A TRUE TALESeptember 1970 and wife Sarah and I had been married just over a year. To celebrate our anniversary we drove the three hundred miles to where my late parents and brother lived to spend ten days Leave time from the Air Force and McChord Air Base where I wa then stationed as an air/security policeman in my seventh year of service. Sarah and I had hoped to get off on our own for a few days so I gathered some of my camping gear together and we decided to hike up into the forest surrounding the Colville eastern Washington area, pitch my old two man pup tent I,d won years before in Boy Scouts and sleep on air mattresses with sleeping bags on top, mosquito netting and waterproof flooring in the tent to add a bit of comfort along with a small camp stove, food and cooking items so we wouldn’t, be hungry or thirsty, but mainly a way to be on our own to Fuck and suck each other to,our heart,s content! We told my parents the area we,d be in then set off on one of the nature trails on a sunny afternoon about 5 pm hoping for a few hours of sun light before pitching our tent. It was a bit windy and more noticeable at higher altitude, but we were dressed for it in water resistant jackets and heavier clothing plus proper hiking boots so carried on, the surrounding scenery and clean smells wonderful. Sadly the weather at that time of year can change rather quickly and within an hour the sky clouded over, the wind grew stronger and it started to rain not a gentle rain, but a torrent driven on by the wind, the drops stinging on our faces so with fading daylight we began to search for any kind of shelter as there was no way canlı bahis we could set up the tent without it getting blown away in the wind! Totally soaked by now I caught a glimpse of a building in the distance so we struggled to it. Situated between two tall pines and almost hidden by thick under brush was an old log cabin. The door was pretty sturdy, but not locked so I pushed it open and we swept inside. The cabin smelled musty, but dry with one small window at the rear that hadn,t been broken out which was surprising considering all the graffiti written on the walls including “Gary Fucked Sally!” With a crude drawing of a woman sitting on a giant cock and the date 21/07/67 scrawled below that. The other graffiti was mostly initials of various people. The roof obviously did Not leak which was a plus, there was an old small fire place with a stack of old logs covered in spiders, webs which made Sarah shiver, but at least they were dry enough to burn, an old wooden bench near the fire, a tiny table and old bed stead with stained spring mattress that seemed ancient. While I started a fire using some old newspapers I,d brought along Sarah stripped the old mattress off the bed and blew up our air mattresses to cover the bed stead and unrolled our sleeping bags from our back packs then I got out the camp stove, filled the small kettle with water from the plastic bottle I brought along and began boiling water to make some coffee. Once the kettle boiled I cooked some bacon and heated beans so we had our meal of bacon , baked beans, bread and butter washed down with cups of hot coffee. We,d stripped off our wet clothing bahis siteleri and stretched them out on the bench near the fire, Sarah in just her black lace bra and panties and I in boxer shorts so now nice and warm we decided to make use of our body heat as Sarah lay down on a sleeping bag and I joined hervreaching behind to unclip her bra, kissing and licking her freed nipples enclosed in her large aureoles as my right hand slid inside her panties to frig her wet cunt. I now worked my tongue down over her tummy till I pulled her panties clear and slid my tongue up her fanny and got her working her pussy against my sucking lips till she pushed me back and peeled off my boxers opening completely to me as I now slipped my cock in her tight twat and began to move in and out picking up pace till we were groaning with pleasure as we strived toward mutual climax, my semen soon filling her to overflow. Later in the glow of the fire we separated as I placed my sleeping bag closer to the fire so I could wake and keep the fire going, Sarah asleep beside me! I awoke with sunlight steaming through the somewhat dirty window, birds singing so the storm had blown itself out during the night. Having to pee badly air quickly dressed in my again dry clothes and went to open the door, but it wouldn’t,t open! Thinking it was just jammed I tried barging it open using sheer force, but that old door was solid and would not budge! When I leaned over to look through the key hole I couldn,t see out through the hole! Sarah was awake now with all my attempts to,open the door and as I apologised and peed on a pile of garbage left in a far corner bahis şirketleri she reckoned there was a key in the lock from the outside. “You mean someone has locked us in?” I assumed. “ It sure looks that way and this old door and the lock are going to be hard to break down, I saw a film once about someone locked in. They found some old wire, pushed the key through and when it fell on the floor slid the wire under the door and pulled it back through and opened it that way.” she explained. Pushing the key out was no problem with the long knife from my fishermen’s tool, but finding some wire might take some doing. The answer lay in the old wire bird cage somewhat had discarded long ago. The metal was pliable and I extracted a strand which I managed to fashion a hook on to gently pull the key back into the cabin. It took what seemed ages as the key kept working free, but I kept at it and eventually the key was mine. I fitted the key in the lock, it opened and we were free! We expected to find someone waiting for us to explain their cruel prank, but there was no one in sight. Sarah excused herself as she went behind bushes to relieve herself half expecting someone to rush out at her any moment, but the area remained silent on a beautiful autumn morning. Puzzled we packed our gear back in our back packs. Left the cabin in much better shape than we found it for someone else to find shelter in, but hoped they wouldn’t,t get locked in! When we told our tale to my parents and brother at first they thought we were joking, but when they realised we were dead serious they agreed it seemed strange as surely an old door couldn,t lock itself! Now at my age(73) I,ve had numerous incidents like this concerning my security work in the London area at night and this was just one of many such experiences. Neither Sarah nor I can explain it! Can You?

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