A Year at The Baths


The weather mid-fall crisp and clear, parking just three car lengths from the entrance to the bathhouse almost precisely at 3pm, a full hour after the Saturday opening time, all good omens. Now, anticipation started growing into horny desire, considering how a month had passed since my last bathhouse visit. And it had been a year since my first visit – well, one year and three days since being introduced to the pleasures of a truly male only sauna. Yes, the date is really that important to me – and it also corresponds to the last time I was rimmed, unable to stop letting a man lick my horny asshole.

The past year has been one of the most erotically varied times experienced in decades, in large part because visiting the bathhouse still feels so forbidden, while also becoming so natural. Not every visit has been worth remembering, much less describing, but the various experiences have combined into an irresistible part of what turns me on, offering a level of purely male ecstasy that is beyond even what my youthful fantasies had imagined, cumming to the group sex scenes in the gay porn mags I had bought just an hour or two before, after drinking a beer or two (or enjoying a hit or two) before purchasing them, hoping that ‘just curious’ was adequate cover for my interest in hard cocks getting off.

Not having a helmet, jacket, or boots to deal with made undressing quicker, especially since upon entering, finished paying at the open counter that forms the rear of the bar area, I had observed several people already comfortable in their towels in the humid warmth of the common space of the first (or also ground) floor. Inside, I finished my beer quickly, the normal case, though sometimes, the porn playing on the small monitor at left corner of the bar can hold my attention, or even tempt me into ordering a second beer while watching.

Today, unlike most visits, I went downstairs first, encountering a number of towels along the wall of the steambath. A couple of men were in the glass cubed, three benched level, dry sauna when I walked by it to look at the whirlpool, at least one hard, which was already a jolt, as such games are not common there at all. At the whirlpool, 2 men were sitting in the still water, making my heart begin to pound almost as quickly as the steps moving me to the shower area. Per the prominently displayed request, I quickly soaped and rinsed, then walked back to the stone/concrete/tile steps leading into the water, placing my towel over, and my small black bag at, the base of another of the bath house’s oversized cast metal male torso sculptures.

My hastily aroused suspicions concerning what had been going on were confirmed stepping into the truly invitingly warm water, small ripples barely disturbing the sight of a sexy hard cock being stroked. The man being stroked had his head back, eyes closed, clearly enjoying the sensations the other man was creating. He was maybe 30, with short dark hair, and settling myself down as soundlessly as possible in the water, my gaze centered on his crotch, my right hand reaching for my swelling cock. The man who was doing the stroking just glanced over, then returned his complete attention to the man next to him. Attention not being distracted by his own erection, obviously.

The whirlpool is a tiled octagon, steps on one side, one direction outside and then leading down into it, creating a sort of temple effect with an inverted L of equal length, one leg leading into the water. An effect that the large aquarium with 3 large, grouper like, fish swimming lazily behind the broad glass – easily 3 yards on a side – adds to. Within the whirlpool, there are tiers, one to sit on, a lower and smaller one for feet to rest on, with the upper one covered with a thin sheet of water draining. The bottom area is quite small compared to the upper one, most of the lowest space taken up by the round metal of the central fountain and four smaller metal covers. Each section of the octagon, apart from the entry area, is easily large enough for two men to sit, without necessarily being in physical contact, though their feet would likely need careful positioning to avoid any contact. Or not, as the case may be.

In the past, at least 3/4 of a year ago, I’ve seen two men play with the other’s cock in the whirlpool, drifting in the still water, heads at each end of the whirlpool’s length, feet and hands sliding along each other in almost trance like slowness, an occasional sigh matching the quivering reaction of an erect tip being touched, the ‘eye’ being lightly rubbed, or a foot being stroked. Of course, their fun pretty much ended when the powerful central water column became active. In subsequent visits, with one exception, the whirlpool has been devoid of activity, with the water’s general coolness simply adding to my own cool reaction to its supposed attractions.

Today, sitting comfortably in the wetness, warm water covering my nipples, my horniness floating in the buoyant sensation. Following many months of visiting a male only güvenilir bahis sauna, my hesitation to watch other men has changed. Of course, ‘public’ is a flexible concept, though by now, my reaction to what goes on has itself become enjoyably more public. The quickly finished beer of just a couple of minutes ago, along with a couple of tokes beforehand, were certainly helping me slide into a much more physical mood, helped along by the obvious pleasure of the man being jacked off in front of me. The underwater motions were gliding, almost ethereal, and I couldn’t stop from sliding my own hand along my now hot length, no longer able to resist the attraction of jacking off.

The man doing the stroking reached his other hand up to start playing with his partner’s nipple, whose head sank back completely as he surrendered to the completely male bliss, one I am intimately addicted to. Considering that watching two men get off playing with each other’s cocks and nipples is what had led me to first stroke myself in public at a porn theater, in quick turn leading to my first public blowjob – being from a man just adding to the already erotic thrill of enjoying something forbidden, this also being the first time ever stroking myself in public. And so obviously turned on by watching hot gay sex. The kinky feeling of experiencing my dirtiest and most secret fantasies about male sex made me initially helpless in the pleasure of my erect cock feeling a man’s mouth slide down it, just like the man on the screen getting sucked while having his nipple stroked – one of the most memorable steps of the progression that had led me here, sitting naked in the still water, my cock leading me on in the warm wetness, enjoying the scene of two men playing with each other. A scene where getting involved was an inviting reality, even if my own stroking made such coherent thoughts difficult.

Making me feel completely aroused at just thinking about it, I considered sliding my foot out. Just the idea made me harder, sliding circled fingers and thumb reaching the magic zone just under my cock head. Feeling a very gentle contact, an essentially floating, sliding touching of skin, a foot just beside, and then lightly on top, of mine. Shifting my attention to the faces above the water, noticing that the man whose warm skin was creating a reaction of pure sensual delight was looking at my crotch, making me stroke harder, knowing he could see. He looked up, smiling faintly. After that first touch, he turned his attention back to the man to his right, starting to slide his tongue along the other man’s ear and neck. Then his tongue traced the slightly opened lips, quickly turning into a deeply passionate kiss.

I sighed, letting my foot reach out, sliding it up along his leg. Not so accidentally, it exposed my own jacking off more clearly, even if the pair near me was completely entranced in their own games. The man in the middle spread his own leg as my toes continued to explore along the inside of his thigh, my foot advancing forward and then retreating partially, prolonging the moment until reaching his sexy cock.

Shifting a bit, my back turned 45° against the straight edge of the section I was beginning to sprawl in. Sliding a bit forward, my flattened left palm lifted most my weight from off the bench. This allowed my foot sole to start pressing perfectly against his balls while he played with his own erect rod. Finally, I was enjoying getting off with a man in the water, surrendering to the pleasure of sex in water, much the same way the man he was still jacking off had surrendered to him. Completely and utterly willingly – a major attraction of the bathhouse, those not so rare times when everyone involved is interested in nothing but giving and sharing one another’s total pleasure. It isn’t always so, of course, but really good group sex is about sharing more than anything else, being the best way to increase everyone’s enjoyment.

The fully entranced pair kept kissing, passing into the sloppy style resulting from being too turned on to do anything more complex than sticking tongues in and meshing their motions, grinding lips together. I floated into a new position, my right leg now along the bench, slight bent to fit the angle, my left foot sliding along the length of his hard shaft. Till this point, the third man had done nothing but enjoy the attentions of the man my foot kept playing with, a man who seemed even more turned on than the one he was stroking. For reasons I completely understood, happy to contribute to them. We moved to the edge of orgasm, but none of us were tempted to the point of cumming uncontrollably, time stretching as the water made us almost weightless, each hair floating in the gentle currents, adding to the arousal. A state where sensual and sexual mean the same thing, inseparable.

When the powerful central fountain started, it was less distracting than normal, its powerful currents adding a more primitive rhythm to my foot’s grinding motion, and he responded by sagging türkçe bahis a bit into the splashing water. This increased the force of our contact, making him start to move his whole body, concentrating within a narrow focus. But as has always been the case, the fountain was just too much, the third man leaving after a minute, his hard cock drawing my eyes to its jaunty bouncing motion as he walked out of the jacuzzi. The other man and I stayed a bit longer, but then I too climbed out.

Cock hard, deciding to walk naked to the steambath entrance holding my towel and bag, I put my things away in the cubbyhole. I paused to grab a couple of condoms from my black cloth bag and take off my water streaked glasses – wearing them had contributed to the delightful whirlpool experience, as normally, they are put away with my towel in the wall alcove or at the bust in front of the steps going into the whirlpool.

I like to do a hit or two of Rush before going inside the steamy space, based on many months of experience, but after spending such an enticing time in the water, the steamroom’s offer of enveloping warmth, accompanied by the chance to get off with other men, provided a sensual and sexual lure, as especially the warmth would be welcome before going upstairs to see what was going on in the dark area, booths, and porn theater.

Closing the door, my eyes took a while to even begin to penetrate the gloom. My ears, however, were providing a fine idea of what was going on before that, the sounds of cocksucking being plain enough. I moved slowly towards the far wall, where at least one man was playing with his half-erect dick. At least one pair was sitting on the bench, though it was not really possible to see what they were doing.

Nearing the entrance area to both the shower inside the steam room and the dark areas towards the rear, new sounds were becoming clearer, the slapping rhythm of a man getting fucked, just underneath the sounds of cock being wetly sucked. Having almost cum several times in the jacuzzi, my cock was at best half hard, my interest was more cerebral than not. After all, it was a crisp fall Saturday afternoon outside, and the attractions of the bath house were just starting to find their season as outdoor alternatives, such as lakes to enjoy in the hot sun, became memories until next year, meaning that the number of men and opportunities could only grow as the day went on.

Eyes adapting to the low, blue tinted, light, the dark area in rear revealed several pairs, and a couple of men slowly walking around. I stopped, a bit beyond the narrowest constriction of the path, and my hand naturally moved to touch my cock, simply enjoying the sounds and sights. The door opened and closed at least a couple of times, and the fucking pair split up, revealing that a third man had been kneeling down, pressed against the curving tile, a fact which went a ways to explain the sounds, even though there was at least one other pair enjoying sweaty oral sex in the heat.

A taller and bigger man slid by me, his hand trailing behind, touching my thigh, then lightly sliding over my cock. As almost is always the case, my gasp betrayed my reaction, a reaction which remains difficult to suppress, since often, it leads to hot sex, making my efforts mixed at best – after all, when a naked stranger is touching your cock, the pleasure is generally understandable, especially when my own hand reaches for him. After a moment of mutual touching, he turned his back. He slid his ass first, and then his hand reaching for my cock, the same as mine was doing with his. After all, such fun was part of the reason we were both there, naked, among other men getting off with each other openly.

Touching and rubbing, both of us easily 2/3 erect, he began to thrust his ass to grind my cock. The offer, as it became obvious that it was, included his hand trying to place my cock at his ass, was too abrupt – and not really something that interested me, even with condoms in hand, right then. This too is part of learning how to enjoy a true male only sauna – not every offer need be accepted. A lesson that applies far beyond the use of condoms, as simply not everyone gets off with everyone, a fact that applies to myself as well. Various offers of mine have been turned down, and learning to accept that with aplomb is one of the things which has marked the last year of visits, along with learning how to stare in a fixedly disinterested stare manner, a pose almost universally accepted without any unwanted advances. Of course, the opposite is also often true, and the watching has become a clear part of the process of getting really hot with other men.

After a couple more moments of his trying to tempt me to fuck him, I left the steam, crossed the landing of the steps from upstairs, then turned on the nearest shower across the steps leading upstairs. The water from the rain style shower head was almost cold, leading to just a quick rinse. Personally, I have never really been a fan of the hot/cold contrast güvenilir bahis siteleri which many consider a necessary part of the sauna experience. After waiting, pressing the button resulted in water at least warm enough for soaping myself with the lightly orange scented soap. Several other naked men came out of the steam room, one hard and walking towards the loudly fountaining whirlpool. Rinsing off, I decided to at least check the whirlpool again, since at least I knew the water was invitingly warm today, in contrast to most previous visits.

This time, walking up the steps to the platform leading down into the water, I had nothing to put away. Without glasses, it was hard to make out any detail of the man sitting against the opposite wall. The whirlpool was in its third mode, powerful jets on the seats making a ring of moving water, though I had heard nothing before leaving the shower area.

Settling into the same area as 15 minutes before, with another man pretty much in the same area as before, the bubbling water along the bench was not quite as energetic as from the central fountain, but finding the right place to sit on or between jets made a difference to how the water splashed.

The other man moved a bit closer, leading me to move my own legs wider, part of the wordless process of two strangers making contact in a bubbling jacuzzi. Though fairly confident it was not the same man as before, without glasses, it was hard to be certain. When we touched, my cock no longer cared about such trivial details, especially after he moved a still closer, our legs now lightly touching. His hand slid over my thigh, his fingers floating along closer to my now wanting cock, finally feeling his fingers closing around it. Again, the sound of my own desire escaped in response, making him start to slide his hand lower, making my cock stiffer as he turned a bit, bringing his other hand against my chest. Of course, the combination of being stroked and having my nipple played with was irresistible, my eyes closing as my head sank back, the stray thought arising that I probably now looked like the man I had seen before, for exactly the same reason, with the same complete lack of concern or shame.

It didn’t take long for the combination of bubbling warm water and a man’s hot touch to bring me close to the edge of orgasm, and keep me there. After a year of essential disinterest in the whirlpool, I was finally discovering the truth of the first guest book comment I had read about this bathhouse, remarking on a very hot and crowded time in the whirlpool. Admittedly, this time wasn’t crowded, suiting my own taste fine, as concentrating on not cumming was becoming a lot of effort even without any other enticements like other hands or mouths using me, or watching men getting sucked off, perched on the top of the whirlpool’s top ledge.

An effort becoming easier, at least sometimes, through the distraction of the splashing water, that occasionally bubbled onto my face. The chlorine content was quite high, especially when breathing in after water had reached my nose, or entered my often open and muttering mouth, incapable of stopping such words as ‘oh yeah, fuck yeah … fuck yeah … oh yeah.’ When in my eyes, the water wasn’t particularly pleasant either, but in general, this was a minor distraction from the delightful skills of the man fondling my cock and balls, pinching my nipple lightly as his leg rubbed against mine.

His tongue found my ear, bringing me near the final edge of orgasm again. As my right hand gripped his cock, I could hear his moaning in response. My left hand stopped his from moving along my turned on cock, leading him to squeeze and then loosen his grasp along my totally aroused length. I was suspended in ecstasy, and again, the intimate pleasure of sharing the whirlpool with another man was as crystal clear as just a few minutes, watching my foot play with another man’s stiff rod, a personal introduction to the delights of getting hard in the jacuzzi with other men.

However, this bubbling mode kept creating a fair amount of more than occasionally unpleasant splashing, noticeable even through the haze of being totally turned on. The distractions didn’t stop, finally making me move a bit towards the steps, somewhat regretfully because without them, I’m certain there wouldn’t have been any way to stop from cumming. I smiled at the other man before rising, gesturing at the water column, and he smiled back in seemingly sad understanding. A certain thought that I had seen him at least a couple of times over the last year, especially in the whirlpool, let me believe that I wasn’t the only one that would enjoy the whirlpool programmed differently.

By now, quite off my typical routine for the best of reasons, I dried and went upstairs. The dark area seemed empty again, and though one booth was in use, the others offered nothing but empty space. Reaching the porn area at the end of the hall, and the other end of the building, the scene being played on the wallscreen was alluring, a natural invitation to grab my cock through the ends of the towel. Rimming, like nipple play, really turns me on, and gay porn shows both styles, the hard cocks demonstrating just how unalone I am in that pleasure.

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