A Win Win


I stood against the wall and watched him as he studied the table. Gently, I continued to rub the tip of my cue stick with the blue cube of chalk, watching him.

Other than quick glances and an occasional wink, we concentrated on the game. Each one methodically clearing the table. He concentrated until I made a strategic move. He then lost his focus. He had his one and seven ball, I still had four balls on the table. I knew it was time.

He noticed my hands as I gathered my lavender blouse just above my tiny, silver, double heart belt buckle. Slowly, I began to untuck my blouse.

I pretended not to hear his sigh as I stepped to the table. I lined up on my ten ball and missed the shot. A little smile spread over his face as he stepped back up.

I placed my cue stick against the wall and began to unbutton my blouse starting at the bottom. Slowly, I worked my way up as I focused on the red felt table. I could feel his eyes on me. When he took aim on the cue ball, I spread my blouse open. My breast were covered by a lavender satin bra.

I heard the sound of the bad connection of his stick to the cue ball. That’s when I made eye contact with him. His went to my filled bra as I walked to the table.

He watched as I lined up each shot, one after another. First the fourteen ball, the ten, then the two and finally the four. As I chalked up I watched him. He gave me a daring little wink. I made sure he had a perfect view of my breast. I lined up my shot on the eight. Tapping the ball but just a little too much. I scratched.

I placed ankara escort the stick on the table and moved to the wall. I bent my knee and placed the heel of my white roper to the floor.

He placed his stick with mine on the table and smiled as I curled my finger motioning for him to come to me. He stood in front of me. As I placed my hands to my belt buckle, he lowered to his knees taking my offered boot in his hands. Removing it slowly as I unbuckled and unsnapped my jeans. He moved to the left boot as I unzipped my jeans.

I placed my palms to the wall.

He reached up slipping his thumbs inside the waist of my open, belted jeans. I smiled as I felt my body slowly being exposed. He peeled the jeans down and removed them. Gently, he lifted my right leg and placed it over his left shoulder as he kissed my tummy. I felt him tease me ‘S’ charm at my belly button. His warm breath felt intoxicating passing over my skin. With the tip of his tongue narrowed, he began tracing a line from my belly button to top of my slit. Without thought, my hips moved forward offering myself to him. My hands went to his head, holding him snug to me. My back arched as I felt the tip of his tongue press into my pussy. He kept the tip on my hood and lightly circled it. I felt his big hands take my hips to support me as my body melted into his mouth. With a slight tip of his chin, his tongue traced my slit. He maneuvered his tongue so that it flicked over my labia. As I fought to control my breathing, he began to explore my pussy. Sliding his tongue between the folds. Leaving çankaya escort no crease untouched. By the time I realized my breathing had quickened, he was pushing his tongue in and out of me in a fast rhythm.

We both knew I was so close to going over the edge. He knew how to play my body like a fine instrument so he decided it was time.

As he took my hips in his hands, he opened his mouth wider. With his tongue still pressed into me, his top lip rested on my sensitive clit. When he began to suck at me while making contact with my clit and moving his thick tongue in and out of me … I lost it. As my body released to him, he began to lap up his reward. Again, I felt his tongue scooping into me. This caused little after shocks radiate through me.

As his licks began to slow, I knew I wanted him inside me.

I released my grip and reached for his arm. As he stood, I pushed away from the wall and walked to the nearest rail of the pool table.

I placed my back against the rail and reached for his belt buckle. I smiled at the sight of his jeans bulging like they were. I knew he was ready. I had his pants undone quick and watched as his heavy, thick cock fell forward with a bounce. I had to run my finger through the slick, shiny coating that was on the head. He watched as I brought my finger to my mouth as he slipped his jeans down.

I turned so that I was facing the table. Taking my open blouse and pulling it up, I gathered it in one hand. I leaned into the table as pulled the shirt up over my butt.

I kızılay escort heard his low moan as I presented my ass to him.

My heart jumped as I felt him press the hot, slick spongy head to me. He rubbed it up and down. As he moved it over my ass I could feel the thin line of precum he was leaving on me.

Resting my shoulders on the rail, I reached to the front clasp of my bra. As I opened my bra, my breast had a soft sway to them as he bumped me ass lightly.

His big hand brushed over my ass, I spread my legs more and planted my feet firmly. I knew what I was about to get.

He placed two fingers on his thick shaft and pushed his cock down as he lowered into his position behind me. I felt the mushroomed head pop up and touch my wet pussy when he removed his two fingers. In perfect form and timing, I lifted a little as he placed the head at my opening. I lowered, he pushed up. I felt him pop into place. Such a good fit. He slowly sunk his cock into me. I loved feeling him take his place inside me.

He quickly got into a rhythm. The angle was nice. I could feel him his cock rubbing my g-spot. I reached to my nipple and began to tug at it rolling it between my fingers and twisting. I squeezed my pussy around him and his thrust grew harder. I could feel his balls slapping at my ass. My tits were bouncing in time. I felt the ache deep inside my core. At that moment my pleasure poured from me.

I reached down between us…gently taking his balls in my hand. As he started to empty inside me, I had to fight for my balance. His body slammed into me. Over and over. He pushed me into the table as his thrust slowed.

He slowed and leaned over me.

As he laid over me and his cock softened, I could feel his cum spilling from me and streaming down my inner thigh.

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