A Woman’s Touch


She lies dozing lightly in my arms, her breath on my breast slow and even. My fingers gently explore her body – taking it in millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch, taking in all the little curves and crevices her body has to offer.

The lines across her breasts show her childbearing and her wonderfully big hips are like fluid under my touch, smooth and tanned, almost coffee-coloured, her long blonde hair falls in wisps around her face and across my breasts. She stirs slightly as my fingers move over her stomach, tracing the lines that also attest to two children, and I kiss the top of her head and gather her closer into me as she sighs and snuggles down again, her hand resting lightly on my breast.

My fingers continue their work, my senses drinking in this beautiful woman, my best friend that I have just made love to. As I move across her body my own passion stirs again, wanting, needing this woman so much, needing to make love to her again, wanting to make her scream out as I take her with animal lust over the edge again.

My fingernails rake across her hip lightly, as I place small but firm kisses over her hair, desperately wanting her to wake up but not wanting to wake her. She slowly and lazily opens one eye and watches as her fingers roll my nipple, watching it harden and listening to me moan gently. She lifts her head to watch me, my lip caught between my teeth, my eyes shut, while she marvels at the power she has.

I feel her move in my arms and open my eyes to watch as she moves up to me, looking me in the eyes. As she kisses me deeply, my arms reach around her and gather her in once more. Never losing eye contact, her hands move down my body until they reach my pussy.

She slides two fingers quickly into my cunt, making me gasp as her kiss takes my voice away. I open my legs wide and my muscles pull her in deeply. With each stroke I tighten up more, wanting her to fill me, wanting her to make me cum. Her fingers stroke in and out, gaining pace as she takes my nipple into her mouth and sucks it, suckling like a small child, little noises escaping her throat as lust overtakes her once more. Her fingers pull on my other nipple and I squirm under her. She slides a third finger in momentarily, then, wet with my juices, she slips it down to my asshole, gently probing me.

The reaction is instant and I cum, deep and hard, riding her fingers as she pumps them in and out. She pulls away and tells me to roll over, she wants to get under me and eat me again. I roll over and lift my ass into the air as she moves down and puts her head between my legs, pulling me down onto her.

I feel her lips move inside my pussy and her tongue slides deep into my cunt as she sucks cum from me, moaning with pleasure as the taste hits her tongue. She moves from under me and I feel her nose brush across my asshole as she clamps her mouth back onto me, wanting to taste me from every single bahis firmaları angle, never able to get enough.

I feel her move her tongue up me, across my asshole and up my back, it leaves a wet trail wherever she goes. She reaches the middle of my back and I feel her fingers part my lips again. Expecting to feel her fingers deep inside me, I give a start when I feel something more solid slide into me. I look over my shoulder and see her with my strap-on around her and watch it as it slides into my cunt.

She looks at me and smiles, “You like my cock fucking your cunt, don’t you?” Her voice is deep and throaty, full of lust and passion.

I smile and moan, “Yes, fuck my cunt you bitch, make me cum for you, let me ride your cock.”

She picks up the pace and her hands move to my shoulders as my dildo slides in and out of my wet cunt, getting wetter and wetter with each stroke, soaking my thighs with my own juices. Each stroke brings a moan from her own lips, as her head goes back and she frantically fucks me hard, each stroke bringing her closer to her own orgasm and me closer to mine. She reaches around my hips and slides her fingers into me starting to rub my clit, making me push back onto her harder and harder, every movement making us groan and squirm. I feel her start to go rigid as her orgasm hits, and she fucks me relentlessly.

“Yes baby, cum, cum for me, fuck my cunt and cum for me.” My head goes back and I scream as I start to cum too. I feel her slamming into me, deep and hard as wave after wave hits me, making me shake. We collapse onto the bed, she is still deep inside me, breathing hard.

I hear her in my ear, “Turn over, you’re going to lick me clean”. She pulls out of me and I turn around and take the dildo into my mouth, licking it and sucking it as if it were a real cock, tasting my own juices on it. She watches me and her hips start to move again as she slides the dildo in and out of me, my lips making a perfect O around it.

“God that looks good, now I know why men love it so much,” she says as she watches me.

She continues to pump my face gently until she cannot wait any longer. She flips the clips open and tells me to eat her. I move the dildo out of the way and I lick across her pussy, the reaction is instant and I am rewarded with a flood of wetness from her lips and a moan from her throat.

I tell her to lie down and say that she is going to wish she had never started this again because I intend to finish it. She smiles at me wickedly and positions herself so that she can watch me as she opens her legs wide. I move to her face and kiss her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth and finding her own as I feel her pressing her body against me, her breasts squashing against my own, her nipples hardening once more.

Pulling away, I move down her body, taking each of her nipples one at a time and nipping them gently, tugging them kaçak iddaa with my teeth as her nails find purchase on my back and I feel them scrape up my spine. I suck each nipple back in and roll it on my tongue, loving the feel and the taste of this beautiful woman who has become mine. I slowly lick down the length of her body, tasting a slight salt tang of her own body heat on my tongue, until I finally reach my goal once more.

Lying on my stomach, I run my tongue over her pussy lips. Her hand moves into my hair and she pulls me into her, sighing deeply. I slowly move my tongue inside her, flicking her clit gently with the tip of my tongue as she arches her back and forces her hips toward me. I follow the line of her cunt lips, exploring all the little crevices as I move down her, tasting her wetness until I reach the source of it all.

My tongue slides deeply into her cunt, as her fingers tighten in my hair and I lap the juices and cum out of her, her bittersweet taste on my tongue. My tongue moves down her again and across her asshole, snaking inside as my lips gently suck on it. Her reaction is immediate as she cums, hard. My mouth continues its work and I slowly lick back up to her cunt, my tongue turns into a fleshy cock as I pump in and out of her, her hips moving back and forth, fucking my tongue, my nose gently rubbing on the hood of her clit and I am rewarded as another orgasm overtakes her, more intense than the last one, her hips rising from the bed.

My lips wrap around her cunt as my tongue tickles her hole, encouraging her cum and I feel it flood over my lips and into my mouth. I ride each wave like a boat on a rough sea, being rewarded time and time again as wave after wave hits her, My tongue slides deeply inside her as I feel her cunt tightening around it, as she screams and goes rigid under me.

Eventually, I move back and pay more attention to her clit, taking it gently between my teeth and tugging on it, while my tongue flicks back and forth across the tip. My hands hold firmly onto her ass, my fingers gently stroking as my thumb moves towards her asshole. Wet with her juices, I feel it tighten slightly under me. I play with her ass as my tongue plays with her clit and she starts to shake again as I suck her clit into my mouth hard, my teeth almost chewing on her as she grinds herself into my face. She pulls my hair as another wave overtakes her, and I take pleasure that each wave is more intense than the last.

I pull away and kiss her pussy lips gently as she slumps back onto the bed, breathlessly panting and moaning gently, her legs wrapped around my back.

My fingers continue to play with her ass and my thumb still brushes across her asshole, enjoying the feel of it tightening and loosening under my attentions. I look up at her, over her stomach and the hill of her breasts and see her lying there, flushed and breathless, looking down at me.

She kaçak bahis smiles a slow lazy smile and I ask her if she has had enough. She says nothing but the glint in her eye says it all, the answer is no. I smile and incline my head slightly in acknowledgement and not breaking eye contact until the last moment, I bend back down to my work.

I want to hear her scream and know that it is me who has made her do this. I slide my tongue back deeply into her cunt, tasting her again, loving the taste and never wanting to stop. My tongue slides back and forth in time with her hips, my thumb finally slides deep into her asshole and I feel her shudder, the muscles of her cunt tightening and a flow of cum onto my tongue.

I slide my thumb in and out in time with my tongue and her movements become more frantic, her back arching and her hips rising in time with me.

She screams suddenly and I know that this orgasm is going to be bigger than any of the others so far. My instincts are right and I am rewarded with an arc of cum as it shoots out of her cunt, soaking my face and hair as she breathlessly screams my name and slumps back onto the bed.

I move from her and up her body, gathering her in my arms as I watch the confusion on her face, her body continuing to betray her over and over again, stealing her breath away.

I kiss her gently and feel her against me, loving the sensation.

I pull away and ask her if she has had enough. She astounds me by smiling and shaking her head. I can go on forever with this woman but she is so breathless and shaky she may never get out of my bed again. I smile at her knowing what she wants.

“Ask me, tell me”, I say to her.

Oh God, I want you to fuck me,” she replies.

I smile as I move to pick up the strap-on. Unable to wait, she straps it onto me and lies on her back looking at me. I pick up her ankles and place them on my shoulders and slide myself deep into her wet cunt.

She moans deeply as I enter her and looks at me and smiles, telling me how good it feels to have me deep inside her. I slide in and out of her, deep, slow strokes, pulling back until just the head is inside her, teasing her muscles.

I plunge deeply back into her and she moans again, her hands on my hips pulling me in, begging me to fuck her, to make her cum. I pick up the pace a bit and feel myself sliding in and out of her, hearing the sounds of her wetness as I do. Her nails dig into my ass as she starts to cum again. Seeing her cum brings on my own orgasm and we cum together, me buried deep in her cunt, both of us calling to each other, our bodies shaking and trembling.

I lie breathless on top of her and her arms wrap around my shoulders. She places tiny kisses all over my face. Any words at the moment would be superfluous. I move to her side and we lie breathless in each others arms, each lost in our own thoughts; mine of how wonderful this woman next to me is, how lucky I am that she is my friend and not in the least because I know I can have her again.

Knowing that I smile silently and we snuggle into each other, falling asleep quickly, exhausted.

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