A Weekend Tryst


I am crazy for you, and you know it. We “met” online, intending to become friends with shared interests. Instead, you ignited a spark within me that consumes me. I’m not quite sure how it happened, though I remember right away feeling like I could share anything with you. I remember the moment I realized I had your phone number, after my phone linked you through Facebook. The internal battle of whether or not I should contact you. Of course, I couldn’t stay away. You drew me like a magnet. I sent the first text, and you responded. Every text brought us closer together.

In many ways, we are not well suited. People would never imagine us having anything in common, or any reason to be together. The age difference alone makes it hard for some to understand. What we share isn’t something that can be seen by others. We have the same wants, the same needs. A primal lust that rips through us, and makes us into something else. Something most people don’t understand or can’t handle. We want love and romance, but we also want intimacy in its raw, primal state. We want to explore sexuality to its fullest and test our limits with each other as well as others. I can’t wait to finally meet you and run my fingers through that curly hair I love so much. I need to feel you, to taste you, to breathe you into me.

My whole body is on fire, anxious and aroused, as I’m making my way to you. The drive is just over an hour, but it feels like forever as the minutes tick by slowly. I have managed to get away for the weekend to have a movie marathon and play Kinect with a “friend”. Of course, you are my friend so it’s technically true. Every song that’s on the radio is making me think of you. I’m already wishing you lived closer so it would be easier for us to get together. Finally, I pull up to your apartment building and take a moment to let it all soak in. I’m really here. I’m finally going to meet the man that makes my blood boil. I only hope you want me as badly as I want you. There’s only one way to find out. I grab my bags for the weekend and start my journey towards your apartment. One last time, I check the address and I knock.

You are smiling as you open the door and invite me in. I set my bags down. I take your hands in mine and pull you towards me, leaning my head into your chest. I want to feel you close to me more than anything.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this,” I murmur into your shoulder.

“Yes, me too,” you whisper.

We stand there enjoying the closeness a few moments. Feeling our hearts beating against each other and the warmth of our bodies pressed together. I pull back a little and look up at you. Those lips I have wanted to kiss for so long are finally in my range. I reach up to run my fingers through your hair and I pull you down to beşiktaş escort bayan me. Our lips finally meet, and already my tongue is ready to explore and taste every bit of you. I moan and gently bite down on your lip and give it a tug as a giggle escapes me.

“I see someone is feeling frisky today,” you say with a huge grin.

“You make me feel much more than frisky, baby,” I whimper, “You make me absolutely naughty.”

“Naughty?” you ask.

“Oh yes, very naughty,” I reply, “I’ve been a very bad girl.”

“You know that bad girls need to be punished, don’t you?” you respond, “maybe a good spanking will teach you a lesson.”

Already, my panties are sopping from the anticipation of our meeting and our playful banter. I nod my head, unable to speak. You lead me into the living room and gently push me on all fours in front of the futon. Sitting down, you flip up my skirt, revealing my lacy black thong. I gasp as the cooler air hits my ass.

“Oh my, wearing panties like these on a first date is very naughty,” you say, “and look at how wet they are, completely soaked!”

Your hands are on my ass, squeezing, rubbing. I can’t wait. I rock my ass back and forth against your hands, silently pleading for you to begin. I see you raise your hand out of the corner of my eye. As your hand connects with my ass I can’t help but moan. I look back at you, my eyes dripping with lust now. You smile back at me and chuckle. Every time your hand connects I get hotter and my pussy is wetter than it’s ever been. You start to rub my ass and spread the cheeks apart to get a good look at my dripping pussy. Your hand slides over my wetness and up my crack, spreading my juices and allowing lubrication for you to explore my tiny puckered back door. I squirm a bit, realizing what you are about to do as your finger slowly circles around my tight rim. Slowly, you ease your finger into me, moving in small circles to help stretch my opening. You tell me that you have a present for me as I feel a smooth, cool object sliding against my wetness. I feel it pressing against my opening and know right away it’s an anal plug. I smile and thank you as you slide it into me fully, causing me to moan.

“I knew a naughty girl like you would want one of these, you’d better not let it fall out,” you smile as you slide it in and out of me a few times before letting it settle in place. “Now it’s your turn to do something for me.”

“Anything,” I whisper, “anything for you.”

You turn me around, facing you. I can see your hard cock straining against your pants, waiting to be let free. You stand up, allowing me access to undo your pants and get them off of you. I can’t wait as I’m sliding them and your boxers down towards the floor. Quickly, I’m back up and beşiktaş escort ready for my first taste of that beautiful cock of yours. I stroke the length of you as I start by licking and sucking on your fat mushroom head. I love the way my tongue feels along the curves and pressing against your opening as I get my first taste of precum. I moan onto your cock and wrap my lips fully around you, sliding more of you into my mouth. As I’m bobbing back and forth on your cock, I run my tongue along you, alternating pressure and suction. Still stroking you, I use my other hand to massage your perineum and caress your balls.

I look up at you and smile, “I know you’re going to like this baby.”

I bring my hand down to my sopping pussy and gather some of my juices for you. Bringing my hand back up, I slide my wetness along your crack and around your tight hole. Slowly, I work a finger into you while I’m sucking and pumping on your amazing cock. I feel around inside you until I find what I’m looking for, and I begin to massage your prostate from the inside. I can tell you are going to explode soon at this new onslaught to your senses. Your balls are feeling heavy and your cock is growing inside my mouth.

“Don’t hold back baby, I want it all,” I moan as my mouth resumes its place on your cock.

You wrap your fingers in my hair and pull me towards you and start to fuck my face. Both hands free now, I massage your prostate and perineum at the same time, giving you the full experience. You can’t hold back any longer as your hot cum explodes into me. I struggle to catch every drop even as it’s dripping out the corners of my mouth. I swallow it all with a big smile.

“You are a good little cock whore,” you say to me with a huge grin, “you need to come over more often.”

“Oh, yes baby,” I moan. “I hope taste you often.”

“You will,” you reply, “I have a lot more planned for us today. Now it’s my turn to taste you.”

You pull me from my knees and walk with me to your bedroom. As I lay back onto your bed you start kissing me. Your tongue teasing and caressing mine, I give your lip a nibble and tug it towards me. You pull back and start kissing down my neck and I start to squirm and giggle. I am very ticklish and my neck is a huge hot spot, so it’s like a double assault and you know it. You chuckle and tease me more until I’m writhing beneath you and trying to push you off. The rest of my clothes are off and on the floor in seconds. Your hands slide down grasping my tits as your head tilts down and you start to suckle and nibble on a sensitive bud causing me to moan and try to escape.

“Oh, no you don’t,” you smile, “I thought this might happen.”

This is when I notice the shackles already affixed to your bedposts. You pull one of my arms up and wrap my wrist into the padded leather restraint, making sure it fits snugly and then you do the same with the other. I can see the fire in your eyes as you dip your head back down toward my breasts. Your hands are cupping them while you alternate back and forth between them, licking, sucking, and nibbling. Your right hand moves down to my pussy and you rub me in long hard strokes. I start arching my hips towards you and I’m so close to cumming already. You stop, and I sigh in frustration.

“Not yet, baby,” you whisper, “I haven’t tasted you yet.”

You move lower and I feel your wide tongue lick all the way up my wet slit as I shudder. You start teasing my clit fast and hard with your tongue and then slide it inside me to tongue fuck me.

“You taste so good,” you moan into me as you insert a finger into my sopping wet pussy.

You nibble and tease my clit as you start to finger fuck me. I am ready to explode!

“FUCK ME!!!” I scream, “Please, please, please fuck me! I need you inside me!”

Slowly, you pull your fingers out of me and lick them clean, making me wait in agony. Then you smile at me and I can feel your cock head pushing at my entrance. You tease me, going in a tiny bit and back out again, over and over. I am about to scream in frustration when you sink your cock into me balls deep in just one thrust. I can feel every nerve in my body on fire now as I scream your name in ecstasy. You rail into me harder and harder until I’m cumming so hard I’m shaking. You undo my shackles and flip me over. As your cock enters me from behind, you pull my hair, holding my head back as leverage to your onslaught. Now that I’m in position, you start pumping my plug in and out of my ass as your cock is pummeling my pussy. It feels so good and I’m screaming your name over and over.

“You like having both holes filled, don’t you, you dirty whore?” you practically growl at me as you smack my ass.

“Oh, yes baby,” I moan. “I love it. I’m your dirty little whore.”

Suddenly you are pulling the plug out of my ass and your cock is pushing its way inside me. You grab my hips and sink yourself all the way into my tight ass. You start pumping me and I love how dirty it feels to be fucked in my ass, especially by you.

“Fuck my ass baby,” I whimper. “Fill me with your hot cum! I want to feel it dripping down my crack and onto my thighs.”

“As you wish,” is your reply as you start to fuck my ass harder and faster.

Your hands are now using my tits for leverage and you are teasing my nipples as you plow into me. When I’m sure I can’t handle any more, your hot cum explodes inside of me and I’m cumming harder than I thought I could. We collapse together on the bed, you still on top of me. We are hot and sweaty and reek of sex. Your cum is seeping out of me, making a beautiful mess. The best part is that we still have the whole weekend ahead of us. I could really get used to this.

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