A Wild Ride


Dylan stood in front of the mirror gazing at herself. She was 5’6″, weighed 135 pounds and had a slightly boyish figure. She’d never been curvy like most women but after years of being frustrated, she’d finally accepted herself and her body for what it was. She was toned and muscular with a flat stomach, defined arms and muscular legs. She kept her curly blond hair cropped short but even that didn’t mask her feminine facial features. She turned in the mirror, frowning at her imperfections and wrinkling her nose. Dylan ran her hands over her stomach and down to her waist before strapping a soft leather harness on her hips. The leather fit comfortably against her skin as she tightened the straps. She meant to have fun…so the choice of attachments wasn’t a hard one to make. From her dresser drawer, she took a 7 inch flesh colored cyberskin dildo and attached it to the harness. After adjusting its placement to just over her clit, she pulled on a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The bulge that the dildo created was the perfect size. It would be noticeable to those who were looking for it, but it wasn’t too big to hide in her pants. Now, the image in the mirror looked more complete.

Dylan walked over to her closet and looked at her clothes for a moment before choosing a pair of dark washed, MEK jeans that fit low on her hips, slim in the right places but baggy enough to be comfortable. She also chose a slim fitting dark gray button down shirt with white pinstripes. A white leather belt and black and white Pumas completed the outfit. She stepped into the jeans and fastened them low on her hips. The black waist band of her underwear showed just above the waist of her pants, then she threaded the belt through the waist of her jeans and fastened the buckle. In the mirror she could see herself transforming. She liked what she saw. She slipped on the shirt over her white tank top and buttoned it, then rolled the sleeves up to her elbows. After putting on her shoes she stepped back to the mirror. Perfect, she thought. Dylan was on a mission. It was time to go.


Downtown on the 39th floor of an office building, Kate sat at her desk going over case briefs for the third time. It was the biggest case she’d ever landed and she was up to her ears in paper work. She’d been the first one in and the last one to leave the office for two weeks and the trial was still a month away. She was exhausted. Finally, she decided to leave. The paper work would be there Monday morning when she got back. Her phone rang, causing her to jump. “Hello?” he voice on the other line was loud and there was laughter in the background. Kate smiled as her best friend’s voice echoed back to her.

“Hey! We’re going out tonight. We’re downstairs.” Kate didn’t even have time to object before the call was ended. She tried to arrange her desk in some semblance of order before walking out. She wouldn’t sleep at home–there was more work waiting for her there. She might as well go out and have a drink or two to relax. It was Friday after all.

Since making junior partner at her firm, she’d spent more time in her office than in her apartment; so she’d started keeping an extra set of clothes in her office. She opened the closet and took out the black a-line skirt and red button down shirt she’d put in there that morning. She quickly changed out of her gray pant suit and applied a fresh coat of red lipstick. Kate had curly, chocolate brown hair that she usually wore in a loose twist. She looked in her small compact mirror and decided to wear her hair down so she ran her fingers through it to loosen the curls. In less than 5 minutes she was out the door and on the elevator. Her friends were in the lobby waiting on her, all dressed similarly to Kate. When the elevator door opened, they all cheered güvenilir bahis in greeting. “Kate! Is that really you? I thought we’d lost you forever!” one woman said, laughing. Kate shook her head and smiled.

“Where are we going tonight?” Kate asked as they all headed for the door.

“It’s a surprise.”


Dylan handed her keys to the valet and walked into the club. The bouncer checked her ID and secured a pink paper bracelet around her left wrist. Dylan looked around the club as she made her way to the bar. It was a mixed crowd with just as many straight people as there were gay people. The diversity of the club is what drew Dylan there in the first place. All of the strictly gay clubs either had horrible drag shows or were full of half naked gay men. Straight bars were just that…straight bars. But this place was different. Straight couples mingled with gay and lesbian couples. The DJ played a nice mix of House and Top 40/rap music and the drinks were strong.

Dylan took a seat at the bar and ordered a SoCo and lime. After tipping the bartender she began to survey the dance floor. For a Friday night, it was still early, but Dylan liked to get there before the rush. It was fun to see the club go from nearly empty to packed to the gills. Plus, she got to see everyone as they walked in. No one particularly interesting had walked in while she sipped her drink. There were a few small groups of people on the dance floor, but nothing really exciting. Dylan checked her watch and ordered another drink just as people started to line up at the door and come in.

There were a few groups of college students who were way over dressed and, by the color of their wrist bands, all under 21. Behind them came a group of frat boys, drooling over the sparkles and short skirts. Over the next half hour, Dylan saw the whole spectrum of people come into the club but no one caught her eye. She decided to forfeit her seat at the bar and go play a game of pool. The area with the pool tables was on the other side of the dance floor so Dylan couldn’t see the comings and goings of people in the door. She was full engrossed in her game when Kate and her friends arrived.


When they pulled into the parking lot, Kate took one look at the club and rolled her eyes. Of her four friends, she was the only lesbian. For months they’d been trying to hook her up with this girl or that girl. Blind dates never worked out so she’d given up on finding someone for the moment. She opened her mouth to object but her friends quickly shushed her. “This will be fun for all of us.” Kate rolled her eyes again and laughed. Another friend blurted out, “When’s the last time you got laid, anyway, Kate?” Sex…yeah, it had been a long time. Too long, actually, but Kate wasn’t interested in finding someone to hook up with in a bar. Her friends seemed to have their hearts set on going in so all Kate could do was follow in their wake.

The club was nearly packed with flashing lights and House music blaring over the speakers. It was a scene Kate enjoyed being in, she just never had the time. Her friends went directly to the dance floor while Kate went to the bar for a drink. She ordered a Red Stripe and started a tab. She downed the first beer rather quickly and while she waited on a second, the music began to appeal to her more and she started to relax. Still, she wasn’t in the mood to dance. Kate took her beer and walked around the dance floor toward the pool tables. Maybe she could get in on a game.

All of the tables were full, most with groups of college boys and half dressed females. All, that is, except one. Kate leaned against the wall and watched as a little dyke with blond hair played alone with exacting precision. Kate studied her for a moment. She moved around the türkçe bahis table like a lion stalking its prey; and when the balls did what she wanted, the girl grinned slightly. Kate walked over to the table and stood directly in the girl’s line of sight, causing her to miss the shot. “May I join you?”

Dylan had lined up the perfect shot when a woman stood right in front of the pocket. The balls went too far to the left and the cue ball sank. Dylan started to yell before she could stop herself. “Hey! Thanks a lot lady! You ruined my sh—-” When she looked up she nearly forgot why she was mad in the first place. Standing in front of her was a gorgeous woman with electric eyes and dark curly hair. Dylan slowly looked her up and down while starting to rack the balls. “You break.” Dylan lined up the cue ball and handed the woman the pool stick.

Kate nearly started to laugh when the girl started yelling but instead looked at her with amusement. She knew how to play pool…but the girl in front of her didn’t know that. She took the pool stick and walked around the table. “My name is Kate.” She brushed against the girl slightly. “Nice to meet you–“

“Dylan.” She cleared her throat and took a sip of her drink. Dylan studied the woman as she leaned over the pool table, aimed, and missed. She chuckled softly to herself. So this is the game you want to play, she thought. “Here,” Dylan moved behind Kate after repositioning the cue ball. “Let me show you.” Dylan wrapped her arms around Kate and positioned her hands on the pool stick. “Now lean over.” She pressed her body against Kate’s and started to line up the shot. “Aim straight.” Dylan pulled back on the pool stick. “And…shoot.” She hit the ball right on the nose, sending the others scattering across the table. She lingered for a moment before standing upright again.

Kate played along with Dylan’s instruction giving no indication that she knew what she was doing. When Dylan’s arms came around her she pressed into her body and took a surprised breath when Dylan’s hips met her backside. The bulge she felt against her made Kate forget, only for a moment, what she was doing. As quickly as it began, the shot was over and Dylan was standing further away than Kate would have liked. Kate ran her hand up and down the pool stick slowly, looking Dylan in the eyes. “Seems easy enough.” Kate leaned over the table again and sank two balls with ease.

Dylan groaned and shook her head. This woman meant business. “So you’ve proven that you can play pool…what else is it that you do well, Kate?” Dylan said, grinning.

“I’m a lawyer.” Kate continued with her game, sinking ball after ball until only the stripes and the 8 ball were left. She looked Dylan straight in the eye as she sunk the 8 ball in the corner pocket. “And I always get what I want.” Kate walked around the table and stood in front of Dylan. The air between them was electric. Kate ran her hand down Dylan’s chest and stomach with the intention to move lower and then her four boisterous friends walked up. Kate turned quickly to face them, her body molded against Dylan’s. She was an inch or so shorter than Dylan and petite in build. Still, there was nothing petite in her personality. Kate pressed her hips back against Dylan’s cock while Dylan groaned softly in her ear.

“Who is this you’re hiding with, Kate?” a tall red head asked. The other three just looked at Kate with smirks on their faces.

Kate rolled her eyes at them. “And you act as if I’m the rude one…” she trailed off as Dylan’s hands rested on her hips, moving them slowly to the beat of the music. “Dylan. These are my friends.” Kate shot them all a ‘go to hell’ look.

Dylan squeezed Kate’s hips gently. She didn’t care who the other women were but introduced herself to be polite. “We güvenilir bahis siteleri were just going to dance. You’re all welcome to join if you’d like.” She didn’t mean a word of the invitation. Kate was grinding back against her cock in an excruciating rhythm. The material of her skirt was thin and did little to hide the feel of her ass and thighs. The friends faded from existence as they walked to the dance floor.

Kate’s friends watched in amazement as she walked away. They all ordered drinks and sat down at a high table to watch the couple. If that was what it took to get Kate laid, they were satisfied with their accomplishment of getting her to the club. They hadn’t seen Kate that interested in another person in months. They let out a collective sigh and sipped their drinks. At least one of them would get lucky.

On the dance floor, Kate and Dylan were in a world apart from everyone else. Kate felt the music pulsing in her veins and each time Dylan touched her, she mentally urged her hands to do more. Dylan’s breath on her neck and just knowing she was packing had Kate ready to explode. When the song ended Kate took Dylan by the hand and, to the surprise of her nosy friends, led her to the bathroom.

As soon as the door was locked, their lips met in a kiss. It was rough, bruising, possessive. Kate pulled Dylan’s head down to meet hers. Lips parted, tongues touched and both women were reeling with excitement. Dylan pinned Kate against the wall and began unbuttoning her blouse with one hand while the other explored the newly exposed skin inch by excruciating inch. With her right hand, Dylan cupped and squeezed Kate’s breasts. Kate moaned into the kiss and arched her back toward Dylan’s hand. Deftly, Kate unfastened Dylan’s belt and jeans and soon had her hand down Dylan’s boxers. She wrapped her hand around Dylan’s cock and started pumping it up and down. The pressure it created against Dylan’s clit made her moan into Kate’s ear.

Before Kate pushed Dylan’ pants down, Dylan pulled a condom from her pocket. Kate took the condom, opened it with her teeth and slipped it into her mouth. She sank slowly to her knees and freed Dylan’s cock from her boxers. Keeping eye contact, Kate flicked her tongue over the head then circled it slowly. She wrapped her right hand around the shaft and slowly began pumping it as she sucked the head into her mouth. Dylan groaned loudly and tangled her right hand into Kate’s hair. Her hips bucked as Kate teased and sucked her cock. Kate began to moan softly along with Dylan while she played with herself. The sound only turned Dylan on more and she began to slowly fuck Kate’s mouth, tightening her grip on her hair.

Just when Dylan was about to burst, Kate slipped the condom on using her mouth. Dylan pulled Kate to her feet and picked her up, pressing her back against the wall. She moved Kate’s panties aside and thrust her cock into her pussy with one fluid motion. Kate’s hips bucked toward Dylan in reply and she stifled a moan into Dylan’s shoulder. Dylan fucked Kate hard and fast until her body began to shake. Kate’s nails dug into Dylan’s back and she wrapped her legs hard around Dylan’s waist.

Kate’s body shuddered as her orgasm started. Her cries and moans triggered Dylan to cum hard, burying her face against Kate’s neck. Kate rode through the first orgasm and immediately exploded into another when she heard Dylan cry out into her ear. “Oh yeah, fuck me baby…” she moaned, urging Dylan on. “Fuck my pussy with your big cock, make me cum again.” Dylan braced herself against the wall and fucked Kate with a renewed energy, slamming her hard against the wall. She felt Kate shudder again and bite her neck to stifle a scream. She slowed her thrusts to a stop as Kate’s body relaxed. They both remained there, panting for a moment before Dylan moved, allowing Kate to stand.

“Well…did you get what you wanted?” Dylan asked with a grin as she slipped the condom off and pulled up her pants.

Kate laughed and kissed Dylan on the lips. “I always do.”

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