A Wonderful Memory


It always seems inevitable that a man’s mind wanders back to one of the finest things in the universe – a woman. If a man is lucky, he will find a woman with whom to spend his life who can endlessly occupy his mind, spirit, and body. If the woman is lucky, her man will do the same for her. Often, while searching for the ‘one’, others will move briefly through our existence like ships passing on a calm sea or even some like a proverbial hurricane. All of them, though, invariably leave some mark on us. Those marks may be new, insatiable passions, emotional scars, or even physical scars. We will carry those memories for the rest of our lives.

I have many fond memories of the women who have been a part of my life and I hope they will remember me with equal fondness. As a young man, I treasured the physical passion. As the years have passed, I have come to value the true meaning of passion – sharing a lifetime of experiences with a mate. I still, however, remember those wild days of youth with satisfaction.

There was one brief encounter that will never escape my memory. I was a young and impressionable nineteen-year-old when I spent a night with Sandy. We met after work at a popular singles (or at least for some) bar. I was looking for knowledge and she knew how to teach.

She was slender with auburn hair and eyes of blue that could look somewhere into the depths of your soul. She had an air about her that bespoke elegance without pretense. To look simply at her physical appearance would reveal nothing extraordinary. Yet to be close to her and watch her for a time would take your breath away. To talk with her revealed an emotional depth and understanding that spanned many lifetimes. She could converse on many subject with authority, yet would never do so with condescension. She could bring you to the point of ultimate excitation or sooth a broken heart with a glance. You could fall into her eyes as deeply as they could see into your very soul. She could occupy a man for a lifetime, but would never stay with anyone for very long. Our short time together will be the happiest regret I shall ever have. bursa escort

We met by chance when our friends got up to dance and left us at the bar. I started the usual small talk and she soon suggested we move to a table. After what seemed like a short time everyone was leaving and the bar was closing. We weren’t ready to end things yet, so we left in my truck and talked while we drove. The conversation spanned over a hundred miles. Somewhere in the darkness we stopped driving and kept talking under the stars in a meadow at the center of a small wood. I can think of more romantic accoutrements than the bed of a pickup truck, but the view of a starry summer sky is the best aphrodisiac I know. As the evening air became brisk we drew nearer to each other. I held her head gently to my chest as we talked, stroking her short, silken hair. The conversation turned to our past relationships, including what we remember best among them. It didn’t take long before we found common ground; we both enjoyed a variety of pleasures and little inhibition in finding new ones. She asked if I was married or involved and I happily replied no to both. This was my mistake – I didn’t ask a reciprocal question.

She moved up to me and I melted when her velvety lips touched mine. I felt a warm wave move across me. I remember I even physically shuddered. She giggled and forged ahead at a steady pace, our kissing becoming more passionate. I soon forgot being surprised and became aroused. She made my whole body hard. Sandy had a way about her, or perhaps it was just how I felt about how she felt in my arms. I did my best grizzly bear bit pulling her close to me and nuzzling about her neck. I caressed her supple nape and peppered it with kisses. Her scent was soft and inviting. Her body was not hard, but firm and yielding. She wasn’t a girl of her twenties, but a had a passionate way that any younger woman would envy.

I suspended her easily above me, drinking in my senses of touch, taste, and scent as I sampled her. She ran her fingers through my hair sending electric jolts down my spine. I was awash in a sea of sensations. I wanted bursa escort bayan her with a passion I never knew existed until this moment. I lowered her onto me and my hands moved down across her back and onto her firm thighs. She had a beautiful shape I had noticed earlier in the evening. Her classic lines accentuated her small waist and a shapely curvature into what I consider a perfect derrière. I moved my hands to cup her cheeks. She cooed and pushed herself into my chest. She kissed me full on the lips, our tongues exploring each other and our breathing becoming almost a panting. Her hips gyrated seductively and I knew it was time to lose some clothing.

She reacted even before I could by sitting up and slowly removing her top and bra. In the starlight I could see the subtle curvature of her breasts. I caressed the undersides with a single finger of each hand, then traced circles around her nipples. I could feel the goose bumps on her skin as I traced lazy figures on her supple skin. I purposely avoided her nipples, but saw them harden and darken and she threw her head back. She made a soft, guttural moan that excited me even more. She unzipped her jeans and lifted up enough to slide them off. I took the opportunity to shed some unwanted cotton too.

We lay there on a blanket and I continued my exploration of her body with a single finger moving over her torso. I moved my hand up around her neck, between and onto her breasts, circled on her tummy and moved onto each leg as we kissed. My lips moved back to her neck. Slowly I kissed and licked my way onto each breast, still avoiding those invitingly hard, dark nipples. Moving on to her tummy I nuzzled her playfully until finally positioning myself next to her waist. She sensed what was to come and thrust herself towards me. I pulled back wanting to tease her a bit and moved between her legs. I kissed her inner thigh at the knee and slowly moved my way up her soft, creamy skin towards the ultimate objective. Just as my lips were about to reach her soft mound I moved to her other inner thigh and again worked my way upward.

She pulled my head escort bursa closer to her as I put my arms under her legs and cradled her breasts in my hands. I could feel her warmth on my face as I kissed the edges of her silky mound. The sweet, musky smell filled my nostrils and I inhaled deeply, savoring her scent. Her perfume blended with her natural scent and I felt dizzy at the pleasure of it. My cheeks caressed her inner thighs as my tongue glided over the edge of her mound, up one side, across her mons, then down the other side. I slowly worked my way closer to her soft lips with each stroke of my tongue. Finally I was directly over her moist lips and I tried to caress her with the slightest touch. With each motion I would apply more pressure until my tongue gently parted her lips. I could taste her now, warm honey like dew of the gods. When my tongue grazed her engorged clit, she would push against me to maximize the sensation, her hips jerking with the contact. I would move down again, pushing inside, then back up to titillate, tracing circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue until she was close to orgasm, then down again – just keeping her on the edge of ecstasy.

My rhythm increased until she pulled me into her with her hands. I suckled her clit between my lips, slowly working a finger inside her to massage that sensitive spot all women have just inside the pubic bone. She released her hold on my head slightly as the new sensation filled her consciousness. I felt her hips react slowly at first to my hand, her rhythm finally matching mine. She pushed her hips off the blanket and asked me to fill her completely. I obliged with another finger of the same hand. I could feel each finger with the other as I moved both in unison. Her strong vaginal muscles and her brown flower were squeezing my fingers as I caressed her. I released her clit but still caressed it with my tongue. It didn’t take long before her hips undulated out of control and her whole body seemed to lift up. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her as her spasms reached new heights of reckless abandon. I slowly removed my hand but nuzzled my face against her still throbbing mound. She held me tightly between her thighs and we rested that way for a long while before starting another lovemaking session…

More to cum – if enough readers would like it 😉

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