A Vulnerable Moment Pt. 06

Non Nude

Andrew did not see either Anita, or Louise for several days.

Texts came from Louise, and in one she mentioned the bbq invitation for Saturday from ‘Mrs Williams across the road.’ She said that they would probably go, but would have to take the kids with them.

Andrew thought he must be ‘upfront’ with her, and he said that he’d been invited too. He added that he thought there wasn’t a problem as far as he was concerned, because he would act as though he didn’t know Louise, and of course, she was unaware of the hold Anita had over him with the threats.

He told her that he had been invited, because of Anita’s old friendship with Julia.

He also made a point of making clear to Anita how he wanted it to be.

All that Anita said was, “there isn’t a problem as long as our ‘arrangement’ is respected.”

Saturday arrived, and the weather continued to be unusually ‘summery.’ The bbq was a late afternoon, early evening occasion.

Andrew arrived about 5pm, and there were already several guests chatting in the garden.

Anita had hired a caterers to supply, cook and organise the bbq. She was meeting, and greeting guests, offering them drinks, most starting with a glass of prosecco.

He greeted Anita with kisses on both cheeks, and with his glass full, got into conversation with a couple, who he knew from social gatherings years before with Julia.

The garden gradually became busier, and at about 5.45pm Steve and Louise arrived with their children. There were several children there as guests, and Anita had hired a children’s entertainer. This allowed Steve and Louise to socialise.

Andrew moved on to talk to a couple who were old friends of Anita, and they in turn were joined by a an ex work colleague of Anita’s. A rather attractive black woman called Trish, with those sort of breasts that had most men drooling.

Trying not to stare too much, Andrew was captivated by not only her cleavage, but her large brown eyes. He learned how she and Anita had worked in the same office for several years, and had worked closely together.

They were interrupted by the call to ‘line up’ for food, and Andrew found himself next to Steve. Louise was near the front of the queue getting food for the kids.

He started up a conversation, and somehow it got onto job security, and how bursa escort Steve was threatened with redundancy. He was a project manager in light engineering, and, coincidentally, it was a similar area of business that Anita had been in, and Trish was still in.

Andrew saw the opportunity to put those two together, and after they had collected their food Andrew introduced Steve to Trish. This gave him the chance to have a quick conversation with Louise.

She was very grateful for the ‘intro’ that was going on between Steve and Trish, but her conversation was in ‘mum mode’ with the kids around. She did however, make lots of eye contact with Andrew, and the chemistry was as intense as ever.

Anita interrupted them, and made some ‘ironic’ comment, and took Andrew away, and introduced him to some more guests. One of them facetiously asked, “Is this your new man?”

For once Anita blushed, and unusually, was flustered.

“I’ve known Andrew since he was a couple with Julia. We’ve just recently got friendly again.”

The conversation moved on, as did the evening.

Steve and Louise had to leave, because of the kids’ bedtime, but not before Steve had thanked Andrew for his introduction to Trish.

“I hope it can produce something,” Andrew added.

The guests in the garden had thinned out considerably by 9pm, but the evening was balmy, and the guests remaining, carried on drinking and chatting.

By 11pm the only people left were Andrew, Trish, Anita and the couple next door, the Thompsons. The Thompsons made their farewells, and thanked Anita for the ‘brilliant’ evening.

Andrew was realising that he had drunk far too much. When he was drunk he talked incessantly, and Anita recognised this. Trish was amused, but was concerned that he shouldn’t drive home, and Anita agreed.

“Look Andrew, Trish is staying in the spare room. You can have the single bed in the box room. Just don’t throw up!”

Andrew smiled, and staggered to his feet. He made his way upstairs, and stripped down to his boxers. He collapsed onto the bed, and fell straight into a deep sleep.

He awoke at 5.30am and felt like death. The quantity of wine he had consumed was unusual. He needed to go to the bathroom, but he lay there gathering his thoughts.

The ‘dawn chorus’ was getting into full voice. He bursa escort bayan didn’t want to wake anyone, so he sat up, standing unsteadily, he clutched at the door frame.

He thought he heard someone talking, but he made his way towards the bathroom.

As he passed what must have been Trish’s bedroom door, he glanced through the half open doorway, and noticed an empty bed with the duvet lying crumpled on the floor.

The next door was Anita’s, and now Andrew was sure. There were ‘sounds’ coming through the partly open door. Sounds that were soft murmurings, little whispers, sounds of someone moving in bed.

Andrew positioned himself to see through the gap. From where he was, he could see the bed as a reflection in the wardrobe mirror.

On her back on the bed was Trish, her dark skin contrasting with Anita’s white skin on top of her. Anita was in a kneeling position with her legs on either side of Trish’s shoulders. Her pussy was pushed against Trish’s face. Meanwhile Anita’s mouth was lapping between Trish’s thighs.

Andrew stood transfixed as he stared at both of them.

Anita continued to surprise him.

Their head movements were becoming faster, and there were stifled groans.

Andrew saw Trish’s hands grip Anita’s thighs tightly. Her mouth broke free, and she groaned, “Anita, god you’re so good.”

Anita was cumming too. Trish stroked her clit with her free hand, and the body on top of her shuddered.

Andrew stepped quickly into the bathroom. He was desperate to pee. After the extended sound of his bladder emptying, he washed his hands, and almost ran back to his bed.

He lay there thinking about what he had just witnessed, and acknowledging the fact that Anita was very much a sexual adventurer. With the image of the two women still in his mind, he drifted back to sleep.

He was awoken by a mug of tea being put down on the table beside the bed.

Anita spoke first and said, “I hope we didn’t disturb you earlier.?”

It was an open ended question, posed, as she sat down on one side of the bed, and Trish sat down on the other.

Trish added, “We do sometimes get a bit carried away, and I haven’t seen Anita in a very long time.”

“I’m not sure what to say.” Andrew spoke with a smile on his face.

“I guess we are all consenting escort bursa adults,” he said with his smile geting broader.

As he lay there with these two women on either side of him, he watched as they leaned in and shared a long, lingering kiss just above him.

Their lips parted, but their eyes remained locked on each other for just a few seconds. Then Trish turned and looking at Andrew said, ” Let’s see if what Anita says is true,” and placed her hand firmly on his boxers, squeezing his cock through the fabric.

He flinched slightly, not expecting it, but when she pulled back the waistband and extricated his cock, it began to grow hard.

“Ah now I can see there’s an element of truth.”

“You do embarrass me sometimes Trish. I tell you things in confidence, and you just blurt them out.” Anita watched, as Trish expertly brought Andrew’s cock to life.

By this time Andrew was trying to suppress a groan.

“You have a go Anita, you know how he likes it better than me,” Trish was being a minx.

With that, Anita’s hand took Andrew’s cock, and slowly started to slide up and down, with the other hand massaging his balls.

Now Andrew was groaning. Out loud. And gasping.

It was obvious to the two women that he couldn’t last much longer.

“I definitely want to finish this off please,” Trish asked Anita.

Releasing Andrews cock, Anita watched as Trish continued the stimulation. She slowed her movements and then, almost with a flourish, spat into the palm of her hand and smoothed the saliva up and down his shaft.

It did the trick.

The first spurt of semen landed on Andrew’s chest, then the next, and the next, shot over Trish’s hand, followed by a continuing flow oozing over her fingers and thumb. The white spunk contrasted with the dark brown of her skin.

Andrew’s groan was long and loud.

Trish was smirking as she declared, “Quite a tasty contribution Mr Andrew,” and as she said that, she licked the spunk from her fingers, smearing some of it deliberately around her mouth.

“You are such a slut,” laughed Anita.

“I am aren’t I,” replied Trish, with a smile, leaning towards Anita and kissing her full on the lips.

When they pulled apart both were licking their lips like cats that had got the cream, which, of course, they had!

Anita stood up passing Andrew a tissue from the box to clean up and added,

“See you downstairs for breakfast, if you need a shower it’s free now.”

And with a mischievous chuckle from Trish they were gone.

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