A Visit with Ginger


It was a quiet afternoon, I was sitting at my computer surfing the web and chatting with Ginger on yahoo. Soon our conversation turned to sex as it always did and we were talking about all the things we liked to do.

“Why don’t you come over for some real life fun” she typed to me.

All I could say was “I will be right over.” Never one to turn down a little fun and sex and Ginger was always a fun time. A few minutes later I was in the car on my way to her house.

She only lived a few blocks away and soon I was knocking on her door.

She answered the door wearing a bath robe and slippers and motioned me in. She turned from closing the door and I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall kissing her deeply and holding her hands above her head.

I feverently kissed her, stabbing my tongue into her mouth, she moaned heavily as I made love to her mouth pressing her against the wall.

I moved my mouth down to her neck and began to kiss and suck on her soft flesh. Pushing my body against hers she could feel my raging hard-on push against her stomach as I continued to kiss and suck my way down her neck to her open robe and her large breast.

“Oh fuck” she moaned, “please don’t stop!”

I reached down and untied her robe and pushed it down her shoulders as I took her right nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it.

She moaned softly as I held her against the wall and moved my mouth to her left breast and sucked on it, biting the nipple as I did.

As I sucked on her large breasts I moved one hand down her stomach and slide down to her pussy. Bringing my hand to her pussy and placing my fingers at her waiting pussy and my palm against her clit.

Her pussy was dripping wet already as I shoved two fingers into her pussy and pushed hard against her clit as I continued to suck and bite her hard nipples.

“Oh god yes” she moaned as I continued to push my hand into her pussy making her convulse with pleasure. I lifted my mouth from her breast and planted it back on her mouth as she moaned.

I slid down to my knees kissing and licking her chest and stomach as I did.

I continued kissing her body and began to kiss her upper thighs as I continued to drive my fingers into her hot wet pussy.

I moved up her leg and slide my mouth over her clit and suck it into my mouth as I begin to push three fingers into her pussy.

“Oh fuck me, suck my clit” she moans at me as she reaches down and squeezes her tits. I begin to suck on her swollen clit, flicking my tongue across it, as I reach my other hand down to her ass and begin to slap her ass checks.

As I continue to finger fuck her hot pussy I begin to play with her round ass sliding my fingers across her opening, teasing it and pushing slightly on her rosebud.

I lick her clit and slide my tongue down her pussy sliding it into her hot hole with my fingers before sliding it further down and rim her asshole.

She shudders against the wall as I begin to fuck her pussy with my tongue and slide my fingers dripping with her juices to her ass, spreading her juices around her opening before easing my middle finger into her ass as I shove my tongue deep into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck me, that feels so good…I’m going to cum!” She screams out as she grabs my head and shoves her pussy hard against my mouth.

She lets out another moan as she has her first orgasm, her pussy flooding my mouth with her hot liquids.

I pull my face away from her throbbing wet pussy and stood up in front of her, my throbbing cock pressed against my shorts and her pussy. I reach down and drop them to my ankles while sucking her large breast into my mouth. I push against her and my güvenilir bahis cock is now rubbing against her clit as she breathes heavily into my ear.

I push her down the wall to her knees and shove my cock into her waiting mouth.

“That’s it baby, suck my cock, get it good and wet” I tell her as she begins to lick and suck my cock.

I hold her head and begin to fuck her mouth, pushing my cock to the back of her throat. She gags slightly as my cock fills her mouth and my balls slap her chin as she takes my whole cock into her mouth.

I begin to face fuck her mouth shoving my cock in and out of her mouth rapidly. As I hold her head with one hand I reach down and pinch her nipples hard with my other hand, causing her to gasp from the shock and pain.

“That’s it take my cock, show me what you want” I say as she hungrily swallows my cock. She brings her hands up to my ass and pushes me harder into her mouth, rubbing my ass checks and balls.

I continue to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. “You like that?” I ask as I slam my cock to the back of her throat causing her to gag slightly. She looks up at me and mumbles something as she pushes me harder into her mouth.

Her hands are playing with my ass and she begins to rub her thumb around the entrance of my ass. She drops her hand to her wet pussy and slides her fingers in coating them with her juices.

She then slides her hand back up to my ass and slowly pushes her pussy juice covered finger against my ass and eases her finger into my ass up to the second knuckle. My cock throbs and feels as though it grew another inch as she does this and I continue to shove my cock deeper into her mouth.

“Oh yeah baby, you know I like that” I say to her as she begins to finger fuck my ass as I fuck her mouth. With her other hand she begins to fuck her wet pussy, pushing three fingers deep into her wet folds.

After a few minutes I quickly pull my cock from her mouth and reach down and pull her up to me and kiss her deeply. I slide my hand down to her pussy and shove three fingers deep into her, joining her fingers.

“Oh god yes, please fuck me!” she says as she breaks our kiss.

Still holding her pressed against the wall I reach down and lift one of her legs off the floor and ease my cock toward her dripping pussy.

“You want this don’t you?” I ask as I rub the tip of my cock against her clit and pussy lips.

“Oh god yes” She moans as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy in one quick thrust.

As I begin to pump my cock in and out of her hot wet pussy I lean down and take one of her large nipples into my mouth and begin to suck. She grabs my head and holds it in place as I suck her hard nipple between my lips, bighting her nipple gently as I do. I feel her pussy juices flow from around my cock as she moans through another orgasm.

“Oh FUCK!” She screams as I continue to thrust my cock upwards into her soaking wet pussy.

Deeper and deeper I thrust as I hold her against the wall sucking on her breast as I thrust.

After a few more thrusts I feel my balls begin to tighten.

“I’m getting ready to cum” I tell her as I look into her eyes and thrust once more deep into her pussy.

“Oh YES shoot your load deep into me!” She moans as my first blast of cum shoots into her pussy.

“It feels so good!” she says as I continue to dump stream after stream of cum into her pussy. I keep thrusting my cock into her as my orgasm subsides and I feel the last squirt of cum pump into her pussy.

I relax my hold on her as I slide my cock from her pussy, allowing her to lower her leg. I slide down her body kissing and sucking her breasts and then continue down türkçe bahis her belly slowly approaching her pussy.

She continues to moan as I slide my tongue across her soaking wet pussy, licking the dripping mixture of our orgasms from her pussy.

She holds my head between her legs as I continue to lick her pussy clean of our juices. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby clean my pussy” she says.

“All clean” I say, but she holds my head in place.

“Not yet baby” she smiles, as she pushes her pussy into my mouth “I need to pee after my orgasm” she says as she begins to piss into my open mouth.

She fills my mouth and I swallow it down as she sprays my face and body with her sweet salty nectar.

“Oh yeah baby take my piss, you dirty little boy you” she says as she finishes by rubbing her pussy into my face, so I can clean the last droplets of piss from her lips.

I stand up in front of her and kiss her deeply and place my hands on her shoulders.

“You know two can play that game” I say as I push her down to her knees and shove my hardening cock into her waiting mouth.

“Hmmmmm” is all she says as I begin to piss into her mouth. Filling it, I pull out of her mouth and proceed to pee on her face and chest.

“So naughty” she moans as she laps the piss from her breasts.

As the last few drops of pee drip from my now rock-hard cock, she takes it into her mouth and begins to suck.

As she sucks my cock deep into her mouth she reaches up and fondles with my balls and ass.

She pulls my cock from her mouth and holds it in her hand and licks my shaft.

“How about you put this lovely cock in my ass for round two!” She asks with a smile.

I pull her up and lead her into the living room and roughly bend her over the couch arm.

“Oh yeah baby, do it” she says as she reaches back and spreads her ass checks for me.

I slide my cock quickly into her pussy to get some of her pussy juice as lube and then ease my cock head to her ass.

“This what you want baby?” I say as I ease my cock into her ass first the head then slowly my shaft.

“OH…Fuck…yeah, that’s it, fuck me in the ass!” She moans as she arches her head as I slam all the way into her ass.

I continue to slam my cock in and out of her ass starting slowly and speeding up as she screams in pleasure.

“Oh god, oh god… I’m going to cum again!” she says as I thrust in and out of her ass, rubbing her clit on the couch arm.

She reaches into the couch cushion and pulls out a strap-on dildo and holds it to me.

“Fuck me in the pussy with this as you fuck my ass.” She says as I take the dildo from her.

I slide my cock part way out of her ass and I place the dildo at her open pussy and slide it in deep, sliding my cock back into her ass at the same time.

“FUCK YES!” she screams as my cock and the dildo fills both of her holes.

“That’s it baby fuck me hard in both holes.” She moans.

“Maybe I’ll take that lubed up dildo and use it on you next” she says looking back at me with a wicked grin.

I slam her ass even harder thinking about her fucking me.

“Yeah baby, you want to fuck me in the ass like this” I slay as I slam into her.

“Oh, fuck yeah I do, I want to make you cum like your making me…oh…fuck… cum” she moans as another orgasm rocks her body.

I thrust into her once more and my cock pulses and send a load of cum deep into her ass.

I continue to pump my cock in and out of her ass as I shoot three more ropes of cum into her ass.

As I slowly pull my cock from her ass, my cum roles out and runs down onto the dildo in her pussy. I slowly ease it from her wet box and put it güvenilir bahis siteleri to my lips.

“So, you want to fuck me with this?” I say as she looks back to see me lick and suck the dildo into my mouth.

She takes to strap-on from my hands and stand up to put it on. As she does she point to the recliner and I sit down facing her.

She puts the strap-on on and steps forward holding her cock in her hand and aiming it toward my face.

I open my mouth and she pushes her cock into my mouth and begins to fuck me.

“Yeah that’s it baby suck your babies cock,” she says, “take it deep, work it really good.” I moan around her cock as I suck it into my mouth.

She fucks my mouth for a few minutes then she pulls her cock from my mouth.

“Lay back and put your legs over my shoulders you bad boy” she says as she pushes me back in the recliner.

I slide my ass to the edge of the recliner. She reaches between her legs and runs her fingers into her ass and pussy. Her fingers are covered in our cum and she rubs it on the dildo and then reaches over and rubs my rose bud ass with her cum covered fingers.

She eases the head of the dildo against my ass and it slips into my ass.

“Ohhhh yeah baby, fuck me” I moan as she slowly slides her cock into my ass.

“You want me to keep fucking my bad boys ass?” she asks as she begins to slam in and out of my ass, my cock flapping wildly against my stomach as it begins to get hard again.

“Yes baby, keep fucking your bad boys’ ass, make my pussy cum for you.” I say as I grab her waist with my legs and pull her into me.

As she continues to slam my ass with her cock she takes my hardening cock into her hands and begins to stroke it slowly.

“Oh God yeah baby, make me cum, fuck me harder my man pussy is going to cum for you” I say as her thrusts get harder and deeper.

“Oh yeah that’s it I’m going to cum!” I moan out as she slams into me and holds her cock deep in my ass as I have an anal orgasm. Flooding my anal juice all over her cock.

“Oh, did my baby cum already?” she says as she slides her cock slowly out of my ass.

“Oh fuck” I moan as I feel her cock head pull from my ass.

She still has my ass spread wide as fluid roles out, she leans down and licks my man pussy clean of my orgasm.

“Hmmmm my babies juices taste so good.” She says as she gets up from the floor and moves to my head.

“Here see for yourself” she says as she slides her cock back into my mouth with it still covered in my anal juice.

I begin sucking her cock once more and slip my hand up to her pussy and slowly insert a finger.

“Oh yeah baby suck my cock and finger my pussy, just like that” she says as she leans down and takes my rock-hard cock into her mouth and begins to suck.

We continue to suck each other’s cocks for several minutes and I am easing three fingers in and out of her pussy and my thumb is driving in to her ass.

She moans softly around my cock as she eases three fingers into my wet man pussy and finger fucks me as we suck each other’s cocks.

Several minutes later her pussy tightens around my fingers and I feel one last small orgasm hit her.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe I’m cumming again” she says taking my cock from her mouth briefly.

“I know, neither can I”, I say as I thrust into her mouth and shoot a small load of cum into her mouth.

She almost gags as she was not expecting it, but she manages to swallow all of it.

She slides her cock from my mouth causing my fingers to slide out of her pussy and ass, cum glistening all over my hand and her pussy.

She slips her fingers from my ass and roles to the side looking at me and smiling.

“So, you just got here, what do you want to do for the evening?” she says all while licking her lips and sliding her hand up my leg.

I knew exactly what we were going to do. But first I needed some rest.

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