A walk in the woods


A walk in the woodsIt was a hot summers morning and I decided I’d take my mountain bike and ride to some woods that was about a mile away from my house.i wore a pair of black short sporting shorts and a white muscle vest.tthe shorts felt great against my cock and my bum cheeks peeped out of the bottom of them.The ride to the woods took me onto roads and paths.i was happy when I new I was on the last long road to the woods as I was feeling very hot.I rode my bike up a gravel road and finally into a carpark that is situated before the woods.i got off my bike and followed a gravel path into the woods.after a while of following a small dirt path I came across a field and a small lake.i lay my bike down and sat on the grassy bank.the water in the lake looked so inviting.I decided I was going to go for a dip in the lake.The woods were quiet and I hadn’t seen a sole so I took off my trainers,then slipped my top off.i stood for a while listening,making sure I couldn’t hear any other humans.After a while I pulled down my shorts and stepped out of them.The air hit my cock.it felt great to be free of my cloths outside.i slowly stepped into the cool water of the lake.i could feel the soft clay mud on my feet.i walk further into the water until I could feel the coolness on my cock.then I pushed out and swam into the middle of the lake.it felt great skinny dipping.I spent five minutes in the lake then swam back to the bank.i lay on the bank in the sun letting it dry me.the air around me felt great on my cock and it wasn’t long before my cock grew a semi hardon.i started to feel really horny.i stood up and and felt the air around my bottom.this just made me more horny.iI don’t nobody why but I decided it would be a great idea to go for a naked walk.I left my clothes next to my bike and followed the little dirt path through the woods.my heart was in my mouth and every step further away from my clothes excited me more.My cock was now standing out proudly and throbbing up and down.I could feel my bottom wiggle with every step.Id kadıköy escort now walked quite a way into the woods and was soon following the dirt path that leads to the car park.my heart beat faster as I peeked through some bushes at the car park.it was empty.i stepped out of the bushes and stood naked in the car park.i couldn’t help but grab at my cock and slowly start to play with myself.i felt so naughty.Suddenly a car pulled into the carpark.The blood drained out of my face and I turned and ran back into the bushes.i nelt down and hid listening.who ever that was driving that car must of seen me.i felt foolish now and cursed myself for being so stupid.i heard the car stop and heard the door of the car slam.i could see through the bushes where I hid a large oldish man.he walked on the gravel path and past where I was.I waited listening.i had to get back to my clothes.i walked fast and followed the dirt path back to where my clothes would be.I turned a corner on the path and to my horror stood the man.he wore a red t shirt over his large belly and he wore tracksuit bottoms.his eyes bulged in his head as he looked at my maleness.I turned and went to walk away.”oh yes look at you”he said I stood still and looked back at the man.He was grabbing at his cock through his tracksuit.”what a lovely body mmmmm fuck yes” he said.my mouth went dry and my heart beat fast.The man walked up to me and grabbed my cock.his hands worked round my balls and up my now hard cock.I closed my eyes as the feeling of his hands stroking my cock got intense.i felt his mouth on my nipples ,he sucked hard on them making me wimpier.”you fucking sexy bastard,do you like being naked outside”he said.i nodded my head.the man released me cock and stood there looking at me.”walk in front of me,let me watch you walking naked”he said with a look of lust on his face.i slowly turned away from him ,my cock still hard and my nipples still wet from his saliva.i üsküdar escort started walking back on the dirt path and back towards the lake and my clothes.as he followed he would be grabbing at his cock and saying things things like”fuck yes”and”your arse has a sexy wiggle””lovely cock mmmmm”we was almost back to the lake when I heard a clicking.i turned and saw that the man was taking pics of me.”oh no don’t take pics”I said the man looked at me and said” I want them so I can put them on the internet.ive taken a little vid of that lovely arse to”I now went into panic mode.”please don’t put them on the net,my friends and family might find out”I begged.the man walked up to me and pulled me by my hips closer to him.my face was close to his.”you better please me then you sexy fucker”he said.he kissed me hard on the lips.his tongue invaded my mouth.This felt weird to me as I’d never kissed another man before like this.his hands grabbed at my naked bottom as he held me close to him.his fingers ran down my bum crack.i tried to move his hand away but he just slapped my hand away.He stopped kissing me and spun me around so my bottom was facing him.”bend over and show me that arse”he said I bent over.suddenly I felt a sharp pain SMACK,SMACK,SMACK.the man started to spank my bottom.”you need to be punished don’t you””walking around naked in a public place.”his spanking got harder and my bum felt on fire.i let out a whimper now and again.Suddenly he stopped and turned me back towards him.”get on your knees and suck my cock”he said to me.i couldn’t believe what was happening,I’d never done anything like that before.my heart beat fast and my cock throbbed.i nelt down infront of the man and he took out his large cock.”open your mouth”he said.i opened it and he grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my mouth.it tasted salty “I’m going to fuck that young mouth of yours you sexy fucker”he said.his cock rammed in and out of my mouth.now and again I would gag as his cock hit my tonsils”fucking tuzla escort swallow it “he said and he rammed deeper still.my eyes watered as his cock slipped past my tonsils.i tried to gag but he held my head hard against him.”oh fuck yes,I’m cumin you fucker”he grunted.i felt the warm jet of cum shoot down my throat,I gagged and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and continued to cum on my face and chest.i nelt back looking up at him as he emptied his cum over me.he stood there looking down at me getting his breath.”now I want to see you cum”he said.stand up and wank”.i stood up and grabbed my cock,I started to pump my hand up and down my cock.it felt great.”go on you sexy slut,wank it”said the man I closed my eyes and masterbates faster.the man grabbed at my nipples and punched them hard.a jolt of pain made my cock twitch.i pulled harder at my cock my breath getting faster.suddenly I felt a finger probing my bum crack.it felt wet and slippery.”im going to stick it in your arse,I’ve used my cum as lube”I felt his finger find my hole.it felt bigger than it looked as it proved my hole.i let out a yell as he rammed his finger into me.”how’s that feel,you fucking love a finger in your ass don’t you”said the man as he rammed it back and forth.The feeling was amense and I felt my warmth take over my body.i held my cock as cum shot into the air.”im cumin “I said.my knees went weak as cum still shot out of my cock.”oh fuck yes,look at that cum”said the man.he took his finger out of my bum and i slumped naked to the floor”that’ll teach you to walk around naked you sexy fucker said the man.I looked up at him and said please delete pics and vid now”the man grinned at me.”I don’t think so your my bitch now I want you to meet me here next week.if you don’t I’ll put these on the net.”I couldn’t believe it.the man put his cock away and walk away.i got up and walked back to my clothes and bike.i got dressed quickly and pushed my bike all the way back to the carpark.the man sat in his car with the window open.as I approached I could see he was playing the video.he looked at me and said” don’t forget here next Wednesday,wear those shorts and top.”I could see he was getting a kick out of this .”Ok “I said.the man drove out of the carpark leaving me to wonder what he would do next.if you enjoyed this true story and want to know what happened next please leave a comment.

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