Subject: A Visit to the Country First, I have to thank `A’ for this idea. It’s pure and complete fantasy of course, but very exciting to write (and I hope read). Based on real life, but totally unconnected to reality. Names and places made up of course!. I’ve been unwell for a month or so, with the dreaded Covid 19, so this is the first time I’ve felt like writing at all. Apologies to anyone who follows any of my stories… If you enjoy this story and want to comment, feel free to on nikinak13@yahoo. I always answer! Oh, and while you’re at it…please contribute some small amount to , which keeps us all sane in this f@cked up world! Just to reiterate, for the more cynical reader…this did not happen…apart from in my head. No children or animals were hurt in the production of this fiction. The Visit As the car pulled up outside the address I’d been given by `A’, I took a deep breath and looked towards the passenger seat. My companion was sitting quietly, looking out at the unfamiliar street the same semi disinterested way he had been watching the scenery on the way down. It was a fine summer afternoon. Devon looked as pretty as always, rolling hills and greenery everywhere. Very unlike the London streets the boy had left behind. His children’s home was in North London…Highbury. All red brick buildings and roads choked with impatient traffic. It must have looked like another world to him. But the world waiting for him in the house we were parked in front of was definitely familiar enough. Robin was 12, almost 13. Slim, fair haired and a little gangly. In care since his mother had taken one toot too many from the crack dealers stash. A paupers funeral, no other relatives and Robin was left in the `tender’ care of the local authority at 10 years old. By his 12th birthday he had learned lots of things. Things that made his life there bearable. Luckily for him, things he found he had a skill and aptitude for. Things he really liked doing. Like cock sucking, wanking, being fucked in his small arse…those sort of things. He might have been young…but Robin was an early and eager convert to stiff cock. Inside this house, he would find others who enjoyed the same things. I glanced down into his lap. He was wearing blue football shorts, which was normal for him. What was also normal….after we’d stopped for a toilet break on the M4, was the obvious lack of underwear underneath them. The little scamp never missed an opportunity to let his dick and balls swing free. But the vibration and movement of the car had its usual effect on the horny little fucker. I could clearly see his cock, outlined in the thin cotton. My mouth dried as I looked up to see his face creased in a cheeky grin. He knew I had trouble keeping my hands off him at the best of times….but right now, knowing I had forbidden him to masturbate for 3 clear days before this trip, (only getting him to agree by telling him I would abstain too)….he was very well aware I was horny too. The trip had been planned for weeks. `A’ had been teasing me about the prospect of getting my hands on Beau and Kristian…he’d sent me dozens of photos over the past few days…the boys naked, playing in the pool….the boys erect, showing off their cocks in the sunshine…then a few of them masturbating…Beau proudly showing his teenage cum dripping from the still pulsing end. Then the killer pictures, the ones with their mouths full of adult cock. And others…with other holes filled. It had taken superhuman willpower not to wank obsessively at the images. But I’d promised a treat for both the boys and `A’… Robin would happily do most things. He would certainly suck them all, including `A’…taking their cum with relish. He would also fuck Kristian thoroughly, with help and without…and if we wanted to reward a compliant Beau with a treat at the end, Robin would kneel on all fours and let the older teen fuck him hard. Of course, Robin would also happily service me and `A’ together and separately. It’s something he’s done several times with older men. But this time, it wouldn’t be for money or treats… this time it was for pure pleasure. I reached down and gave his sturdy half hard cock a gentle squeeze, making him jerk and gasp. “Save your ammunition kid” I said huskily, wanting nothing more than to bend down and suck the spunk right out of him there and then…”the boys and `A’ want you fresh and eager…there’ll be plenty of time to get your dick t..e on, we’re here…” He grinned up at me and pretended to pout at not getting his own way. “OK `N’….but you promised me I could suck you first…it’s been weeks since I tasted your cum, …?” I nodded…it was hardly a chore, was it?…But first it was showtime for all three kids… We got out of the car and walked up to the front door, overnight bags in our hands. Part 2 Sitting in the garden half an hour later, it was hard to imagine a better afternoon. The sun was shining…the grass green and soft…and with the high hedges and trees around the perimeter, the spot was secluded and as private as you can get in rural England. Which was just as well. After the introductions were made ….Beau guarded but pleasant, Kristian playful and cheeky….with Robin doing his usual thing of charming everyone, I wasn’t the only one to check out his half hard cock and balls as they moved under the thin cotton of his shorts. Beau’s eyes fixed on the display and I swapped an amused grin with `A’ as the older teen licked his lips without thinking. If that’s not a non verbal sign that his mouth wanted a taste sooner rather than later, I’m a Dutchman. Within minutes, Beau and Kitten had dragged Robin into the large garden, where there was one of those stand up pools, just big enough for all three bodies to splash around in. “I don’t have any trunks?” Robin complained as Beau and Kristian stood there in their own swimwear. “Neither have we….now” giggled Kristian, dropping his own to the grass and kicking them away from him. Beau followed, a little more hesitantly, but once Robin had got a good eyeful of his package, my own little house-guest quickly got rid of his shorts and white tee shirt. They stood there, naked, blatantly checking each other out. Beau’s cock was biggest, even semi soft, but Robin’s wasn’t far off…a good 4 inches and stiffening nicely. I’d insisted before we left my house that he shaved off the few straggly pubic hairs he had….I’d always preferred my boys smooth and Robin hadn’t put up much of a fight. Kristian of course was smooth as silk at 9 years old, his small cock bobbing eagerly in front of him as it stiffened fully at the sight of two others. But now they were in the pool together…the erections forgotten for the moment, three smooth skinned, sun browned young boys, splashing and ducking each other, peals of laughter cutting through the air. Unless someone sent up a drone with a camera, no one else could see what happened in this garden. Just as well. I put down my large gin and tonic and turned to `A’, who was sitting next to me in one of the garden chairs facing the boys. “Life doesn’t get much better” I smiled. We were in our own shorts and sleeveless cotton tops, drinking our second hefty gin and t while the boys enjoyed themselves. “But…don’t you think we’re a bit overdressed?” I winked. `A’ smiled and nodded. “Yeah…I think it’s time we joined the naturists” he said, already taking off his shirt. Within seconds we were as naked as the boys, lounging back in the chairs, legs slightly spread, waiting for one of them to notice. It took a few minutes. Time enough for me to appreciate the good sized cock slowly stiffening between `A’s legs. It was too much to resist. With one last swallow of cocktail, I reached over and slid my fingers round his quivering length. He let out a hiss of appreciation, did the same to me…and for a few long seconds, we just stroked each other slowly, enjoying the moment. It couldn’t last of course. Both of us knew any serious manipulation of hard dicks was likely to end messily, as we’d both agreed to abstain from wanking the whole week before the visit. We both wanted our first ejaculation to be into something warm and wet…not spurted carelessly up into the air. In any case, curious eyes were now watching and the splashing had stopped. The boys were standing in the pool, side by side, watching us intently. It looked like play time was over…at least the innocent type… I could see three erections getting more serious again. Kristians was small but well formed, jutting out from his soft smooth belly almost straight up. The marble sized balls looked good enough to eat. Something I intended to do very shortly. Beau was fully erect too now, although he had a slightly sullen look on his face, as if his body was not quite in the control of his mind. I remembered that `A’ had told me the older teen needed a little persuading these days. He preferred fucking younger boys…having to suck middle aged men wasn’t his first choice any more as puberty hit. Well, today and tonight, it didn’t much matter what Beau wanted. His mouth and hardly used arse were mine. I’d been promised and I intended to cash in on that. Willing or reluctant, all the same to me. Kristian was `A’s pretty exclusively, but again, I’d been promised a taste of that delicious little nail…and even a few minutes with his adorable little mouth around my cock. My camera was already set up to capture the moment I decorated those `innocent’ pink lips with lines of white sperm. Nothing would give me greater pleasure. In return `A’ would get to enjoy both my cock and Robins. In any way he liked. The sizeable cock I had held in my hand muğla escort seconds ago belonged in my mouth…I had plans to swallow the stored up spunk in those heavy balls at least once this weekend. Now seemed as good a time as any? But first, the rules had to be laid down so there were no mistakes or misapprehensions. The small sports bag at my side contained a couple of battery powered friends. Young Beau would be getting them in turn up his tender arse, before my cock took possession of it. His reward would be to fuck the life out of Robin after we’d finished with him. That was the deal…he just didn’t know it yet. Part 3 I crooked my finger towards Beau as he watched me and `A’ touching each other. As a growing mid teen, his pretty cock was straining upwards until it almost reached his navel. The small patch of dark pubic hair above his dick only emphasising it’s youthful appeal. There was a flash of apprehension in his eyes, but he walked forward obediently anyway. Kristian went to move too, but Robin put a hand on his arm to stay him. In a few minutes they would be needed, but the boy from the local authority home had been well briefed by me. Beau first…the semi reluctant one…the younger boys, with their total lack of inhibition…next. As he approached us, Beau took his eyes off our busy hands and tried to keep his expression neutral. `A’ had given me all the background on this slim youth. Seduced at 11 by the man next to me…for the first couple of years he had obeyed all and any commands without question. Once his pre-pubescent cock had enjoyed another’s hands and lips on it, he was a willing enough slave to adult advances. But then puberty hit and with it, his preferences changed. Yes, he would still take cock, albeit not in his taut arse, (he said the size of the man scared him to death), but his mouth and hands were ever open to an erection. But after being introduced to a much younger boy at a pool party similar to this one, he’d experienced what it was like to take…as well as give. Now he hungered for younger flesh most of the time. He needed `persuading’ to be on the receiving end of adults these days. Well, today was going to come as a bit of a shock to the pretty mid teen. Today he was mine. And no reluctance to bend for a mans cock was going to be acceptable. Today, his mouth and rear were on the menu. “What’s your name boy?” I said gruffly when he got to us. I had stopped wanking `A’ and had my hands back on my bare thighs. Beau looked at me in surprise…we’d been introduced less than an hour ago. He swallowed before answering. “Beau…sir?” he said quietly, eyes puzzled. The `sir’ was a bit of an afterthought. I smiled at him thinly. “No….for the rest of this weekend…you answer to the name… slut…OK?” His eyes flashed resentment for a moment…his fists balled and I thought for a second he would just flat out refuse…but then he looked across at `A’. I have no idea what he saw in the mans eyes, but his face changed from defiance to submission in a second. His head dropped and he nodded. “So….who are you…?” I said briskly…nodding was also not acceptable. “Your slut sir….” his eyes met mine. None of the defiance remained “I’m your… slut…sir” “And what will you do for me this weekend, slut?” “Anything you want sir…I’m your slut, here to please you in any way you want?” That was better. But as they say, actions speak louder than words. I reached out for his hand and was gratified at the small tremble in his fingers as I gripped them “Kneel, slut” I said, spreading my thighs wider. My cock bobbed as I moved. His eyes followed it as it swayed between my legs. I saw his nostrils flare at the faint scent of excited man. He looked up at me for orders, but I waited. This had to be voluntary. After an uncomfortable few seconds, his eyes registered understanding. “Can I….can I suck you sir?” his voice was a little high pitched, but I put that down to nerves. “Do you LIKE sucking cock, slut?” I said slowly. His eyes went from my cock to my face. “Y…yes, I think….I mean…yes sir…I do like sucking cock” “Even one this size…this age?” I said, goading him slightly. “Yes sir…I like sucking all cocks….” He was learning. Time to see if he meant it, I thought. I nodded and he shuffled forward on the grass, knees together. The first touch of his water cool fingers on my erection was pure bliss. Now he was committed, he didn’t hesitate. He leaned forward, opened his pretty mouth, licked slowly round the tip, then enveloped the head. Instantly his tongue began to dance over the sensitive glans, even as his small hand pumped the shaft and suction was applied. I leaned back with a sigh of satisfaction, and saw `A’ beckon the other boys. Beau continued to show he was an accomplished cocksucker, getting into it more by the minute. Kristian and Robin came to `A’ and stood either side of him as he fondled their behinds. All three were watching intently as Beau sucked hungrily at my cock. He was good, I’ll give him that. If I hadn’t stopped him after 5 minutes, there was no doubt he would have received a mouthful of warm cum very quickly. But I wanted this first orgasm to last…too many other options to explore before watching his throat move as he swallowed every drop. `A’ urged Kristian up onto the chair, so he was facing him, small cock level with hungry lips. `A’ swooped and suckled it. The boy giggled at first, then his expression changed to a more serious one as the man used lips and tongue to arouse him further. Soon the boys hips were moving in time with the sucking. The man reached round and cupped his small arse in his hands, kneading and stroking. Kristian let out a squeak as `A’ pushed his mouth over the small cock and testicles, rolling them round in his mouth with a satisfied moan. Although the boy was incapable of cumming yet, I could see he was used to being aroused by a mouth. I had no doubt his dry cums would give him just as much pleasure. Beau continued to suck me diligently, using a hand to pump the shaft and the other to tickle my balls with fingertips. He’d been well taught, that was obvious. I caught movement behind Kristian and saw Robin kneeling on the soft grass. He spotted me looking and gave me a cheeky grin. I knew instantly what he was about to do. He leaned forward, spread Kittens soft cheeks apart and probed his rosebud with his tongue. Robin had a party trick and the youngest boy was about to find out what. Months before, Robin had demonstrated on me how clever that tongue was. He could touch the end of his nose with it. Which meant when he decided to rim someone, it felt like the longest, slipperiest finger in the world was inside you. When he did it to me, I nearly took off into orbit. Needless to say, within seconds, his mouth was receiving quite a quantity of warm semen. Kristian wasn’t ready for that yet, but the insertion of the tongue, deep and slippery, supercharged his libido. His head went back and his mouth opened wide. Just as well any neighbours were too far away to hear. His yell of delight was loud and long. `A’ wasted no time sucking the boy hard, his head moving back and forth, increasing the friction on the boys little nail. I saw Kristians behind clench and his hips jig back and forth frantically. He was having the mother of all dry cums, right in front of me. I felt and heard Beau moan with my cock in his mouth as he looked sideways to see the younger boy crying out in ecstasy. It was enough to give a statue an orgasm… Kristian gradually came down from his high, sagging in `A’s arms. He managed a faint giggle, but I thought he needed a little rest until round two. Only Robin was untouched so far, so I motioned for him to get behind Beau. Feeling the movement, the boy sucking me stiffened and made to get up. I cuffed him on the side of the head to remind him of his status and fixed his eyes with mine. “You weren’t given permission to do anything other than what you’ve been told to do, slut. Suck me and wait for instructions” To emphasis it, I grabbed a handful of his hair and rammed his head downwards, making him gag as my cock hit the back of his throat. But even though his eyes were now watering, he went back to sucking my cock. Point made, I think. Meanwhile, Robin had reached into the sports bag next to my chair. He took out two items. A tube of white lubricant, which also contained a small amount of numbing power…and a slim vibrator, just over 6″ long. He liberally coated the pink vibe with the lube and, spreading Beau’s cheeks, slipped the first inch inside. The teen sucking me almost vibrated himself as Robin began to slide the intruder in and out. He wasn’t gentle, but not too rough either. Beau moaned several times as the inches penetrated him, but I knew he could comfortably accommodate it. It was there to open him up, not to punish. `A’ watched the scene develop, fisting his cock slowly, obviously excited. My mouth watered at the prospect of tasting it soon. There were many scenes yet to play out…the boys had hardly started…but I thought now was as good a time as any to bring things to a temporary conclusion. I signalled to Robin, who immediately pulled the vibrator free of Beau’s tight arse. The moan of relief the teen sucking me gave out was short lived however. Straight away, while Beau was still recovering, Robin positioned himself and rammed his cock inside Beau. I had just taken the precaution of removing my cock from the boys mouth, anticipating his surprise. His yell of shock was loud and piercing. But Robin had him now. His hands grasped the others hips and he began to jack-hammer in and out. muş escort Beau just put his head down on my thigh and sighed heavily, he knew he was going to be royally fucked…no point in fighting it. At the same time, I leaned sideways, taking `A’s cock from his hand and pushing my mouth over it. Inside 10 seconds, with his hands gripping my head and hips jerking upwards, he had his first orgasm of the afternoon. I moaned too…with satisfaction as he filled my mouth three times with salty fluid. Swallowing at the end, I savoured the taste. It wouldn’t be the last time he came in my mouth that weekend, but the first one is always the best…. Part 4 Gradually, the heavy breathing slowed. After I’d straightened up and licked my lips, I saw Robin was approaching the vinegar stroke inside Beau’s clinging arse. His face had taken on an expression I’d seen on it several times before. Concentration, his teeth biting his bottom lip as his hips drove that 5 inch nail deep into Beau’s tight little rear…at least I thought it would be…later I was going to find out how he deals with an extra 2 inches of length and quite a bit of girth. But right now, he had his hands…or rather his arse full…uh…of more pressing matters. Robins eyes rolled up in his head, his movements became jerky and uncoordinated, finally pushing himself as deep inside Beau’s clinging heat as his body would allow and fired off his first ejaculation of the visit. The slut was looking up at me, his expression part pain, part joy as he must have felt hot liquid filling him. I could see his own cock was still fully erect, so he wasn’t exactly a reluctant boy at the moment. Slowly, Robin allowed his wilting dick to slip free. It glistened with lube and cum…I noticed Kristian eyeing it with some interest…which was worth filing away for the evening. If he liked the idea of cleaning up a spent cock…I had one he could use to practice on sometime later… Kristian roused himself, hopped off `A’s lap and giggled attractively. Already, his little cock was stiffening again. Ahhh the resilience of youth, I thought. Before they start producing spunk, they can go again and again… But there were still two problems to solve before we all had a rest and a drink. Beau and I were the only ones with cocks unsatisfied. I heard `A’ whisper something in Kristians ear and the smooth skinned 9 year old nodded quickly. He virtually pushed Beau away from between my legs in his eagerness to replace him. With a cheeky and irresistible grin, his mouth opened and swallowed the head of my cock. It felt different to Beau’s…less skilled, but definitely just as welcome. What he lacked in experience, he more than made up for in enthusiasm. His small fist pumped me quickly…no need for finesse after the sights I’d just enjoyed…and his tongue was just as clever and nimble as his older friends. Within a minute, I could feel my balls tightening and an orgasm approaching rapidly. I chanced a look at `A’, who was watching his little servant fellating me with interest. I still had the residual taste of his cum in my mouth and I savoured it while the youngest boy sucked me eagerly. There was no reason to doubt Kristian would swallow, but I raised my eyebrow at `A’ shortly before I blew. It was only polite. He just grinned and mouthed. “Go for it” So I did. Holding the blonde boys head gently, I locked eyes with him just as the inevitable happened. I groaned aloud at his eager suction as my spunk blasted into his small mouth. Those eyes widened as I ejaculated strongly into the warm t suction. Four times I shot, four times he blinked and swallowed. Not a drop was spilled. When I slumped back in my seat, he let my still hard cock slip from his puffy lips. A thin string of cum still connected my glans to his bottom lip. He giggled at the sight and used his tongue to collect the rest, swiping the sensitive head of my cock until it was completely clean. I remembered then that Beau was the only one still unsatisfied. Normally, I would have either brought him off myself or let Robin do the deed. But `A’ leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Let the slut wait…he needs to be punished a bit before you let him shoot…he’ll resent it now…but it means he’ll cum like a fountain when you finally fuck him? Evil….but it appealed to me. `A’ spoke to all the boys now. “Right…get yourselves a drink..then back in the pool…more fun later?” I didn’t miss the look of disappointment on Beau’s face…but hell, we were guests here…there was all the time in the world still… After another hour of sun and watching the boys in the pool…their cocks soft now there were no warm wet places for them to hide in, we retired to the lounge. No one bothered to put on any clothes, there was little point as very shortly they’d be off again. Food was eaten and drinks had. The boys sat on the carpet in a semi circle, legs folded and small cocks on view. It was enough to give you an appetite for more than ham sandwiches, and so it proved. But there was a little surprise yet to be revealed. After we’d eaten and the kids were chatting amongst themselves, only occasionally sneaking looks at what `A’ and I had between our legs, there was the sound of the doorbell. Beau looked at us with puzzlement. As the oldest of the boys, he probably thought he knew more about tonight’s plans. But `A’ had promised a special treat and he was true to his word. When he got back from answering the door…he wasn’t alone. From behind him emerged a small figure. He looked about 11, but `A’ had assured me that the visitor was actually 13. Slim, dark haired and pretty as a picture. “`N’.”….he said, grinning…”This is Joey….” I smiled at the boy, who gave me a cheeky grin back. It didn’t seem like he was unaware of why he had been invited. I sneaked a look at Beau, who’s face was a picture. Emotions crossed as his eyes confirmed it was indeed the love of his life… Joey. Beau had been screwing Joey for the past couple of years…exclusively. He’d seduced the boy at 10 and somehow managed to keep him to himself all this time. It was gradually dawning on our little slut that tonight he would be sharing….but not until we’d all sampled his delicious little lover. The resentful look was back on the older boys face. Not only was he the only one who’d not cum, but now he understood Joey was tonight’s entertainment. Which is exactly what happened. The boy wasted no time in shedding his tee shirt and cotton shorts. Like the others, he didn’t seem to care about underwear. His small, but attractive cock bounced free as his clothes hit the floor. “Right….Joey is the main course tonight. We’ll all enjoy him…even Beau…who I know thought he had him exclusively…but as he’s already found out…sluts do as they’re told…and have to wait their turn? ” `A’ was smiling but Beau seemed to realise he was serious. From being top dog, the pretty mid teen was going to have to learn patience and adjust to dealing with jealousy. Pronto. Joey made a bee line for me for some reason and hopped up onto my lap. I wasn’t going to object to a naked 13 year old with a rapidly hardening cock sitting on my own erection, so happily put my arms around him and squeezed. He offered his mouth to mine…open lipped. I could taste something sweet, but the kiss blew away any reservations I might have had. He kissed like a girl, all soft lips and darting tongue. I moaned as my cock swelled under his cute arse. An arse I had every intention of penetrating tonight. I could see Beau staring at us as I fondled his little lover. Green eyes wasn’t in it…but I soon had other things to worry about. As the kiss deepened and small hands scrabbled to locate my cock, I could see the others starting to couple up. Robin and Kristian began to copy myself and Joey…sitting on the carpet, legs crossed over each other, mouths mashed together, sighing and moaning softly. Their cocks quivering and hard between them. They would be fine for the next half hour, I had no doubt. It was a novelty for Robin to play with a younger boy…his cock would be inside the 9 year olds arse in minutes… Just as Joey pulled my hand down onto his own pulsing little dick, I spotted `A’ making his move on Beau. He’d told me the boy had refused a few times to be fucked by the older man. Too big, he’d say. Didn’t look like `A’ was taking no for an answer tonight. The boy was bobbing his head in `A’s lap diligently, but unseen by him, the man was undoing a handy tube of numbing lube. I guess by the time my cock was buried inside Joey’s cute little arse, the room would be echoing to pained grunts from Beau as the man fucked him thoroughly. I wasn’t wrong…. Part 5 Things got a little confusing after that. There was an awful lot of naked boy flesh….some moaning from all present and a fair amount of pleading of various kinds. Beau gave in to `A’ after a little while. I looked up from my lap, where Kristian was trying to monopolise my cock, with Joey competing to see who could get it furthest down his throat. I could see Beau’s face as he knelt on hands and knees, `A’ behind him. A few low grunts, a pained look and then one of mixed emotions as the older man ploughed him deliberately. While Robin flitted about, stroking all the boys cocks in turn and venturing a sly suck when he could reach, Beau finally gave in and started to enjoy being royally fucked. The slap of flesh on flesh, the sighs and moans…and the liquid sounds as a thick cock penetrated him over and over, were very seductive. His eyes rolled up in his head as the column of hard muscle drove into him relentlessly, obviously hitting his prostate, nevşehir escort by the ecstatic cries he was now giving out showed. My own little `temptations’ were getting impatient to have their quivering cocks attended to. Whilst being sucked off by a 9 year old, while a 13 year old assisted with tongue work on my balls and using little nips with small teeth to keep me edging, boys needed fucking. I knew Beau had thoroughly broken Joey in over the past year or so…and it appealed to me to torment the older teen a little, even as he started to show signs of finally cumming tonight, I quickly placed Joey on his hands and knees facing his lover. Their faces were close enough to watch each other’s expression and feel the breath gasping from mouths, but not close enough to kiss. Liberally applying soothing lube to my cock, I gently began to penetrate the boy. Beau wasn’t as large as me, but it was obvious he’d screwed the 13 year old regularly, because it wasn’t long before I was buried up to my balls in heated, wet flesh. Joey only cried out once, when the head of my cock pushed past his clenching rosebud, but once fully inside, his smooth arse pushed back towards me, until I had his narrow hips in my hands and could begin to thrust strongly. He was as tight as a fist and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I fired volley after volley of hot spunk into his insides, so I forgot about subtlety. The boy wanted and needed fucking. So I did… Robin and Kristian soon got the idea. Wriggling underneath me and Joey, they used their tongues to tease our balls as the boys above them were fucked hard. The slaps of flesh on flesh grew to a crescendo. I stared at `A’ and he at me as we worked together. Beau’s face was a picture. The sensation of hard cock taking him in his tender arse, together with the visual torment of seeing his young lover being shagged hard at the same time, had the inevitable consequence. With his little brother Kristian sucking his quivering hard on (something I found out later he’d never experienced before, despite sharing a room with him for years) it was just seconds before he lost it. “Oh God….cumming…fucking cumming” he choked, his face a mask of helplessness. `A’ lost it then too, his mouth open and hips hammering at the boy he was fucking. I came too, but took my cock out of Joey’s arse just as I started to shoot. Robin deserved a reward after teasing my balls for long minutes as I buried my cock over and over in Joey’s small arse. He swallowed the head of my cock as I started to spunk, moaning low in his throat as I filled his mouth several times. When my cock dropped, softening from his hungry lips, it was the work of seconds for him to transfer his mouth to the still kneeling Joey. Another spurt of semen was thirstily swallowed as the 13 year old cried out and came. We all collapsed into a sweaty, satisfied heap afterwards. The night wasn’t over yet…but I think we all agreed it had got off to a wonderful start… But we all needed a rest after that. Wet wipes were used on softening cocks and tender arses. Salve was applied, even if fingers lingered a lot more than necessary inside wriggling boys. But energy needed to be replaced, so pizza was ordered, together with soft drinks for the younger members of the orgy. After the delivery guy had been….’A’ thinking it amusing to have a naked and grinning Kristian and Joey answer the door…the uniformed pizza boy spent quite a time checking the cash he was given while his eyes swivelled from the boys faces to their stiffening cocks, but eventually he reluctantly left….we sat down and ate. The kids chatted happily, casually naked and comfortable with each other. Even Beau, now his balls had finally been emptied into something warm and wet, was relaxed…sitting on the carpet, back against the couch, his arm casually slung over his little lover, Joey’s shoulders. It was obvious there was affection there as well as lust, but he’d learned a hard lesson today…exclusivity was out. If anyone wanted to sample Joey..that was fine. If anyone wanted to sample Beau…that too. Now the rules had been underlined, he seemed less tense about things. `A’ and I swapped knowing glances. The night had one last aria before the curtain came down, but things had gone well so far. Once the boxes had been put in the trash and the room cleared of glasses and crumbs, we gathered again in the middle of the room. Already, Robins cock was at full mast. He was more used than the others to larger gatherings. Several times, he’d been the sole entertainment at the children’s home. He was familiar with being penetrated by more than one adult cock at a time, so we decided he could be the centre of the next, and last, performance. While Joey resumed a familiar position, kneeling in front of Beau, lovingly licking and sucking his purple hard cock, Kristian did the same for `A’. Many nights they had played out this scenario . From the age of 4, Kristian had worshipped `A’s big phallus, first stroking clumsily, then using his feet to masturbate, until eventually licking and sucking it enthusiastically. Like Robin, the youngest boy definitely had a taste for spunk, often spending minutes after getting A off, running his tongue over balls, stomach and his own fingers, to clean up every drop. He might not be able to shoot anything but blanks himself yet, but the pretty 9 year old was already addicted to others sperm. I watched Beau and `A’ for a while, just enjoying the look on their faces as their preferred cocksuckers worked their magic. But Robin was getting a little impatient, nudging me as his eyes took in the others. I smiled down at his hopeful face. He really was exquisite. Smooth, pretty and a year or more away from proper adolescence. No hair on his belly or underarms, a perfect specimen of boyhood. But his balls could already produce small quantities of thin spunk. I intended to taste him at least once tonight. So instead of allowing him to go down on me…something he was clearly anxious to do, judging by his wandering hands and hot eyes, I sat him on the other chair and pushed his thighs apart. His juvenile cock bounced in front of my eyes. Slim, but sturdy…pretty as a picture…all pink and well proportioned. If you were asked to draw the perfect specimen of a 13 year old cock, his would be right up in the top three. A little bead of liquid sparkled on the top, as his foreskin retreated slowly as he got harder. It made my mouth water. I bent to my task, hearing the soft moans and subtle movements behind me as everyone settled into a group blowjob. There was no rush…no race to finish. Each one of us, even the younger boys, had been satisfied more than once already. Semen had been spurted, tasted and absorbed inside clinging arses. This was a time for one last hurrah…a full stop on an evening to remember. I knew that after I dropped Robin back at his `home’ and closed my own front door, the small Sony digicam on a tripod set up in the room would provide me with wanking material for many months. I would send `A’ a copy of the footage for his private files, but the original would live with me. My 70″ flat-screen would happily replay the edited footage for as many self pleasuring events as I wanted. But right then, business was still in hand. I bent my head and slowly licked from base to tip, feeling his small body stiffen as he quivered. Teasing the head, I used light fingernails to tickle his marble sized balls, hearing him hiss in pleasure as the sensation built. Again and again I made my slow way from bottom to top, watching his face…eyes closed…twist and grimace in delight as I drove him higher. Behind me the sounds of sucking and boys sighing grew louder. Beau was obviously enjoying his pet doing what he’d been trained to do. `A’ too was loving the dedicated way Kristian was worshipping the big cock in his small mouth. Very soon, the little cocksuckers would be getting their rewards. But Robin was my priority. After teasing him for several minutes, I took pity on him and swooped on his pulsing little nail. He tasted divine and lurched upward as I took him right down to the root. 4 inches of perfect adolescent cock was engulfed in wet heat. He groaned loudly and grabbed my hair, pulling my head even closer. His other hand was gripping the chair arm, knuckles white. Again and again I sucked, licked and bobbed on him. His hips were in constant movement. Eyes open now, he watched his cock being thoroughly sucked. It glistened as it was revealed, my mouth moving up and down on it. This was a rare treat for Robin. Not that he complained, but his usual role was to act as a receptacle for others semen. Men and other boys used him regularly to ejaculate into. But tonight, after he’d performed so well…he deserved a treat. It only took another minute. His back arched, body trembling as the first wave of his orgasm took him over the edge. His voice, squeaky and high pitched, revealed his youth as he lost control. His fingers in my hair convulsed as the first jet of thin spunk filled my mouth. I swallowed slowly, savouring it’s faint wheatiness. There wasn’t a lot of it…he’d already cum before this time, but I’d like to think the blowjob he’d just enjoyed was at least as good an experience as the others had given him. Dropping back onto my heels, I licked my lips as he panted post orgasm and took the time to look behind me. Beau was also lying back, satisfied, his cock still hard, dripping spunk onto the eager tongue of Joey. As I watched, the younger boy swallowed his treat and smacked his lips in appreciation. There was a loud groan as `A’ delivered his own tribute to a job well done. Kristian was still sucking him hard, one hand a blur as he pumped the thick shaft, the other gripping himself between the legs, fisting his small cock frantically. Finally there was silence, except for heavy breathing. The night had ended beautifully…

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