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Sarah woke up just as the first beam of morning sun shined upon her gorgeous face. The 21 year old beauty needed a few seconds to remember that she was not in her one bedroom apartment in LA, but instead, she was waking up in a hotel in Boston paid for by her company. As she stretched her voluptuous body, Sarah recalled the good fortunes that have befallen upon her the last few months.

It started right when she graduated from university with a degree in marketing. While most of her classmates worried about what to do after graduation, Sarah was lucky enough to land a job at a prestigious firm in just a few days. She loved her new job and all of her co-workers have been really friendly, especially the male workers.

Of course, it easy to make friends when you looked like Sarah. The 21 year old was an early developer and continued to develop until well into university. Her 36D breasts were a marvel, so big and soft, yet so firm that there wasn’t a hint of sag in them. In fact, her breasts are so firm that on the rare occasions that she went clubbing, Sarah didn’t need to wear a bra. At 5’7″, Sarah had long shapely legs that appear to never end. She had wide hips with a very firm bubble ass that was more than a handful. Years of doing yoga had left her with a very flat and toned stomach. The term “to die for” had been used numerous times to describe Sarah’s body. Top it off with a gorgeous face, blond hair with green eyes, and you had the makings of every man’s dream come true.

As the beautiful blond made her way towards the shower, a smile appeared on her full lips as she thought of another fortune that came her way recently, her 29 year boyfriend Mike. They met at a party of a mutual friend and hit it off right away. Sarah was so focused on her studies that she had no time to date while in school so she considered it a blessing that she met Mike right after she graduated.

Mike came from a very wealthy family. He was the starting quarterback and captain of his high school football team and went to Harvard business school. He was also in the final steps of launching his own company and had hinted that he was ready to settle down with her. Sarah was head over heels in love with Mike, and she was willing to do just about anything to please him

As Sarah started soaping her 36D breasts, she continued thinking of Mike. He was so handsome and treated her so well, yet he was so sexual, always begging her to try new things and wear skimpy outfits. Of course, if you had a hot piece of ass like Sarah, no one could blame the guy. The more Sarah thought of the things Mike would ask her to wear, the more she started to rub her huge breasts. Her hands slowly traveled down her flat stomach and towards her smooth pussy. Mike had brought her laser treatment for a full Brazilian for her 21st birthday.

“Best two grand I’ve ever spent,” he bragged to his friends.

But before Sarah could continue her daydream, her cell phone rang. “Darn,” she cried as she realized how long she was in the shower thinking of her hot boyfriend. She looked at the caller ID and grimaced when she saw it was her co-worker Dan calling.

“What do you want, Dan?”

The company Sarah worked for does a lot of collaboration with other smaller companies. One such company was located in Boston. It was the smallest of all the companies, but they provided some valuable resources, and it was time for their annual meetings.

“Just sit in the meetings and listen to what they have to say,” her boss told her. “You don’t have to present any data, just attend so they know that we value our partnership.”

The meeting was scheduled for two days, all day Tuesday and Wednesday. All Sarah had to do was attend the meetings and say hello to all the important board members. Since all the board members were males, Sarah’s boss knew she was the perfect candidate for the job. After just one look at the gorgeous blond with the killer body, there was no way they would forget Sarah and hopefully the company she represented.

Sarah was really looking forward to the trip. She had always wanted to visit Boston, and since she didn’t have to prepare anything for the meetings, she could just relax and try to make new connections to help her budding career. Of course her excitement was dampened when she realized on the plane that Dan from IT was also going.

Dan was 54 years old, with a balding head that he tries to cover with a pathetic comb over. He never took care of himself which resulted in a huge gut. His personal hygiene left a lot to be desired as he always came to work smelling like BO. At 5’5″ and weighing close to 200 pounds, Dan has never been with a woman and would often fantasize about some of his co-workers even though none were that attractive. That is until Sarah came along.

Dan still remembers the first time he laid eyes on Sarah and her voluptuous body. She was getting a tour of the company and was wearing a red business suit. Her skirt was only a couple of inches above her knee, but it showed off her shapely calves perfectly. The skirt wouldn’t have been canlı bahis tight on an ordinary woman, but because Sarah has such a nice round ass, it practically hugged her body. She had a white blouse that again wasn’t meant to be tight, but when you have 36D breast the buttons were doing all they could to hang on.

Dan immediately got a hard on when he saw Sarah. He followed her around that day just ogling her body. Once she dropped a folder, and as she bent over to pick it up, Dan was treated with an amazing view of her cleavage. “Oh my god,” he whispered as he stared at her creamy tits straining to stay within her tight blouse. Dan couldn’t take it any longer and had to run to the restroom where he proceeded to rub one out.

Even though Sarah had only been with the company for four months, Dan felt she has given him a lifetime of masturbation material. She was very self conscious of her body and the effect it had on all the men around her so she tried to dress conservative, but even conservative outfits were a man’s wet dream on her body. On a few Fridays when she had a date with her boyfriend right after work, she would come to work dressed a little more provocative. Dan would make sure that he would visit her cubicle on those days so he can stand behind her and peak down her shirt.

“I just need to check something on your computer, Sarah,” he would tell her as he stared at her ample cleavage. On this particular Friday, Sarah was wearing a cream color blouse that looked great against her tanned smooth skin. She had the top three buttons undone so Dan was treated with a great view.

“Do you have to do it now, Dan? I have to finish this report before I take off.”

Sarah wasn’t an idiot and knew that Dan always had to “fix” her computer whenever she came to work dressed up for a date with Mike. In fact, she could see Dan staring down her blouse from the reflection of her monitor. She quickly buttoned her blouse and stared angrily at Dan.

“Dan, I have to get back to work!”

“Sorry,” Dan muttered as he realized that he’s been busted. “I’ll do it next time, have a great weekend.” Dan quickly left, trying hard to hide the erection that was forming.

Sarah often wondered why such a prestigious company would employ such a gross pervert, but she was told numerous times that when it can to computer and network security, there is no one better than Dan.

Dan was in the restroom rubbing one out, something that he did often ever since Sarah joined. He was embarrassed that he was caught, but he was also starting to feel angry.

“Stupid bitch,” he thought as he cleaned himself up. “Who does she think she is dressing up to work like that?” Although Sarah wasn’t wearing anything that all the other female workers wore, Dan wasn’t going to let logic get in the way of his rant. “Someone should teach that tease a lesson.” Suddenly a thought came to his head that quickly changed his mood, and Dan started whistling as he left the restroom, never bothering to wash his hands.

That evening Dan decided to stay late at work. Since he was single and lived alone, staying late was no big deal. And since it was Friday, the building was mostly cleared by seven. Dan walked over to Sarah’s empty cubicle trying hard not to look suspicious. His heart was pounding in his chest and he could feel drops of sweat falling from his armpit. Was he really going to risk he job for this? Dan was wavering until he brought up the image of Sarah’s beautiful cleavage from earlier today. Why the hell not? There was absolutely no chance he would ever meet such a gorgeous girl like Sarah again.

Dan sat down on Sarah’s chair and could smell the perfume that she wore. He started to get hard despite the fact he just masturbated in the restroom a few hours ago. He quickly entered her password and began searching her browsing history. Everything was related to work which wasn’t surprising since Sarah was a very hard worker. You don’t land this job right out of collage otherwise. Dan’s hopes of finding anything juicy was quickly fading until he noticed that she checks her personal e-mail at work every morning.

“Bingo,” he smiled.

Although Sarah always logged out of her personal e-mail, it didn’t take long for someone with Dan’s expertise to hack into her account. Her inbox was full of messages from her friends, none of which Dan found useful. He was just about to call his plan a failure until he noticed that she had a separate folder in her account called Mike.

“Who the fuck is Mike,” Dan thought as he opened the folder. He saw that the folder was filled with hundreds of e-mails dating back over a year ago. As he began reading every single e-mail in the folder, Dan realized he hit the jackpot.

It took Dan over three hours to finish reading all the e-mails in the folder. He re-read a few of the more steaming ones as he played with himself. Finally, he decided he was too horny and had to rub yet another one out. As he made his way to the restroom, he digested what he read.

Turns out Sarah and Mike have been dating for just over a year bahis siteleri and a half. They both sounded like they were madly in love with each other. Since Mike was a big shot, trying to start his own company. He traveled a lot and they mostly communicate via e-mails since talking on cell phones gave Mike a huge headache. Sarah saved every single e-mail that she wrote and received from her boyfriend.

Dan learned though those e-mails that Sarah grew up in a strict family, and she never had time to date in school. In fact, she was a virgin when she met Mike.

“That lucky bastard,” Dan yelled.

Turns out that Mike was your typical sexual guy. He would always buy Sarah outfits that were very provocative and showed off her huge tits and round ass. He would ask her to wear these outfits when they went out so he could see the expression of lust in all of the guys. He was also into skimpy lingerie and would buy these for her so she could wear them when she was over at his house.

As their relationship progressed, so did Mike’s request in the bedroom. He seemed to want to fuck Sarah in every position imaginable. Sarah expressed hesitation in doing all of these things, but she wanted to please him and always relented in the end. He begged and pleaded her to give him a blowjob in the beginning of their relationship.

“That’s gross,” she replied, but she eventually agreed.

He then e-mailed her the next day telling her how great it felt, but he would enjoy it more if she swallowed every last drop of his cum. Again, she was reluctant, but she gave in at the end and now licks his cock clean.

He recently talked her into deep throating his entire 6 inch penis and although it took a lot of time and practice, she could do that now with little effort.

“Six inches,” Dan scoffed. Although he wasn’t blessed with any other physical attributes, Dan was blessed with a 10 inch thick cock.

The more he read, the more envious he was of Mike. Just last month, he got Sarah to try anal sex. It took five months of him begging and pleading her to give it a try before once again Sarah agreed. “Bitch really does sound like she would do anything to please her man,” Dan thought.

It seemed the only thing Mike hasn’t convinced Sarah to do is fuck one of his college buddies while he watches.

“Babe, I think it would be so hot if I can watch you fuck Tom,” Mike wrote.

“There is no way I’m going to let another man put his hand on me, Michael. You were my first and I want you to be my only!”

“Babe, it’s just a fantasy I’ve always had but never got to try. It won’t mean anything, just a way for us to experiment together. Just promise me you’ll think about it with an open mind.”

“Whatever,” Sarah replied. Although she had always given Mike everything he asked for, fucking another man was where she drew the line.

Dan was reading the e-mails from a week ago when he felt his heart skip a beat. Seemed like Mike recently brought Sarah a state of the art laptop with a HD webcam, and he was trying to convince her to give him a strip show on it while she was in Boston next week.

“Next week,” Dan thought as he quickly brought up his calendar on his smartphone. Turns out there is also an IT convention in Boston at the same days as Sarah’s meetings. Although Dan had no intention of going to the convention before, he was sure he could get his supervisor to sign off on it if he asked. The thought of spending a few days alone with Sarah excited Dan like no other time in his life.

Dan spent the weekend getting his supervisor’s approval and signing up for the IT convention. He made a few phone calls to the company travel department to find out which flights Sarah was taking so he could book the same ones. They would be taking off late Monday morning and coming back Thursday afternoon. He also found out which hotel she was booked for, and thanked his lucky stars that he was able to book the room next door to hers. He was constantly horny the whole weekend as he thought of going to Boston with the lovely Sarah and couldn’t wait for Monday to arrive.

That Monday, Sarah took a long time deciding what to wear. Since she didn’t have to go to work before her flight, she decided to wear something a little more sexy so she could enjoy the nice weather in Boston. She slowly put on her black lace thong. She never wore a thong before she met Mike, but over time he had gotten rid of all her cotton panties and replaced them with skimpy thongs that left little to the imagination. Now thongs were all that she wore. She slowly put on her matching black lace bra, making sure to lift her full breasts into each half cup. Again, she only wore full padded bras when she grew up because she was self conscious of her 36D breasts, but Mike talked her into only wearing lacy half bras that didn’t even cover half of her huge breasts. They were more for show than support, and she always had to make sure not to walk too fast or else her huge breasts would jiggle and bounce for everyone to see.

“Oh Mike,” Sarah sighed as she looked in her closet bahis şirketleri for a skirt to wear. She had spent the whole weekend at his spacious home, making love almost every hour. She also finally agreed to give him a webcam strip tease on her new laptop while she was in Boston.

“You will,” Mike asked when she told him. “Baby, that is going to be so fucking hot.”

Sarah couldn’t help but smile at the expression on Mike’s face. She’s seen that expression many times since they dated.

“I’ll be at work all day on Monday so perhaps you can have your first show this Tuesday,” Mike suggested.

“Perhaps, if you’re a good boy.”

“And perhaps you can shop for a sexy lingerie on Monday night for the show,” Mike asked as he felt his dick growing just thinking of seeing his girlfriend’s hot body online.

“Perhaps,” Sarah said giving Mike a suggestive look. She loved the effect her body had on him.

Sarah finally decided on a black mini skirt that only comes down mid-thigh, showing off her nice legs. She wore blue see-through stockings fasten to a little garter belt, all presents from Mike. For her top she decided on a small purple blouse. The blouse didn’t have buttons until a third from the top so even if she wanted to cover up, she couldn’t. With her half bra pushing her giant breasts together, she was showing a lot of mouth watering cleavage. She finished her outfit with a pair of black pumps that somehow made her legs even longer and grabbed her carry on. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the way out and admitted that she look oh so sexy and oh so fuckable in this outfit.

“Too bad Mike can’t come along,” she thought as she locked the door behind her and approached the taxi waiting for her.

Dan was sweating profusely as he ran towards his gate, his flight scheduled to take off in 10 minutes. He had spend the whole weekend planning his trip and fantasizing about Sarah that he forgot to pack until late this morning. He had planned to dress up for the flight by wearing a suit, but realized he had little time to tie his shoes much less a tie. He came to the airport wearing an old beat up T-shirt and some loose shorts with some disgusting stains on them. Lucky for him, he made it right as they were preparing to close the gate.

“Have a nice trip,” the lady behind the counter yelled.

“Oh, I plan to,” Dan yelled back.

He was looking for his seat, still sweating and cursing at himself for almost missing the flight, when he stopped dead in his track. He saw Sarah sitting in a business section window seat. She was wearing a blouse that showed off a good four inches of cleavage. And not just any cleavage, but the deep creamy come-fuck-me-between-my-tits kind. The short miniskirt she was wearing had risen a good amount, showing off her toned thighs encased in sexy see through stockings. Her blond hair was in a pony tail that showed off her naturally beautiful face. Dan never saw Sarah wear something so sexy and he felt an immediate erection forming.

Sarah was looking out the window, looking forward to her trip. She had planned to sleep for much of the flight since she didn’t sleep that much over the weekend thanks to Mike and his insatiable sexual appetite. She was glad that the seat next to her was empty so she could stretch out and take a good nap. She always got nervous flying so she took some medication that would help her sleep. She was just about to get settled in when she heard a familiar voice beside her.

“Hey Sarah, what a lovely surprise,” Dan said as he sat beside the shapely blonde.

“Dan? What are you doing hear?”

“I’m going to an IT convention in Boston.”

Sarah tried to smile pleasantly to hide how disappointed she felt. She had planned to spend much of her free time shopping and relaxing, and now she’s worried that Dan would try to tag along. “Well, I just have to be firm and tell him a rather be alone,” the pretty blond thought.

“I can’t believe they put us on the same flight,” Dan exclaimed. “Say, what hotel are you staying at?”

“The Hyatt on 5th and Broadway,” Sarah answered cautiously.

“Me too!”

Sarah didn’t try to hide her disappointment this time. She had caught Dan staring at her cleavage just now and wished that she wore a different blouse. “Why did I pick one that didn’t have buttons on top,” she thought.

She also noticed Dan was still sweating profusely and that his BO was even worse than usual. She pushed the button for the flight attendant.

“Yes, how can I help you,” the attendant asked.

“I’m a little chilly, can I please have a blanket?”

“Of course.”

“Can I have one to,” Dan asked. He wasn’t chilly, in fact all that running and sitting next to Sarah made him felt hot, but he had an enormous erection that he needed to hide.

“Certainly, sir.”

As the flight attendant left to bring them a pair of blankets, Dan took the time to stare at Sarah’s killer body. She had pulled down her skirt after Dan sat down, but it still showed a lot of her nice legs. The see through stockings looked so good against her naturally tanned legs that Dan thought he could cum just looking at them. He then stared at her chest and was pleased to discover that there was no buttons for her to cover her beautiful tits.

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