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About to be takenI’ve been locked up in painful chastity for about 6 days now. Give or take a week. I gave away the key to my manhood to a stranger because I was instructed to by my sex instructor. If I thought about it more or if I knew I would feel like I do today, I very well might have second and third thoughts.Last night I told my wife it hurts. She carefully and pains taxingly inspected my cock and balls. Yes my manhood was a bit swollen. Yes my balls were very tender. She said she could see where the kali’s teeth, the sharp plastic spikes in my chastity cage had bitten the flesh of my cock.But overall she said she could not see any permanent damage. She reminded me that I had asked for this. And she agreed to see it through. No matter how much it hurts.She kissed me and fondled me last night before turning over and going to sleep. I had a naked lady, rubbing all up and down my naked body. Pressing her flesh against mine. Yes I was turned on. Yes I was excited and aroused. She said she wanted to have sex. She wanted my cock inside her. I wanted that too. If only she knew how bad I wanted that. Or maybe she did know? Because the more she teased me, the more I moaned. At first my moans were of passion and pleasure. But as she became more intimate, my moans of pleasure switched to moans of pain and agony. As she nibbled on my nipples, my cock grew. And as my cock grew, the Kali’s bracelet took hold and the sharp plastic spikes inside my chastity cage began to nibble on the flesh of my cock. My wife was giving me pleasure while the chastity cage was giving me pain.Finally my wife stopped teasing me and looked me in the eye. Tears had formed in my eyes as the sexual; tease was torture for me. She saw that and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I love you she said and she turned over in bed and went to sleep. I laid on top of the covers a few minutes. Afraid to move.She had sexually teased me. Brought me to the point of orgasm. And then denied me sexual relief. She has not done this before and I sensed she may have enjoyed every minute of this.In the morning I was awoken by my wife’s head under the covers. She had crawled between my legs and I felt her hot breath on my cock and balls. She was giving me a blow job. He has done this many times before. And each time before it was a very pleasurable experience for me. I was picturing in my mind she gave me a blow job until I came in her mouth. Then she would look up at me and I would see my juices dripping down her chin. She would lick her lips before she climbed up on my waist. Then I would watch as she grabbed hold of my cock and pressed it into her pussy. I would watch as she would straddle my naked body and ride my cock. Then I would admire her as she thrust her naked breasts forward and leaned her head back. She would moan and scream in pleasure as her orgasms would take hold of her body. By the time she was totally spent she was so weak in the knees she could hardly walk. But she would crawl off me anyway. Go to the kitchen to make coffee anadolu yakası escort as I would go take a shower and get cleaned up.She would come in the bathroom and after my shower she would dry me off. Then as she got on her knees to dry my legs and feet I would often see her reach out, grab hold of my cock. Either kiss my manhood or many times she would take the entire length of my cock down her throat and she would suck me off again until I sprayed my warm salty jism down the back of her throat.This was the image was I was thinking about this morning. But that is not what happened. Not by a long shot. Yes she was giving me a blow job. Yes she was licking and nibbling on my balls. Yes she even pressed one or more of her fingers up my ass. My jism was building up in my balls. I could feel the heat building up in my loins. I was on the verge of cumming. I was going to spray harder than I have ever sprayed before. But then reality set in. I was a chaste husband. A chastity cage was locked upon my manhood and even though the inside of my body was screaming cum, cum, CUM. The plastic cage hanging from my crotch was screaming no, no NO!!!I’ve been locked in this cage for 6 days now. I told my wife I would do anything if I was allowed to cum. Anything she asked. YES Anything I said. My wife crawled up on my chest. Kissed me on the lips and said we’ll see. Then she said she was going to take a shower and get dressed. When she was to return she demanded I have not only a hot cup of coffee for her but she wanted breakfast in bed. Then she kissed me again. Said I Live You. Then she crawled off my naked body and I watched her as she walked out the room and headed towards the shower.I laid in bed for about one minute. My crotch was on fire. Than I remembered she said breakfast in bed. So I crawled out of bed and walked naked into the kitchen to fix her bacon, eggs, toast and coffee.Later today I’ll be spending some time again at the home of my Mistress. Each day this week she has had me standing before her for inspection. She took me shopping for ladies underwear and other ladies attire, the same day I received the gift of this chastity cage locked around my manhood. Today I’ll be wearing a pink silk bra and panty set. On my legs will be what she called black fishnet stockings. I have a blue garter belt and a pair of green shoes with 4 inch spiked heels. My Mistress had picked out a multi colored rainbow looking afro wig. Today I’ll also be wearing some sparkly make up on my face along with blue eye shadow and black lipstick.I know I’ll look pathetic. I know I’ll look like a clown. But this is part of my training I am told. Today is the last day of this training. This Sunday the 30 contract I signed is up. After Sunday, the lady I call Mistress I will not have to call her Mistress anymore. At least I will not be bound by the contract I signed. I agreed to this chastity for 7 days. This Sunday, the store clerk I handed the key to my manhood over too will be ataşehir escort at our place for a super bowl party. As a matter of fact, my wife, my Mistress and I hear now the female store clerk have all invited more guests to the party.I’ve been told a decision will be made, at the party, to remove the chastity cage or not. My wife said she was talked into leaving the decision up to the guests at the party. My fate, my future is in their hands my wife said as she laid in bed, eating her breakfast.As I knelt beside the bed, as she consumed her breakfast she went onto explain this will be a sex and play party. My wife said she has not been laid by me all week. She wants to make love to me. She wants to feel my warm cock inside her pussy. She wants to scream my name as I thrust my cock inside her and our juices mix once again. I kneel before her, almost doubling over in pain. As she sips her coffee she talks dirty to me. This talk not only excites me but does horrible things to my manhood. The more she excites me the more these sharp plastic spikes tear into the flesh of my cock. Clearly she knows what she is doing otherwise she would stop taking and finish her breakfast.Then she hits me right between the eyes. She says she can’t wait until Sunday. She needs to get fucked NOW. She wants me but she points out that clearly my cock is worthless to her. Then she reaches for the phone and makes a call. The person on the other end is a man. Or so the name she calls him is. She says she wants to get laid. She wants a hot black cock inside her. Would he be willing to come over in a few minutes and fuck her brains out. Give it to me as hard as you ac. Make me scream like never before. I want to be your slut she said to the man on the phone. Can you do that she asks.An agreement is made over the phone and the male on the phone will be over in two hours. My wife hangs up the phone and tells me about this man. They had met before she said. His cock is over one foot long she said. He’s a shower and not a grower she explains. They met one time before and he talked her into sex. She said it was incredible. She said he ripped off her clothes and threw her into bed. There he tied her arms to the side of the bed. Then he spread her legs and penetrated her pussy. It hurt she said. He was so big. Her girlfriend was in the room and told her to relax. It will hurt at first but you will get used to it. Just relax and let him do as he wants her girlfriend told my wife.My wife said he was a monster. He fucked me long and hard. He said he wanted to fuck a slut and that was what I was. I said make me scream and boy did he ever. After he pumped his juices into me he untied me and I crawled off the bed and bathed his cock clean with my tongue. The sex was fantastic my wife told me. Never had she had such a****l instincts as she did with this man. Now he is coming by to do it again. After breakfast my wife says she is going to soak in a bubble bath for about one hour. Then she will put on something ümraniye escort sexy for him and get ready for him to rip her clothes to shreds again. While she is getting ready, my wife wants me to get ready too. Change the sheets on the bed she says. Get some candles and place them in the room. Then get some lengths of rope and lay them on the bed. Enough rope for both arms to be tied to the bed she said. Then I am to dress in my ladies attire and be fully dressed and ready to greet her lover at the door.My wife went into the bathroom to draw her a bath. I cleaned up the room and did what she said. Now I’m sitting at the computer, outlining what has happened last night and this morning. I feel like a skank dressed up in such whorish multi color ladies lingerie. The makeup and what I call a clown wig really puts a damper on any manhood I may have thought I had. My wife comes over to the computer and says he just called and is about 30 minutes away. I tell her she not only looks great but she smells fantastic. She leans over my back and wraps her arms around me. Would you like to fuck me she asks. I look at her and take in a deep breath. She reaches her hand down my crotch and grabs hold of my confined chastity. She senses right off that my cock is fighting to be inside her as the chastity cage is bouncing as she reaches for it.You do want to fuck me she says. You are a slut too. I may call your Mistress and tell her to tie you down and shove a 12 inch black cock up your ass. Just think. Both of us tied down. Spreading our pussies and screaming out the name of our lovers as that big black cock rams fucks our brains out. I’m game. Are you she asks.If that’s what you want I tell my wife.She gets on the phone and calls her girlfriend. Tells her what she has done and is about to do. She says she wants her girlfriend to tie me down and fuck me hard just like her black lover will do to her. Are you game she asks her girlfriend. After my wife gets off the phone she says her girlfriend agrees. She asked if she could bring someone over to help her. My wife said she agreed that my Mistress can do whatever she wants and invite anyone she wants. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will she says. Then she walks into he kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. Her lover will be here soon and she needs to loosen up a bit before he arrives and brutalizes her body. She says she told him don’t be gentle and she means it. Once he arrives there is no turning back. Last time I felt so cheap. I want your Mistress to treat you the same way.Then my wife hands me a glass of wine. She raises her glass in a toast. Here’s to two sluts. About to get fucked. May our lovers treat us like the dogs we are. Then we take a sip from our glasses.I’m going to go light the candles in the bedroom. You finish doing what you are doing on the computer. My pussy is on fire I hope he hurts me good she says just before she kisses me. I told your Mistress use two cocks if you have too. I want you so sore that you crawl back home to me. Then she says she loves me and gives me one last kiss before she walks into the bedroom.Now I sit at the computer. Finishing up this letter as I wait for her lover to arrive. I think I may just kneel before him and kiss his cock before I leave. Let me get a taste of what will soon tear open my wife.Yes. I love my wife too.

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