A very beautiful sexy bold charming housewife


A very beautiful sexy bold charming housewifesavita009visit on www.papahaxx.com to see more top rated videos and stories like thesefriends, myself Zunair Ahmed 29 years old I have done MBA in Human resources presently working in M.N.C in KARACHI . I lived in a very posh area of karachi, I am sharing my real life experience with you it is around 4 or five months old experience. (I will not be disclosing her name in this story because i dont lie and the entire story is real)A very beautiful sexy bold charming housewife, she was 32 years old . she was very fair very sexy her lips are so beautiful and face is so attractive her boobs were so attractive and big that I always watch them with horny feelings, her buttock were also very big and round shape I thought her ass were most beautiful part of her body. she is not very tall her hight is around 5′, her figure is 36B-25-34(a very well mentaind figure).First time I saw her at our area small market she was shopping there with her k**s, I was alone for some work when she was doing purchase for her. I got that much attraced with her that i kept watching her and followed her over there,and after that she went back home and i kept following her because i was seeking where she lives, because she has come to the market by walk and thats y i thought she definately lives near by in my area, well after following her she just entered a building just near by my house, and after that i have seen her mant times in area while purchasing grosryes and etc so that confirms me that she lives in that building. i have started to seek about her that what does she do or who is his hubby because i almost know every budy in my area and every budy also knows me very well, and for around after 2 months i have gather many informatons about her and her family, well she was seprated from her husband for last 3 years and now she is doing some job for her family to survive. Well after knowing all these things about her i really got a soft hearted feelings for her and wana give her a helping hand on my behalf and whats so ever so i tried to get her cell number so i can contact her, n by my luck was working good i got her cell number. i have purchased a new sim card for contacting her, well dont get that much courage to dirctly call her i have send her some sms(very decent ones). But no reply was received but after some time I got an sms from here she asked me that who am i and i have told her every thing thing fake abt me but our conversation was going on sms, and she was expecting me that i was a teen aged boy who was disturbing her, but i make her clear that im not a teen aged boy n all that and after that i have asked her that can i call her so i can make many things clear. She accepted n ask me to call her as i have talked her n when she heared my voice she was very clear that what i was telling her was ture but when she asked about my discription n where did i get her number i told her fake bulshits. Well and then our corespondance starts and we talked alot on fone after that.For about a week after that she asked me that she wanna meet me but i refuse to meet her as i was scared that when she wil know every thing about me that i lived near by her house an all that she will stop talking to me and friendship would be finished but she insisted alot just for a one time meet up and I was very keen to meet her and want to see her as she was really very sexy women. Well after that i have told every thing true n clear to her that who am i n how does i get ur number and every thing which i know and information which i gathered about her i told her each and every thing. She was really shocked n was very angry with me after hearing all that and then disconnect the call and have switched off her cell fone i have tried to call her manny times but her cell was not responding, next day in morning about 10 AMi got a call from her number and she asked me that she still wanna meet me and if is it possible for me than we will meet for lunch, i agreed n then we decided a place to meet at 1 o clock, as i got at that place before 1 o clock so i was waiting for her to come n i will welcome her. She came she was in very good pink sarre with low cut blouse and very good makeup with red lips. I was stunned to she her. She met me warmly and shake hand before entering the resturant there was unique aroma from her body. Her boobs very solid and big . she was also smiling me and whispering she was talking with lot of interest . she also give me a packet as a gift.with the request that I should not open there. She was taking me lot of interest. I also told her that I also want to do friendship with her She told me that she will phone me . after living from there. I was so glad that finally I got very sex and beautiful friend. She also invite me at here home and Have a lunch together we also promise each other for long lasting friendship. On arrival in my home when I open that packet and found a very nice book on friendship and a beautiful card on the same. It was just beginning of a nice friendship . after that we have been talk every day. mostly in day time and have exchange several sms. Now we started exchanging some nought sms..but not adult time sms. as she belongs to very rich and reputed family so she looks very modern. She wear all type of cloth like saree , jeans. Shalwar kameez(modern designs). On phone started talking on some personnel issue and I always feel very warm and I feel increase in libido position in my body and my sexual urge increase quickly . I don’t have any girl fiend then I want to do all the thing with her. some time when I was talking on phone I was busy in playing with my lund . we started to discuss very hot and interesting issue like girl friend boy friend relation extra martial relation, sex, moj masti, movies, faishans, modeling, while discussing on these I felt very hot and always went to toilet and shake my lund… And dicharge my sperm there she told me me that my voice always change when we discuss these issue.but she don’t know the reason for it but it was due mariobet güvenilirmi to excitement and sexual urge for her. I was keen to heet her and wanted to spent my time with her as a lover. I know she was a seprated lady and was very eger to have sex but I have very hungry feelings for her. Several time discuses latest fashion trends, makeup and movies and relation between girl friend. Several time I mastribute by shaking my lund I also asked to her that weather she have boyferiend before marriage. She was sad and told me that she never have any boyfriend and never tried to get bf. But she always missing some caring person in life. I also informed that I also don’t have any girl friend like u.. Then we promised each other to make close relation and never feel that we don’t have any bf-gf. After some time she insist me to come to her home and meet personally. I was so excited and don’t want to miss the opportunity. but as she lives in an appartment and many people knows me there its not safe to go to her home so we decided to meet at my home because i love in a banglow and my house is seprated in to two portions me and my family lives in the uper portion and the ground portion is empty but it was fullu furnished so there will be no problem in meeting there. She agreed and told me that she will come tomarow morning at 9 o clock as her k** will go school and she will be alone at her home so she also would be on safe side, at night I brought some roses and chocolates from market for her . Next morning i woke up early n stared waiting for her to come i have called her several times and she told me to be patient as she will be coming on time. We were talking on fone and i was guiding her on her fone not to be afraid come with confidence, i was waiting her at the door as she come in i quickly locked it and take her in at the ground portion. She breath with relax. And slowly and without making noise i closed the the door and sign her to keep her mouth shut for some time and guided her to come to the bedroom. We entered in bed room. It was a very large room. I offered hand for hand sake then she took my hand and gave her thanks for coming there. I felt warmness when I was holding her hand. She was in blue levis jeans and cotton fabric small kurti . she have done very light makeup looking so hot. I was watching her face. She was also in little tension but it was obvious. I have given her that roses n chocklates whih i have bought for her, we sat on her bed. I was seeing lot of love and sex in her eyes. Then I taken here hand in my hand said that I was missing her too much. then she asked why although she was married and have a k**. I told that I don’t know exactly it but I think I really love u. then she was told me in low voice that I am too good and attractive that she also could not sleep several night . then I open my arms and spreads toward her she came in my arms and gave me closed hug. It was superb experience that her total body was in my arms and I felt that her body was quite warm .I also felt her boobs try to insert in my chest. They were solid and firm. I also felt a unique aroma there from here body. I hold here for 5 minute I touch several parts of here body she also watching in my eyes. Her lips were moving slowly. I was in different mood. After getting lots of courage I just put my lips on her lips and get amazing experience and happiness . they were warm sweetest she also kissing my lips and just hold her boobs in my hand and tightly hold here in my arms. I whispered in her hear I LOVE YOU. She said nothing but I got answer in her eyes. She asked me what happen to me as she was married. Then I told her that u r the first girl that I hugged and kissed and also touch boobs. And she is very sexy and beautiful. I told her that your voice eyes nose lips are so beautiful. And will your forever. Then we again kissed each other and I was playing my hand on her body. I was pressing her boobs, touching her naval, hips and back, her body was so amazing and solid. She told me that she do yoga and aerobics so her body like 24 years old girl. She was also taking lot of herbal and natural product and not involve in sex with her husband. She also told me that her sepration was about 3 years back and before her sepration for 2 years she didnt have sex and i was completly in shocked that how have u mannaged ur self for 5 long years. I was kissing her lips she was feeling horny and hot we hold each other tightly and want to crush each other in arms. We also feeling each other body. Her boobs looks like mountains. I was feeling to hot and want to do everything and I was pressing her boobs , her boobs were too tight and getting very hard. I put her hand on my jeans. My tool was also getting hard. I pulled her on bed and make her lying down. She was objecting that it was not fair we r only good friend but I was feeling to hot so want to kiss her boobs and press them she was not ready I thought it was first time. I started kissing her on boobs and disarrange her cloth she was looking so hot her hair was opened I kissed her on temple and cheeks and chin. I started sucking her boobs and enter my hand her in kurti. They were so hard due to excitement and her nipple got erection I just pressed them she was try to hold me and giving closed lip lock. We were also inserting tongue in each other mouth and feeling each others she were also playing her hand on my hairy chest and kissed on my head chest I just started my hand on her hips over jeans and tried to open in zip as it was very tight she was just remove my hand don’t want to allow me to open her jeans. I was pressing er boobs forcefully she was moaning like aahhhhhhh..ohhhhh..ahh. uhhhhh..maaaaaa..aaaaahhhhhhhhh .uuuhhhhhhh.. Aaahhhh she was moaning loudly.. she take her mouth closed to my hear and moaning I love you.. ZUnair……. I love u my love please crush me in your arms.. I told her to remove her kurti but she told me that she don’t want to do anything ..without cloth she told me to do whatever I want with cloth. I mariobet yeni giriş was also not in my control. so I was making lot of effort as there was no one to stop me and she was motivating by her sexual voice. Then I pulled her kurti off. I was nearly escape and she told me to be easy then I removed her kurti carefully.. I was to surprised to see her boobs they were to huge and firmly solid and looking so hot they wear stil under black bra it was really modern bra with plastic strip over shoulder. I stared pressing her boobs once again I want to open her bra also but she make request then I should not get impatience that chance will come after some time. I cant control myself as my Lund is getting hard and it was clearly seen from my jeans then I started to open my jeans she closed her eyes . I through my jeans on the floor. Then I hold her in my arms and she was not giving any resistance feeling too hot and I took her in my arms and put my finger on her bra s hooks and opened it . wowwwwwwwwwww. what a seen it was they were looking amazing she was too fair and boobs were so milky and white here nipple was so nice and erects I was stunned for I just hold her boob in my hand and some time.. she asked kya hua aisa kya dekh raho I just hold her boob in my hand and started them pressing, she was not moaning only but started breathing heavily.. and want to surrender. I am sure no man or woman can use their mind under such condition. I just open my mouth and pick her nipples and sucking like mango.. they were so delicious her one boob was in my mouth other was in my hand, she was also started put her hand on my lund and holding my it over my boxers. The temprature of room was really hot. it was very good chance I just left her boobs.. and started open her jeans.. I opened her jeans button and zip. it sliped to knee. Her panty was also so sexy and black. .it was hardly covered her pussy.. i easily imagine her pussy ..when I touch her pussy it was too hot and was burning . she was smiling and hardly managing that some voice should not come out from her mouth.. she several time pulled away my hand from her pussy but was thinking that this is golden chance to me.. I just enter my hand under her panty and it was so wet that I can easily feel, wow. she was just divert my attention she started kissing me on my lips but main kahan mannay wala tha.she says! please yeh nahi. please meri jaan aaj nahi. I am yours …. u can come any time at my home and do what ever u want to do, we can meet for whole night.. but please don’t do.. let me kiss u…. I am so fond of your lips.I also open my shirt and under wear now I was fully nude and she was wearing only a tiny panty that was hardly covered her pussy.. as my lund was too erect and full in strength it was almost 8 inch and 3 inch thick. It was reddish and feeling to horny.. I was fully excited if she were not agree I would **** her forcefully.she was also stunned to see my lund and I seen a sigh of great relief on her face.. I just put my lund on her hand and put off her panty.. woo…. great.. I can imagine but I cant explain.. the beauty of her pussy it was so sexy red in colour and with any hair I thought she clean the hair in morning it self it was great in shape looking very tight and virgin type. It also later informed that her son was born my operation and as she havent done sex for last 5 years her pussy was too tight and attractive.. her thigh were to milky and hair less looks like banana.. I love to kiss them…………………………………… After doing lots of masti fun it was clear to both of us that we r not in control and we can enjoy everything as we r in very crucial mood. She just started shaking caressing my lund with her hand I was felling hot, I make her lying down on the bed.. I just sit in her leg and pressing boobs and sucking hse was also moving her hand on my back.. she was also pushing me and kissing my lips.. she was also holding me in her arms.. I just enter my one finger in her pussy it was so tight but wet so easily I reach inside she was now moaning aahhhhhhh..ohhhhh..ahh. uhhhhh..maaaaaa..aaaaahhhhhhhhh .uuuhhhhhhh .. Aaahhhh… aahhhhhhh. .ohhhhh..ahh. uhhhhh. .maaaaaa. .aaaaahhhhhhhhh .uuuhhhhhhh.. Aaahhhh..she was making lot of noise which very unique exp.. I was so excited with her that behavior .lots of ideas coming in my mind but I was not focusing anything.. she was also holding me.. and said please fuck me Zunair my love my jaaannn.ohhhhhhhh zunniiiii u r sexy aaahhhhhhhh..uhhhhhh..my lund was also getting harder.. I was not able to contrl myself..i cant hold it some time even for few minute.. I told her that please let me fuck u.. otherwise I will discharge. No..no. don’t do yaar ..baad me karlena I am yours..mera beta 2 pm par aayega..tab tak 12.30 ho gaye they.when I was entering my finger inside her pussy.. she was whispering to fuck.. I also pressed her boobs..then I take my lips to her mouth I felt a warm aroma and feelings from here pussy.. I watch and just put my lips on it.. wow. .excellent..nothing can be better then kissing a hot and sexy horny housewife pussy.she was crying now for fucking.she were also twisting my lund and pressing her hand.. i spread her legs ..sit on the knee.. put 2 pillow under her hips.. just apart her legs and open her pussy with my one hand and pressed toward her pussy she open her mouth .. just feeling that thing..my legs are in between her legs and within a minute my lund was inside the vagina.. then I felt warmness of her pussy and she was crying with joy.. great lust in her eyes.. she asked to insert fully.. she also.. tightly closed her mouth with teeth .. I just pushed my lund behind and inset with thrust.. and it was really painful.. as she started crying but she told me to continue. it was like that, I asked what to do next.. I supposed she must laugh but she also know that my question also not illogical.. then she said OK wapas nikalo..toda sa cream lele aur apne lund aur yaha lagao. then I did it and insert once again with same engery mariobet giriş this time I felt great and started up-down pumping..she was moning now loudly aahhhhhhh..ohhhhh..ahh. mar gai. uh. fuck me hard.. pura gussa do apna lund meri pussy main. tum pahle kyo najhi mile muje . I love u zunni… u r my sweatheart.. my love.. u will be mine forever. zor se fuck karo. uhhhhh..maaaaaa..aaaaahhhhhhhhh .uuuhhhhhhh.. Aaahhhh loudly aahhhhhhh..ohhhhh..ahh. mar gai. uh. fuck me hard.. pura ghussa do phar do meri pussy ko. tum pahle kyo nahi mile muje . I love u zunni.. u r my sweatheart.. my love.. u will be mine forever. zor se fuck karo. uhhhhh. oh. maja aaa raha hai.. or tez dalo pura dal do..please. uuuuiiii.maaaaaa..aaaaahhhhhhhhh .uuuhhhhhhh.. Aaahhhh I lov u baby. I cant live without u! my pussy is so hungry.. this is your… any time u can come to me and fuck me. I am only for u. mean while I was fucking hard.. my mind was not were with me as I was senseless I was also inserting my hard lund with several different angle and giving her maximum feeling.. I was also getting nice feeling with the contact of her skin of vagina . in between this process I kissed her sexy lips which were giving me huge satisfaction . she was also kissing me . she were just holding me from behind and forcing me to come inside her vagina..a unique type of vapor coming from her mouth a very hot sexual feeling. I put her leg on my shoulder and giving my thrust deep inside she was also pushing from down.. it was great.. she was also holding me tightly as was feeling lot of pain.. when I asked if any thing painful for her.. but she told that its ok.. as she was not too use to get fucking and her ex-husband pannies size was hardly 5 inch.. now after doing this for 10-12 minute I was coming I also told her that I am coming so she tell me that dont worry cum inside her as she has inserted pregnancy coil so its go ahead .. she also crying that she was also about to come .. ooohhhhhhhh. aahhhhhhhh.. uhhhhhhhh..I am coming zunni fuck me hard.aahhh. uuuuhhhh..no.my mamma.. Uiiiiiii mar gai me. aur zor se. please pura dalo. yehi point hai zunni bus yehi point..hai. hhhaaa. esi angle par dalo mera nikal gaya nahi aaahhhhh tez or tez fuck me hard jaaannnnn. dont leave me please.. I am coming yaar. coming coming.. I was not in position to listen her infect there was no need to talk.. sex is that game which does not require any rule regulations.. and language of communication it is require only action.. only hard and focused action ..i was also feeling that I also coming to come in side her pussy..then I discharge my all load cum in her pussy.. I stopped after 2-3 minute..it was great relief and feeling to discharge all sperm in her pussy . she was also happy she was talking nothing but holding me tightly and we were laying in same position.. both we were r warm.. like 106 degree tempt.. par yeh to fucking ka bhukhar tha.. both we were sweating.she was looking happy.. she said.. I love you.. u r so good in fucking I never fucked like this.. then she kiss me .. and hold me tightly now lot of sperm coming from her pussy to bed sheet through pillow.. I informed her to let me free and clean with some cloth but she refused AS she want to enjoyed and feel it.. my lund was now 5 inch and very soft but inside her pussy….then I realize lot of pain on my back shoulder .. it was from her nails… several place skin was flowing some drop of blood.. but it was ok.. then she asked me to give love bite on her boobs.. I took her boobs and attempt a bite.. done it with my full energy.. then. In 2nd attempt it was very dark sign of my teeth on her breast she was almost crying.. I saw tears in her boths eyes..now I left her on the bed and took a towel from nearby.. my whole lund was in white fluid of both of us..i just clean it and then clean her pussy but she was thinking something.. she still lyining down..i just open her vagina and saw it with full semen.. there was lot of smells in rooms. she still staring my lund. she raise her hand toward me and she was not able to stand.. after some time we went to bathroom and take a bath. While taking bath we had a great sex one more time over there. then she asked to leave as her k** was about to come back from school. she was sad but asked me when I am coming next.. I told her.. kal .. she just smile and ..told no..dear kal to saterday hai.. mera bachcha ghar par hota hai.. but I really want to meet you .. she was looking so hot after this long sex session . then I open my arms and she responded immediately I took her in my arms and I started kissing her. I also perssing her boobs she was again out of control I was also playing her pussy and buttock.. she were whispering in my hear did u really enjoy zunair I said yeas meri jaan u r really a sex bomb and ur pussy is so tight like 18 years old girl..i was also entering my finer through her panty she was also feeling very horny. She asked that please ruk jao na.. but I told her that I will come later when ever she want. then we wear our clothes as she have to leave and was getting late.then i opened the the main door the next door which was closed.. then i kissed her .. and said.. go with out any fear and normal.. .. phone me after reaching home.. She left my home. before entering her appartmentshe called me. she was so sad and was calling once again that she have reached her home and evry thing is fine with her as she told me that her k** sleeps after taking launch daily so we can enjoy one or tow time but I was little afraid by some one sees me there so I told her that I will come to ur home on Monday onwards and it was not safe to enter in her house in the day. Then she asked.. kisi ne dekha to naha na.. I said ..no.. ok ..i love u..then she told me to do call her after 2 pm as she have to pick her son from school van.. It was our first encounter .. first time enjoy complete, The real heppening was more then that and I am not really able to explain experience that is was wonderful day of my life. if u like contents and story then send your email/feedback to me I will/write send /post another exp. With some new ways..in next stories..these are true experience of us I just writing these stories for several story lover those are enjoying same kind of sex.. remaninig part of the story you can continue on www.papahaxx.com

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