A Walk in the Park


A Walk in the ParkI had just had a row with the wife and I was pretty wound up and decided to go for a drive, I ended up in another town about fifteen miles away. I parked up in a secluded road next to a park where there was an ice-cream van, after had one I was sat in the car smoking, as it was a lovely summers day I had the window open, suddenly this boy appeared and asked me if I had any change.He gave me £5 and I changed it for him, I could see he went to the ice-cream van then walked towards the park. I locked up the car and followed him. As I caught up with him he was sat on a bench alone, I sat next to him and we were talking. He said he doesn’t have any friends, he was 17 years old and boring, I reassured him he probably wasn’t.When he’d finished his ice-cream he said “Will you walk with me” “Sure” I answered and walked around the park, as we walked he talked. We came to another bench and sat down he said “Thanks” “No problem” I said and leaned over and touched his knee. He looked at me without saying anything for a few minutes then said “I don’t think I’m gay but I’m not sure”.As I sat I looked around and the park was virtually empty, to my left was a thick bush probably bursa escort 20 feet or so wide, “You fancy a walk through that bush” I said, he looked and said “Ok”. As we stood up he walked in silence with me into the bush, in the middle was a clearing and it was totally surrounded I thought ‘perfect’, there were a couple of tree stumps so I sat on one.When Edward saw me he sat on the other about a foot away looking sheepish, I leaned over and touched his knee, he looked me in the eyes and smiled, he actually leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips, just a peck, but it was him that did it first. I was a little taken back as he appeared to be shy, as we pulled apart he did it again only this time he kissed me longer.I couldn’t stand the tension, standing up I walked closer to him but before I could do anything his hand was rubbing the front of my jeans and my cock was getting hard. I stood there as he did this with my hand on the back of his neck pulling him closer, he unbuckled me and as my jeans fell down his hand stroked me through my undies.He soon slipped them down and there I stood in all my glory all 6” of solid muscle, he clasped his fist around me, pulled back my bursa escort bayan foreskin and licked my helmet, God he was good. “Don’t tell me you haven’t done this before” as he started to wank me quicker he looked up and smiled, then had his mouth around my cock again.Wanking me slow then speeding up all the while using his tongue he knew exactly what he was doing and I’m 99.9% sure he’d done it before. As he built up speed he inserted the finger of his left hand into my anus, he licked his finger and re-inserted it, just moving it slowly in and out, what a turn on I knew I was coming.Then as quick as he’d started he stopped, turning me around he parted my cheeks and licked my anus, as his hand reached round to carry on pulling me he was licking my arse, then he went underneath licked between my ass and my balls, then my balls, I knew if he carried on I was coming as soon as he licked my cock.As his tongue probed upwards round my balls, then up my shaft, as his mouth enclosed around my helmet and he used his lips instead of his fist my eyes were rolling, I slipped my hand on the back of his head as I moaned loudly, my hot spunk was oozing out and filling his mouth, slipping escort bursa down his throat, the best blowjob I’d ever had.He sucked me until I’d gone limp, standing up he smiled at me kissed me and turned me around, I could hear him unbuttoning his own pants and then I felt his finger probing my ass again, he bent down and licked me and again my cock twitched.As he licked me he pulled my cheeks apart and then he stopped, within seconds I could feel his cock teasing me, then he pushed in very easily, he said “I always carry some lube” which I thought was an unusual thing to say. He fucked me hard and grunted accordingly, as he pushed in and out holding my hips, he felt massive.After a few minutes of hard intense shagging he said “Oh God I’m coming” as he thrusted so hard up me I thought he was coming out of my throat, then suddenly he pulled out and spun me round and then I saw him, he WAS massive, must have been 9” easy, “Open your mouth” he ordered, as I did he pushed himself in and fucked my mouth.He only last a few seconds and wanking his own cock he filled my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow, it tasted awful probably the lube he used, when he’d finished I was gagging and gobbed up as much as I could spitting it out. He said “I couldn’t let you see my size or you wouldn’t have let me” “You’re right” he said “That’s what they all say”, ‘cheeky lying cunt’ I thought as we parted.

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