?”

“It’s part of the George Hillcrest plan,” I giggled. “He figures if anything should happen that there’s no reason why we shouldn’t film it for my Internet site. But it’s up to me whether or not the cameras get turned on.”

“You know you’ve talked about this porno web site of yours all day. When am I going to get to see it?”

“Well, if you don’t need any help with your things, I can go boot up my laptop, and get online while you get ready for bed. Then while you’re looking over the site I’ll get ready for bed. How’s that sound?”

“Exceptionally efficient, as always,” she giggled.

By the time I got online I heard the shower running, and decided to check my e-mail, and get that out of the way. As Debbie Shallowyk was next on my list to visit I opened her reply to my earlier request to visit her, and found her invite quite charming. She and her husband wanted us to join them in their mountain retreat, and would see to our transportation there once I sent them an ETA. I immediately replied with our estimated time of arrival at their local airport, and sent it out. I finished the rest of my e-mail correspondence in less than ten minutes, and was entering my web site when Trina joined me.

Seeing her in that sheer pink teddy, and nothing else took my breath away. Her fiery mane drawing my attention as it glistened in the low lighting of the hotel suite almost as much as the bright nearly neon orange triangle above her recently shaved slit.

“Oh good,” I said, “here’s the site, and I’ve entered my password to let you in. Help yourself to the wet bar while I go shower up. The Chablis’ is very good I hear.”

I took my time in the shower, letting the water caress my flesh as well as wash away the day’s dust. It had been more than a year now since Trina and I had touched each other in any intimate way. She had been my best, most prized friend, and lover for a very important four years of my life. We hadn’t actually broken up when her boyfriend, and future fiancé arrived on the scene, but she needed the space to find her way with the man she had fallen in love with. And too, three would have crowded his ego at that time. Besides, I was already engaged to Arthur, and making plans for our wedding then as well as bedding Arthur’s father George on the side. Which meant I was usually too exhausted from screwing my father-in-law so that when Trina and I were alone together it didn’t make much difference.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri took my time powdering, perfuming, and fixing my makeup before deciding what to wear for bed. In the end I picked a sheer white Nitey that came down to the top of my butt cleft, and almost matched the one Trina was wearing, and hurried out to rejoin her.

“Wow!” She gasped as I entered the room, and after I asked her what she thought of my porno site. “I mean, I remember your talking about screwing around with some black guy, but damn, Girl! I never really believed it! I just thought you were… well… you know, bullshitting me about that.”

“Black cock was, and is my second love,” I admitted, and then bent down to kiss her full on those rosy red-pouting lips of hers.

It was almost as if we’d never been apart the way her hand came up instantly to cup my bald mound, and slip a finger inside of my seething wet slit. Our tongues like dueling Lambata dancers teasing, and tangling up like snakes rutting. My hand going to her breasts, and tweaking the nipple with the gold ring pierced in it. She’d had that done for me, and we both knew it. I was trembling already in sexual meltdown as heat lightening scorched through my body centering on my clit, and jumping up to my nipples, and behind my left ear as her other hand caressed me there.

Our kiss lasted forever, even through her standing up, and moving me slowly back towards the bedroom. Her first finger joined by another, and then another in my quim by her left hand, and the other hand slowly teasing its way down my back giving me chills until at last she was squeezing my ass gently with it. Her touch as light as a feather, and as insistent as a bulldozer. The next thing I remembered was being flat on my back with Trina’s head between my legs kissing my other lips passionately.

I love the way she glides her tongue along the groove of each lip, then along their edges before making her way into my slit proper. The way she teases my clit when her tongue is going in, and out. And the wonder of how she hits my G-spot with her index finger throwing me into instant dementia every time she does.

My mind was slipping through my third multiple orgasm when I felt her body slide upwards against mine. Her lips kissing the whole way only stopping to delve her tongue into a crevasse here, a hill, or valley there until once again, after so long a time away, she was snuggled up to my breasts suckling at my right nipple. It was how we had gone to sleep together for those four years in college, and her way of saying the ball was now in my court. She was here for me whatever that need would arise, and required nothing in return from me other than my mutual respect for her.

My arms came up, and went around her, my hands petting her head, my fingers combing her long mane until I heard her breathing evenly. It had all been one sided, an affectionate let-bygones-be-by-gone kind of thing. I had yet to reciprocate which was her way of saying that I was the dominant in this relationship, not her. My only duty was not to abuse her trust. And that’s when I looked up at the cameras surrounding the bed to see that each of them was rolling during our entire little tryst. They weren’t remote controlled, so the only person who could have turned them on had her lips around my nipple. My smile, directly into the middle camera, was both for Trina, and George.

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