A weekend to remember…..


A weekend to remember…..It was Friday night and we had slipped away for the weekend. After a romantic dinner we decided to go out dancing at one of the clubs downtown. The club was packed with lots of young as well as middle aged professionals letting off steam after a busy week. We found a small table off to the side, we danced to several songs and then I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I came back you were not at the table and I assumed that you had gone to the restroom. After several more songs you came back and when I asked where you had been you said you had been dancing. You pointed across the room to a nicely built, dark haired young man in his early thirties. I asked if you’d had fun and you said yes, his name was Donnie and he was a real good dancer. We danced for about 30 minutes and then decided to take a break. I went to the bar to get us another drink and when I returned Donnie was sitting at our table talking with you. You introduced me to him. He said you were a great dancer and asked me if he could have the pleasure of your company on the dance floor. I said “certainly”, you smiled at me, and the two of you made your way to the dance floor. He was a very good dancer and the two of you gyrated through several hip-hop songs. The next song was a slow song and the two of you melted together for a slow rhythmic ballad. You danced with Donnie several more times as well as with several other guys that had been watching you dance with Donnie. We danced together off and on for a couple hours then we decided to call it a night. We walked back to the hotel and in the elevator I kissed you several times. They were deep tongue kisses and I ran my hand down your back to cup and rub your beautiful ass. When we got to the room I opened the door for you and went back down to the front desk to get some change for the soda machine. When I returned you had showered and were dressed only in the hotel robe. We kissed several more times and I placed a blindfold over your eyes. I whispered that this would be a special night, removed your robe and led you to the bed. I laid you face down, placed a pillow under your hips and tied your hands and feet to each of the bedposts. I began massaging your shoulders, slowly working my way down your back. After some brief rubs on your ass, I shifted to your feet, and worked my way back up to your ass. When I rubbed the insides of your thighs, you spread your legs even more than you had to because of the ties. As I got closer and closer to your pussy I noticed that you had begun to get wet. Without touching your pussy, I shifted back to your ass, and you really began to become turned on. With my knees between your legs, I moved back to your shoulders, and when my cock brushed your pussy, you shifted to try to get it inside. But teasing you, I lightly rubbed my cock up and down your pussy lips and then moved it away.After rubbing your shoulders for a short time, I untied you, turned you over onto your back, and retied you to the bed posts. Starting at your feet, I again worked my way back up, coming close to, but not touching, both your pussy and your breasts. Then I began softly rubbing your breasts, but avoided the nipples. I lightly rubbed the inside of your thighs, just brushing against your pubic hair, merely teasing your pussy. I then moved back up to your breasts, and briefly palmed both nipples. With the blindfold on, the sensation was terrific, but I abruptly stopped, and got off the bed. You couldn’t see me, but you knew that I was standing over the bed watching you. I was touching myself and taking in every inch of your sensual and sexy body.Getting back on the bed I continued the teasing, until you were begging me to touch you, to be inside you, to taste me, but I just kept teasing. Slowly, I slipped a finger inside you. By now, your feelings were so intense, not only were you soaking wet, but you were almost ready to orgasm, I pulled my finger out, and got off the bed again. You whispered, “don’t stop”, but knew I wasn’t done teasing you.While letting türbanlı muş escort you cool off a bit, I stood off to the side of the bed taking in the curves of your body and the rise and fall of your breasts. In the dim light you looked both serene and excited. You shifted slightly on the bed and tried to press your thighs together to keep pressure on your clit and maintain the warm glow that I had created with my finger. You heard the door open and asked what I was doing. I told you I had forgotten to lock it and was just making sure that it was fully closed. Without getting on the bed, I began to massage and tweak a nipple and you quickly became turned on again. After a short time, you felt a hand on your other nipple — you weren’t sure how I was reaching the other side, and you were trying to tell for sure if it was really my hand. Since you were still blindfolded, you began to fantasize that there might be someone else with us. Your mind drifted back to the dance partners from earlier in the evening and you became even more turned on. The nipple massage continued, I gently pinched and twisted, harder and harder until you finally came for the first time. It felt great, but you wanted me inside you. When you felt my hand begin to rub your pubic hair, you were shocked, and a little frightened, because there was still a hand on each breast.Now you knew that someone else was there. But who was it, another man, a woman? Because you’d had quite a bit to drink, you were highly aroused and the caresses felt so good, that you just went with the feeling. Besides, anything that happened wasn’t really your fault, since you were helpless to resist — tied up and blindfolded. You wanted to tell me that enough was enough, and to let you up, but you didn’t want the good feelings to stop. With two hands still on your breasts, you began to feel two hands playing between your legs. Up and down your thighs and brushing against your labia. Now the feelings were overwhelming — you were the center of attention, you still didn’t know who else was there, or even the sex of the other person. Was there even more than one person in the room? You didn’t think so, but you couldn’t tell, you could just feel four gentle hands on you. The thought of being totally exposed to a stranger, naked, with your legs tied wide open really got you excited. The thought of a stranger touching you, fondling you, and whatever else was to happen made you come again from the sheer excitement of the situation.The hands on your tits were replaced by two mouths. Still, there were two hands teasing your pussy. First one, then another finger slipped into your pussy. By the way they were moving, you knew that the fingers belonged to two different people, and between them and the mouths on your tits, you had a fantastic orgasm.After you came, both hands slowly left your pussy, and the mouths left your tits. Any hesitation you might have initially felt was replaced by sheer unbridled desire — you had just had an exquisite orgasm, and now you were again alone on the bed with no one touching you and you wanted more. A moment later you felt someone climb onto the bed near your head, you opened your mouth and extended your tongue to search for the cock you knew was near. A hand held your forehead, while a cock teased around your face. It touched your tongue and you opened your mouth to take it in. It felt and tasted like me but you were no longer sure of anything and at this point and you didn’t care. Suddenly the cock pulled out of your mouth, and the object of your desire got off the bed. You were again alone, and you didn’t like it one bit, you didn’t want the touching and caressing to stop! You moaned, hoping that we would caress you, kiss you, anything.Finally, you felt someone kneeling between your legs and they began to rub against your clit and the lips of your pussy. The hell with this teasing, you wanted it inside you and pushed your hips upwards against the cock. Leaning over you, whoever was türbanlı muş escort bayan on the bed with you shoved his whole cock into you, all the way in with one push. You’d been waiting so long and were so turned on with the possibility of a stranger in the room that you came on that first push, moaning and panting at once. After you calmed down a little, he began to slowly move in and out of you and it felt so damn good. Was it me? It felt like it, but you really couldn’t tell, and you didn’t care. In fact, you hoped it wasn’t me – in fact it was someone else and I was standing by the bed watching you raise your hips to get all of him inside you. You were just beginning to climb to another orgasm when he suddenly withdrew.You felt someone get up next to your face and someone else getting between your legs. Was it the same person? Were there more than two? No one was saying anything, and you were still not sure. You didn’t think I’d bring in more than one person, but then you didn’t think I’d even bring one. Suddenly, you felt a mouth begin to lick the inside of your thighs and begin to work their way up to your pussy. After all the times I’ve gone down on you, you knew, because of the touch, the movement of the tongue, the way this person was eating you that it wasn’t me. Who was it?After too short a time, his mouth moved away, and you could feel him shifting around on the bed. Again you felt a cock rubbing your pussy, and because of the oral sex you had just had, you were sure it wasn’t me; you just wanted that strange cock more than anything you’d ever wanted.Slowly he began to ease into you. Now you knew for sure it wasn’t me, as he began to enter you it was obvious that he was bigger than me. Having another man ravage you turned you on and as did knowing that I was watching and you were sure that I was touching myself while I watched his cock plumb deeper into you. You were determined to enjoy it and at the same time give me a good show. As he thrust deeper into you the thoughts of entertaining me left as you became even more turned on and really began to focus on and enjoy his pulsating cock. Before he could get all of his cock inside you, you came twice. He was a bit larger than me, 3 inches longer and slightly larger around. Once you opened all the way to accommodate him, he began to stroke into you in earnest. You tried to lift your legs to take him in even deeper, but since your legs were still tied down he controlled the penetration. Not being able to move or see him, you’re entire being focused on the big cock slamming into your pussy. You were momentarily distracted by feeling of me climbing onto the bed by your head. I rubbed my cock across your lips and you knew that I wanted to put my cock into your mouth, but you turned your head away, not wanting anything to take away from the feelings in you were experiencing between you legs. Taking the hint, you felt me leave the bed. Once again able to concentrate solely on that big cock, you came again, and as you did, he stopped pumping into you. You didn’t think he had come, and you wanted more, you wanted to make him come as he had made you come.As you began to calm from your orgasm, he slowly pulled out of you. You were frantic — you felt empty, and you wanted him back deep inside you. In fact you wanted him to stay deep inside you for as long as possible. Then, you felt one of your hands being untied, and then retied on the other side of the bed. Then, one leg was also moved, leaving you on your side, with both hands and both legs tied to one side of the bed. Then, the hands started moving you over, and you realized we wanted you on your stomach. With your cooperation, your hand and the leg that hadn’t yet been moved were now switched, and you became tied again, spread-eagled on your stomach. You felt hands all over your back, your legs, and your ass. You began raising your hips, inviting someone to enter you again. Then, you felt someone lie down next to you and begin trying to slip under türbanlı escort muş you. Hoping it was him, you lifted up as best you could, to allow him to get fully under you. You felt a hand spreading your pussy lips, and then the head of a cock pressing into your pussy. As his cock went into you, you were relieved and thrilled to feel that it was him and you even more turned on knowing that it was me that had opened your pussy for him to re-enter you — I had obviously been right up close to your pussy, feeding in his swollen cock, smelling your juices. Then, you felt me get between your legs, and I began to rub your ass. I lowered my head and lightly flicked my tongue across and around your tight little asshole. You moaned and flexed around him, feeling this, he stopped fucking you. With his cock almost all the way out of your pussy you contracted around him and tried to capture the tip of his cock and you flexed your hips extended out to grasp the tip. He waited and I sank my tongue into your asshole and rotated it in a circular motion, working it deeper with each turn. I began to rub your ass with my hands, you moaned loudly and he slowly sank his cock back into your pussy. My tongue moved deeper, you relaxed your anal muscles and clenching around my tongue with each thrust.Slowly, ever so slowly, my tongue and his cock began to alternate fucking you. We kept this up for over ten minutes and you lost count of the orgasms that you had. You were moaning, panting and having trouble catching your breath. With him thrusting deep inside you, you realized that you had never felt so full or so fulfilled. You whispered in his ear, “You feel wonderful, please keep fucking me, I want to come some more.” As he moved in out, faster and faster, you came again. Starting deep in your belly your orgasm swept through your uterus and vibrated in your labia. You had never experienced an orgasm like this before and your juices ran down and around his cock. He moaned loudly and buried his cock all the way inside you, and you could feel him coming deep inside. As his cock began to soften, you felt it leave your pussy. You could feel come gushing and then dripping out of your pussy. As he slid out from beneath you, you wondered what would come next. Both of us got off the bed, and you waited with anticipation — you were sore, but you sure as hell didn’t want us to stop. After a few minutes you heard the door open, and then close again. You hoped that he had not left because his cock felt so good, but you thought he might have when you heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. Then, you knew he did when I untied you and removed your blindfold, and you saw that we were alone. My cock was still hard and I climbed back on the bed and slipped it into you pussy.As I slid up into you, you wanted to know who had been in the room with us, but I wouldn’t tell you. You were turned on by the feel my cock, as small as it felt after your pussy had been stretched out by that bigger cock, plowing into all the come that he had deposited in your pussy. As you felt me coming again, you had a last small orgasm, but after what you’d been through, my cock just didn’t light fireworks.You still wanted to know who fucked you, I wouldn’t tell you but in the back of you’re mind you wondered if it had been Donnie or one of the others. Your mind drifted back, you had rubbed up against their cocks several times that night while you were dancing and your hand had even brushed across Donnie’s cock but you could not be sure. I just told you that it was someone handsome, discreet, someone who found you to be very, very sexy and someone we could trust with safe sex. You wanted to at least know if it was someone you knew, so that you’d know to be embarrassed if you saw him, or even arranged some other liaisons, since I’d let him fuck you once, but I wouldn’t tell you. From then on, whenever you saw someone that set off that tingling in your pussy, you wondered if he was the one, and you got slightly embarrassed, but you would always also get wet remembering how he felt when he was fully inside you.The next evening we stayed close to the hotel, had dinner in our room and made love several times, holding and caressing each other to orgasm. While the experience of the past evening had been very erotic we both savored and treasured the bond we share and the fulfilling nature of our love.

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