Abbas Holds a Pool Party


Abbas opened the front door and welcomed me with his normal big smile and customary deep kiss and tight hug. I melted into his body as his thick muscled arms wrapped around my body; then his hands ran down my back until they found my tight arse.

He breathed into my ear, “Great to see you Glen!”

I moaned deeply.

Abbas and I had been fuck-buddies for years, so we knew each other well. I had always wanted more, but he made it clear to me and many others that a relationship with him was out of the question.

Releasing me from his grip, he patted me on the arse, “Get yourself out to the orgy man; before all those hot men have exhausted themselves!”

Today, I was in a strange mood though. Normally, I would be outside in a flash, walk amongst all the guys while picking and choosing which ones would gangbang me. I loved being fucked multiple times as I was an insatiable slut.

After some deep thinking I made my decision: I would go through the laundry door and through to the outdoor drying area. There I could hide behind the hedge of Bamboo that surrounded it. Once there I could survey the activity and make my move.

As I stood behind the Bamboo, naked, I noticed that there were some damned hot guys here today. The sound of guys moaning while having their tight holes pounded was hot. I started to stroke my very average sized dick. Over there in some shadows I saw Abbas ploughing his big veiny Arab cock into some Twink who was begging for more on each thrust.

Abbas knew how to use his equipment and on every occasion that he fucked me with his thick ten inches, I blew multiple loads. He blew huge loads and that was an extra turn on; his cum gushing out of my man-cunt as he pulled out. Sometimes he licked it out of my hole and then I blew again.

The Twink was moaning loudly as the huge cock thrust into his tight hole. Abbas blew his load and sure enough, as he pulled out, cum ran out of the Twink’s hole. My cock was rigid and dripping pre-cum.

I didn’t want to blow right now, so I stopped stroking; that was when I heard a moan. I moved in the direction to where the moan came from and then gently pushed aside the bamboo branches to see who it was.

What I saw was an extremely fit guy in a pool chair, laid back and stroking at least nine inches of thick dick. The head was enormous. The shaft was curved slightly towards his six-pack. Nice hair trail from belly-button to his pubic hair. His legs were outstretched, away from me.

“How was I going to get to him without making a sound?”

I didn’t want to scare him off!

But, I couldn’t see anyone else nearby!. I didn’t get this? A well hung guy hidden illegal bahis away by himself? What is wrong with the people here?

It became obvious that he was listening to the grunts and groans from all the other guys and was very happy to be alone while stroking.

My cock was even harder now. My heart was pounding from all the excitement of watching him.

“Did he know I was here?” I asked myself.

I stood there fixated.

His hand ran up and down the shaft and then on every second stroke he fisted the big head whilst swirling the huge amounts of pre-cum that oozed from the piss slit; his moaning became louder.

I had to do something. I wanted that cock either up my man-hole or in my mouth. No matter, but I had to make it happen.

Looking around, I noticed that I could leave the area and go between another hedge in the garden and that should bring me closer without disturbing him.

It was when I was almost in front of him that I saw that his eyes were closed and that he was so focussed on stroking his cock that he probably didn’t realise I was there, or, he played at not knowing!

But what could he hear? I closed my eyes and it was like the noises one hears during a night visit to a zoo. The animals settling down for the evening. The different sounds of the monkeys or the crocodile who roared or the bird who tweeted crazily. But the only roaring I could hear was coming from some hot stud as he blew his load over an equally hot and willing man.

I opened my eyes to see that he was still stroking his massive manhood and still with his eyes closed.

“Act now!” is all I heard in my head.

In that moment I moved quickly and silently to kneeling between his spread legs and when his hand was at the bottom of the shaft I opened my mouth wide and went down on that monster.

He moaned deeply, “Yeah, swallow that big fucking cock you slut.”

He pulled his hands away and placed them on my head, pushing me firmly down until I gagged.

Pulling myself off that monster I noticed his eyes were still shut. Perfect! It made it all the hotter and a little anonymous somehow.

Once recovered from gagging, I went down on that fucker again. Running my tongue around the huge head, tasting the pre-cum. Then swallowing the shaft. His breathing quickened.

“Fuck man you know how to take big cock and I’m ready to dump my load down your throat.”

He started moving his hips slowly to match my deep throat actions.

Then I heard, “You want daddies load?”

I managed to blurt out, “Yeah, I want daddies load.”

I was on my knees and my hole was spread and wet. I wanted that cock in illegal bahis siteleri my tight hole. I was ready for a good pounding.

I took a chance and left his cock and ran my tongue around the head and then onto his hair trail up to his belly-button.

“Oh fuck, that is so hot man,” as he moaned loudly.

I moved further up so that my tongue worked his nipples and my belly was resting on his hard cock. He started to move. I panicked as I didn’t want him to leave. But he grabbed me around the hips and lifted me up until I was impaled on his monster.

“Ugggghhhhhh. Fuck me hard,” in a begging tone.

His thickness slid into my wet hole and spread my love canal.

“Yeah, your cock is fucking awesome inside me,” moaning louder.

I started to ride his weapon. Grinding my hips into his. He returned the favour by thrusting deeply into me.

I saw that his eyes were still closed but he was smiling like crazy.

His thrusting got faster as did my riding him. I loved being fucked. I loved the feeling of thick cock inside my tight hole. I started to shake all over as I bottomed out on his long dick.

“Yeah, cum for me… fuck daddies cock hard and blow all over me,” with aggression in his voice.

My hips were in automatic and spasming. I started to shoot ropes of thick cum onto him and the first one landed on his face.

“Fuck man… yeah… give me that fucking big load. Daddy loves it,” as his hands squeezed into my hips.

He laughed, “I’m going to cum now. You ready for daddies load up your tight little arse?”

“Yes daddy. I want it. I want it all,” as I felt myself shooting again.

He groaned deeply, “Oh man, your hole feels so warm and it surrounds my cock so well that I want to fuck you forever.”

I liked to hear that from men. Then I felt his cock explode inside my guts. I could feel his cock pulsating as it shot load after load deep into my hole. I was in heaven and kept riding his pole.

“Stop man, I can’t take anymore… my head is so sensitive when I cum!”

I didn’t stop… I wanted to feel him moving inside me and hear him beg me to stop.

He stopped blowing. I stopped.

Lifting off his cock I felt the cum run out.

“Mmmm… nice big load, thanks!”

I heard, “My pleasure, thank you.”

I lifted right off and headed into the house to clean up; pleased and exhausted.

I looked back and his eyes were still shut.

Inside I enjoyed a long hot shower while I thought of what just happened.

It wasn’t like I was a virgin, but it was like my first time ever.

I thought to myself, “I needed that more than a gangbang.”

I canlı bahis siteleri finished drying off and then remembered that my clothes were still near the front door.

As I left the bathroom I heard Abbas talking to someone in the kitchen.

The stranger was telling Abbas how he had just had the best sex ever.

A fit guy had just ridden his big cock to the end while shooting big loads all over his face and had more than one orgasm.

Abbas asked, “So who was it Michael?”

“I don’t know. I had my eyes shut the whole time!”

Abbas laughed.

“What are you laughing at? I’d like to have that arse again!”

“Well don’t worry Michael, you will.”

Abbas then explained that he knew who it was, purely because of the multiple orgasms.

“I only know one guy like that amongst all my friends and I’ve been fucking him for years now. He is a total bottom and knows how to please a cock,” said Abbas braggingly.

I smiled at hearing all this.

Abbas liked me and we had had some great sex over the years and whilst he gave me compliments it was never this good.

“Michael, he loves to be gangbanged, so maybe we could have a threesome!”

I heard the stranger reply, “‘That sounds fucking hot Abbas and I’m in, but first I’d like him all to myself for a while.”

I heard them go quiet, so I quickly rushed down the hallway to collect my clothes.

Hiding away in the loungeroom, I got dressed and then decided to play a disappearing game. Besides, Abbas knew it was me and he could give the stranger my contact details.

Fully clothed, I turned around to leave and the stranger was was standing there. He had been watching me.

“Fuck man, you scared the crap out of me!”

His mouth drooped.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, but I liked watching you get dressed,” said with a big smile on his face.

I stepped closer, “My name is Glen and yours?”

“Michael, glad to know your name Glen, given that I’ve been inside you already,” with a coy look on his face.

I blushed.

This was unusual for me and caught me by surprise. I looked away in embarrassment.

I looked back at him, but he had moved closer and now stood directly in front of me.

I could smell his musky manhood. I melted. I was lost as it was only Abbas that melted me like this.

He bent down and kissed me deeply. I melted again.

“Mmmmmm… you kiss good,” left his lips.

“You too!”

He wrapped his big arms around me. I melted even more. His hands went down to my arse and I could feel his hard cock firmly against me as he held me tight.

He kissed me again and it lasted for eternity. I enjoyed feeling him against me and wanted to ride that monster cock again.

“Michael I want you inside me again, but not here,” as I beamed at him.

For the first time ever, I left Abbas’ house without saying goodbye!

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