A Walk in the Woods

Group Sex

Last night, you led me by the hand down a wooded path. The sun was streaming down through the canopy like glitter, dressing the forest floor with light and dark contrasts that made everything seem alive. I smelled wild flowers, intoxicating scents of lavender, basil, and cut grass steamed around us. I could not determine from where they were coming. All around us were trees and ferns.

“Where are we going?” I asked, but not really caring. Your hand was in mine, and it was electric. It felt warm and your touch made the hair on my arm tingle.

“Shhh,” you whispered. “We’re almost there.” But I looked around and I could not see any opening through the trees. It was never ending forest. There was no one around and all I could hear were birds and leaves rustling. For all I knew we were miles away from civilization. I enjoyed the prospect of being lost in the woods with you.

We continued down the path for a little longer, but you were irresistible. All I wanted was to steal more kisses. I pulled you with me against a massive tree trunk. Your body pressed against mine, you smelled a little of sweat and sunlight as I leaned in to kiss you, but you interrupted me.

“Don’t you want to get there?” you asked, sounding a little excited. Your breath was warm against my ear.

“Of course, but can’t we take our time?” I replied.

You leaned in to kiss me. Our lips parted and our tongues met, swirling around each other. Slowly, we explored each other. You licked my lower lip, I nibbled on yours. Our hands wandered. First, your hands rested on my hips, but they traveled to the small of my back, pressing yourself against me. My hand started around your neck, but soon traveled to your shoulders and chest. I breathed you in, all your lusciousness, each wet kiss reminding me of all our past and promising the future. We kissed a little longer; your body pressed against mine. You nibbled my ear and breathed me in deeply. Your hand reached around to grab my firm ass, pulling me even closer to you. I reached down and felt your cock was hard and throbbing. I didn’t care where I was going. I cared what I was doing! I just wanted to melt into you.

Sweet kisses taking their time down my neck, your hand reached for my breast and my nipple stood at attention awaiting your caress. I felt myself growing wetter with your touch, certain I was about to soak through my underwear.

“We have to get going or we’ll miss it,” you whispered, but you didn’t stop.

“What could I possibly miss that I don’t already have?” I asked.

I was already wet. My body was aching for you. My heart was racing. And you could tell. You reached your hand down, and I knew you could feel the moistness through my shorts. You moved your fingers softly up my thigh, under the shorts to find my underwear. I took a sharp breath in and tilted my head back. I love when you touch me there. You explored further, your finger finding my wet lips already dripping. My hot pussy was ready for your touch. It almost made my knees buckle. Thank goodness I was holding onto you.

“Well now isn’t that sweet?” And you pulled your fingers up to your lips and licked my pussy juices off. “I’m going to fuck that kurtköy escort wet pussy,” you said, looking into my eyes with pure passion.

“Please fuck my wet pussy,” I was so turned on that I could barely get out the words. I reached down to feel your cock pulsing through your shorts. It was so hard, constricted by your clothing but clearly wanting to be released.

I went to unbutton you, but you pulled back, showing obvious self-control. You took my hand in yours again, and began to lead me further into the woods. How could I go on when all I wanted was to taste that beautiful cock?

After a few minutes, we came upon a small field of wildflowers. Yellows, purples, and reds aglow under the sunlight. There was a blanket placed on the ground, and it was surrounded by butterflies.

“Did you do this?” I asked astounded by the scene.

“No, you did,” was your response. And you led me into this perfect place. You knelt down and led me next to you. You wrapped your strong arms around me, pulling me closer to you. You pulled back my hair, kissing my neck and pressed your chest against my breasts. Each kiss was deeper than the last, and it felt as if my skin was on fire awaiting each touch.

Your kisses moved up my neck, over my chin and to my lips. Each one more electric, made my heart race. You ran your fingers through my hair, along the skin on my arms. Your hands anywhere on my body lit me up as if the hot summer sun were toasting me. Our hands wandered across each other’s skin with light caresses and deep massages, our bodies growing closer until I felt like I was melting.

Your hand slid under my shirt and adeptly unclasped my bra, allowing my breasts to spill out. I lifted your shirt off, exposing your broad chest. I pulled you close to me to kiss your chest, inhaling the scent of sweat on your skin, working my way down. Your fingers softly scratched up my back as I made my way down further to your stomach, then to the edge of your pants. I looked up at you as I finally had the opportunity to unbutton your pants, the goal of unleashing your already hard cock. I saw a look of both pleasure and release as I slid your pants down, finally exposing you in the full sunlight. Your cock stood at attention, its head almost pulsing. A small drop of pre cum sparkled in the sunlight.

“Mmmmm, I can’t wait to taste you,” I said as I took your hard cock in my hands and brushed you against my cheek. You were warm and so soft against me. I placed a gentle kiss over your taut skin, slowly releasing my warm breath against you so you could feel the temperature change near my lips. I cupped your balls in my palm with gentle pressure and stuck my tongue out to reach for your skin. My hot, wet tongue finally met the base of your cock, and your breath let out as if you had been holding it.

“Oh god,” you let out as my tongue worked its way up to the tip. It tasted a little salty, and a little sweet, just as I remembered. I teased my way up, swirling at your head to the sweet precum on your tip. This is my favorite part–the anticipation of what is about to happen. My lips parted over you, my breath so close. Then I placed my lips on you tuzla escort and slowly begin to take you in a millimeter at a time. I loved the contrast of my wet mouth to your smooth, dry skin that awaits it–the way my lips reach further down your shaft as I swallow you in.

Finally, I had your entire cock in my mouth, your tip hitting the soft back of my throat. I waited, pausing to hear your breath, my hands holding your hips, my fingernails barely digging into your skin. You gasped and without looking up, I knew you had thrown your head back in pleasure. You ran your fingers through my hair, and held the back of my head to make sure I lingered a little longer.

Then, as I began to pull back, you let out a soft moan, and I used my tongue to swirl around your head as you left my mouth. It was so delicious I dove back onto you, my lips tightened around your head and I allowed you to plunge to the back of my throat again. I repeated this just a few times before my tongue began to work up and down your shaft again. I could sense your anticipation of each movement of my tongue. Your breath quickened and you called my name softly. I just adore hearing you whisper my name like that.

I did not do this for long before you began to tense up as the momentum pulled you closer to the height of pleasure. Your hips began to move back and forth and you placed your hands on my head, clearly struggling control yourself. I did not want you to cum yet. I wanted to make the pleasure last.

“I can’t stand this,” you said and pulled back. “I have to fuck you now.” And with that you quickly unbuttoned my shorts, your hands shaking. Your hands grabbed me at my hips and moved to the fabric as you pulled them down with my underwear exposing my hot juicy pussy to you. You leaned over and kissed my belly softly, then my hips and I moved them closer to you. You spread my legs apart and gazed down at my juices.

“Oh my god! You are so dripping,” you exclaimed with a smile, and I smiled back at you, my skin flushed with passion. You placed a finger over my wet pussy lips and inched inside me while deftly avoiding my clit because you knew that is what I wanted you to touch most. I tried to move my hips to make you touch it, but it did not work. You pulled your fingers out and reached over to my lips, coating them in my juices. I took a quick lap of them and sucked your finger. Oh, I was sweet.

“Mmmmm, I am so turned on. Can’t you tell?” I said. You gazed down at my smiling face, leaned down, and kissed me passionately so you could lap the juices from my lips. You knelt between my legs, opening me to you. You reached your fingers into me again to finally find my clit swollen and began to rub it gently.

“Cum for me,” you instructed with a smile. “I want to watch your face glow as you cum for me.” Oh those sweet words made me so hot for you. I began to move my hips to gain more pleasure from your touch. I was on fire. You kissed my neck, nibbled my ear. I let out a moan to let you know how good it all felt. I was going to cum hard as your fingers continued to make my temperature rise.

You kept going, bringing me closer to the edge as you sucked my nipples, tuzla escort going from one to the other to make sure each was getting the attention they needed. My hips were moving harder with your touch. It was becoming more than I could bare.

“I am going to cum so hard for you,” I cried as the first wave of built inside me. It started where your fingers touched me, but quickly moved deeper as the heat spread out from my center. The pleasure crashed over me as I convulsed from the inside out. With my cry, you clamped your teeth onto my right nipple, sending me over a cliff of deeper, hotter spasms. I writhed under the touch of your hands and lips and tongue. I felt my skin flush from my chest and over my face as my center exploded.

As I settled into the pleasure, your body drew closer. I reached down to feel that you were even harder than before. I opened my legs to you and gasped, out of breath, “Fuck my wet pussy.”

As if on command, you plunged into me to the hilt. Your hard cock penetrating through the wetness of my lips, deeper into me. I cried out again as you filled me. Both the slight pain of spreading me open and the fulfilling satisfaction of being touched on the inside. I placed my hands on your chest and moved my hips toward yours to ensure I was taking every last inch of you. You leaned back on your knees, took my ass in your hands and pulled me toward you with each thrust. It was rhythmic and sensual as you moved me up and down your cock. Stroke after stroke was bringing me closer to cumming again.

I reached down to my wet clit with my fingers and started to rub it gently to bring myself closer to orgasm again as you pulled me harder with each stroke. Your cock filling me, leaving me, filling me again, my breath catching in my throat with each thrust. I pressed harder on my clit with each thrust, getting closer and closer. I love that moment just before cumming. I was working it to make that warm feeling last longer, trying to relax and enjoy your thrusts. But it was too much to bear. Soon, I could not hold back any longer and one thrust sent me writhing over the edge again. I cried out, reaching for you as my pussy clenched around your cock, pulling you even deeper inside me.

You stopped thrusting, your cock deep inside me as you felt my waves of pleasure. My pussy tightening around you again and again. “Oh yeah, you are cumming so hard,” you said with a giant grin. Damn you were so sexy.

Then, just as I was ready to collapse, you began to thrust again. I felt you continue to dive into me, filling me again with your cock, then releasing me. You were grinding into me, working me, to get me going again. And it worked. I was rising again toward climax.

“Oh god, you just keep me going,” I whimpered.

“Good. I want you to keep cumming,” you respond.

With those words, I let go once more. And you could not hold back anymore. My climax set you off, and you cried out as you released. Your hips ground hard into me. I looked up to see your pleasure. Your eyes rolled back, your mouth opened in delight. I could feel your hot cum fill me as the two of us writhed in synchronicity. Each thrust brought another wave of pleasure. The moment suspended us together in weightless, pleasure until we were both spent.

Sweating and out of breath, we collapsed next to each other on the blanket. The sun filtered down to us from above. A butterfly landed next to us on the blanket. I was warm and satisfied.

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