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So again thanks for letting me know It would be nice if maybe you could donate a few dollars to . Looks like they are a bit off of their goal this month. I think they could use your help. Peace love and good happiness Eric Accidental Transition Section 1 A Murphey Family Adventure. After a long and bumpy ride, they pull up to the farm, and everything is dark. “I figured someone would stay up for you guys. Guess I was wrong.” Eric’s friend says as he shuts off the van. “It’s pretty late. I wouldn’t want anyone missing sleep for the likes of us crashing at your farm,” Eric replies. They try not to make too much noise so as not to wake anyone, and get out their bags and other things. “I meant to let you know that Alejandro has Jorge coming this week some time from China,” Eric lets his host know. “Why is he in China?” Eric’s friend asks. “He got quarantined, sir,” Alejandro answers. “Why did your friend get quarantined?” Eric’s friend asks, very confused. “Oh I didn’t think to explain. Sorry about that. Jorge is a monkey Alejandro found on the island. He is a little guy. The Chinese government said he had to be quarantined and checked for diseases. Now that he’s released from confinement, we are having him shipped here to make it easier for us to be reunited,” Eric informs him. “Ah, that makes more sense now.” They all grab their bags and walk up to the house. They are still trying not to make any noise when all the lights come on and they hear a hundred or so people shout, “SURPRISE!!!!!!!!” Both Erics clutch their chests. “Jaysus H Christ. You trying to kill me? I mean if you want the farm you can have it. You don’t have to kill me,”Farmer Eric announces. “So I take it you had no idea this was happening?” Eric asks. “Not a clue. The sneaky imps here I’m sure planned it.” The entire group comes out to greet the guests. It’s everyone from the farm and a lot of the neighbors. They know that Eric has helped the farm and are grateful for it, because they know he made it possible for more abandoned children to live here. Julia races off the porch to her Eric and leaps into his arms. He catches her and spins her around. “Now I see why you didn’t want to go with me,” he says, laughing and still spinning her. She giggles, “You aren’t mad are you?” “I could never be mad at you,” he assures her. He stops the spinning and gives her a kiss and a hug. “I missed you a lot, though. I’m glad you are home.” “I am glad I’m home too. I missed you, princess.” She hugs him again and gives him another kiss. Eric holds her close and hugs her even more. He missed her so much. It’s like a little piece of him was gone all day and he didn’t like it. He also knows that she needs her time away from him. She is like a drug to him; he must have his princess fix. Eric’s friend turns to him and tells him, “You haven’t met the Princess yet. She hadn’t joined us when we came to America. I have sent you pictures and told you all about her.” Eric smiles and can see there is a deep love between them. He holds out her hand and with a warm smile tells her in Spanish, “I am very pleased to meet you, princess Julia.” “It’s OK, I can talk English no,” she lets him know. “I am very happy to meet you too,” she continues in English. “Princess, there is no need to speak English to me. But, Tran doesn’t speak Spanish very well yet. I speak Spanish about half the time,” Eric says with yet another big smile. “I like talking English. It helps me learn better,” She answers in English to his Spanish. “Well, since you are the princess I must do as you wish,” Eric replies in English, making her smile in return. She holds out her arms to him so he will take her. Eric holds Princess Julia and they walk up to the porch. “Hey, why ain’t nobody naked?”Joey asks. “We thought it would be more comfortable for all of you,” Maria says in English. That’s not exactly how she said it, but they understood it that way. “Shoot, Maria, we like being naked and were looking forward to it,” Joey replies in Spanish, noticing that it’s a bit difficult for her to follow the English. “Are you sure?” his former teacher asks him. With that Joey, Alejandro and Tran all start stripping. Naturally after the other children saw that, they immediately follow suit. Soon the only person dressed is Miss Sofia because she is in the kitchen getting food ready, and didn’t hear Joey and Maria talking. Soon the children who chose to work in the restaurant start going in and bringing out pizzas, sodas and all kinds of happy treats for people to munch on. “I have been dying to try your pizza ever since you told me about it,” Eric says and walks over still holding the Princess as he goes. “I tell you what, in your arms is the best pizza maker here,” Eric’s friend tells him. Eric looks at her, smiles, and asks, “Is that true?” He suspects he is getting his leg pulled. “No it’s not. Eric is better.” “I am not and you know it. You are just telling him that to make me look good,” Eric’s friend says, tweaking her side. “Am not. You are better then me.” “Well, maybe I am better. But you are surely faster.” “Yeah, it’s cuz your old is why,” she giggles. Both Erics sit at one of the picnic tables that a pizza was set on. Julia scoots between them. “My god, it looks as good as Tony’s,” Eric says as he grabs a piece. He takes a bite and his taste buds explode. He quickly follows it with another. Once he is done chewing the second bite he looks at his friend. “I take back what I said. This is better then Tony’s. Buddy, I think this may be the best pizza I have ever eaten,” he observes and takes another bite. “You’re just saying that.” As he says this, Alejandro and Joey walk up to him. “Mr Eric, i just had a piece of your pizza and Poppi might get mad me saying this. But it really is better then Tony’s.” “Yeah, it is,” Joey says with big eyes and a nod of his head. “Did you hear your dad say that?” he asks the boys. They look at each other half confused. “No, why?” they ask together. “Because he said the exact same thing just before you walked up.” Eric’s friend can’t help but admire his former students in their nudity. He is half chubbed up seeing their boy bits in the open. He wants so bad to just reach out and stroke them. But he knows Eric isn’t like him. So few people are. Eric warned everyone that while they had guests there was to be no sex play unless it was hidden. He didnj’t know if his friend would turn them in or not, so it was best not to play with fire. Because no one likes to get burned. “No we didn’t hear him. It’s just really super good,” Alejandro clarifies and gives his former teacher a hug. Eric cups his bottom as he Alejandro hugs him, feeling for a second anyway his glorious cheeks. He isn’t chubbed anymore, he has a full blown hardon. Maybe he should have stayed dressed, he thinks. Once Alejandro is done, Joey hugs him next. Joey is at a different angle and he sees Eric’s hardon. While Joey hugs Eric, he strokes Eric’s cock a few times. Eric can’t help moaning softly. He almost cums from Joey touching him after years of fantasies. Eric quickly breaks the embrace to prevent any issues from erupting. “I just can’t get over how much you two have changed. I am so happy it’s for the better, too. I was so worried about you boys. I’m glad you’ve got a good dad now.” As he says this he sees Joey is hard. He tries so hard not to look at it. But that’s just not a possibility. When he does look, Joey smiles and touches it and Eric watches it bounce in excitement. He turns away from the boys because he doesn’t want to be caught and he knows if he keeps facing that way he will surely get busted looking. He thinks to himself, “This is going to be hard. No, difficult. Nothing is hard, no hard anything around his former students.” “So you really think the pizza’s that good, Eric?” his friend asks. Eric swallows a bite. “Yeah, it’s fantastic! I think you are going to make a fortune with this. I will back you right now if you want to expand into America, because we will get very rich from it.” “Poppi, you are already rich.” “Yeah, but if we take this to America what I have now will be peanuts in comparison.” “You think so?” Eric’s friend asks, thinking about it. Which is good because his hard cock is relaxing while he is thinking about something other than the beautiful boys next to him. “I know so.” Eric’s friend thinks a few minutes about it while they all eat more pizza. “No, I don’t want to do that. If I did I would feel obligated to go back to the States and I have no desire to do that for any amount of money.” “I could set it up and have people run it,” Eric says. “No, it wouldn’t be the same because they wouldn’t love it like we do. To them it would just be money.” “All right, but if you ever change your mind, you let me know. Hell, if you don’t want me involved I will just put up money as a loan and you pay it back. It would take about 10 million to get it really started then expand from there.” “Nah, it’s just not in the cards. But if I change my mind I will surely let you know.” “Thanks, and quit calling me Shirley.” Both Erics laugh at the stolen line from the “Airplane” movie. “That movie was so funny. I got a copy here on the farm if you want to watch it.” “I haven’t seen it in forever. I just may.” “What movie, dad?”, Joey inquires. “Just an old movie from a million years ago. It’s a funny movie though. You boys may have to watch it with us. Hey, where is your brother?” “He went off with Lucia.” “Oh did he now?” Eric wonders. He thinks Tran had said he was gay, yet it appears he and Lucia have hit it off pretty well. So maybe he is bi or maybe he is whatever it is they call it when you are attracted to a person regardless of sex. Pansexual, is it? Tran is 13 and he has lots of time to figure it out, Eric decides in his mind. After everyone is done eating, all the children start working their way over to meet the visiting family as Tran has returned with a smile on his face. Eric meets all the children at last and he really likes what he sees. Children that basically had zero chance at a good life all now have the ability to have a bright future. “I know you guys are adding people all the time. How any people are living here now?” Eric asks his friend. “Well, since you and I last talked, we have a new doctor named Cindy. She is very interesting. She is in town overnight to get some medical supplies in the morning. She is really something; you will like her. We are building her a clinic and everyone around can get free medical care. We do ask for donations of whatever they can afford. Sometimes it’s a lot, and sometimes it’s a chicken. But we always make sure it won’t hurt them to part with what they give. We wouldn’t want someone giving us their last few pesos. It’s not about making money, it’s about helping our community.” “That’s fantastic! I love that idea.” “We also have Luis whom I know you haven’t met. He is the man we bought the store from in town. Then my goodness its 33 children now. No wait, 34 with Mario. Alejandro, where is Mario?” “He went with Benji. Benji said he would show him where stuff is and get him a room and stuff.” “Benji is a good boy. Hell all the children here are. I just don’t think if you catch a child soon enough that any of them is truly bad. Give them love and attention, plus a bit of structure, and they thrive. I tell you Eric I wouldn’t give this up for anything. I have seen some amazing things from these little ones. Shoot, Lucia knows more about construction now then anyone here. She is constantly learning more about it. She chose it as her free class.” “Free class?” “Yeah, I always thought when I was teaching that it would be great to allow a child to choose something they are interested in and let them learn all about it. I think that when they are learning something they really want to learn, they will thrive at learning what they need to learn.” “How is it going?” “It’s really hard to say, honestly, because this isn’t a normal place. All the children want to learn. They all desire to be the best they can be. I think it’s partly my fault, if any fault is to be found, because they all want to please me. They know I think education is very important, so they try harder.” “Princesssa, what is your free class?” Eric asks her because he finds the concept very interesting. “Cooking, and not cuz I’m a girl either. I like cooking, and ankara eve gelen escort Danny’s free class is cooking too,” she answers defensively. “Hey I don’t care if you’re a girl and like cooking. I’m a boy and like it,” Eric tells her with a big smile. “Well, some of the boys told me cooking is girls’ work.” “Did they?” Eric asks. “Yes, they did. But we nipped that in the bud didn’t we, princess?” Eric’s friend prompts her. “We sure did. Now those two boys can cook pretty good and don’t think it’sonly a girl’s job. Cuz we don’t have girl and boy jobs here, we just got jobs,” she declares and nods her head to reaffirm what she just said. “Well princess, that’s the way we see it at our house too. Isn’t that right guys?” “Yep,” Alejandro agrees with a nod. “That’s true Ba; however, Miss Julia does cook lots better than you,” Tran injects. “Cleans better too,” Joey adds. “But it’s not because she’s a woman,” Eric re-emphasizes while agreeing with his boys. “Nope, she just does it better,” Joey concurs. Eric smiles at his sons. “You are such good boys.” They just smile back at him. “Well, Eric, it’s getting late. I’m bushed and I am certain the boys as well as your bunch are, too. So we’d better be getting to bed,” Eric suggests to his host. “Sure, the princess and I will show you the way.” “That would be great,” Eric agrees. Eric’s friend walks them over to the Murphey House. Eric looks at it and is amazed how similar it is to his own house. Of course it is nowhere near as grand. When you enter, there is no double staircase leading up. That’s wasted space, and this farm doesn’t waste things. Especially not space when building every square meter must count and be useful since pesos don’t grow on trees. Eric’s friend shows them to their rooms. They are on the second floor and surprisingly close to where their rooms are in Eric’s real house. Of course Eric’s friend remembers this from Eric’s visit. He offered them these rooms to make them feel as comfortable as possible. That is a host’s responsibility, and repays Eric for how he truly made his now host welcome in his family’s Midwest home. “I hope you don’t mind we put you here. We thought it would be a bit more private for you here then in the main house or Miss Sofia’s,” Eric’s host explains. “Anywhere would be fine,” Eric says with a genuine smile. “We are just thrilled to finally be here. We have all been looking forward to this for months.” “Yeah, I can’t believe we are finally here. Specially after the plane crash,” Alejandro says. “I am just so glad you are talking now. You are such a smart boy who has so much to say, and and people truly want to hear it,” his former teacher says in praise. Alejandro just blushes. “Come on guys let’s get to bed. We got to get up early; there is work to help with,” Eric tells his sons. “Oh, we would never expect you guys to work.” his host protests. “The hell you say, we ain’t special. We will work and you will like it,” Eric insists, putting his foot down to reject any special treatment. Their host just laughs. “If you say so, Eric. But we really wanted you to just relax and have fun.” “We will have fun. Just while we’re working, too.” “Yeah, poppi believes in a strong work ethic,” Alejandro observes. “Do you even know what that means?” his former teacher asks suspiciously. “Sure, it means show up on time and do a good job. Poppi wont let us talk about things we don’t know about.” “Unless we go into politics,” Joey says making them all laugh. “Sleep well guys. I will have someone come get you for breakfast,” their host tells them. “Appreciate that. Sleep well,” Eric responds. “We sure will, won’t we, princess?” She giggles and she and Eric head to their house. “Lets get some sleep boys.” They all answer that they are ready. Within minutes the entire farm is asleep. Eric wakes the next morning and nearly falls out of bed. He sits on the edge, looks over his shoulder, and sees his three little monkeys all comfy in his bed. He growls at them and then chuckles. He walks to the restroom that is down the hall. He pees and hops in the shower because he feels gross. Once he gets out, he strolls back to the room. He looks around and thinks to himself, “Why did I come back in here? I don’t need to get dressed or anything.” He slips on his shoes, a pair of slip-on tennis Nike’s. He walks down the stairs and doesn’t turn on a light even though it’s before sunrise. He can see pretty well because it’s so bright here from the night sky. He walks out and looks at the sky, to which he didn’t really pay attention last night. He stares intensely at it and is simply amazed at how many stars he can see. At home there are maybe a third as many visible stars, perhaps less. He did glance at his phone and it was just past 5 in the morning. He thinks he should get a bit more sleep; three hours isn’t nearly enough. Then he notices Benji over in the chicken coop. “I will sleep when I’m dead,” Eric says softly to no one. He walks over to see if he can help Benji. “Good morning, Benji. Did you sleep well?” Eric asks as he draws near. “Good morning Mr Eric, sir. Yes, I slept very well. Did you? You seem to be up very early.” “I don’t sleep a lot anyway. That and with traveling all over the world my body is kind of confused.” Eric starts helping Benji gather eggs. “You don’t need to help. I do it all the time by myself. It’s my job.”, Benji protests. “I don’t mind. Besides sometimes a little help is nice. That and its kind of nice for me, too, because I’m a city boy and I don’t get to do things like this often.” Eric continues helping and at the same time admires Benji’s nice, strong body. He sees that Benji is in the throes of puberty, displaying a bit of whispies above his cock. He has a nice set of balls in a hairless sack. Eric can’t stop his cock from getting hard. He tries to ignore it and work on, and follows Benji into the actual chicken coop. He starts helping Benji clean it out and bring in fresh bedding for the chickens. He notices that Benji is now sporting wood as well. Once they finish cleaning, Eric helps Benji put the eggs in the box to await pickup. “Eric says you have made his little chicken patch into a rather large enterprise,”, Eric tells him. Benji smiles with pride. “Yes, Eric let me take over the chickens. I really like it. I am constantly learning new things about chickens and other animals in school.” “Is that a regular course?” “No, it’s my free course; I chose animal husbandry. But I really focus on chickens. Tomas focuses more on the pigs. He started with a few and now he has around 70. We want to grow most of what we sell at Paradise Pizza. We already made sausage and pepperoni from a few pigs. It was really good. Better then what we can buy, that’s for sure.” “Did you guys make it here?” “No, not yet. We are still working on that. We think maybe six more months if profits stay as they are. It seems though that they won’t because the city shop is always getting busier and busier. We are thinking of opening another one because that one is so busy.” “That would be nice.” “Yeah, but Eric is really picky about who it puts in charge. He says Roy Kroc, whoever he is, always chose people who were used to working hard and earning their money, instead of just rich guys.” Eric smiles. “He was the man that made McDonald’s what it is today: a global enterprise. He found two brothers in California, the McDonald brothers. He really loved what they had done and talked them into letting him turn it into a franchise. A lot of times they didn’t see eye to eye and he basically stole the company from them, which certainly wasn’t nice of him. But because of him a lot of people, myself included, make a pretty good living from hamburgers.” Benji laughs. “What?” Eric asks him, curious what he finds so funny. “You and Eric are just alike. Ask one question, and you are in school for five minutes listening to the answer.” Now it’s Eric’s turn to laugh. “I have been accused of being pedantic at times.” “I don’t know this word `pedantic.'” “Oh, it’s easy. It means…” Benji rolls his eyes and laughs, “Here we go again.” “Sorry, I will stop now.” “No, please don’t. I like to learn. I just think it’s funny you two are so much alike. So what does it mean?” “Basically it’s someone who’s always dispensing small bits of knowledge, or correcting people about minor things, to the point that they are annoying.” “Ah, cool. Want some coffee since we are done?” “Thanks, that would be great.” Eric follows Benji to the main house. “Sit here, I will be right back.” Benji gets the coffee started and returns to the porch where he joins Eric. “It should be done soon. So how do you like it here at the farm so far?” “It’s amazing. I can see why Eric loves it so much.” “Just wait until daylight and you can really see it. It is the most beautiful place on earth.” Benji sits next to Eric on his lounger even though there are several others. Eric thinks nothing of it; after all, he has three boys that like to be close. He just puts his arm over Benji’s shoulder and pulls him in, and Benji wraps his arm over Eric’s chest. He feels very warm and smooth against Eric and his member decides to make a full appearance. “I am glad we get to spend a little time alone Mr Eric. I really like you.” Eric now feels like a complete and total asshole having sexual thoughts about this nice boy, who he is certain is in no way interested in some old man like him. “I like you too, Benji.” “I can see that,” Benji says as he takes Eric’s hard cock in his hand and starts stroking it. Eric knows he should stop him, but just cant bring himself to do it. He does however manage to say, “You don’t have to do that.” “I know. I want to,” Benji says, then quickly slides his head down and takes Eric’s cock into his mouth. “Oh my!” Eric moans out. Benji starts to work Eric’s cock and fondle his balls. Eric maneuvers so he can take Benji’s cock into his mouth. It’s like a perfect fit, Eric thinks as he takes him in just to the point where he can’t get any more because he is all the way to the root. He starts working the boy’s hard cock as he feels Benji moaning around his cock. Eric loves not just the getting but the giving of oral pleasures. Benji lifts off Eric’s cock and lustfully tells him, “I want you in me.” Without waiting for a response, Benji flips around and lines up Eric’s cock with his beautiful tight sphincter and pushes him in slowly, letting out a moan as he sinks the cock into his ass right up to the pubes. He starts slowly sliding up and down. “Oh you feel so good in me,” Benji moans, places his hands on Eric’s chest, and starts to rock back and forth a bit faster. Eric’s hard cock hits Benji’s magic button with every stroke. “Oh it’s just perfect to hit my happy spot,” he says, and then really starts to pick up speed. Eric grabs Benji’s hips and starts to push up into him, meeting his downward push. It doesn’t take long before Benji shoots out three ropes of watery boy cum onto Eric’s belly. Eric feels Benji’s anus constrict on his cock, which sends him over the edge and Eric paints the boys insides with his offering. Benji slows down and stops. He leans forward and kisses Eric deeply. They kiss and share tongues as Eric’s cock slowly shrivels to its normal state and pops out of its temporary home. They slow down the kissing, Benji sits up, and Eric scoots up when he does. Benji hops up, walks into the house, and returns a moment later with coffee for Eric. “Do you take cream or sugar?” “A little sugar,” Eric requests. Benji adds some to his cup from the tray and hands it to him. “That’s perfect,” Eric compliments him, taking a sip of the hot brew. Benji smiles. “You and Eric are twins I think. He drinks his just like that.” Eric takes another drink and confesses, “Yeah, I’m really sorry Benji. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that. I should have stopped you. I’m the adult and I failed you.” “What? I don’t mind making coffee,” Benji says, totally confused. “No, the sex part.” “Oh that’s no big deal. I wanted to and it showed you wanted to.” “Yeah, that may be true. But, we can’t tell anyone. I could get in a lot of trouble if Eric doesn’t kill me first.” “Why would he do that? We are our own person and we have control over our own bodies. If you made me do something Eric would probably hurt you for that. But, if it’s my choice, he has no problem with that.” “Really?” “Sure. A lot of us have sex. It’s fun, and if you love them it feels even better. Then it’s making love, not just fun.” “So who do you make love to?” Eric asks, curious about this new development. “Well, lots of people here really. Miss Sofia and Eric for sure…” “You make love with Eric?” “Sure. When I first met him I kind of talked him into it. But he would never do anything I didn’t want to do. He is a good man like you are. He was scared that you would find out we all make love here. Well, not all of us, but most of us do. He was scared you would tell the police and they would take us all away from each other. When I saw you look at me, I knew that you would be fine with it.” Eric is completely stunned. For real, his friend Eric is a boy lover too. As Eric and Joey talked about earlier, Eric knows the odds are high but not impossible. It does seem to be the case gaziantep escort then. “I tell you what. Don’t tell him about this. I kind of want to play a trick on him. It may be a little mean, but I am sure he will enjoy it and forgive me for it.” “Sure what is it?” So Eric tells Benji what he’s planning, and Benji laughs. “That is mean. But you’re right, he won’t be mad for long.” “Who won’t be mad for long?” Eric’s host says, walking out with a coffee cup in his hand. “Joey. I am going to play a trick on him when we get back.” “Oh,” Eric’s friend says, taking a seat and watching Benji scoot over next to him. He kisses the top of Benji’s head. “You’re up awfully early,” Eric says to his guest. “He says that his sleeping is all messed up cuz of being all over the world,” Benji reveals. “I can understand that. What time did you get up?” “I was taking care of the chickens when he came up to me, so I would guess around 5:15 or so.” “Anything else, Benji?” Eric’s host says, amused by Benji answering for his guest. “Well, he said that you and he are pedantic. It means book smart and annoying.” “I know. Anything else?” “He is really nice and he drinks his coffee just like you.” “That about right Eric?” “Seems pretty accurate to me,” he chuckles. “Benji must really like you. Most of the time around people he doesn’t know he stays in his shell.” “We know each other. We talked a bit at my house when you were there.” “Did you? I didn’t know that.” “You did have a lot on your mind at the time.” “That is no lie.” They ask Eric about the adventure on the island. Eric tells them about it as they are listen and ask questions for a good half an hour, at which point the sun starts to shine. Eric looks out over the view. “This is truly beautiful. It’s more amazing than the photos you sent could ever recreate.” “We think it’s the most beautiful place on earth, don’t we, Benji?” “Sure do, Eric.” A little while, perhaps five minutes, later Maria comes out with a big smile and her baby bump showing nicely. “When are you due?” Eric asks. “Dr Cindy says two months,” she replies as she gets a coffee for herself. “I’m going to start breakfast.” Eric’s friend announces. “Oh no you don’t,” Maria cautions him, getting up quickly. “Why can’t he make breakfast?” Eric asks. “Cuz he cant cook,” Benji says with a loud giggle. “Hey, I do all right. Well, better anyway,” he says in self defense. “Well, you do make a helluva pizza. In my book, what else do you need?” Eric says with a definitive smile. “See,” he says, holding out his hand toward his visiting friend. “Whatever. Come on Benji, you can help,” Maria suggests and walks into the house. Eric sits back down. “I cant do nuthin,” Eric’s host says, imitating an American TV dad. His friend laughs. “So you cant cook?” “Not for shit. But I am learning. Those ladies help me a lot. Before they came here, my food was horrible when I did a good job, and totally inedible when I didn’t.” “I started learning to cook after my first heart episode, seeing as how I had to eat healthier than hamburgers every day.” “I can imagine that got old.” “Sadly, no.” The Erics talk for a little while and are joined by other members of the household. It surprised both Erics when Julia came out and sat on Eric’s lap. They continued chatting and were soon told breakfast was almost ready. “I better go wake my guys then,” Eric said as he slid Julia from his lap onto the seat. Eric walks over to the Murphey House to get them when all three appear in the doorway. “I was just coming to get you for breakfast.” “We were just coming to ask you about breakfast,” Tran says, making them all laugh. “Why you…” Eric says and puts Tran in a playful headlock and rubs his knuckles over his head. “Baaa,” Tran protests as he pulls away and giggles. Eric and the boys walk back to the main house together and Eric tells the boys his plans. Alejandro and Joey think it’s hilarious while Tran thinks it’s mean but funny. “I hope you don’t mind Mr Eric but we are eating outside as we have too many to fit inside,” Miss Sofia says to him. “That’s fine. I don’t mind at all. I like eating outside.” She smiles at his easy demeanor. “You two Erics may be twins.” “I keep hearing that. I hope it’s not bad,” Eric responds. “No sweetie, it’s definitely a good thing.” She walks back and starts bringing out food and is followed by a small army doing the same. Another line has plates and cutlery followed by others with glasses. It is a well performed and practiced dance, Eric sees. His host appears at the end of the line carrying two carafes of coffee. “Let’s eat,” Eric’s host says as he sits and pours a cup for himself and offers the pot to his guest who takes it and fills his mug. They all start eating and the Erics are sitting across from each other, with Alejandro and Joey next to their father. After a few bites Alejandro acts like he drops his fork and he climbs under the picnic table. He slips under the table and takes his former teacher’s soft cock into his mouth quickly. Alejandro feels him pull back and look down, and then sees his eyes get huge as he tries to push Alejandro off without drawing attention. His cock grows very hard very fast in his former pupil’s mouth. He has fantasized about this for years now, having had many orgasms thinking about just this scene. But not with Alejandro’s dad sitting right in front of him and most likely killing him when he found out. Alejandro is really working his cock and he is about to cum. “Don’t you think, Eric?” his guest asks. “Huh what? I’m sorry I was somewhere else.” he sputters as Alejandro pops up next to his poppi. “I said that I thought you should probably plant more corn next year for the pigs like the farmers up north where we grew up.” Eric had noticed the look of surprise and fear on his friends face. He knew exactly when Alejandro started sucking him. He had stopped eating completely, not taking a bite for two minutes as Eric droned on about nothing to act like he had no earthly idea what was going on. Eric’s friend feels his cock pulsing as he tries not to think of what just happened. He had dreams of Alejandro doing that, and suddenly it was happening right here. He is for sure going to have wanking material for a lifetime if Eric doesn’t find out and kill him first. He starts eating again and rejoins the conversation. His cock is starting to slowly deflate. Joey is the next to drop his fork and his dad tells him, “You two sure are clumsy today.” Joey is between his teacher’s legs in a flash, taking him into his mouth. Joey starts working him fast and playing with his balls. Eric is almost done with his breakfast while his host has hardly taken ten bites. Joey has him almost ready to cum. “Joey, would you stop sucking Mr Eric’s cock? He has hardly eaten and we have a lot to do today. He said we are going to start harvesting the melons.” Joey pops up from under the table. “I guess we were on that island too long. Wait until he is done eating and then give him head. How many times have I got to tell you boys this?” Eric’s friend looks at him with huge eyes. “Yeah, now you know how terrified I was when Benji and I made love on the porch this morning. The boys asked me if I thought you were a boy lover like me. I told them the odds were slim. They were hoping you were because they really wanted to show you how much they loved you as a teacher and as a person. So like you, I tell my boys that their body is theirs and if they want to allow someone to touch it they may. Or that they may touch others so long as no one is forced or tricked into it. My boys had a hard life before me and they thought sex wasn’t something loving but just men taking what they wanted. Now my boys understand the difference and want to spend some time with you.” Eric’s host is speechless and hasn’t the first clue what to say at this point. His wildest fantasy is coming true. Sure, he has made love to most of the children here, but it is a love that has been there for a long time. A love that he can show and make them feel his love in amazing ways. “I am going to guess you are more than OK with it?” “Ye.. yeah,” he sputters out. Eric smiles at him and his friend returns it in equal measure. “Now eat. The boys want to take care of you and, we got work to do,” Eric’s visitor tells him. “Yeah,” Eric says and starts forking food into his mouth. He gets done rather quickly. Julia can see he is excited and takes his plate for him. The boys walk around to him and walk him up to the house, each holding a hand as they go. Eric chuckles to himself and smiles, thinking how good his boys are. “Ba, that was mean. But it was very funny.” “Yeah, it’s not often you get to play a trick like that. Besides, he deserved it.” “How?” “Because I was scared shitless this morning. Seemed fair he should be a little scared too.” “Ba, you’re definitely mean sometimes,” Tran concludes with a smile. Eric laughs. “Come on, let’s get these things washed and go help with the harvest.” “Cool.” Eric and Tran follow Benji and Tomas out to the field and show them how to set the big boxes on pallets on the trailer that Eric rented to pull behind the truck. He explained that they would have to set the boxes up like this because they don’t have a fork lift. So they will fill the massive boxes and then Eric will haul them into town, drop them off, and come back for more. Eric and Tran start down a row, picking watermelons, joined by Julia, Camilla, and Lucia. Eric looks up and sees Alejandro, Joey and their former teacher come out of the main house. All of them are smiling and happy. They start walking over towards the field. As they draw closer Eric can hear them laughing. “I really want to thank you boys again for that. You didn’t have to you know?” “We know, but we wanted too. We been talking about it since you came to visit. Me and Joey love you and you helped us a lot when no one else seemed to care. We like making people we love feel good,” Alejandro explains, smiling. “But I wanted to make you boys feel good too.” “Well, we ain’t leaving right now. We got about a week or so,” Joey says with anticipation. “Hey boys, did you help your teacher out?” “Sure we did, poppi,” Alejandro says, grinning. “Yeah, he is happy cuz he got the prize,” Joey says, sounding a bit upset. “It was just my turn is all,” Alejandro shrugs. “I bet you get it next time.” “Enough boys, we got a lot of work to do to help our friends,” Eric says. They are all working, cutting melons which the girls tote over to and into the boxes. They do that for a while, then switch off as they have learned over time to take turns doing the cutting to keep everyone’s back in a little better shape. It takes them about two hours to fill the boxes. The Erics prepare to drive the truckload of melons to the warehouse to be shipped to wherever they are going in the world. When you grow organically your produce is in high demand and is priced at a premium. Of course, the yield isn’t as high. Eric thought about it and decided if the crop yields about the same money whether organic or conventional, he would rather not pollute the earth. As they are getting in the truck, Tomas asks if he can go. “Sure buddy,” Eric’s friend says. “Me too please?” the princess asks. Eric picks her up and kisses her cheek. “Of course, sweetie.” She beams at his attention. She really likes this Eric a lot. Of course she hadn’t met him before he got there, but she knows all about him and that he is a nice man. Furthermore, if her Eric likes him, he must be a good person and trustworthy. As Eric starts driving he starts talking to his guest in English. He knows that the kids will understand parts of it. But he kind of wants the conversation to be between him and his friend. They take off slowly as the truck is carrying a lot of weight. Eric’s host is driving, Tomas is in the middle, and little Julia is on their visitor’s lap. “So I guess our little secret is out to each other now,” Eric says as he turns the truck onto the main road, taking a wide turn because of the trailer. “So it seems. I was pretty shocked when Benji started stroking me then went on from there.” “Yeah. Just imagine me trying to eat my eggs and fried potatoes as Alejandro starts sucking me off.” Eric laughs and tells his friend, “You deserved that.” “I don’t see how,” he answers with a laugh of his own. “I tell you what. I just love it here. I can’t believe how beautiful it is here.” “It is amazing that’s for sure. Thing is, I thought I was happy by myself. Then I met Maria and Benji and they opened my eyes to hope and love. I never thought I would have that.” “Weren’t you married at one point?” “Yes, but as I finally realized, it was a lie. I was trying to fit into society’s mold of how a man is supposed to be. It failed miserably with both of us hating each other. I wish I could have been more honest with her.” “Yeah, I got away with not getting married because I worked all the time. I told everyone that the restaurant was my lover.” “That worked?” “Sure did. Easy when I worked 80 plus hours a week.” “Do you miss it?” “The boys take up most of my time, but even so I really do. I loved my job. I guess you could say I was raised to do it.” “Yeah Mr Brown was a good man that’s for sure. Was he like us?” “No he wasn’t. But ankara gerçek resimli escort if he was I would have gladly done things with him.” They drive along in silence for about fifteen minutes. The children dozed off. “Can I ask you something?” Eric asks. His host, drumming his thumbs on the steering wheel, answers, “Sure, whats on your mind?” “Well, my entire life I have been attracted to boys and nothing but boys. When we were in Japan I met a young lady named Sakura. Well, it’s kind of embarrassing, but she really turned me on. I have in my entire life never been attracted to a woman and when I woke up… Well, I had a wank thinking about making love to her.” “Did she resemble a boy at all? I know that some Japanese or even Asian women can appear the be like boys.” “No way, she was all woman. It is kind of confusing to me. I mean I have no intention of following up on it. But it was just kind of odd.” “Well, when I first moved here I was the same way. I was a little confused by it too at first. Then I thought about it and decided that it just didn’t matter, that to make love to someone is just that. I have made love to almost everyone on the farm. Boys, girls, and women. As you know Maria’s baby is mine.” “I know that’s why I was kind of shocked when well, you know.” “Do you want to try making love to a woman?” “I don’t know. Shit I wouldn’t even know what to do to start.” “Well, I heard Camilla and Lucia saying they hoped that they could enjoy some private time with you. If you want I can set that up for you. I know they would be thrilled.” “Let me think about it. I don’t want either me or them to feel like I’m just using them. I would feel awful about that.” “That’s why I like you. You are like me and think things out before you act.” “Well, usually. Sometimes it seems like the monster in my pants has other ideas, like this morning. Benji is the first boy I have made love to that I don’t have extremely strong feelings for. I mean, I like him of course. He is a great young man. But I don’t love him.” “He doesn’t mind. To him, a lot of the time it’s just sex. He is a young boy and you remember being a young boy.” “Yeah, you would stick it in a knot hole in a tree if you thought you could get off.” “Exactly, so don’t worry about it.” They ride in silence until they drop off the melons. A man comes out and writes down the weight and gives Eric a slip of paper. He hands it to his guest who puts it in the glove box. They head back and Eric is thinking about his new and strange attraction and is contemplating the two girls who want to have him in a carnal way. He isn’t sure if that’s something he wants to do, because he isn’t really that interested sexually in them, although he is quite curious. He also likes he told his host he doesn’t want to use them. Once they get back, Julia and Tomas head to the field to help some more. The Erics get the new boxes on the trailer, and notice that while they were gone everyone who is picking has continued and stacked melons at the end of the rows. They get the melons loaded and the truck is ready to go again. Maria is done with the chores she was working on in the house, so Eric’s host asks her and Benji to take the truck to the warehouse this time. That way he and Eric can work at picking. It’s only fair to share the workload. After a while Maria and Benji get back with the truck. Eric is working hard while thinking about Sakura, and having other odd thoughts. He is trying to decide if he wants to make love to a girl or not. He looks at them as he is working. He admires their young smooth skin. He enjoys watching them with Camilla who is starting puberty, her little breasts sticking out with puffy nipples. He admires Lucia’s nice tight strong body that she’s developed from the work she is used to doing. He starts to chub as he is watching them. After a good hard day’s work and a stop for lunch and dinner they finally quit at sunset. The ones who opted for working in the pizza shop are busy helping customers as the Erics and the farm hands call it a day. They all head in and shower to get all the sweat and grime washed off of them. When Eric is done and the boys are in the shower he goes over and sits on the porch of the main house. The princess, freshly showered, comes out and sits on his lap. She hands him a brush. So he does what any man would do in that situation who cares about people. He brushes out her clean wet, washed hair. He puts it in a french braid because that’s the only one he knows how to do. When he is done she feels it and smiles. She cuddles back into him and he wraps his arm around her and puts his hand on her naked little tummy. Eric gently runs his fingertip around her belly. After a long days work and a nice hot shower, Eric dozes off with the girl on his lap. A while later he is gently shaken awake. “Poppi.” Shake, shake. “Um, Poppi.” Eric clears his throat as he comes awake and opens his eyes that are arguing they don’t want to open. “Yes?” “You were sleeping.” “Yes I was.” “Can um Joey and I sleep with Mr Eric tonight?” “If its OK with him I’m fine with it. Just let the man sleep some.” “We will. Um poppi?” Eric had closed his eyes to go back to the world of dreams. He reluctantly reopens them. “You gonna sleep out here?” “No. I should head to bed.” “Sleep well poppi.” Eric looks around and his host is nowhere around. Probably working on something even this late at night, he thinks. “Princess, I’m headed to bed.” he says to the little girl on his lap who is half asleep herself. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” “If it’s OK with Eric, it’s OK with me.” She smiles and scoots off his lap to go let Eric know where she will be. She knows that he won’t mind as long as he knows where she is. She smiles when she thinks about it because she is the only one who has to tell Eric where she is. Otherwise he worries and looks for her until he finds her. One night he found her at Miss Sofia’s nearly panicked because he couldn’t find her. She knows that she and Eric have a special love between them. She isn’t sure exactly what it is, she just knows she likes it. She comes back a minute later and takes her guest’s hand and they walk to the Murphey House and up to his room. They both go and take care of business before bed. Eric climbs into the bed and she joins him a minute or two later. He is on his back as he has gotten used to sleeping on it. She climbs up right on his chest and puts her head on his shoulder. “You are a sweet girl,” Eric says, and runs his fingers up and down her back. “Eric tells me that all the time.” She says smiling. “Then it must be true. He is a smart man.” He gently runs his fingertips up and down her back some more, and then runs them down to the back of her knees as that’s as far as he can reach. “Eric?” “Yes?” “Will you make me feel real good?” “How do you mean?” Eric knows but wants to be sure. “You know, between my legs. Will you rub and lick there for me please?” Eric is at a crossroads He isn’t really sure what to do. So he figures honesty is always the best policy. “I um. don’t know how. I have never done that for a girl before.” She lifts her head and looks at him. “Really?” “Yeah really. But if you tell me what to do, I would like to try.” She smiles at him and nods. Then she scoots off him and then lays on her back with her legs spread open. “First you rub it like this,” she says, showing him by touching herself. “Then you lick here, and around here,” she continues, showing him with her fingers. She is lightly moaning as she does. Eric puts his fingers on her little nine year old baldness and starts to rub gently where she showed him. “Yessss. Right there.” As he continues doing so, she is getting more vocal. He is kind of curious because he has never seen a woman, let alone a girl, have an orgasm before. He is figuring it’s like a boy, just different. As he is thinking this she has an orgasm and is pushing her hips up into him. He moves his finger a bit quicker over her love button, figuring that’s the right thing to do. From her moans and gasps he thinks he is doing right. As she is coming down from her orgasm, he slides his hand aside and for the first time in his life he touches his tongue to a vagina. It doesn’t taste bad, he thinks, as he takes the first few licks up between her bald vaginal lips. She runs her fingers into his hair and is pushing her young pussy into his face. He finds what he figures must be her clitoris and starts treating it like a very little boy cock sucking it in between his lips. She apparently likes this as she lets out a loud moan and pushes into him. Eric starts moving the tip of his tongue across it quickly and this sends her into another orgasm. He is curious and he slips his index finger into her very wet tight hole. This extends her orgasm and she is humping into him trying to get his finger to go faster. She actually pants out faster and he gets the hint and starts really working his finger. “Oh yes! That feels sooooo gooood!!!!!!” she almost shouts. She hits her peak and Eric helps her along and as she is starting to come down, he slips his tongue down and tastes her opening. She seems to really like this he thinks as she grabs his head and forces it into her. He slips his tongue in her and he starts flicking her little button with his finger then starts rubbing it between his finger and thumb. He is sliding his tongue in as far as he can and he knows from her actions, her moans and panting that she is loving it. Once she has had her third orgasm, Eric gently slows up and lets her come down, then he stops altogether. She is lying there panting and running her fingers through his hair. “You didn’t tell me the truth,” she pants. Eric is shocked. “I have never lied to you,” he says defensively. “You done that before,” she says trying to catch her breath. “No, I never have.” “You are almost as good as Eric. But way, way better then anyone else here.” Eric scoots up and lays next to her, his head next to hers on the pillow. He is on his side, admiring her beauty and glow. “I guess I had a good teacher,” he says and kisses her cheek. During all of this, Eric chubbed up but didn’t really get hard. She turns on her side and puts her arm over him, and pulls herself right next to him. She lifts her leg and puts his semi hard cock between her legs and next to her pussy. Eric can feel the heat coming from it against his cock. “You can make love to me if you want,” she offers softly and starts moving her hips and sliding his cock between her legs. She can feel it on her nub and she likes how it feels. Eric can feel his cock harden to its full length. He enjoys the feelings of her rubbing his cock between her legs. It’s really nice and velvety smooth. “I don’t know Julia. I’ve never had sex before. I mean with a girl. I’ve had lots of sex with boys. But never a girl.” She thinks for a second. “You can put it in my butt if you want. I like that too,” she says, smiling up at him. He smiles back. She lets out a moan and tightens her legs on his cock with her eyes tightly closed. “I kind of like this,” Eric says as she speeds up a bit. “I like this too,” she moans. Eric starts to push his member between her legs and he can feel it push out into the air. It feels nice. He puts his hand down and pushes it between her sweet little cheeks and starts to thrust between her legs. With each thrust he comes up and pushes it between her lovely soft cheeks. She is starting to move pretty quickly and he can tell she is about to orgasm again. Sure enough she is thrashing and then her whole body tenses as the waves of pleasure overtake her. Eric feels really nice with her pressing so firmly against his cock. Once she starts coming down, Eric has her face away from him. He slips his cock between her legs again and presses his cock against her slit where he can feel the warmth permeating from it. It’s pretty slick from her vaginal secretions. He starts sliding back and forth across her button. He presses against his cock so it never breaks contact with her. “Oh this is better!” she pants. Eric has his other arm under her and gently rubs and pinches her nipples. He knows the boys like this, and he does too; he doesn’t imagine that it’s just a male thing. Her reactions proved he was right. Within a minute she starts to cum again. She has her hand on Eric’s side and is forcing herself back and forth as fast as her little hips can go. Eric is feeling her pussy getting hotter and wetter against his cock. He lets loose his guys in six hard shots and then a few dribblers after. As they both come down from their climaxes Eric says to her, “Thank you, that was really nice.” “No, thank you!” she says with a giggle. Eric slips away from her, goes and gets a wet wash cloth, and comes back. He wipes his mess off them and goes to put the wash cloth back. He sees Tran open his door and walk out. “Ba, did you make love to a girl?” He asks with curiosity. “In a way. We will talk about it in the morning.” “Not sure I can sleep now,” he says, looking down at his hard member. “I will be right back,” Eric says putting his finger on Trans chest and walks to his room. “Julia, I need to help Tran with something. I will be right back.” She smiles because she knows what Tran needs help with. Or at least she thinks she knows. She nods her head and Eric is gone in a flash. It only takes him a minute or maybe two get Tran’s very worked up cock to spew its love juices into Eric’s mouth for him to savor. “Thank you Ba,” Tran says after he comes down. Eric smiles and heads back to his bed. He climbs in and Julia is on his chest. They are both asleep in a minute.

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