Subject: A Wild Introduction to the Team A wild introduction to the team A little intro, this a work of fiction and usual disclaimers apply, I had just started out in junior high when my best friend Phil and I decided we would try out for the JV wrestling team thankfully both of us being rather fit and flexible we both got picked to join the team. Our first practice was on Friday evening after school and was rather tough, by the time it ended both of us were fairly worn out. Brad the captain a stocky but still rather slender 8th grader was called over by the coach and was handed the keys and after a brief exchange the coach left instructing Brad to put the gear away and lock up after our showers. Brad called us all to follow him to the locker room, where he made us all stand in a semi-circle and gave a short speech on the importance of team work, he wrapped it up by welcoming Phil and I to the team after which he exclaimed “Strip” at this the rest of the team started to peel off their skin tight lycra singlets, not wanting to be left out Phil and I started to clamber out of our gear. I was shocked when I turned around and noticed that everyone (except for Phil and I) was completely hairless from the neck down. I was amazed by their firm looking abs glistening with sweat, Larry the assistant captain with almost an air of theatrics turned to Brad and said, looks like we need to “induct” the new boys. I was slightly terrified and intrigued as to what was going to happen next. All of a sudden I could feel my new team mates taking hold of me, I glanced across to Phil and I could see the exact same thing is happening to him, he too had the look of dear caught in the headlights for some reason this made me relax a little bit to see my best friend whom I had never really thought of in sexual way before this, I could see his nice plum uncut 4.5 inch dick starting to swell up. I looked down at my own cock and I don’t think I had ever been as hard before. I was snapped back to reality bursa escort by the feel of Brad running his fingers trough my sparse pubes and taking hold my shaft, I was in heaven! He then produced a pair of electrical clippers and began in earnest carefully shaving my most sensitive boy bits. When he was done with the front he nodded to one of the other boys who were holding me, this nod only meant one thing, the other boy bent me over his knee, my little pucker showing to the world for all to see, Brad then very carefully pulled my cheeks apart and shaved my virginal boy hole. Once Brad was done with the clippers he handed them to Larry who then proceeded to do exactly what happened to me to Phil, I could see his pupils dilate when Larry parted his firm butt cheeks, I noticed Larry spent about 30 seconds playing with Phil’s freshly shaved pucker. Once the shaving was complete, Brad Instructed is all to form a semi-circle, I glanced around the room to see 5 other rock-hard cocks no doubt from all the earlier excitement. Brad walked over to his back pack and pulled out a huge bottle of massage oil and with a sly wink he said “let the games begin” he then called two of the boys over Tom and Chris a rather handsome pair of identical twins with piercing green eyes and strong jaw lines, they both sat side by side on a bench and Brad walked over to them and proceed to liberally pour the massage oil over them, once he stopped pouring they both got in to starting positions and started to wrestle on a mat that had been placed there earlier, you could tell how much they both enjoyed it by the size of their rock hard identical cocks. Tom had pinned Chris to the mat, Brad declared him the winner and was instructed to claim his “prize”. Without hesitation Tom took hold of his raging cock and lined it up with Chris’s tight booty hole, he grabbed a glob of the massage oil and started working it into this twin’s hole. Chris moaned with delight as Tom worked his boy hole with his fingers, bursa escort bayan he almost instinctively knew that his twins’ hole was ready for a good solid dicking. Tom effortlessly slid his cock into Chris’s waiting hole and started to gently fuck him as they both moaned in delight. While this was all going on I looked over for Phil and noticed he was sat in Larry’s lap, Larry was rubbing Phil’s chest and inner thighs with the massage oil, Phil would try and touch his own cock and was promptly swatted away by Larry, Larry had taken full control of the situation and I think Phil was enjoying being slightly dominated by the older boy. Brad then came over to me and whispered in my ear, “I am sure you don’t want to get left out” at which point I turned and smiled at him as the grabbed the bottle of massage oil and started pouring it on me, he then led me over to the mat where Tom and Chris where still fucking, by this stage Chris had turned over and was lying on his back, Tom hovered over his twin and as they fucked they started making out. Brad and I lay down next to the twins, he had me lay on my side while he did the same and we lay face to face, he then started to very gently rub the oil all over my body and I returned the favour, Brad started working his fingers into my hole, after some gently rubbing one slipped into me at which point I let you a very loud moan of pleasure, Brad continued to work my boy hole with his fingers sending wave after wave of pleasure around my body, He then lay flat on his back, his big 6.5 inch dick sticking straight up in the air, I took the hint and moved myself until I was squatting over him trying to line up with his raging hard on, suddenly I felt his cock head enter me, it burned with the heat of a thousand suns at first and the pain was very shortly replaced with indescribable pleasure. I bounced up and down on his thick man pole for a while and suddenly almost without warning I felt Brads body shake and his cock pulse as escort bursa he unloaded his seed deep inside me. He pulled me down and kissed me deeply, I was in heaven. As he removed his rapidly deflating cock from my cum filled boy hole, I could feel it starting to leak out, at this point I was so horny I was a danger to myself and others, I got up and walked over to Phil and Larry, Phil was sat in Larry’s lap and Larry was balls deep into Phil, as Phil’s cock bounced around I decided there and then Phil was going to be the next boy to seed me, I turned around and started backing up on to Phil’s cock, the mix of oil and Brad’s cum made it slide in with ease. Although slightly smaller than Brad, Phil’s cock did an amazing job of hitting my G-spot. Tom and Chris had stopped fucking long enough to notice that I was basically on heat decided that they wanted to be next to fill me up. Tom came over to me and knelt down, whit that he started sucking on my cock as Chris made out with me, I couldn’t hold on any longer, my cock erupted with 7 big ropes of hot cum shooting all over Tom’s mouth and face, as I came my ass muscles tightened around Phil’s cock this also sent him over the edge he dumped a massive load into my ass and I was loving every second of it. As Phil came out of me, Larry was sitting there in wait to use my boy hole to pump his teenage load into, he was definitely bigger than Phil, but my hole was now stretched out and ready for is fat dick. Larry pinned me down to the bench on my chest and got to work on my aching hole, Tom and Chris came over to me, they stuck both of their cocks in my mouth at the same time as they made out with each other, Chris was the first to cum, filling my mouth with his hot salty boy juice, I needed more ! Chris took his cock out of my mouth and I attempted to focus on sucking Tom, Chris slid his fingers into his twins tight ass and started working his prostate and with a whimper and a shudder Tom happily filled my mouth. I was now squealing with delight as Larry was solidly hammering my hole and he was going for gold, with one last shout he bucked is hips as I took the third load of sticky boy cum in my ass! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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