Aaron , Slade Ch. 03


It’s been a few days since my birthday; Slade and I haven’t had much time together because of our friends. Its times like this that I wish they knew we were a couple so they would give us the space we need to be alone. We’re in desperate need of a few days away, and Slade luckily has this weekend off, so we’ve decided to go to his family’s lake cabin. It’s the ideal place for us because of its isolation.

The only thing we had to do was work out a feasible lie to tell our parents. Because even though Ma knows about us, I don’t want her to know Slade and I will be alone at the cabin. We’ve told them we’re going camping with Randy and the rest of the crew at the quarry, and they bought it.

“Make sure the water’s deep enough for diving before one of you breaks your neck,” Ma states working the pots on the stove. “Y’all look out for one another. Be careful.”

I wrap an arm around her shoulder. “Ma, don’t ya know, I’m always careful.”

Unimpressed, she rolls her eyes. “Yeah, sure you are. Hey, I know this is last minute, but can you take Candy? It’ll give me some alone time with your father.”

I shudder dramatically, cover my ears, and groan. “Gross. No child should hear those words come from a parent’s mouth. Besides, I don’t want squirt around my friends. I don’t wanna bust someone’s ass ’cause he can’t keep his grimy hands off my baby sister.”

Ma stops and looks at me. “Watch your mouth. Fine don’t take her. What time do you leave tomorrow?”

“5am, but I leave earlier to pick up Slade, and then drive us over to Randy’s. We’ll leave from there.”

With all the food on the stove, Ma heads out the kitchen and I follow. “Okay. You know the drill. Let me know when you’re leaving, call me when you get there, call me before you go to bed, call me when you wake up, and call me when you’re on your way home,” Ma says walking upstairs.

“I’m not sure, but I get the sense that you want me to call you.”

She turns on the stairs with her ‘don’t piss me off’ face. “Don’t sass me. Just do as I say, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answer quickly.

It feels as though only seconds have gone by from the time I fall asleep to when my alarm awakens me. But knowing I’ll see Slade in less than an hour has me practically floating on air. In thirty minutes, I’m showered, dressed, reading over the driving instructions, and eating my breakfast. Checking the time, I have five minutes before I have to leave; I put two breakfast burritos in the microwave for Slade.

Heading up to my parent’s room, I knock gently before entering, and kneel by my mother’s side. “Ma, I’m leaving now. I’ll see y’all Monday, okay?”

“Okay, sweetie, drive safely, and call me when you get there,” she murmurs sleepily. “Love you.”

I kiss her cheek. “Yes, ma’am, I will. Love you, too. Bye.”

Exiting my parent’s room, I hear the microwave buzz, and hurry downstairs to gather the rest of Slade’s breakfast. The cool morning greets me upon opening the door. I scramble to the truck. While warming the engine, I place Slade’s breakfast on his seat, connect my phone to the charger, and call him.

It rings four times. “Yeah,” the groggy voice on the other end answers.

I smile picturing the sleepy face I know all too well. “I’m on my way.”

“Okay, baby,” he says through a yawn, “see you when you get here.”

“Stay awake.”

“Alright.” He yawns again and hangs up.

There’s not a lot of traffic this early Friday morning so it doesn’t take long for me to reach Slade’s place. Upon walking into his room, I find him sprawled out on his back, fully dressed, phone in hand, and snoring. I walk over and crawl onto the bed next to him, and when I lay my head on his shoulder, he automatically wraps his arms around me. A sigh of contentment passes my lips as I snuggle in closer, breathing in his smell, and taking advantage of his warmth. I close my eyes and relish being in his arms.

Slade worked two straight doubles so we hadn’t seen each other for more than two hours in the last 48. We agreed to no sleepovers to allow him the chance to rest for work. After two days of loneliness, I could spend the rest of the day like this, but unfortunately, I can’t and move from my comfortable spot in his arms to awaken him.

I gently shake his shoulder several times. “Wake up, Jones.”

He stirs but doesn’t wake up. I try a different tactic by straddling his waist and kissing him. At first, there’s no response, but soon he’s kissing me back. There’s soft moaning from both of us as the kiss deepens. His hands rest at my neck while his velvety tongue glides across mine with a firm, sensual ease. Every nibble and suck to my lip has me whimpering helplessly. Slade’s hands move under my shirt and massage my chest, but I come to my senses, when he unfastens the button on my jeans, and I stop him.

“Come on, baby. We have time,” he whispers breathlessly.

Groaning, I shake my head in regret and say, illegal bahis “We can’t. We have a long drive ahead of us.” He boos me playfully, sits up, and we exchange a few more kisses before I pull away. “Let’s go.”

“Wait, one more minute,” he says, pulling me back into his arms. I hear him inhale deeply as he burrows into my neck. I smile knowing that he needed a hit of my scent the way I needed a hit of his. I run my fingers through his hair, drawing him in closer, and loving the way his tongue feels on my neck. After the shortest minute in the history of the universe, we break apart reluctantly, and I climb off him. Slade rolls off the bed and grabs two bags by the door. We head out to the truck.

I nearly jump out of my skin when Miss April calls out, “You boys have fun.”

“Yes, ma’am, we will.” I wave to her then clutch my chest when I turn away.

“I’ll be right back,” Slade jogs over to his mother. They have a quick discussion before he’s back at the truck.

“She scared the hell outta me,” I announce when he opens his door.

“Me, too.” He notices the food. “Is this for me?”

“Yeah,” I answer.

Slade smiles at me. “Thanks, baby.”

I smile back and give him a wink. “You’re welcome. Eat ’em before they get cold.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Slade scarfs down the burritos, muffins, and gulps the orange juice before I reach the highway. He burps loudly and smacks his lips. “It always tastes better going down.”

I groan. “Dude, you’re so gross.”

Slade laughs. “Whatever. You wish you can burp like me.”

“Yeah, l lay awake at night cursing you ’cause you can burp better than me,” I reply dramatically.

Slade jabs me in the shoulder. “So, you admit it.”

Laughing, I say, “I admit nothing. Hey, what time did you get home?”

He slides across the bench seat, places his hand on my thigh, and squeezes. “Not until almost two. Soon as I got home, I showered and got dressed.”

Running my hand through his hair to his neck, I can see how tired he is. “You’re exhausted. Go to sleep.”

“No, it’s a long drive, Aar. I’ll keep you company,” he says putting his head on my shoulder. “Oh, your birthday gift came yesterday.”

Excitedly, I ask, “Where is it? What is it?”

He takes my hand in his and links our finger. “Not telling ya. But I will tell you that it’s something you’ve wanted for a long, long time.”

“Gee, thanks. That narrows it down to a list of over a hundred things. Can you give me a better clue?”

“Can I? Yes. Will I? Nah, I want to watch you drive yourself crazy tryin’ to figure it out.”

“I’m not liking you very much right now, Jones.”

He laughs placing a kiss to my neck. “You’ll get over it.”

Five minutes later, Slade falls asleep in the middle of our conversation, so much for keeping me company.

Nearly three hours later, a large, dark brown, one-story cabin with a red brick chimney along the outside comes into view. The sun reflects off the solar panels on the roof. There’s a grey stone pathway leading to the front door. The lake is about twenty yards from the cabin with a 10-foot long dock. There’s a wooden raft floating in the middle of the lake. The small, open boat shed houses a covered boat stored on a trailer inside a few feet from the water. Stopping in front of the cabin, I take in the beauty and serenity surrounding us.

“Hey, blue-eyes, we’re here.” I coax Slade awake. He blinks several times, yawns, and stretches.

I climb out the truck and breathe in the calming, sweet smell of pine. Slade walks over, takes my hand, and pulls me along down to the water. At the edge of the dock, I wrap my arms around him, and rest my chin on his shoulder. We watch the ripple of the water caused by a raft of ducks swimming nearby.

“I can’t believe we have this place to ourselves,” Slade says quietly.

“I can’t believe we get to do this.” Turning him around, I brush my lips over his teasingly, but don’t kiss him. I wait for him to take control, and he does. Slade grabs the front of my shirt, pulling me in closer, and he kisses me deep and hard. I rub his firm, bubble butt with my large hands, and his arms lock around my neck. Once the kiss ends, I feel light-headed and warm all over. I love the way he kisses. My forehead rests against his as we try to catch our breath. He rubs his nose against mine, kisses my chin, and we embrace.

Slade places his hands on my waist. “I missed you, baby. Today couldn’t get here fast enough.”

“I know. I felt like a prisoner marking off the days left on his sentence.” Slade laughs, pinching my ass when he slides his hands inside my back pockets. I yelp. “Hey, don’t bruise the produce.”

Slade looks innocently up at me massaging my ass. “I can do whatever I want to it, because it’s my produce, right?” Proving his point, his hands make hard contact with my ass and grabs onto it firmly.

I can’t stifle the small moan that escapes, illegal bahis siteleri and he smirks, the cocky bastard. Leaning down, I blow lightly in his ear making him shudder and whisper, “You just lost any hope of me putting out this weekend.”

He stops me when I step around him, and I feel him slide down my back, rubbing my ass lightly, and placing kisses to each cheek. “Better?” He whispers, standing and kisses the back of my neck.

“Yeah,” I murmur, as he moves his lips along my neck until he stands in front of me and smiles shyly. I smile back and say, “Let’s go unpack the truck. I got everything, and grabbed extra A&W for you too.”

Slade laughs lightly. “I’m gonna start calling you my enabler if you keep feeding my root beer addiction. C’mon. The quicker we get the truck unpacked, the sooner we can enjoy ourselves.”

We move everything inside, plug in the appliances, open the windows, uncover the furniture, and make the bed in the master bedroom. I look down at the coolers. “We can put the food away later. There are enough ice packs to keep everything cold for a couple hours ’til the fridge gets cold.”

Slade grabs a root beer from the cooler. “That’s fine with me. Baby, do you want a drink?”

I shake my head; he shrugs, walks over to the couch, and sits down. Exhausted, I slump down next to him, and put my head on his shoulder. We play with each other’s hand, when I remember. “Damn, I gotta call Ma.”

“I should call home too,” Slade replies, digging his phone from his back pocket.

I step outside to make my call. “Hey, Ma. We’re here. Reception is kinda crappy, but I’ll try to call you as often as I can, okay?”

“Don’t worry about it. Go. Have fun. Call me tomorrow though. Tell everyone I said, ‘hi’ and try not to get yourself killed. I’d hate to have to bring you back to life only to kill you myself for putting me through heartache. Oh, I gotta run. I’m late for a meeting. Bye, sweetie,” Ma says hurriedly.

“Okay. Talk to you later.”

The call ends. I rejoin Slade on the couch. “We should’ve gone to bed,” Slade says with a tired whine. Neither of us moves, and before long, he’s snoring softly in my ear.

Shaking my shoulder slightly, I call him, “Jones?” His eyes jerk open. Without another word, I lead him to the bedroom; we strip and get under the cover. His head rests on my chest, and he lazily strokes my stomach. It doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

My slumber is not a peaceful one. I have a bad dream about Slade. In this dream, he’s kissing another guy. When I call out his name, he smirks at me, walks away, and disappears. I awaken with a jolt, the pulse in my neck throbs achingly while sweat drips from my face, and I can barely catch my breath.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong, baby?” Slade murmurs sleepily, looking at me.

“Nothing everything’s fine, Jones. Go back to sleep,” I answer, kissing his cheek and turning away to wipe my face. The arm Slade has across my waist pulls me closer to him, and he kisses my neck. Normally, the gesture has a calming effect, but right now, all I’m trying to do is fight the urge to fall asleep.

I’ve had a few dreams like that one on and off over the last month, but since my birthday, they’ve become more frequent. To a degree, they get to me, and make me wonder if we can survive the long distance.

I reach for Slade, but his side of the bed is cold. I clear the sleepiness from my voice before I call out, “Jones?”

“In the kitchen, Aaron,” he replies.

I slip my jeans on and proceed down the hall to the kitchen where Slade’s putting the food in the fridge. The sight of him in damp shorts and a towel draped around his neck has me entranced. Shaking the lewd thoughts running through my mind, I take a much-needed stretch. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

Slade turns around. “Nice to see you, too. I didn’t wake you ’cause you haven’t been sleeping. Like earlier, you kept waking me with all your tossin’ and turnin’.”

Shaking my head, I say, “No, I didn’t, did I?”

“Yeah, you did,” he says with a short laugh. “You were talking in your sleep too, but I couldn’t make out what you were saying. What were you dreaming about anyway?”

“I don’t remember,” I answer quickly and change the topic just as quick. “Hey, let’s go swimming.”

Slade knows I’m dodging. The scrutiny in the way he’s observing me has me uncomfortable, but after a few seconds, he shakes his head, and turns away. “Go change. I’ll finish putting this stuff away.”

I hate upsetting him, but there’s no need to tell him about my dreams. I’ll stop having them eventually. I change, use the bathroom, and head back to the kitchen. Slade has his back to me and doesn’t see me approach. He jumps when I touch his shoulders. I kiss his neck as he leans against my chest, but I notice it takes him longer to relax, and I hate it.

Nervously, I whisper in his ear, “I want to tell you about the dreams, I canlı bahis siteleri do, but I’m not ready.”

He tilts his head back to look up at me. “Baby, you can talk to me.”

“Jones, these dreams suck. It’ll be easier for me to tell you about them when I stop having them. But right now all I want to do is forget and be here with you, please?” I plead.

“I don’t…these dreams can g…,” he stops. After a few seconds, he turns to face me. “Okay, Aar, I’ll drop it. But if you keep having them, you’re gonna tell me, even if I have to beat it out of you, comprendes?”

“Yeah,” I reply relieved at the reprieve he’s issued me for now. “Thank you.”

Slade kisses me, but the air is still a bit thick. Needing to change the mood, I lick his cheek, and he laughs. He twists out of my arms, wipes his face, and backs away into the living area with his hands up. “Baby, stop, don’t make me hurt you.”

I bite my nails in mock terror. “Ooohhh, I’m so scared.”

He expands his chest and lifts his head in a challenge. “Don’t fuck with me, Brooks. You know I can take you down.”

I pull him to me, lick the shell of his ear, and he moans. I whisper, “Try it.”

Slade scoffs performing a countermove that has me on the couch with him astride me before I can blink. Leaning in, he kisses me. He grips my hair painfully, but when he pulls my head back exposing my neck, I can’t help feeling aroused, as he nibbles and licks his way to my ear.

“Slade,” I moan desperately, gripping his hips, and clawing my nails down his back. A smack to his ass makes him bite my neck, and I cry out.

He sits back to inspect the damage. His fingers gingerly glide over the bite and I wince. “Damn, baby, I’m sorry,” he says, licking the spot.

I smile up at him. “You’ve done worse you know.”

He laughs and playfully slaps my cheek. While staring into my eyes, he skims his thumbs down my chest, and rubs both nipples. I place several soft kisses to his chest up to his mouth. Our tongues massage hungrily against one another with a newfound urgency. I hiss from the erotic discomfort of multiple bites to my lip. Sticking my hands inside his shorts and cupping his ass makes him moan. I time the rocking of his hips with my own. His shorts cannot conceal his growing arousal as it rubs against my own. I change our position with Slade laying on top of me. He slithers down, kneading the muscles in my chest and biceps, the rapid flicking of his tongue on my nipples sends tingles straight to my cock, and it jerks.

When Slade tries to move down, I beckon him to me. He looks confused crawling back onto my lap. I free him from the confines of his shorts, and run my thumb across the leaking, fleshy slit. I stroke his heavy erection. He rocks his hips back and forth, gliding his hands across my chest; and leans forward to brush his lips against mine. His breathing and writhing quicken.

‘That feels good, baby,” he moans softly, biting part of his lower lip and closes his eyes. His skin’s flushed and hot to the touch. Change in our position has him now on his back with me on top. Loud moans pierce the air when he feels me take him in my mouth. Gripping my hair, his thrusts are quick, but shallow. He calls out, “Oh, shit!” He erupts like a geyser. I can barely swallow as spurt after spurt fills my mouth. I continue to lick just the tip as he spasms and rides out his orgasm. After a couple of minutes, his breathing evens out. “I fucking needed that,” he says hoarsely.

“You’re welcome,” I mumble, nibbling his ear, and he laughs warmly.

We’ve just finished the setup for our picnic down by the water. Without a breeze, the blazing sun is intense, and uncomfortable. In need of cooling down, I run full speed and cannonball into the refreshingly cool water.

“Mind if I join you?” Slade calls out when I break the surface.

“You better get that sexy ass of yours in here,” I reply swimming backwards towards the raft.

Slade stops, turns around, and palms his ass. “You mean this sexy ass?”

I lick my lips ogling the beautiful sight before me. “Oh, yeah, that’s the one. Get it in here, Jones.” He dives in and swims over to me. When he’s close enough, I kiss him softly.

“We’re gonna have a lot of fun this weekend, baby. Are you ready for it?” He asks cocking an eyebrow.

“Definitely,” I whisper. Slade turns us around so his back is towards the raft. He pretends to massage my shoulders, but dunks me, and takes off. I swim after him. He’s almost back to shore when I grab his foot. He can’t shake free as I pull him back. I wrap an arm around his waist with his back against my chest. I whisper in his ear, “Revenge time.”

He laughs trying to hook his feet behind my legs. “Baby, don’t do it.”

“Do what? This?” I dunk him quickly, but I still hold onto him.

Laughing heartily, he yells, “Okay, Aar, we’re even. You can let me go now.”

“Nuh-huh, I think I’ll keep doin’ this.”

I dunk him a few more times when he suddenly calls out, “Shit!”

“What? What’s wrong?” Releasing him, I look him over in a panic. “Did I hurt you?”

Looking sheepish at my reaction, he says, “No. Just remembered that you didn’t put on sunblock.”

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