A Very Special Delivery Ch. 03


Over two months had past since my adventure with Sandra. While we had exchanged email on a regular basis in the past, the volume of her new emails had little to do with work and more to do with the rebirth of sex in her marriage. If you hadn’t known her before our afternoon of cum-lathered debauchery, you’d never guess her to be a modest woman by any stretch of the imagination.

Her emails were often accompanied by photographs, which were taken from her husband’s point of view. While I had yet to see anything more than his thick, silky cock in the pictures, he did manage to show it stuffed in or sliding over every inch of Sandra’s body. In the absence of any other gifts from him, I did enjoy giving myself a number of orgasms while I read her stories and looked at her pictures. Despite my happiness for them, I was jealous. Not of him or their relationship, but of the cum he so willing sprayed all over her and fed to her – while I west left to crave it.

I was confident, at this point, that I was merely a tool to help them rekindle their lost sensuality. On the days that I felt my pussy ache and every inch of my being was parched for just one more warm, succulent drop of luscious cum, I damned him. Damned him for the cum-slut he had created and no longer cared for.

I looked around the kitchen, then out the window at the gray, rainy skies. I wasn’t looking forward to aother boring Saturday of laundry, house cleaning and chores. Just as I hopped off the bar stool at the island in the kitchen, the doorbell rang.

I approached the door swiftly but cautiously, as I wasn’t expecting anyone. I opened the door a crack and peered through as Sandra swung open the screen door to greet me. I hugged her as she stepped in and the rain on her trench coat soaked into my white tank top. As I stepped back from her with a smile I noticed her staring straight at my hard, visible nipples through my shirt and she giggled, “You know, I would love to just play with those all day but we have to go or will be late.”

I was both stunned, immediately horny and confused, “What do you mean go?” I paused, “look at me I haven’t showered or anything. I can’t go anywhere like this.”

Sandra stepped back and her eyes traveled from my toes to my tight, gray gym shorts, passed by my breasts then settled on my face and she snickered, “Not to worry. You won’t be in those cloths long anyway.”

I felt my pussy twinge at her words and smiled back and teased, “Oh really?”

She laughed and pulled two envelops from her pocket, “Yep. William has treated us to a Day Spa and we have dinner plans.” She had unbuttoned her trench coat as she spoke then held it open. She wore a similarly casual denim pair of shorts and t-shirt underneath, “He said our dresses for the evening will be there and we only need to bring our most elegant black heels.”

I laughed and nodded as I look down at her shoes, “Umm.. yeah. I was questioning your choice of shoes for that casual ensemble. I guess I’ll have to grab my raincoat as well.”

She laughed as she button her jacket up and teased, “Dare you to go naked underneath it.”

“Oooo listen to you. Who kidnapped my prim and proper accountant?”

She looked at me with a soft but seriously smile and almost whispered, “You did.”

I could feel the true thanks in her voice. I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek then stepped back. “Nobody is happier for you both than I am,” I half lied. Before she could chime in and get us all weepy and emotional I spun on my foot and headed to the stairs, “Let me get my things. I’ll hurry.”

I grabbed my black trench coat from the closet and picked out my favorite black heels – an open toed, sling back stiletto. I slipped them on my feet and my mind began to race as a pondered the possible dinner plans William had in mind. While Sandra and I talked all through the drive to the Spa, I prodded her for hints about the evening. After 20-minutes of grilling her for details, I was honestly convince she had no idea what he had in store for us either.

The spa was located in a upscale neighborhood. It was small but very fashionable inside. We checked in and the staff did there very best to drown us in attention and pampering. The process began with a hot, herbal towel treatment and exfoliating scrub that just left my skin a glow and tingling. From there we received a manicure, pedicure, facial and a waxing in all the right places. As we were escorted to our massage they explained that our dresses, lingerie and accessories had arrived. After the massage we’d be able to take a sauna and shower before our hair was styled and we dressed for the evening. I was in heaven.

As the manicurist left us in the massage room, she dimmed the lights before leaving and apologized that our masseuse was running a bit late, “We’re kinda backed up today, it shouldn’t me more than a few minutes wait.”

When she left I looked at Sandra then nudged her, “I hope he’s cute. Think I can get a happy ending?”

Sandra giggled canlı bahis şirketleri and nudged me back, “Oh my god, do you never not think about sex?”

“Hey,” I said in my own defense, “I’m not the one getting it every day like some people in this room….”

My words were cut off as the masseuse entered the room. Her heels clicked on the floor and her white lab coat brushed my shoulder as she stepped past, “I apologize for being late, have you been waiting long?”

Sandra and I both started to speak at once and I stopped and motioned for her to answer, “Oh no, just a few minutes. Don’t worry.”

She placed the clipboard in her hand on a nearby counter and returned to introduce herself, “My name is Alexa, so very nice to meet you both.”

She extended her hand and shook mine then Sandra’s. Her straight blond hair was pulled back into a bun and she wore those rectangular, trendy glasses in front of the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. Her grip was firm, as her hands should be for a masseuse but her skin was smooth as silk. I’d decided I wouldn’t mind her touching me at all.

The greeting was quick and she walked towards the center of the room, “You can leave your towels on the chair, I’ll get the tables ready.”

As I stood and unwrapped my towel I watched Sandra do the same – but a little slower and with a little reluctance. It was obvious she had lots more to overcome around strangers than in her tiny world with her husband and I.

As we walked towards Alexa she leaned and pushed the two massage tables away from each other and out of the center of the room. Sandra and I stood there, naked, until she turned around and oddly, eyed us up and down. It was more than obvious, that she was checking us out.

After a long awkward minute of her eyes devouring us, she looked from my face to Sandra’s and spoke, “William said you were both really tasty” She paused for a very long time as her inspection become more apparent and even more seductive. “Do you trust William?” She nodded at Sandra, “You’re husband?”

“Of course,” Sandra replied without hesitation.

“As do I, ” I added.

“Will you trust me to do exactly as he asked? If I promise you will be safe and that we can stop anytime you wish?”

I looked over at Sandra and she was visibly nervous. I looked back at Alexa and repeated her promise, “And we can stop at any time?”

She looked back at me with a sincere face, “We could stop now if you like… and you can both just get a massage.” She paused and a devious smile spread across her truly beautiful face, “Or… we can have more fun than you’d ever imagined.”

She lowered her eyes to my freshly waxed pussy. My heart skipped two beats and I turned to Sandra and gave her an assuring nod. Sandra reached over and wrapped her fingers in mine and answered for us both, “I trust my husband. If he trusts you than I do as well.”

Despite her words her hand was shaking in mine. Maybe it was fear or perhaps it was anticipation. Standing there naked, in a warm room, all I knew is my nipples weren’t hard because it was cold. I was game, “I trust him as well.”

With our answers provided Alexa pushed the tables all the way out to the walls then walked towards the door. I heard the click of a lock as she dimmed the room lights to darkness and brightened a spotlight above us. There we stood, naked and on stage as she began to walk around us – her eyes devouring every inch of our bodies in silence.

After her fifth or sixth time around she leaned in from behind us, her head between both of ours and whispered, “Why don’t you kneel in the center of the floor, back to back.”

Sandra and I moved to the center of the lighted circle and knelt on the floor. She never let go of my hand as we moved into the position as instructed. She continued to walk circles around us, unbuttoning her lab coat as she walked. With each pass in front of me I strained my eyes to see what was underneath. On the final pass the lab coat was fully open and draped over her shoulders. The leather of her cupless corset pushed her small firm breasts into the spotlight. Her nipples were hard and amazingly long. From the corset stretched garters that held her thigh high stockings in place and those clicking heels from before were attached to leather boots that ended midway up her thigh. She circled a few more times, dragging the coat behind her in her hands until she dropped it on the floor.

Sandra’s hands held tightly to mine and I could feel them sweating. Her head touched the back of mine and I could feel her head turning as she watched Alexa prowl. My head twisted to follow her and she stopped in front of Sandra and then sat on the floor. From what I could tell she sat with her legs curled under herself and one arm leaning behind her but could only see half of her. As I looked forward to rest my strained neck she began to speak to Sandra.

“Mmmm no need to be nervous. You are both very beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.” I felt Sandra jerk and her back canlı kaçak iddaa pressed against mine, “You have the loveliest breasts, I wish mine were that big.”

My toes curled and my thighs tightened. I was aching to see what she was doing to Sandra.

“Mmmm.. and these lovely pink nipples, can I touch them?”

“Yes,” Sandra gasped breathlessly. I felt her breathing deepen and quicken over the next minute. A soft cooing sound escaped her lips and she arched her back into me hard. Fuck I needed to be touched.

I heard Alexa’s leather shift on the floor and then felt her weight lean into Sandra. I pushed my back against Sandra to hold her up and I felt something brush my hair from behind and Alexa whispered near both our ears, “I here you girls are naughty little cum sluts, is this true?”

My body shivered and the insatiable fire in my pussy was now apparent as I felt I flow out of me. My mouth went dry and I tried to speak but no words came out.

“Your friend doesn’t even have to answer I can feel her hard nipple pressing on mine, ” she continued her seductive whisper, “but I want to here it… tell me you’re naughty little cum sluts.

My answer began first but Sandra’s words joined me in unison, “We’re naughty cum little cum sluts.”

The words seem to hang in the room. I’d confessed. In the months leading up to this moment I had slipped deeper and deeper into my need for cum. Every muscle in my body craved and ached for it at this moment. It owned me.

I felt Alexa’s hands touch my hips and then slide up to my breasts. Her fingers rolled over my nipples and pulled on them as she leaned very close to my ear and asked, “What would you do for a bucket of cum, right now?”

“Anything,” I exhaled – my heart pounding in my chest.

“Anything?” she asked more deviously.

“Anything at all,” I said with more confidence.

I felt Alexa lean back and Sandra relaxed, giving my hands a double squeeze, as if she if to say everything was ok. I watched as Alexa walked to my side of the room and then into the darkness. I heard a cabinet open, then close. There was some shuffling and a clink of glass.

When she returned she held three large wine bottles and a black bag. She held up the bottles in her arm with a grin and licked her lips, “Mmmm… warmed for her pleasure.”

As Alexa bent to sit next to us, I reached and helped her with the bottles. The glass was warm, almost hot to the touch. The contents were not clear but milky and thick. My hands shook, like an alcoholic that had not had a drink in ages. As I shifted to set the bottles down I felt my own wetness pour from me like a river. I was on the verge of an orgasm and I hadn’t even been touched.

Sandra’s head was turned with mine and we watched as she held the bottle and uncorked it. The label looked professional but the word left little to the imagination, it simply read “cum” in a swirly script.

Alexa reached into her bag and lifted two wine glasses. She handed one to each of us and then filled it with the bottle resting over her forearm. She rolled the bottle to catch any drips and then placed it on the ground. She took the cork in her hand and lifted just under my nose, “Would you like to smell the cork?”

Inhaled and my body quaked. The intoxicating smell was enough to send me over the edge. My legs tightened and a wave of tremors rippled through my lower body as I came. I hunched forward as my hips bucked twice and I held my breath. When I finally looked up Alexa was grinning ear to ear.

“Oh my,” she smiled as her lip curled around her next words, “you are desperately delicous.”

I turned my head to Sandra and knew she’d felt my body convulse against hers. She was still holding her glass delicately and mine was clutched between both hands, before I could say anything, Alexa snapped her fingers, “Drink up ladies, we have things to do.”

Without hesitation I lifted the glass to my lips. I tiled the glass and the warm nectar rushed over my lips and filled my mouth. I let it linger for just a moment, swallowed, then gulped and gulped again. As I tiled my head back I felt Sandra’s tilting against mine – as if we were both racing to get it down. I held the glass upward for sometime. Even before the last drop entered my mouth., I knew I wanted more. Strike that, I needed more.

Alexa snatched the glasses from our hands and gave us a wink, “On your hands and knees ladies and press those lovely asses tightly together.”

I bent forward onto my hands and lifted my ass high into the air. It was good to stretch. I hadn’t realized how long we had been kneeling and how much my muscles needed to move. I felt Sandra’s legs slip between mine and I crawled backwards until my ass bumped into hers. I wiggled my hips. I could feel the heat of her pussy on mine – she was soaked. I wondered if Alexa’s fingers had given her some attention while she was whispering to us. I looked over to Alexa and she was filling another wine glass with cum. The pearlescent canlı kaçak bahis liquid poured into the glass like hot, sensual, syrup. I licked my lips with anticipation. She dipped the tip of her finger into the glass and then sampled the contents. She smacked her lips as she tested the flavor.

“Hmm. Not too bad for boy cum, “she said as she set the glass down and drew a third glass in her bag. “It’s just not my brand. I’ve been told a certain girl here could nearly fill her own bottle…. or… at least this glass. Is that true?”

Sandra whimpered like a desperate puppy on all fours, “Mmhmm.”

“Well then, lets make a deal.” She held her glass towards Sandra and seemed to choose her words very carefully, “If that lovely, fountain of a pussy can fill this glass, you’ll both get your reward.”

Her hand motioned to the three bottles of cum next to her gorgeous, boot-covered legs. My pussy tingled and I answered that tingle by grinding my slit against Sandra a bit harder. It didn’t go unnoticed.

“Mmmm,” Alexa hissed as she bit her bottom lip and watched me, “I guess we can count on your help.”

She set her glass down and reached into her bag with two hands and lifted a very thick double dildo from the bag. In the center of it dangled two bulbs – like the single squirting dildo William had sent me before. Alexa fondled the large double cock proceeded to visually torment us as she took her time detaching the bulbs, filling them and crawling nearer to us. As she inspected the veiny dildo she gave the bulb a playful squeeze and large rope of cum shot from the tip and splashed onto her long, erect nipple. I gasped and shivered.

Alexa giggled and scooped the cum onto her finger. It pooled in the concave, underside of her long, manicured nail and she lifted her dripping finger to my lips. I leaned out and engulfed her finger – savoring the deliciousness she served me.

Alexa giggled again and lifted her eyebrow as she pursed her lips tightly and spoke, “Oh god you just make this too easy. Addicts are soooo predicatable.”

The word “addict” hung in the air as she rummaged in her bag. She withdrew a funnel and shuffled closer to me.

“There is another caveat to this test, ” Alexa explained, “I mean we can’t let the entire outcome hang on Sandra.”

My eyes darted between her face and hands. She’d dipped her finger deep into the glass of cum and moved it behind me. Her hot dripping finger pressed against the tight ring of my ass in slow circles then pressed into it. My back arched and my body twitched as she pumped it up and down then swirled it in increasingly widening circles to open me. In one quick motion she pulled her finger out and replaced it with the funnel. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Sandra watching her insert the funnel into my ass. She lifted one of the wine bottles up to the edge and tilted it. While the plastic of the funnel felt cool, the heat of the cum pouring into me was unmistakable. I groaned as I felt it bubble into me.

She rolled the funnel in wide circles as she poured – pressing it down and spreading me open to get more in. By the time she tilted the bottle back the funnel was filled to the brim. She set the bottle on the floor and looked at me smugly as she pressed my shoulder to the ground, “Lets go missy, drink the last of this down.”

I folded my arms and laid down on them – my head twisted back and looking at her. I could feel the pressure of nearly half a bottle of cum in my ass and my pussy was dripping so much it ran down towards my belly button. I flex the muscles in my abdomen, drawing in deeply. I could feel the fluid rush into me with a pull. My legs shook. I was in heaven. As I relaxed to pull in more I felt her hand come down stiffly on my cheek with a sting, I clenched my ass in surprise and felt a rush of fluid push back out.

“Don’t spill a drop,” she ordered. “Always in and not one drop out until I say so. Or the game is over.”

I clenched down hard on my teeth. I looked at her, my ass stinging. This was one game I did not intend to loose. I sunk down into my hands and pressed my ass as high as I could in the air. I tightened my muscles in Kegel-fashion with deep pulls and slow relaxation. Her hand gently caressed the area she’d stung and when I felt I just couldn’t draw in another drop when she announced, “Mmmm, very good. Now hold still while I sneak this out. Remember… not a drop.”

I felt my colon quivering. It wanted to push. I held every muscle still and even pulled in slightly as she lifted the funnel out and massaged my hole closed. She lifted a towel from her bag and patted it around my puckered bottom. When it was completely dry she announced, “If even one drop sneaks out I’ll see it.”

She pushed our hips apart as she positioned the dildo between us. She teased it over our pussies as I clenched my ass tightly. How was I going to do this? Merely pushing it in would be enough to make me cum and if I came, I’d never be able to keep that hot, wonderful cum in my ass. I moaned hard as she worked the tip in. I felt Sandra push onto it desperately and I nearly screamed. I heard a stinging crack echo in the room, “Easy there pussy fountain… if you push too hard your girlfriend’s ass will explode and it’s all over.”

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