A Turning Point


Nothing was working. Her normal playtime in the mornings gave her a ‘quick fix’ but she needed so much more. She questioned why. Why the hunger all of a sudden? Or was it really all of a sudden? Hasn’t this been building for quite some time? She tried different toys and fantasies. Orgasming wasn’t enough. As soon as she came, she wanted more. Once, twice, three times — never enough. She wasn’t getting what she normally got out of her playtime and it was beginning to get more and more frustrating. It was as if someone was controlling her private pleasure.

Her fantasies got harder and harder. The sex was harsher. She was being used, taken, fucked, pinched, spanked, ravaged. Her hunger was for a merciless fuck – a strong, hard, merciless teasing until she didn’t know her name – only his. She needed to be pumped, stretched, rammed, driven. She needed the exhausting mental and physical type of fucking.

She needed to be bent over and fucked from behind with her hair pulled and her ass slapped. She needed to be fucked on her back and against the wall and on her stomach. She needed all her holes taken, fucked, used. Her nipples ached to be tuzla escort bayanlar sucked, twisted, bitten, marked. She needed… yes… it was all about her need. She needed the kind of fucking that just takes and keeps on taking. She had the hunger that defined hunger. To be fucked so that every last muscle was quivering with aftershocks and her hair and body is soaked with sweat.

Each time she played the fantasies kept running together. She couldn’t remember when she was last fucked like this – if ever. But even as her fantasies got harsher, the satisfaction wouldn’t come. Did she cum? Yes. Sometimes she came a dozen times in a playtime and was physically spent. But was the satisfaction there? What was missing? Would she die without it? Would she ever get what she craved? Is that what was missing? The thought that she would never be fucked like this? Or was it more?

Yes… it was more.

It was no secret that she craved this type of fucking for a long time. No secret to her – she knew herself well. Her self-exploration in her life taught her not to deny those thoughts.

She came istanbul tuzla escort home from work and needed a nap. Her dreams were deliciously and disturbingly harsh and she woke up wet and wanting. She reached in her drawer for her toy – toys – she wanted two. She fucked her ass and her pussy with them imagining being taken and used in both holes. She pictured sucking his cock being completely filled. All the times she imagined being completely filled, she wanted him in her mouth. God, how he felt there…. nothing felt more perfect. He would fuck and use her as she needed and she started cumming as she knew she would. Her pussy and ass being slammed with her toys, her mouth being taken and used. Her nipples being pinched. She couldn’t stop cumming. Over and over, she gushed over the toys. Screaming, moaning, and gasping his name….

But then her mind took a turn. The toys removed, he continued to fuck her mouth, but his hands… his magnificent hands, stroked her hair. He no longer pulled it. He stroked it and her cheek. His eyes with their gold flecks was filled with lust and he no longer was taking, kartal escort he was giving. He was not fucking her mouth – he was making love to it. The mood, the feeling, the intimacy changed. The act erotic, the taking and the giving, the fucking and the loving, all changed from before. Right before he exploded in her mouth, he took her face in his hands and said…. “Yes, like that, like THAT!!!” He filled her mouth and some dripped down her chin. She took as much as should could, licking him still, cleaning him, keeping him in her mouth while the aftershocks wracked his body. Hearing him moan and whimper in satisfaction was reward enough for her.

He shifted her to insert a finger in her dripping wet heat. “Do you want to cum like I did?” he asks. He fucked her pussy with first one — then two — then three fingers and she felt the build. He knew she was close the way her pussy squeezed his fingers. One hand caressing her ass, lovingly and the other hand with fingers taking her pussy. Softness combined with the fucking.

He was still in her mouth and now hard again. He shifted again and moved her below him with her legs over his shoulder. His look was filled with urgency and tenderness combined and he fucked and took and filled her over and over and over again. She knew the difference between making love and fucking and yet… this was both.

“NOW!” he moaned to her. And she shattered, completely, totally, and finally all encompassingly satisfied.

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